Robbie Martin

Robbie Martin is a journalist, filmmaker and musician. He writes for the magazine White Fungus, the website Mint Press News and Oakland-based Media Roots (founded by his sister Abby Martin whom he also co-hosts a regular podcast with: Media Roots Radio). He is the mind behind the documentary shorts: American Bisque, American Anthrax and now full length documentary trilogy: A Very Heavy Agenda. Robbie has made appearances on Buzzsaw TV, KPFA’s ‘Project Censored’ & ‘The No Other Radio Network’, Russia Today, The Corbett Report, Brasscheck TV, Ring of Fire TV, Behind The Headline on FreeSpeech TV, Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox Radio and has been interviewed by La Figaro, the BBC, Neural Magazine and the San Francisco Chronicle. He is the also founder of Record Label Records and has 11 full length LPs out under his experimental music alias Fluorescent Grey.