Dennis vanEngelsdorp

Dennis vanEngelsdorp is research Scientist at the University of Maryland, a recent appointment he obtained after 7 years with Penn State University where he served as a Sr. Extension associate and Acting State Apiarist. During his tenure at Penn State Dennis worked on his Ph.D. part time, which he completed in May of 2012. Dr. vanEngelsdorp is one of the leading researchers attempting to understand poor colony health. His research focus involves using epidemiological approaches to understanding and (importantly) improving honey bee health. These approaches are multi-faceted, requiring understanding both the etiology of individual bee diseases and the large scale colony monitoring. Currently Dennis is the lead PI and the director of the Bee Informed Partnership ( which attempts to identify management practices and environmental factors (such as proximity to different crops) which correlate to higher or lower colony mortality through cross sectional surveys. He is also on the leadership team of APHIS national honey bee health survey which attempts to determine the prevalence of disease, pesticides, and parasite loads in US operations.