Videos - New Law: Mass surveillance in the UK
KMC » 9am - May 10, 2012
Communications Capabilities Development Program (CCDP): UK privacy laws have been under renewed scrutiny recently alongside a new secretive government proposal that allow them unprecedented levels of access to the entire population's phone records, emails, browsing history and activity on social networking sites. What's worse, this process would be allowed without any interference from the courts. The new initiative is called the Communications Capabilities Development Program (CCDP) and resembles IMP-style mass surveillance of the British public that the coalition agreement deemed as unacceptable, when it first formed. While the coalition government is calling the proposal a step towards a more "modernized" system of controlling data, it is being criticized as highly invasive and stripping citizens from their civil liberties since it forces companies to store data locally and make it accessible to police whenever they request. Surveillance on this scale is never proportionate and is therefore in contravention of international human rights norms - it is also unlawful in most democratic countries. Published on May 10, 2012 by PressTVGlobalNews
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