Paul DeRienzo

Paul DeRienzo is a freelance reporter based in New York City. He received a grant from the George Polk Awards of Long Island University to investigate the former nuclear weapons site at Hanford in Washington State. DeRienzo discovered that decades of nuclear bomb fueled production had left a legacy of environmental pollution and cancer among residents and employees. He’s also reported on how mismanagement of the clean up at Hanford had further endangered the public. DeRienzo is a regular contributor to The Villager newspaper, and Pacifica national radio. He has reported from throughout the nation and around the world on issues ranging from police violence to CIA drug smuggling and the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. DeRienzo was on air on September 11, 2001 at WBAI-fm in NYC just blocks from the attacks and was one of the few newscasters on air during those events. He his currently working on a book tentatively titled The Last Secret of the A-Bomb