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KMC » 11pm - Jan 17, 2012
Wisconsin Recall Will Make History: Almost 1 million people signed petition. Delegates from counties throughout Wisconsin marched from the Monona Terrace to the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board (GAB) on Tuesday. They presented the GAB with a few representative boxes of petitions out of the almost 2 million total signatures collected (over a million to recall Governor Scott Walker, over 845,000 to recall Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch and enough signatures to recall each of four senators who voted for Walker's collective bargaining bill in March 2011, for a total of over 3,000 pounds of paper). Close to 1 Million Petition for the Recall of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker The numbers coming out of Wisconsin are stunning. Of the 19 states that permit the recall of governors, Wisconsin has one of the highest thresholds. For governors (and legislators), recall organizers must gather signatures equaling 25 percent of the turnout in the previous election for the office. That means organizers faced the daunting task of collecting about 540,000 signatures. To avoid losing the election through signature challenges, signature collectors wanted a ?cushion? of additional signatures, so they set a goal of 720,000 signatures. They surpassed even that goal. When California governor Gray Davis was recalled in 2003, residents collected 1.6 million signatures out of 21.1 million eligible voters or approximately 7.6 percent. In Wisconsin, 25,000 trained volunteers had 60 days to collect approximately 1 million signatures from 4.37 million eligible voters or approximately 23 percent. Plus, 1 million is almost half of the votes cast in the 2010 Wisconsin gubernatorial election. Wisconsin volunteers did it with less money, over the holiday season and in the depths of winter. As a heavy snow fell on Wisconsin, volunteers explained that the 3,000 pounds of petitions would be delivered to the non-partisan elections board in trucks escorted by armed security guards. Volunteers from United Wisconsin, the grassroots organization that took charge of collecting the signatures, have designated two volunteers from each of Wisconsin's 72 counties to hand carry a box containing a portion of the petitions to highlight the fact that the work took place in every corner of the state. The above text is from Mary Bottari's article in PRWatch. Please see our News & Analysis section for complete article Uploaded by PRWatch on Jan 17, 2012
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