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  March 2, 2018

The Israel Lobby & American Policy 2018 conference

Livestream of the March 2 all-day conference "The Israel Lobby and American Policy" at the National Press Club
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8:00 AM Registration and Exhibition Hall Open

9:00 AM Dale Sprusansky: Conference Organizer Welcoming Remarks.

9:05 AM Grant F. Smith: An Overview of the Israel Lobby Agenda.

9:30 AM Panel: Israel, the Lobby and the U.N.
Dr. Virginia Tilley: Does the U.S. Support an Apartheid State?
Ian Williams: The Israel Lobby and the U.N.
Noura Erakat: How Support for Israel's Violations of International Law Puts the U.S. on the Wrong Side of History

10:40 AM Morning Break: Book Signings: Dr. Virginia Tilley and Ian Williams

11:10 AM Panel: Suppressing Free Speech
Dr. Barry Trachtenberg: Challenging the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act: Pushing Back Against Jewish Exceptionalist Politics
Dr. Rabab Abdulhadi: How and Why the Israel Lobby Is Suppressing Free Speech and Academic Freedom on College Campuses

12:10 PM Lunch Break: Book Signings: Dr. Rabab Abdulhadi and Noura Erakat

12:50 PM Thomas R. Getman: When and How Did Evangelicals Become Zionists?

1:20 PM Keynote: Gideon Levy: The Zionist Tango: Step Left, Step Right

2:05 PM Afternoon Break: Book signing: Dr. Barry Trachtenberg

2:40 PM Andrew Kadi: The Palestinian BDS Campaign: What It Is, How It is Growing And Why the Efforts to Stop it Will Fail

3:10 PM Ali Abunimah: Israeli versus Russian Media Influence

3:40 PM Panel:American Foreign Policy
Jefferson Morley: CIA and Mossad: Tradeoffs in the Formation of the U.S.-Israel Strategic Relationship
Col. Lawrence Wilkerson: Is the U.S. Ramping up its Military Presence in Syria and Preparing to Attack Iran for Israel?

4:30 PM Exhibition Hall Closed

4:35 PM Closing Comments

5:00-7:00 PM Networking Reception: Book Signings: Ali Abunimah, Gideon Levy and Jefferson Morley


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