Edward Hanna

Edward Hanna is a Professor in Climate Change at the Department of Geography, University of Sheffield. His research focuses on polar ice and climate change, and he has extensive experience in the use of meteorological and climate data in high-latitude regions. Hanna is Co-Principal Investigator of a current University of Sheffield project investigating northern hemisphere polar jet stream changes with the UK Met Office Hadley Centre, and also has active collaborations with the Danish Meteorological Institute and Icelandic Meteorological Office. He is an Editor of The Cryosphere and has been an Editorial Board member of Weather. Hanna contributed as a lead and contributing author to the Arctic Report Cards of 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013 & 2014 of NOAA, is a regular invitee and organiser of international workshops on high-latitude climate and ice-sheet changes, and is the WCRP CliC representative and recent Co-Chair of ISMASS (the CliC-sponsored Expert Group on Ice Sheet Mass Balance and Sea Level). He is a Contributing Author of the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report.