Daphne Wysham and Harvey Wasserman

Daphne Wysham is a Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies and
founder and host of Earthbeat, now airing on 61 public radio stations in the US and Canada.

Harvey Wasserman is author or co-author of a dozen books, including SOLARTOPIA! OUR GREEN-POWERED EARTH, A.D. 2030, with a forward by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and HARVEY WASSERMAN’S HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES, with a forward by Howard Zinn. His full length poem GLIMPSE OF THE BIG LIGHT: LOSING PARENTS, FINDING SPIRIT, has a forward by Marianne Williamson, and was called “a knockout” by Kurt Vonnegut, all at www.harveywasserman.com.

He is author (as “Thomas Paine”) of PASSIONS OF THE POTSMOKING PATRIOTS, which asks: “Was George Washington a Gay Potsmoker?”

Harvey and co-author Bob Fitrakis have been called by Reverend Jesse Jackson “the Woodward and Bernstein of the 2004 election” for their work in unearthing that year’s theft of Ohio, and thus the presidency, for George W. Bush. The three Fitrakis/Wasserman election books include HOW THE GOP STOLE AMERICA’S 2004 ELECTION & IS RIGGING 2008.