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Posted inArticlePolitics and Movements: International

Norwegian Elections: Another Right-Wing Victory, and a Serious Labour Defeat

By Asbjørn Wahl / Socialist Project. The centre-left failed in getting rid of the so-called ‘blue-blue’ government at the parliamentary elections in Norway on 11 September. The Labour Party was the main loser, while small parties on the centre-left advanced slightly. However, the parliamentary basis of the right-wing government has started to unravel. A deeper […]

Posted inArticlePolitics and Movements: International

Fraud Suit Exposes Anti-Democratic Views in Democratic Party

By Norman Solomon / TruthDig. When DNC Chair Tom Perez, right, speaks at an event also featuring Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, there’s a stark contrast between establishment cliches and progressive populism. (Matt York / AP) Nine months after losing the presidency, the Democratic Party is in dire need of a course correction. Grass-roots enthusiasm for […]

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Does Oliver Stone Have a Weak Spot for Dictators?

By Peter Kuznick. This article was first published on History News Network. {iframe width=”100%” height=”600″}{/iframe} In Salem, Massachusetts in 1692, Susanna Martin was executed for being a witch. The evidence against her was compelling and irrefutable. In capital cases like this, testimony by at least two eyewitnesses was required to convict. One man testified that […]

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Questions and Implications of the French Elections:

By Pierre Rousset / Socialist Project. Mélenchon, La France Insoumise, Populism Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s presidential and legislative campaign this year was different from the previous ones. There was a huge change in the relationship to political parties in general and to his former Left Front allies in particular. It’s important to understand the reasons for this […]

Posted inArticlePolitics and Movements: International

Will Washington’s New Pro-Moscow, Anti-Beijing Gang Drive a Wedge Through the BRICS in 2017?

By Patrick Bond. This article was first published on Socialist Project. The weeks following an underwhelming Brazil-Russia-India-China-South Africa (BRICS) mid-September summit in Goa and the United States presidential election in November have unveiled ever-widening contradictions. Thanks to blatant corruption, presidential delegitimation has reached unprecedented levels in both Brazil and South Africa; while ruling-party religious degeneracy […]

Posted inArticlePolitics and Movements: International

The Oligarch Files: Did a billionaire fertiliser baron bail out Trump by paying millions over the odds for this gaudy pleasure palace? And is THIS the Russian connection that could return to haunt the presidency?

By James S Henry. This article was first published on Daily Mail. Trumps’s election campaign was bedevilled by allegations of links with Kremlin Story of Maison de l’Amitie is example of Donald Trump’s connections to Moscow Close scrutiny of The Donald’s business history now suggests that if there is a real concern about Russian connections, […]