Robert Goldberg & Thierry Vrain

Dr. Robert Goldberg is co-founder and vice president of the Center for Medicine in the Public Interest. (CMPI) Along with Peter Pitts, Dr. Goldberg hosts the popular and controversial blog on the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare, Prior to founding CMPI, Goldberg was Director of the Manhattan Institute’s Center for Medical Progress and Chairman of its 21st Century FDA Task Force that examined the impact of the FDA’s Critical Path Initiative on drug development and personalized medicine. Robert is also author of many works, including the book Tabloid Medicine: How the Internet is Being Used To Hijack Medical Science For Fear and Profit.


Dr. Thierry Vrain is a retired soil biologist and genetic engineer who, after a 30-year career with Agriculture Canada, no longer supports genetic engineering technology.  During those years he was the Head of a research group of 40 professionals in Biotechnology, the Vice President and President of national and international associations of soil biologists, and an Associate Editor of several scientific Journals in Europe and the USA.  Alarmed by the avalanche of scientific studies out of Europe raising many concerns about the long-term safety of genetically engineered  foods, Dr. Vrain is increasing public awareness about their potential hazards.