Cira Pascual Marquina

Cira Pascual Marquina is a Political Science professor at the Universidad Bolivariana de Venezuela in Caracas and a staff writer for Venezuelanalysis. She is also co‐producer and co‐host of the Marxist education program Escuela de Cuadros, broadcast weekly on the Venezuelan television station ViVe TV. She is actively engaged with grassroots organizations in Venezuela and abroad, and is dedicated, both as a militant and as an investigator, to communal initiatives. Pascual Marquina has written for diverse outlets such as, and the Caracas‐based monthly PolitiK, and is co‐compiler of two books: Para qué sirve El Capital: un balance contemporáneo de la obra principal de Karl Marx; and ¿Por qué socialismo? Reactivando un debate (both Editorial Trinchera).