Daphne Wysham, Eileen Supko and Arjun Makhijani

Daphne Wysham is a Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies and
founder and host of Earthbeat, now airing on 61 public radio stations in the US and Canada.

Eileen Supko began her career as a nuclear engineer at Carolina Power and Light Company. She is is a Vice President of Energy Resources International, Inc., a nuclear fuel consulting company in Washington, DC. For over 25 years, she has worked in the electric power industry, providing technical, economic, and policy expertise in all phases of nuclear fuel management to US and international companies. As well, between 1995 and 1997, she was the U.S. representative of a consultancy to the International Atomic Energy Agency regarding international experience with the storage of spent nuclear fuel.

Arjun Makhijani is president of the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research. He is the author of “Carbon-Free and Nuclear-Free: A Roadmap for U.S. Energy Policy” (2007) and he has served as a consultant on energy issues for agencies of the United Nations.