Maria Maisto

Maria Maisto is a co-founder and president of New Faculty Majority: The National Coalition for Adjunct and Contingent Equity (NFM), a 501(c)6 nonprofit established in February 2009. NFM works to improve the quality of higher education by improving the working conditions of the majority of its faculty. In late 2009 she helped establish the NFM Foundation, a now 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, which is the main research and education arm of NFM. She serves as its executive director. Maria’s November 2013 testimony before a congressional committee was the catalyst for a national e-Forum that resulted in a January report by the House Committee on Education and the Workforce Democratic Staff, The Just-In-Time-Professor. Maria is co-author of a report for the Center for the Future of Higher Education, “Who Is Professor Staff, and how can this person teach so many classes?” and has written about contingency faculty issues for national publications. She has taught English as an adjunct faculty member at Cuyahoga Community College since 2009. Before that she taught as an adjunct at the University of Akron and in the 90s at the University of Maryland at College Park.