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Wilkerson: Under Trump, Al Qaeda is Flourishing
Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff to Colin Powell, discusses record US military strikes under President Trump and how Al Qaeda is taking advantage of contradictions in US policy

  August 17, 2017

Wilkerson: Trump Has No Business Threatening Venezuela
As President Trump claims he won't rule out military force in Venezuela, Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, former Chief of Staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell, says "we need to keep our dirty hands off Latin America"

  August 15, 2017

As Aides Spar, Will Trump Hire Erik Prince for Afghanistan?
Amid ongoing White House discord, President Trump is reportedly weighing Blackwater founder Erik Prince's proposal for a private mercenary force in Afghanistan. Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff to Colin Powell, says that would be a disaster

  August 12, 2017

Wilkerson: Trump and Kim Jong-un Sound the Same
As Defense Secretary James Mattis warns North Korea of "the end of its regime and destruction of its people," Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, the former chief of staff to Colin Powell, says the Trump administration is playing a reckless game

  August 10, 2017

Wilkerson: Trump is Clueless on North Korea
As the US pushes through new sanctions on North Korea, direct negotiations are the only way to defuse the nuclear standoff, says Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson

  August 8, 2017

Pentagon: US Empire 'Collapsing,' So Give Us More Money
A new Pentagon study says the U.S. may be losing its dominant position in world affairs and that the DoD needs a "wakeup call"--but Col. Lawrence Wilkerson says the report is really about using fear to drum up more money for the military

  July 30, 2017

Wilkerson: Practically Everyone Opposes Trump's Reversal of Obama's Cuba Opening
Reversing the Cuba opening will be a political nightmare for the Trump administration, but they ignore everyone's warnings, says Lawrence Wilkerson, Colin Powell's former Chief of Staff

  June 15, 2017

Wilkerson: From Qatar to Syria, Trump & Gulf Allies Target Iran
Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell, says that the Trump administration and its Gulf allies are taking aim at Iran through the re-ignited dispute with Qatar. Sources also claim the Pentagon has directed U.S. troops to directly confront Iranian-backed forces inside Syria

  June 6, 2017

Wilkerson: Trump 'Needs a Good War' and Pence is Waiting in the Wings to Lead It
Col. Lawrence Wilkerson and Paul Jay discuss the significance of the Comey affair, the prospect of the rise of VP Mike Pence as the real power in the White House, and the danger of war as a way out for a dysfunctional administration

  May 12, 2017

Wilkerson on Afghanistan: The Longest U.S. War Will Go on for Decades
Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell, says geopolitics and the Taliban's military strength will help keep U.S. troops in Afghanistan for decades to come.

  May 4, 2017

Wilkerson: U.S. Incoherence, THAAD Missile System Disrupt the Korean Peninsula
Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell, says the Trump administration's mixed messages on North Korea and the new THAAD missile system are sowing confusion in the Korean Peninsula ahead of a crucial South Korean vote

  May 2, 2017

Wilkerson: Trump's Cuts to Foreign Aid Threaten Global Health, Benefit War & Disaster Profiteers
Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, chief of staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell, says the Trump's administration drastic cuts to foreign assistance endanger global health, to the benefit of national security state profiteers

  May 1, 2017

Wilkerson: Trump Admin's Iran Talk Sounds Like Bush's Pre-Iraq War
Col. Lawrence Wilkerson warns the Trump administration's rhetoric on Iran reminds him of the prelude to the Iraq war - and could be setting the stage for a U.S. regime change effort in Tehran.

  April 25, 2017

Wilkerson on North Korea Crisis: U.S. Should Stop the Threats & Own Up to its Role
Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, former Chief of Staff to Colin Powell, says the U.S. should resolve the North Korea nuclear crisis through negotiations and should reckon with the impact of its previous actions.

  April 17, 2017

Wilkerson: Trump Attack on Syria Driven by Domestic Politics
Former Chief of Staff to Colin Powell, Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, tells Paul Jay that the Syrian Government may not be responsible for the chemical attack and that Trump's response was a violation of international law

  April 7, 2017

Terror Attack in St Petersburg May be Blowback for Russian Military Actions
Russia no longer has a southern buffer-zone, it is exposed to ISIS says Col. Larry Wilkerson

  April 4, 2017

Military-Industrial Complex Pushes Nuke Modernization, Risking Confrontation with Russia
Col. Lawrence Wilkerson says the section of the elite that includes Samantha Power, Susan Rice, and John McCain are willing to use military means to implement democracy wherever they see fit

  March 28, 2017

Adversarial Relationship With Russia Result of Decades of US Provocation
Col. Lawrence Wilkerson tells Paul Jay that from the expansion of NATO to the Western-led plundering of the former USSR, the US has given Russia enough reason to feel threatened

  March 12, 2017

Empire in Decay: Federal Government Falling Apart as Spying Allegations Fly
Col. Lawrence Wilkerson says there is a theory circulating in the intelligence community that the CIA asked the British to spy on Trump on behalf of the Democratic Party; the politicization of the intelligence agencies is a reflection of a dying empire

  March 7, 2017

Wilkerson: Trump's New National Security Advisor Believes in Empire, More Realpolitik than Flynn
Col. Lawrence Wilkerson says General H.R. McMaster might be more restrained about military action, but will support massive budget increase to military and the imperial mission

  March 6, 2017

Col. Wilkerson: Trump's Proposed $54 Billion Increase in the Military Budget Not for National Security
Larry Wilkerson tells Paul Jay that a massive increase in military spending is a disastrous policy, intended to serve the commercial interest of the military industrial complex, and the cuts to pay for it, are coming from all the wrong places

  February 28, 2017

How Trump Could Widen Divisions Within the Republican Party
Other countries might begin to see opportunities to take advantage of the Trump administration due to its glaring inexperience, says Col. Larry Wilkerson

  February 14, 2017

Will Trump Ally with Russia and Target Iran?
Paul Jay and Lawrence Wilkerson discuss why the Republicans are divided on Russia and to what ends the Trump administration might go to justify war with Iran

  January 30, 2017

Invoking God, Trump Calls for International War Against ISIS - Is Iraq Next?
Paul Jay and Col. Lawrence Wilkerson discuss the potential foreign policy of the new administration in light of President Trump's suggestion that the U.S. might re-invade Iraq and take the oil

  January 24, 2017

Trump's Inaugural Speech Calls for American Jihad
Lawrence Wilkerson joins TRNN's live inauguration coverage to discuss Trump's call for the world to unify against 'radical Islamic extremism'

  January 20, 2017

Unprecedented Imperial Powers Will Soon Pass into Trump's Hands
It's really frightening to imagine that the war powers granted by the AUMF will soon be used by the most inexperienced team ever to serve in the White House and commanded by a man who lied himself into wealth and power, says Col. Larry Wilkerson

  November 29, 2016

Trump's Existential Threat
Col. Lawrence Wilkerson tells Paul Jay that while some Republicans acknowledge climate change and see the national security threat, most don't believe it's caused by human activity and see no reason to regulate or phase out fossil fuels

  November 28, 2016

Wilkerson: If Trump Moves U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, War Against Iran Could Come Next
Col. Lawrence Wilkerson and Paul Jay discuss Trump's foreign policy team and whether it's a continuation of policy under former vice president Dick Cheney

  November 21, 2016

Larry Wilkerson: A Solution for Syria Will Require the United States to Concede on Assad
The US is making two fundamental mistakes by continuing to insist that Assad must go and supporting rebel groups that look a lot like Al-Qaeda, says Col. Lawrence Wilkerson

  November 1, 2016

Is the US Headed Towards War in Syria?
Col. Lawrence Wilkerson is concerned about Clinton's foreign policy record and the fact that many of her advisors resemble those who served in the first George W. Bush administration

  October 26, 2016

After Mosul, Whither ISIS?
ISIS is on the run and might head towards Egypt or Israel after getting kicked out of Iraq and Syria, says Col. Lawrence Wilkerson

  October 18, 2016

US-Russia Tensions Escalating Over Fate of Assad
These times are more dangerous because they lack the fixed parameters and clear red lines of the Cold War days, says Col. Lawrence Wilkerson

  October 18, 2016

Mike Pence and the Mainstream Media Wrong on Iran's Nuclear Weapons Capabilities
Former Bush administration official Lawrence Wilkerson says neocons including Mike Pence are to blame for the crisis in the Middle East

  October 5, 2016

Trump's Position on Jerusalem Puts Him on the Side of the Settler Movement
Despite Trump being wrong on the Iran deal, the US congress is more likely to derail it than his potential presidency, says Col. Larry Wilkerson

  September 27, 2016

Record US Aid to Israel Reflects Growing Influence of Military-Industrial Complex
Israel is likely to increase its arms exports now that it cannot use the aid on its own weapons industry, says Col. Lawrence Wilkerson

  September 20, 2016

The Israel Factor in the Syrian Ceasefire
Col. Lawrence Wilkerson says there is a temporary convergence of various powers to have a ceasefire, but the Israeli leadership thinks that an endless war serves its interests

  September 12, 2016

Wilkerson: The Danger of a Clinton or Trump Presidency
Col. Lawrence Wilkerson and Paul Jay discuss Hillary Clinton's militarist track record and Donald Trump's bellicose rhetoric

  August 4, 2016

Wilkerson on Heightened Tensions in the South China Sea
Col. Larry Wilkerson, former chief of staff to Colin Powell, says recent US and Chinese air force posturing could easily deteriorate into unwanted disasters

  May 20, 2016

Remembering Tomas Young
The anti-Iraq war veteran who was shot, paralyzed and died of his injuries ten years later is the subject of Mark Wilkerson's new book "Tomas Young's War," a reflection on Young's life and activism

  May 11, 2016

The All-Volunteer Military and American National Security
Col. Larry Wilkerson discusses the inefficiency of an all-volunteer force and how it increases the possibility of conflict

  April 28, 2016

Obama Pressures Germany to Commit More Troops for NATO Exercises on Ukraine Border
In Europe, President Obama commits more special forces for Syria but Larry Wilkerson says he is more concerned about dangerous and provocative posturing on the Ukraine border

  April 26, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Interventionist Tendencies
Former chief of staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell Col. Larry Wilkerson says that regime change in Libya was pushed by then-Secretary of State Clinton

  April 20, 2016

The Problem of International "Terrorism" Is Here To Stay
Col. Larry Wilkerson, professor and former chief of staff to Colin Powell, was back for his weekly report, this time focused on the origins of ISIS and Al-Qaeda

  April 12, 2016

Netanyahu's Strategy will Undermine Israel's Long-Term Security
Col. Larry Wilkerson discusses the danger inherent in the U.S. aligning its interests entirely with Israel's and how American support is creating an untenable future for the state

  April 7, 2016

In Syria, CIA & Pentagon-Funded Militias Clash
A long history of bureaucratic disputes has contributed to a failed strategy in Syria, says former chief of Staff to Colin Powell Larry Wilkerson

  March 29, 2016

Will the Syrian Ceasefire End the US-Russia Proxy War?
Fmr. Chief of Staff for Colin Powell, Larry Wilkerson, says the ceasefire could be key to lasting peace in Syria

  March 28, 2016

Castro to Obama: U.S. Has Double Standards When it Comes to Human Rights
Lawrence Wilkerson, Former Chief of Staff to Secretary of State , says that it is hypocritical for the United States to judge the Cuban government by standards that it does not hold to itself.

  March 22, 2016

At AIPAC, Hillary Vows to Uphold Israel's Military Dominance
Clinton's speech on AIPAC alarms Larry Wilkerson, former chief of staff to United States Secretary of State Colin Powell

  March 22, 2016

Hillary Goes to AIPAC, Should Bernie?
Larry Wilkerson, former chief of staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell, offers unsolicited advice to Bernie Sanders on whether he should speak at AIPAC

  March 16, 2016

Winner-Take-All States Could Make Trump the Inevitable Nominee
Col. Larry Wilkerson describes how Trump's appeal to frustrated right-wing voters may secure the nomination on Tuesday

  March 14, 2016

Col. Wilkerson: The Foreign Policy of Clinton, Trump, Cruz & Rubio "Frighten Me"
Former Bush administration official Larry Wilkerson says the candidates' hawkish foreign policy record is cause for concern with the potential of a possible North Korea engagement

  March 3, 2016

Col. Wilkerson: All War Games Between China and US Lead to Nuclear Attacks
TRNN Replay: Discussing the tension in the South China Sea, former Bush administration official Larry Wilkerson says the US should ratify the UN Convention of the Law of the Sea treaty - but won't because of big oil and mining interests

  February 22, 2016

China Considers Putting Nukes Under Military Control
Colonel Larry Wilkerson explains the significance of China considering placing nuclear arsenal on high alert

  February 17, 2016

The Roots of Scalia's Originalism
Larry Wilkerson examines the pitfalls of Scalia's theory of originalism and how this creates a tendency of disunion rather than cohesion when interpreting the law

  February 15, 2016

What Turkey & Saudi Arabia Aim to Gain with Possible Ground Invasion in Syria
Col. Larry Wilkerson says Turkish and Saudi officials may be bluffing, but the prospect nevertheless is a calamity reminiscent of pre-World War I conditions

  February 15, 2016

Foreign Policy, Trump Style
Col. Larry Wilkerson says he's amused by Trump's understanding of foreign policy, but Trump still understands those issues better than other Republican candidates despite his "idiotic pronouncements" on other matters.

  February 11, 2016

Is America Becoming a Garrison State?
Fmr. Chief of Staff to Colin Powell Larry Wilkerson says the increasing militarization of the police and gated communities protecting the elite shows signs of America looking more like Israel

  December 26, 2015

Empire Files: Fmr. Bush Official says the Empire's Ship is Sinking
Abby Martin interviews retired U.S. Army Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, former national security advisor to the Reagan administration, who spent years as an assistant to Secretary of State Colin Powell during both Bush administrations. Watch more on teleSUR

  December 13, 2015

Ousting Assad is Counterproductive and Illegal, Says Congresswoman
Larry Wilkerson discusses a bill introduced by US Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard that seeks to redress the failed Syria strategy

  December 1, 2015

Wilkerson: The Hypocrisy of U.S. Syria Policy (2/2)
Col. Lawrence Wilkerson and Paul Jay discuss the U.S./Saudi unholy alliance in Syria and a relationship that has distorted development throughout the region

  November 29, 2015

Wilkerson: The Hypocrisy of U.S. Syria Policy (1/2)
As Putin visits Iran, Col. Lawrence Wilkerson and Paul Jay discuss the U.S./Saudi alliance in Syria and a relationship shrouded in secrecy

  November 24, 2015

Paris Evokes 9/11 in State of Fear and Revenge
In reference to attacks in Paris, Col. Larry Wilkerson says the reincarnation of al-Qaeda in ISIS must be rationally dealt with if their defeat is the goal

  November 17, 2015

Marco Rubio Rises in the Polls While Promoting Reagan-Style Foreign Policy
Col. Larry Wilkerson digs into Marco Rubio's worldview and foreign policy positions

  November 3, 2015

Why Ben Carson is Leading in Iowa
Col. Larry Wilkerson, just returning from Iowa says controversial statements that are anti-Muslim, anti-LGBT, anti-gun control and anti-abortion, are at the heart of Carson's popularity

  October 26, 2015

Skin in the Game: Poor Kids and Patriots
Larry Wilkerson says Gen. Dennis Laich's book - Skin in the Game - demonstrates that an all volunteer military force is no longer sustainable, morally nor fiscally

  September 22, 2015

Is the U.S. Secretly Welcoming Increased Russian Syria Involvement?
Col. Lawrence Wilkerson tells Paul Jay that cooperation with Russia and Iran is the only way to resolve the situation, but U.S. policy is catering to Saudi Arabian, Turkish and Israeli ambitions

  September 19, 2015

War Profits Drive GOP Hawks: Wilkerson on GOP Debate
Col. Lawrence Wilkerson and Paul Jay discuss the war mongering talk of star of the moment, Carly Fiorina, and most other GOP candidates

  September 18, 2015

Cheney Blasts Iran Deal, Forgets That as VP Iran Got Closer to Getting Nukes
Under former vice president Dick Cheney's watch, Iran's centrifuges multiplied while the current nuclear deal will cut Iran's enriched uranium by 97 percent, says former Chief of Staff to Colin Powell Larry Wilkerson

  September 1, 2015

Computer Voting and Stealing Democracy
Larry Wilkerson says, that computerized voting has increased the capacity of cheating with precision, consistency and efficiency without any forensic evidence

  August 25, 2015

Colleges Train for Work, Not Thought
Professor Larry Wilkerson discusses the latest in the high cost of college and the increasing role universities play in prepping a work force rather than an intellectual force

  August 18, 2015

GOP Debate: A Mirage of Democracy
Col. Larry Wilkerson and Center for Media and Democracy's Brendan Fisher discuss the debate's true elite audience and what was left unsaid

  August 9, 2015

Will Congress Unravel the Iran Nuclear Deal?
Former Chief of Staff to Colin Powell Larry Wilkerson says despite its flaws, real national security experts are all in favor of the deal

  July 30, 2015

Turkey Enters Fight Against ISIS, But Target is Still Assad
With Turkey's announcement that it will fight ISIS, the US will be able to use Turkish bases to fulfill its mission of overthrowing Assad, says Col. Larry Wilkerson

  July 29, 2015

Estamos de Vuelta! The Cuban Embassy Reopens
Lawrence Wilkerson, retired army colonel and former chief of staff for Colin Powell, discusses what he sees as positives and potential negatives in the new Cuban/North American relations

  July 21, 2015

Wilkerson: Iran Deal Creates World's Most Intrusive Inspection Regime
Larry Wilkerson, former chief of staff to Colin Powell, says the nuclear accord will lead to greater U.S.-Iranian cooperation over Mideast policy

  July 14, 2015

Assad Has Lost Over Fifty Percent of Syria to ISIS
Larry Wilkerson, former Chief of Staff to Colin Powell, says that Syria could turn into another Afghanistan with US and Saudi policies creating significant blowback in the region

  May 25, 2015

Jeb Bush's Entourage Filled with Neocons
Larry Wilkerson: Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush states he would have authorized the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, showing little regard for the fact that Neocon policy created more chaos in the region.

  May 12, 2015

Republicans and Some Democrats are Seeking a Veto-Proof Bill on the Nuclear Agreement with Iran
Larry Wilkerson, former chief of staff to Colin Powell, says some Republicans are acting on their prerogative, while others are maliciously trying to destroy the president and his legacy

  April 7, 2015

What the U.S. Should Do About North Korea's Rising Nuclear Stockpile
Larry Wilkerson discusses how Chinese nuclear experts estimate North Korea has 20 nuclear warheads and could have 20 more in 2016 yet Washington is paying little attention.

  April 28, 2015

2016 Presidential Candidates Test the Waters in New Hampshire
Larry Wilkerson, just returning from New Hampshire reports on what is on the minds of voters in a state that gets to define the terms of engagement for the 2016 elections

  April 24, 2015

Sen. Marco Rubio Unveils His Candidacy and Platform for "A New American Century"
Larry Wilkerson says Sen. Marco Rubio is serving up pablum for those Americans who believe that all you have to do is spout off this kind of rhetoric, whether it's accurate or not

  April 14, 2015

Hofstra University Conference Considers Legacy of Second Bush Presidency
Col. Larry Wilkerson, who served as the former chief of staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell, discusses the possibility of holding the Bush administration accountable for the Iraq war and torture

  March 25, 2015

Ted Cruz Running for President as Defender of Wealth
Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson says Cruz has the chance of a snowball in hell of winning the presidency

  March 24, 2015

Did Kerry Open the Door to Negotiating with Assad?
Larry Wilkerson says Assad is not going anywhere, and the US is late in recognizing that reality

  March 17, 2015

Who's Behind the Restoration of US-Cuba Relations?
A Cuban-US caravan of academics, social movements and trade organizations were at the centre of negotiations leading to the restoration of diplomatic relations between the two countries, says Larry Wilkerson

  March 11, 2015

An Open Letter to the Ayatollah from Republicans
Colonel Larry Wilkerson, former chief of staff to the Secretary of State Colin Powell, says it is a desperate move by Republicans

  March 10, 2015

Netanyahu says Iran Intends to Destroy Israel
Larry Wilkerson says hundreds of Israeli military and intelligence leaders do not consider Iran an existential threat

  March 2, 2015

German Chancellor in Washington Seeking a Negotiated Solution in Ukraine
Retired U.S. Army Col. Larry Wilkerson on Obama's response, the Republican push for lethal arms, and NATO's internal problems

  February 10, 2015

Israel, Iran, and ISIS - U.S. Policy Towards Syria is Wrong says Wilkerson
Larry Wilkerson: There will no solution in Syria without cooperation of Iran but U.S. policy is blocked by Israel's agenda

  December 30, 2014

US/Saudi Oil Play Is Economic Warfare
Lawrence Wilkerson says the target of low oil prices is Russia and Iran, throwing their economies into turmoil and opening their doors to sovereign raiders

  December 28, 2014

Should You Condemn the CIA for Torture If You Don't Condemn the Iraq War?
Larry Wilkerson and Paul Jay discuss whether empire abroad requires brutal methods and eroding rights at home

  December 24, 2014

Why Is Obama Using Flimsy Evidence to Blame North Korea for Sony Hack?
Paul Jay interviews Col. Larry Wilkerson, who says Sony might be able to protect itself from class action suits brought by employees over privacy if the blame is pinned on North Korea

  December 22, 2014

What are U.S. Objectives in Weakening Russia's Economy?
Larry Wilkerson and Paul Jay discuss the "tactical strength and strategic weakness" of Putin in Ukraine and whether the West is trying to turn Russia into another "Greece"

  December 22, 2014

How the Military Fails U.S. Veterans
Col. Larry Wilkerson, former chief of staff to Colin Powell, describes what can be done

  November 26, 2014

The Slippery Slope of More Troops in Iraq Leads To Vietnam
Col. Larry Wilkerson says if the U.S. strategy against the Islamic State in Iraq does not focus on supporting Iraqi fighting forces to do the heavy lifting, we could end up with full-scale war like we did in Vietnam

  November 10, 2014

US Elections: Theater with Deadly Consequences
Col. Lawrence Wilkerson and Paul Jay discuss how the media helps create a charade of democracy, and makes a fortune doing it

  November 5, 2014

Nuclear Agreement with Iran May Become Midterm Election Fodder in Congress
Larry Wilkerson, former chief of staff to the secretary of state Colin Powell, says there are three different groups of Republicans that would like to see the Iran nuclear deal fail.

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