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Undoing the New Deal: Truman Embraces the Cold War (pt4)
Historian Peter Kuznick says that while Truman supported the New Deal, he paved the way for its undoing by fueling the anti-communist, anti-socialist fervor which played into the hands of the right; with host Paul Jay
DATE: 2017-12-14 | LENGTH: 24:19

Judge in J20 Case Drops Inciting Riot Charge But Condemns Journalism as Conspiracy
Reporter Alexei Wood is facing decades in prison for windows broken at a protest he was covering
DATE: 2017-12-14

Digital Dystopia: FCC Ends Net Neutrality
Ajit Pai's FCC voted Thursday to end net neutrality regulations despite fierce opposition
DATE: 2017-12-14

Cities vs. Climate Change: Can Infrastructures Handle Extreme Weather?
Many cities are not resilient to disasters, and with human-caused climate change creating more extreme weather, those infrastructures will be threatened even more, says Jeff Schlegelmilch of the National Center for Disaster Preparedness
DATE: 2017-12-13 | LENGTH: 09:42

Jones Wins, Bannon Loses in Alabama Special Election
Despite Far-Right former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon's efforts to resurrect Roy Moore, Democrat Doug Jones pulled off a major upset in the Alabama U.S. Senate race
DATE: 2017-12-13

Nina Turner on Alabama Vote & Democratic Party Unity Reform Comission
Nina Turner and Paul Jay discuss the significance of Doug Jones' victory in Alabama and what this means for future of Democratic Party
DATE: 2017-12-13 | LENGTH: 27:51

Virtually No Economist Believes the GOP Tax Bill Will Generate Much Growth
The $1.5 trillion growth dividends that Republicans project on their tax bill remained the same at 20% and at 21% , this shows that they are picking the figure out of the air, and it is "pretty far-fetched," says economist Dean Baker
DATE: 2017-12-13 | LENGTH: 06:57

Partisan Clash over Trump-Russia Probe Gets Messier
The partisan clash over Special Counsel Robert Mueller's probe of the Trump campaign and Russia was on full display at a Congressional appearance by Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein. Marcy Wheeler and Aaron Mate discuss.
DATE: 2017-12-13 | LENGTH: 19:22

Media or Cult? CNN Buries a Massive Russiagate Gaffe
Instead of explaining how it reported a false story on Russiagate, CNN brought on neocon David Frum to defend it. Max Blumenthal says that's a "window into a cult created around Russiagate."
DATE: 2017-12-12 | LENGTH: 18:56

Racism and Trumpism in Alabama
As Alabama votes ​in the special Senate election, historian Gerald Horne and TRNN senior editor Paul Jay discuss why an alleged sexual predator and slavery apologist is even in the running.
DATE: 2017-12-12 | LENGTH: 31:00

Voter Suppression and Outright Fraud Continue to Plague Alabama
Despite voter suppression, the turnout will be high in order to defeat Roy Moore, explains Cliff Albright, of Black Voters Matter
DATE: 2017-12-12 | LENGTH: 14:37

Can Pennsylvania Draw the Line on Partisan Gerrymandering?
Two trials in Pennsylvania--one state, one federal--are challenging how state Republicans have drawn up the electoral map, and the outcomes have major national implications
DATE: 2017-12-12 | LENGTH: 08:42

America's Most Reactionary President Visits Its Most Radical City
Jackson, Mississippi Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba talks about Trump's visit to Jackson's Civil Rights Museum
DATE: 2017-12-11

Pressure Mounts On Doug Jones To Pull Off Upset in Alabama Senate Race
Democrats see hope in Alabama's Senate race, which has become a high-pressure referendum on Moore's alleged sexual misconduct
DATE: 2017-12-11

Nina Turner On Transforming the Democratic Party From the Inside
Our Revolution President Nina Turner discusses her work on the DNC Unity Reform Commission
DATE: 2017-12-11

To Fight Crime We Must Address Root Causes, Says Mayor of Compton, CA
TRNN's Jaisal Noor speaks to Aja Brown, Compton, California's youngest ever mayor about why she got into politics, the importance of holistic approaches to crime reduction, and the importance of equity in addressing poverty
DATE: 2017-12-10 | LENGTH: 12:14

A Chicago Alderman Introduced A Water Affordability Ordinance. Does Baltimore Need One Too?
Baltimore can get more revenue for new water infrastructure by charging what residents can afford to pay, says Mary Grant of Food and Water Watch
DATE: 2017-12-10 | LENGTH: 11:41

Undoing the New Deal: Roosevelt Created A Social Safety Net, Not Socialism (pt3)
Historian Peter Kuznick says the New Deal created necessary programs and regulations that mitigated the effects of the Great Depression, but he wouldn't nationalize the banks or challenge private ownership
DATE: 2017-12-10 | LENGTH: 23:58

Bernie Sanders and Ben Jealous Hold Healthcare Rally in Baltimore
Senator Bernie Sanders joined Democratic Gubernatorial hopeful Ben Jealous to launch Jealous' plan to make Maryland the first state with Medicare-for-All
DATE: 2017-12-09 | LENGTH: 03:17

DNC's Unity Commission Further Dividing the Party
"You look at the big picture and you see that there's a lot of money that keeps flowing to Clinton-aligned political consultants from the Democratic party, and the majority on this commission clearly does not want to shake up that game, much less end it," says Norman Solomon, co-founder of
DATE: 2017-12-08 | LENGTH: 18:03

Undoing the New Deal: Truman's Cold War Buries Wallace and the Left (pt2)
Historian Peter Kuznick says Truman bought into the Republican's post-WWII campaign against Russia and used the hysteria to purge the Democratic Party and defeat former VP Henry Wallace in the '48 Presidential election; with host Paul Jay
DATE: 2017-12-07 | LENGTH: 24:25

Senator Al Franken Resigns
The U.S. Senator from Minnesota resigned a day after over two dozen Democrat Senators called for his resignation in the wake of eight women accusing Franken of sexual harassment.
DATE: 2017-12-07

Mayor Chokwe Lumumba Wants to Make Jackson the Most Radical City on the Planet
Chokwe Antar Lumumba, Jackson, Mississippi's radical mayor, discusses his vision for a new society.
DATE: 2017-12-06 | LENGTH: 50:05

Trump Faces a Fight over Downsizing National Monuments
President Trump is flouting the law to shrink the Bears Ears National Monument and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument in Utah to open up drilling, mining, and fracking, but indigenous and environmental groups are pushing back
DATE: 2017-12-06 | LENGTH: 05:51

Ben Jealous: Maryland Needs Medicare-for-All
Ahead of a rally with Bernie Sanders, Maryland Democratic Gubernatorial hopeful and civil rights leader Ben Jealous discusses his new state plan for Medicare for All
DATE: 2017-12-06 | LENGTH: 07:14

Thousands of Oakland City Union Workers Strike Against Unfair Labor Practices
SEIU Local 1021 Chief Negotiator Rob Szykowny discusses the recent strike and negotiations with the city of Oakland, California
DATE: 2017-12-06

Trump's Friends Get Tax Cuts, His Base Gets Bigotry
As President Trump re-tweets an anti-Muslim British group, historian and professor Gerald Horne of the University of Houston says Trump is following through on the bigotry he campaigned on
DATE: 2017-12-05 | LENGTH: 10:13

Undoing the New Deal: The 1944 Coup Against VP Henry Wallace (pt1)
Historian Peter Kuznick and Paul Jay discuss the historical context of the fight between the Sanders' progressive wing against the oligarchy within the Democratic Party; the overthrow of Vice President Wallace by an alliance of party bosses and Southern racists was a turning point in the decades-long process to roll back the New Deal
DATE: 2017-12-04 | LENGTH: 22:51

Poor People's Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival
The Monday launch of the Poor People's Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival by co-chairs Rev. Dr. William Barber II, Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis and other leaders will include the unveiling of details around six weeks of direct action next spring at statehouses and the U.S. Capitol, including plans for one of the largest waves of civil disobedience in U.S. history.
DATE: 2017-12-04

EPA's Pruitt Pushed Through Directive Favoring Polluters, Lawsuit Says
Center for Biological Diversity sues the Environmental Protection Agency over the refusal to release documents regarding a new directive limiting the agency's ability to settle lawsuits
DATE: 2017-12-03

Feds Secretly Monitoring the Black Lives Matter Movement
The FBI and DHS justify the surveillance by claiming Black Lives Matter activists are "black supremacist extremists" prone to violence. But it's really just an attempt to criminalize black protestors and silence the movement, says Stephanie Llanes of the Center for Constitutional Rights
DATE: 2017-12-02 | LENGTH: 12:08

Flynn Plea Shows Collusion With... Israel?
Michael Flynn's guilty plea to lying to the FBI falls short on Russia "collusion" but points to the Trump administration acting on Israel's behalf, says author and journalist Max Blumenthal
DATE: 2017-12-02 | LENGTH: 18:17

If Tillerson's Out, is Iran War In?
The Trump administration will reportedly oust Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and install CIA Director Mike Pompeo in his place, with Republican Sen. Tom Cotton replacing Pompeo. Trita Parsi of the National Iranian American Council says that's a recipe for a US war on Iran
DATE: 2017-12-01 | LENGTH: 12:56

What Would a More Rational Administration Do?
Paul Jay talks with Larry Wilkerson, part 11
DATE: 2017-11-29 | LENGTH: 09:15

How Neoliberal Law Enforcement Policies Broke Black Communities by Targeting Women
Andrea Ritchie, author of "Invisible No More," explains how police strategies like 'zero tolerance' implemented by purportedly liberal states have wreaked havoc on the lives of black women
DATE: 2017-11-27 | LENGTH: 07:49

Why Did the United States So Enthusiastically Support the Yeltsin Administration?
Paul Jay talks with Larry Wilkerson, part 8
DATE: 2017-11-27 | LENGTH: 05:36

Saudi Arabia's Role in 9/11
Paul Jay talks with Larry Wilkerson, part 7
DATE: 2017-11-27 | LENGTH: 04:10

Trump's Coup on Consumer Protection
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is in limbo as two people claim to be its new acting director. The outgoing head tapped Leandra English as his successor, but Donald Trump then appointed Mick Mulvaney, who has called the CFPB a "sick, sad" joke
DATE: 2017-11-27 | LENGTH: 17:18

Is the Keystone XL Pipeline a Done Deal?
Anti-Keystone XL activists "have come to call this project the 'Zombie Pipeline'; it just keeps coming back from the dead," says Dallas Goldtooth of the Indigenous Environmental Network. But pipeline opponents still have reason for cautious optimism
DATE: 2017-11-26 | LENGTH: 12:52

Overthrowing Assad and the Neoconservative Agenda in Syria
Paul Jay talks with Larry Wilkerson, Part 2
DATE: 2017-11-24 | LENGTH: 08:59

Why is US Complicity in Yemen's Crisis Ignored?
After a lengthy "60 Minutes" report fails to even mention the vital US support for the devastating Saudi-led war on Yemen, Shireen Al-Adeimi says Americans are largely hidden from their government's complicity
DATE: 2017-11-24 | LENGTH: 15:40

Ryan Zinke's Whitefish Scandal May Fade, But is More Controversy Brewing?
Despite Secretary Ryan Zinke's 'conservationist cowboy' image the Department of Interior's attacks on the public land trust is unprecedented says Public Lands Program Director at the Center for Biological Diversity, Randi Spivak
DATE: 2017-11-24 | LENGTH: 12:57

Trump's FCC Goes to War on Net Neutrality
A new plan unveiled by Federal Communications Commission chair Ajit Pai would repeal hard-fought net neutrality rules that uphold equal internet access. Can Pai's effort be stopped?
DATE: 2017-11-23 | LENGTH: 10:16

The Demonization of Russia by Media and Foreign Policy Elites
Paul Jay talks with Larry Wilkerson, part 1
DATE: 2017-11-23 | LENGTH: 13:16

Trump Raises Fears About Nukes, But US Anti-War Movement Is Lacking
"It's not that Americans are less intelligent than other people, it's that the U.S. imperial system is accepted by most Americans without them really thinking about the nature of that system," says Black Agenda Report's Glen Ford
DATE: 2017-11-22 | LENGTH: 10:36

Standing Rock Water Protectors Deliver Petition to Drop Remaining NoDAPL Charges
Standing Rock leaders delivered a petition of 55,000 signatures to the Morton County State Attorney Office this week
DATE: 2017-11-22

J20 Defendant's Diary: Day 1
On November 20, prosecutors and defense made opening remarks; manager of Au Bon Pain, bike cop testify
DATE: 2017-11-22

Investigation Reveals Cannibalism, Hepatitis at Major Turkey Supplier Turkey Supplier
Direct Action Everywhere released findings of abhorrent conditions at an industrial farm that supplies of one of the country's largest turkey sellers
DATE: 2017-11-22

At First J20 Trial, Prosecution Falls Flat
At the first mass trial of some 200 people over the J20 anti-Trump Inauguration Day protest, the prosecutor acknowledged that there is no evidence that the six defendants damaged property. So why do they face 60 years behind bars?
DATE: 2017-11-21 | LENGTH: 09:51

Why is the US Media and Foreign Policy Establishment Targeting Russia?
The antagonism towards Russia by U.S. media and foreign policy elites goes far beyond allegations of Russian interference in the U.S. elections
DATE: 2017-11-21 | LENGTH: 06:49

J20 Activists go to Trial This Week
Executive Producer Eddie Conway speaks with Industrial Workers of the World organizers about the current status of their court case dealing with protests at Trump's inauguration
DATE: 2017-11-20 | LENGTH: 11:41

Russiagate 'Experts' Include Bigots and Frauds
Max Blumenthal of Alternet's Grayzone Project reveals that several influential so-called "experts" on Russiagate have sketchy pasts and an agenda to silence dissenting voices
DATE: 2017-11-20 | LENGTH: 11:41

RT Crackdown Escalates New Cold War and Threatens Press Freedom
The U.S. government's forced designation of RT America as a "foreign agent" is part of a dangerous effort to brand dissenting views as "Russian disinformation," says The Nation's Katrina vanden Heuvel
DATE: 2017-11-19 | LENGTH: 08:38

Collective Action Key to Fighting Sexual Harassment
When women organize to fight back against sexual harassment, they're more effective and better protected than when they go it alone, says Jacobin's Alex Press
DATE: 2017-11-19 | LENGTH: 14:43

Divided Congress Unites to Spend $700B on Military and War
House Democrats and Republicans have approved a nearly $700 billion military spending bill, almost $100 billion more than President Trump and the war profiteers he's appointed had sought
DATE: 2017-11-18 | LENGTH: 09:26

Trump's CFPB Pick Will Likely Spell Bad News for Consumers
The good news is that President Trump has been slow to nominate heads for regulatory agencies, says white-collar criminologist Bill Black. The bad news is that Trump will pick someone eventually to replace Richard Cordray
DATE: 2017-11-17 | LENGTH: 14:08

Harvey Weinstein Hired Israeli Spies to Silence His Victims
The disgraced film producer contracted the firm Israeli firm Black Cube to spy on his accusers. Journalist and best-selling author Max Blumenthal says that's no surprise given Israel's role as a "leading expert on repression"
DATE: 2017-11-17 | LENGTH: 12:31

Can Congress Stop Trump From Going Nuclear?
The Senate has held a hearing on a topic it hasn't taken up in more than four decades: the President's authority to launch nuclear war. William Hartung of the Center for International Policy discusses nuclear policy in the Trump era
DATE: 2017-11-16 | LENGTH: 10:24

Trump's Crackdown on RT Met by Media, NGO Silence
The Justice Department's move forcing RT America to register as a foreign agent has received little to no criticism, or in some cases notice, from prominent media outlets and civil liberties groups. We speak to author and journalist Max Blumenthal
DATE: 2017-11-16 | LENGTH: 14:54

Police Shootings of Native Americans are Underreported and Rising
The Native American population suffers from higher rates of police shootings, but this is generally underreported because the incidents often occur in remote areas, explains Glen Ford of the Black Agenda Report
DATE: 2017-11-16 | LENGTH: 08:40

House Democrats Help Republicans Pass $700B in Military Spending
A record spending bill overwhelmingly approved by the House on Tuesday authorizes $700 billion for the U.S. military.
DATE: 2017-11-15

Norman Solomon and Paul Jay discuss the Struggle in the Democratic Party
The report "Autopsy: The Democratic Party in Crisis" comes at the time of Donna Brazile's book and raises the question: Should progressives fight within the Democratic party, and if so, how?
DATE: 2017-11-14 | LENGTH: 21:35

Jeff Sessions testifies before House Judiciary Committee
Attorney General Jeff Sessions is likely to face questions about the Russia investigation
DATE: 2017-11-14 | LENGTH: 49:53

US People's Delegation Defies Trump at Bonn Climate Summit
Thanu Yakupitiyage of and Katia R. Aviles-Vazquez of It Takes Roots report from Bonn, Germany on the People's Climate Summit, and how grassroots groups are confronting the U.S.'s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement
DATE: 2017-11-13 | LENGTH: 17:32

Sanders Keynote at Economists for Peace & Security Event
Sander's speech is expected to deal with how wealthy interests influence and constrain our foreign policy debates
DATE: 2017-11-13 | LENGTH: 25:05

Worldwide Warfare Will End When We Divest From the Arms Industry
Andrew Feinstein, author of the book Shadow Wars, outlines the importance of divesting from the US war machine at the Code Pink Summit
DATE: 2017-11-12 | LENGTH: 06:34

Draft Bernie Launches Next Phase For A New Party
Interview with Draft Bernie Founder Nick Brana on his organization's new efforts toward building a viable third party through a coalition of progressive groups and organizations
DATE: 2017-11-12

US Sanctions on Venezuela: 'Attempt to Destroy the Economy'
Venezuela's recession is making it difficult for the country to meet its debt payments, but US sanctions are making a difficult task almost impossible explains CEPR's Mark Weisbrot
DATE: 2017-11-10 | LENGTH: 15:49

Democrats Have a Big Night, and a Bigger Fight Ahead
Progressives and democratic socialists scored big victories in Tuesday's U.S. elections, giving the Bernie Sanders wing of the Democratic Party fresh momentum, says The Intercept's Zaid Jilani
DATE: 2017-11-09 | LENGTH: 17:00

Vijay Prashad: 'The Only Way to Confront a War Economy is to Confront a Culture of War'
The culture of war is a celebration of death, which is what President Trump is promoting and which we must confront, argues Vijay Prashad at the Code Pink Summit
DATE: 2017-11-08 | LENGTH: 21:44

Mercer Effort to Avoid Taxes Appears in Paradise Papers
The conservative billionaire behind the alt-right apparently used Bermuda feeder funds to avoid taxes and protect wealth
DATE: 2017-11-08

'Paradise Papers' Leak Details How Major Corporations Evade Taxes
The latest leak of documents known as the 'Paradise Papers' provide important details about how the world's largest corporations are evading taxes through a variety of tricks and keep their earnings from being taxed. Economist and investigative reporter James S Henry explains
DATE: 2017-11-07 | LENGTH: 14:56

Pressure Mounts On DNC Chair Tom Perez
Tom Perez is presiding over a DNC in turmoil, but he's offered little more than empty promises to progressives that he intends to fix it
DATE: 2017-11-07

Are Body Cameras Nothing More Than PR for Police Departments?
Baynard Woods speaks with an activist and public defenders about body cameras having little effect on the use of force by police officers
DATE: 2017-11-06 | LENGTH: 06:51

Trump Rewards Wealthy Donors With Political Offices
President Trump has appointed several of his most prolific campaign donors and supporters to ambassadorships and cabinet positions
DATE: 2017-11-06

It's Time for Democrats to Talk About Class
As Donna Brazile blows the whistle on the DNC, a new "autopsy" on the Democratic Party's failures urges it to choose Main Street over Wall Street. We speak to Karen Bernal, chair of the California Democratic Party's Progressive Caucus
DATE: 2017-11-05 | LENGTH: 17:07

Billionaire Backer of the Alt-Right Sells Stake in Breitbart
Wil Hylton says Robert Mercer's attempt to distance himself from the alt-right is about PR, not policy
DATE: 2017-11-03 | LENGTH: 11:13

Donna Brazile's Boost for a Democratic Party Overhaul
As Donna Brazile outs the Clinton campaign and DNC for rigging the 2016 primary, a group of progressive Democrats detail how their party eroded and how it can be revitalized
DATE: 2017-11-03 | LENGTH: 13:35

Code Pink Conference: Divest from the War Machine
Larry Wilkerson: "We have become a national security state, that means our reason for existing is war and defense contractors are the merchants of death"
DATE: 2017-11-02 | LENGTH: 35:06

Indigenous Activists Fight the 'Standing Rock of the North'
The proposed Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion would run through 518 kilometers of Secwepemc territory. Kanahus Manuel of the Secwepemc Women's Warrior Society discusses Indigenous activists' struggle to stop the expansion
DATE: 2017-11-02 | LENGTH: 16:49

Trump's Tax Man, and Tax Plan, for the 1%
As Republicans prepare to unveil a tax plan favoring the wealthiest Americans, President Trump has quietly tapped a problematic interim IRS Director, says economist Dean Baker
DATE: 2017-11-02 | LENGTH: 08:01

Donna Brazile Confesses that DNC Rigged Primaries
Former DNC Interim Chair Donna Brazile confirms money laundering scheme between the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton campaign
DATE: 2017-11-02

'Serving Our Country': Hospitality Workers' Union Organizes National Day of Action
Many hospitality workers struggle to make ends meet in a $180 billion industry
DATE: 2017-11-01 | LENGTH: 05:03

Post 9/11 AUMF Law Gives Trump Power to Wage Perpetual War
Post 9/11 authorization to use military force has been used to intervene in 19 countries. Congress ought to reclaim its authority to declare war, explains Col. Larry Wilkerson
DATE: 2017-11-01 | LENGTH: 18:58

Russiagate's Dangers to Democracy
Russiagate is a purported attempt to uncover the alleged subversion of U.S. democracy, but it's creating dangers of its own, says former FBI Special Agent Coleen Rowley
DATE: 2017-11-01 | LENGTH: 18:39

Homegrown Terror: JFK Docs Show US Considered Attacks at Home to Blame on Cuba
The new round of documents on the Kennedy assassination shed light on the long-running U.S. government effort to overthrow Fidel Castro -- including discussions to stage attacks on U.S. soil and blame Cuba
DATE: 2017-10-31 | LENGTH: 13:22

Government Continues to Seek Data from Reporter's Cell Phone in Inauguration Protest
Reporter Aaron Cantu is among nearly 200 people whose phone data has been seized
DATE: 2017-10-31

5 Years Later, Have We Learned from Superstorm Sandy?
For many, Superstorm Sandy was a wake-up call on the dangers of human-driven climate change and the disparate impact of its effects. On Sandy's fifth anniversary, we discuss whether the lessons have been learned
DATE: 2017-10-28 | LENGTH: 13:36

Maryland Governor Signs Executive Order Opposing BDS Movement
The growing number of anti-BDS laws across the U.S. should be seen "in the larger context of this very well-resourced effort to shut down the entire grassroots movement for Palestinian rights," says Palestine Legal Director Dima Khalidi
DATE: 2017-10-25 | LENGTH: 14:20

For Russiagaters, Do Black Lives Matter?
The media has been flooded with reports that alleged Russian trolls tried to influence Black Lives Matter. Historian Gerald Horne and attorney Anoa Changa discuss the use of the black struggle for the Russiagate narrative and its historical context
DATE: 2017-10-25 | LENGTH: 18:04

No Evidence that Trump's Tax Plan Would Boost Economy or Create Jobs
There is no evidence to support Republican arguments that cutting corporate and small-business taxes will boost the economy or create jobs, says Gerald Epstein of UMass Amherst. 'In the end, the only ones that, of course, are going to gain, are the corporations'
DATE: 2017-10-24 | LENGTH: 15:13

The 'Resistance' Forgets George W. Bush is a War Criminal
Don't allow the media to sanitize the legacy of Bush II
DATE: 2017-10-22 | LENGTH: 02:51

Where's the 'Resistance' for J20 Protesters?
The first of some 200 protesters, legal observers, and journalists at the J20 anti-Trump Inauguration Day protest are set to go on trial. Although they face decades behind bars and unprecedented legal maneuvering, their case has mostly been ignored
DATE: 2017-10-21 | LENGTH: 14:00

Richard Spencer's White Supremacy Rally Flops Under Pressure From Protesters
Outnumbered and overshadowed, Richard Spencer and his white supremacist supporters are shouted down and booed out of Gainesville, Florida
DATE: 2017-10-21

Trump's Would-Be Drug Czar Helped the Drug Profiteers
Rep. Tom Marino has withdrawn his nomination as President Trump's new drug czar after revelations he pushed through a measure that worsened the U.S. opioid epidemic. White-collar criminologist Bill Black says Marino and other lawmakers have been bought off by pharmaceutical companies he says have acted as "illicit, criminal, drug dealers"
DATE: 2017-10-20 | LENGTH: 12:39

Debate Recap: Sanders Vs. Cruz on Trump's Tax Plan
Senators Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders squared off over a Koch brothers-backed effort to cut taxes for the wealthiest Americans
DATE: 2017-10-20

DNC Chair Tom Perez Removes Top Trans Person from Democratic Party Leadership
After supporting Keith Ellison in the DNC Chair race, DNC Executive Committee member Barbra Siperstein was removed from her position at the DNC by Tom Perez
DATE: 2017-10-19

Dakota Access Pipeline Fight Continues After Court Ruling
Danny Sheehan and Chase Iron Eyes, with the Lakota People's Law Project, discuss the ongoing legal battles in the fight to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline
DATE: 2017-10-19

Is it time for Black America to Radicalize? (part 2/2)
After a heated exchange in the Netflix documentary 'Accidental Courtesy,' Daryl Davis, Kwame Rose and JC Faulk continue their discussion about race in America with TRNN's Eze Jackson
DATE: 2017-10-19 | LENGTH: 18:36

Democracy in Crisis: Bridge Over Troubled Water
How the far right acts as a "bridge phenomenon" for white supremacists
DATE: 2017-10-18

On Iran, Trump Follows the Neocons
In sabotaging the Iran nuclear deal, President Trump is listening to -- and following the playbook of -- the neocons behind the Iraq war, says Col. Lawrence Wilkerson
DATE: 2017-10-17 | LENGTH: 21:07

Clean Energy is a 'Powerful Engine of Job Opportunity'
Contrary to what EPA chief Scott Pruitt says, investing in clean energy 'is an enormous source of job creation relative to maintaining our fossil fuel economy,' says economist Bob Pollin
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