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    Are the CO2 Emissions Reduction Targets Enough to Stop Climate Catastrophe?
    Michael E. Mann and Subhankar Banerjee discuss the emissions reduction commitments made by countries leading up to the UN Paris meeting on climate change

      March 31, 2015

    What is Causing the Rapid Decline of the US Coal Industry?
    Luke Sussams, Senior Researcher, Carbon Tracker Initiative discusses the forces that are driving the shift from coal to shale gas

      March 25, 2015

    Report: Environmental Inequality Disproportionality Affects Black and Latino Communities
    UMass-Amherst Researcher Klara Zwickl discusses measuring environmental inequality through industrial air pollution in the U.S. and recommends solutions to bridge economic disparities

      March 19, 2015

    Energy Superpower Ambitions of US and Canada
    Carol Linnitt of DeSmog Canada and Steve Horn of DeSmogBlog discusses oil spills, pipelines and train bombs associated with transporting oil between Canada and the Untied States

      March 4, 2015

    Environmental Action at Toronto Stock Exchange
    As part of fossil fuel Global Divestment Day, activists demanded institutions to stop investing in dirty Tar Sands oil

      February 15, 2015

    Breaking up with Fossil Fuels on Valentines
    Jenny Marienau of says the launch of a Global Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaign is to end the strangle hold that the fossil fuel industry has over global politics and economy

      February 14, 2015

    President's Plan to Protect Arctic Ocean Won't Halt Oil Drilling (2/2)
    Leah Donahey and Subhankar Banerjee on the US Chairmanship of the Arctic Council and how they might advise President Obama

      February 9, 2015

    President's Plan to Protect Arctic Ocean Won't Halt Oil Drilling
    Leah Donahey and Subhankar Banerjee say Obama has taken an important step by announcing new protections for the Arctic Ocean, but it does not block Shell from drilling there

      February 5, 2015

    The Story Behind Keystone XL Pipeline Amendments
    Food & Water Watch's Sam Schabacker and journalist Steve Horn discuss the interests behind the amendments and how another Enbridge pipeline is being planned under the radar

      January 30, 2015

    A Dirty Link Between the Senate and the Keystone Vote
    Daphne Wysham says that the Senators who voted in favor of the Keystone XL Pipeline accepted seven times more campaign funding from fossil fuel energy groups

      January 30, 2015

    Will Fracking in Maryland Bring Harm or Prosperity?
    TRNN's Jaisal Noor hosts a debate between industry spokesperson Katie Brown and Food and Water Watch's Emily Wurth

      February 1, 2015

    As Obama Expands Offshore Drilling, a Look at the Health of the Oceans Today
    Marine ecologist Douglas McCauley argues that President Obama's move to expand offshore drilling is a part of a worrisome trend threatening the health of the oceans and raising the specter of mass extinction

      January 29, 2015

    How Obama Can Reduce Carbon Emissions Without Congress
    Prof. Robert Pollin of Political Economy Research Institute (PERI) and Prof. Chris Williams of Pace University say that Obama can avoid a fight with the Republicans and still save taxpayers money and legally advance energy efficiency

      January 23, 2015

    Climate Change Crisis Buried in the State of the Union
    Prof. Robert Pollin of Political Economy Research Institute (PERI) and Prof. Chris Williams of Pace University says there is a lot that President Obama could do to reduce carbon emissions in spite of the Republican-controlled congress

      January 22, 2015

    Propane Gas Pipeline Threatening Portland's 'Climate Champion' Status
    Daphne Wysham, Climate Policy Fellow at the Center for Sustainable Economy, says that a new propane facility in Portland, Oregon is threatening to undermine a plan by the city to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 50% of 1990 levels

      January 15, 2015

    Elk River Chemical Spill One Year Later
    Cathy Kunkel, fellow with the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, says regulations have been tightened, but will they be followed?

      January 9, 2015

    Larry Summers is Proposing a Carbon Emission Tax
    Robin Hahnel author of Green Economics: Confronting the Ecological Crisis, says it deserves support

      January 12, 2015

    Climate Change Denier to Take Over Senate Committee
    TRNN reporter Thomas Hedges continues the series of how a GOP-led Senate will change policy, this time in the arena of the Environment and Public Works Committee which Republican Senator James Inhofe will take over as chair.

      January 6, 2015

    Media Coverage on Climate Change Still Lagging (2/2)
    The Pentagons' spending bill approved at the end of last year in the calls for expediting permits for fracking in public lands explains Steve Horn from DeSmogBlog

      January 2, 15

    Worldwide Coal Production Continues to Grow
    There is no war on coal--neither the International Energy Agency (IEA) nor the Obama administration plan to reduce coal production, despite commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, says analyst Jeff Biggers

      December 26, 2014

    Media Coverage on Climate Change Still Lagging
    Steve Horn from DeSmog-Blog joins us to talk about most important but least covered environmental stories

      January 1, 15

    The Top 3 Climate Change Stories of 2014
    Environmental journalist Dahr Jamail recaps the three biggest climate events of 2014 that should be red flags for the world

      January 1, 15

    Who Should Pay for the Costs of Climate Change?
    West Coast Environmental Law Attorney Andrew Gage and EcoEquity Director Tom Athanasiou discuss how corporations and governments can be held accountable

      December 22, 2014

    The Lima Accord: A Great Success or More Climate Catastrophe?'s Co-founder Jamie Henn says nations are not yet committing enough money to thwart climate change, and that next year's Paris conference will be a referendum on the planet's future

      December 16, 2014

    Quakers Organize National Protest Against PNC
    Activists are drawing attention to PNC's business relations with corporations that fund mountaintop removal coal mining

      December 11, 14

    COP20 Protesters Draw Attention to Corporate Presence at Negotiations
    The final agreement is unlikely to set a plan to phase out fossil fuels, says Chris Williams, professor of physics and chemistry at Pace University

      December 19, 14

    A Real Climate Treaty From COP20 Would Phase Out Fossil Fuels
    EcoEquity director Tom Athanasiou says a real split has emerged in the elite on whether to maintain an economy driven by fossil fuels or transition towards low or zero carbon through large-scale infrastructural development

      November 30, 14

    Animal Agriculture: A Neglected Agent of Global Warming?
    The co-producers of the documentary film "Cowspiracy" discuss the environmental impacts of animal agriculture - and why mainstream organizations have been silent about it

      November 20, 14

    50 Arrested in Protests Against Federal Agency "Rubber Stamping" Fracking
    As a part of a week of actions, protestors push for a ban on fracking projects approved by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission after four fracking ban ballots pass nationwide

      November 6, 14

    Modernizing and Energy Efficiency Could Drastically Reduce CO2 Emissions
    It is absolutely possible to reduce CO2 emissions by making energy plants more effiient in places like China, US and Europe says Professor Giovanni Baiocchi of University of Maryland

      November 6, 14

    How Will the Midterms Affect Climate Change & Fracking Policy?
    Daphne Wysham from the Center for Sustainable Economy says a Republican- controlled Senate will be a climate disaster, while Steve Horn from DeSmogBlog says the fracking industry is outspending activists in order to thwart anti-fracking ballot initiatives

      November 5, 14

    IPCC Synthesis Report Stops Short of Naming the Worst Emitters of CO2
    The science is rigorous but the report is a compromise between its findings and the worst emitters, says Professor Giovanni Baiocchi of University of Maryland

      November 4, 14

    Political Will Required to Address the Climate Crisis
    We already have the technology and the solutions; we just need the political will, says economist Rachel Cleetus with the Union of Concerned Scientists.

      November 4, 14

    What to Expect in the IPCC Synthesis Report
    Professor Chris Williams of Pace University says we would need to shut down the fossil fuel industry over the next 20 years to achieve carbon reduction targets

      October 31, 14

    Port Authur Texas Residents Sues EPA for Neglect
    Regulations and technology that prevent toxins in the air are long overdue says Hilton Kelley of Community In-power and Development Association

      October 26, 14

    Study Finds Sea Levels Rising at an Unprecedented Rate
    Kurt Lambeck, professor of geophysics and former president of the Australian Academy of Science, says sea levels have risen at an unprecedented rate in the last 150 years, as compared to the 6,000 years preceding it.

      October 21, 14

    Emissions Reduction Impossible without Demilitarizing Foreign Policy
    The Pentagon's new climate change policy does not address the military's contribution to climate change, says researcher Tamara Lorincz

      October 16, 14

    Pollution Inequality and Income Inequality
    Low-income communities and communities of color are disproportionately impacted by pollution across the United States, according to a new study by economist James K. Boyce

      October 16, 14

    Global Warming Reducing Fisheries and Destroying Livelihoods
    Prof. Rashid Sumaila, Fisheries Centre, Univ. of B.C. says ocean temperatures occurring at a much faster rate than scientists had previously predicted

      October 12, 14

    New Evidence Links Global Heat Waves to Climate Change
    Meteorologist Jeff Masters explains the latest evidence linking man-made climate change to record heat waves and extreme weather across the world

      October 5, 14

    Natural Gas is No Solution for Reducing CO2
    Relying on Natural Gas as a "Bridge Fuel" is a mistake because it delays the development of renewable energy and does not reduce emissions significantly enough, says Christine Shearer, post-doctoral scholar of Earth System Science at UC Irvine

      October 6, 14

    Mobilizing Youth Through Hip Hop To Fight Climate Change
    The Hip Hop Caucus, led by Reverend Lennox Yearwood, releases their "Coming Home" album in effort to promote climate change awareness in the upcoming generation

      October 3, 14

    TRNN Debate: Can Carbon Pricing Bring Down Global Carbon Emissions? (2/2)
    CDP executive director Nigel Topping and Dr. Steffen Boehm of the University of Essex continue their debate about the effectiveness of carbon pricing in bringing down global greenhouse gas emissions

      October 3, 14

    Taking the Wind Out of the Sails For a Legally Binding Climate Agreement
    Janet Redman, Director of the Institute for Policy Studies' Climate Change Program, says the UN Climate Summit was a preview of how the private sector will drive the agenda during the next round of official negotiations on climate change

      October 3, 14

    TRNN Debate: Can Carbon Pricing Bring Down Global Carbon Emissions? (1/2)
    After the World Bank and more than a thousand global companies sign on to carbon pricing, Dr. Steffen Boehm of University of Essex and CDP Executive Director Nigel Topping debate its effectiveness in reducing greenhouse gas emissions

      October 3, 14

    Thousands #FloodWallStreet to Target Institutions Profiting from Climate Change
    TRNN's Jaisal Noor reports from #FloodWallStreet and speaks to activists committing civil disobedience and author Chris Hedges on why financial institutions must be stopped from fueling climate change

      October 3, 14

    Leading Activists Demand Action at People's Climate March
    TRNN brings you the voices of actor Mark Ruffalo, Jane Goodall, Mary Robinson and many others

      September 22, 2014

    Voices from the Historic 300,000+ Strong 'People's Climate March'
    TRNN speaks to some of the participants who marched Sunday and asks what are their demands of the climate justice movement and world leaders

      October 3, 14

    The Climate Crisis: Which Way Out?
    A recap of a panel that took place the night before The People's Climate March with authors Chris Hedges and Naomi Klein, founder Bill McKibben, Senator Bernie Sanders and Seattle Council member Kshama Sawant

      October 3, 14

    It's Time to Act on the Climate Crisis
    A panel on the urgency of climate change moderated by WNYC's Brian Lehrer and featuring authors Chris Hedges and Naomi Klein, founder Bill McKibben and Seattle Council member Kshama Sawant, with an opening speech by Senator Bernie Sanders.

      September 21, 2014

    Do We Need a War on U.S. Military Carbon Emissions?
    Authors Sara Flounders and Barry Sanders say President Obama remains silent at the UN about one of the greatest contributors to global pollution and greenhouse gas emissions

      October 3, 14

    World Leaders to Emit Promises of Hot Air at UN Climate Summit
    Professor Chris Williams says a solution to the climate crisis requires a restructuring of the global economy, but when the last opportunity to do so came after the 2008-9 financial crisis, world leaders saved the banks instead

      October 3, 14

    Historic Climate Change Protests Only Days Away
    Activists Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese discuss the major climate change events taking place this weekend in New york City

      October 3, 14

    Re-energizing the Electrical Grid
    Peter Sinclair and Cathy Kunkel discuss emerging possibilities for fighting climate change: a combination of locally-owned affordable solar and utility scale wind energy to replace the electrical grid

      October 3, 14

    Breakthroughs Unlikely at Upcoming UN Climate Summit
    As the climate justice movement prepares for an historic convergence in NYC, political economist Patrick Bond warns that the "big tent approach" of the People's Climate March might backfire

      October 3, 14

    Better Oversight and Less Drilling Needed to Protect the Gulf
    Gulf Restoration Network's Steve Murchie says communities see the recent ruling against BP as a victory, but significant change will require more than fining corporations involved in the Deepwater Horizon spill

      October 3, 14

    TeleSUR's "The Global African: Climate Change in the Caribbean"
    The Caribbean and its 40 million inhabitants face unprecedented vulnerability due to the phenomena that is climate change. This week on "The Global African," host Bill Fletcher, Jr. sits down with climate and development scientist Ramon Bueno and Caribbean climate change activists Stina Herberg and Empress Modupe Olufunmi-Jacobs to talk mitigation and the activism behind the threat.

      October 3, 14

    Global Expansion of Fossil Fuel Transport, Drilling Underway as UN Climate Summit Approaches
    Subhankar Banerjee: Don't expect much from global leaders gathering in NYC for the 2014 Climate Summit - most of their countries work with the fossil fuel industry

      October 3, 14

    What's in the Ground Must Stay in the Ground
    Professor Chris Williams argues a massive re-structuring of economic activity is required to address the climate change crisis

      October 3, 14

    Global Warming and Economic Crisis Lead to One Solution: Climate Jobs
    May Boeve from and Bruce Hamilton of the Amalgamated Transit Union discuss how the environmental and labor movements have united to organize the People's Climate Summit in NYC

      October 3, 14

    Forthcoming IPCC Report Calls for Control of Fossil Fuel Consumption
    Distinguished climatologist Michael E. Mann discusses the dangers of ignoring the conclusions in the leaked draft of the synthesis report

      October 3, 14

    Greenland Glaciers' Rapid Melting Will Have Global Effects
    Climate video blogger Peter Sinclair discusses his recent trip from Greenland and the scientific data showing how melt loss from ice sheets has doubled in the last five years

      October 3, 14

    Fracking Success Shut Down US Climate Change Policy - Christopher Williams on Reality Asserts Itself (3/5)
    Mr. Williams tells Paul Jay that the fabulous profits made from fracking oil and gas took climate change off Obama agenda, and while coal emissions may be down in the US, coal exports have grown exponentially

      August 12, 2014

    How the Jet Stream Affects Weather Patterns
    Meteorologist Jeff Masters discusses his recent research about how fast flowing, narrow air currents found in our atmosphere are changing and its potential effects on humans

      October 3, 14

    New Climate Bill Would 'Shrink Government,' Award Taxpayers
    PERI's James Boyce discusses how Rep. Chris Van Hollen's climate bill would limit carbon pollution by auctioning off permits to fossil fuel vendors and result in a net gain to taxpayers

      October 3, 14

    Linking Extreme Weather Events to Climate Change
    Meteorologist Jeff Masters explains why climate scientists once were hesitant to link climate change with the trend of extreme weather events

      October 3, 14

    Wall Street to Planet Earth - Christopher Williams on Reality Asserts Itself (2/5)
    Mr. Williams tells Paul Jay that to face up to the science of climate change, coal and oil conglomerates worth trillions of dollars have to keep their fossil fuels in the ground - something capitalism can't allow

      August 7, 2014

    Climate Change and Waiting for Bruce Willis - Christopher Williams on Reality Asserts Itself (1/5)
    Mr. Williams says capitalism is not capable of facing up to the climate change crisis - and because there won't be a hero that appears to save the day, it's up to us to make the change

      August 6, 2014

    Domestic Coal Consumption Down But Exports Still Rising
    Greenpeace's Joe Smyth and journalist Steve Horn discuss whether EPA's plan to cut 30 percent of emissions by 2030 will have a significant impact on climate change when coal is being shipped overseas

      August 4, 2014

    The Politics of Going Green
    PERI Co-Director Robert Pollin and Prof. Chris Williams discuss the feasibility of shifting to a green economy

      October 3, 14

    Is This the Dawn of a Renewable Energy Revolution?
    Peter Sinclair says that utilities in time will become managers rather than owners of energy, and that the emerging systems are inherently anti-monopolistic

      October 3, 14

    World's Oceans Face "Irreparable Damage"
    Rashid Sumaila: Global Ocean Commission gives world leaders a five- year window for intervention before overfishing and climate change negatively impact the world's food supply, clean air, and climate stability

      October 3, 14

    SCOTUS Ruling Limits EPA Regulatory Power
    Public Justice executive director Paul Bland and EcoWatch founder Stefanie Spear explain why SCOTUS ruling is being claimed as a victory by environmentalists and the coal industry alike

      October 3, 14

    Chris Hedges Interviews Noam Chomsky (3/3)
    Noam Chomsky says Occupy challenges the atomization of society, and also discusses how the media obstructs meaningful action to address climate change

      October 3, 14

    New EPA Rules Are a Boon for Fossil Fuel Industry
    Based in West Virginia, Bob Kincaid and Cathy Kunkel explain how new proposed emissions standards do nothing to address the toxic dust, poisonous water which affect Appalachian communities

      October 3, 14

    The Truth and Consequences of Climate Change Denial
    Peter Sinclair discusses how the big tobacco lobby methods are being employed by climate change deniers and the rising sea levels caused by melting glaciers.

      October 3, 14

    Human Activity Driving Earth Towards Global Extinction Event
    Dr. Terry Root & Dr. Stuart L. Pimm discuss recent research showing human beings are responsible for high extinction rates of species across the globe, and explain how we can prevent a sixth major extinction event

      January 19, 15

    Debating the New EPA Rules for Carbon Emissions from Coal - TRNN Webathon Panel
    Jeff Biggers, Daphnye Wysham, and Subhankar Banerjee discuss the details and limits of the new EPA rules for carbon emissions by coal-fired power plants

      October 3, 14

    ALEC and Private Utility Companies Conspired to Freeze Renewable Energy Standards in Ohio
    Ohio State Senator Mike Foley and EcoWatch Founder Stefanie Spear say 30 states could be next

      October 3, 14

    Melting Polar Ice Caps a "Ticking Timebomb" for Earth's Climate System
    Journalist Dahr Jamail & Professor Peter Wadhams say the resulting release of methane will lead to massive climate disruption, and that we have reached a point of no return

      October 3, 14

    Group Petitions For Divestment From Fossil Fuels By University of Toronto
    Dimitri Lascaris discusses whether divestment or engagement is the better strategy for effecting meaningful change in the relationship between higher education and the fossil fuels industry

      October 3, 14

    TRNN Debate: Is Obama Doing Enough to Fight Climate Change?
    Environmental scholar Subhankar Banerjee and Center for American Progress fellow Daniel Weiss debate the Obama administration's record on fighting climate change after government report finds climate change effects happening now

      October 3, 14

    "Facts Don't Matter" Community Faces Health Risks from New Incinerator (3/4)
    Robert Bullard, the father of environmental justice and Curtis Bay youth activist Destiny Watford talk about the high stakes fight against the country's largest incinerator under construction in Baltimore

      January 19, 15

    Keystone XL Pipeline Likely Not Headed for Senate Vote
    First Nation activist Clayton Thomas-Muller & journalist Steve Horn discuss reports that the push to force a Senate vote on the controversial Keystone XL pipeline has been thwarted

      October 3, 14

    What to Do Next About Global Warming? - Alan Robock on Reality Asserts Itself (5/5)
    Mr. Robock says coal burning must end now and fracking is not a good transitional form of energy production

      October 3, 14

    Jill Stein: We Must Deal With The Climate Crisis Through Job Creation
    Former Green Cabinet presidential nominee Dr. Jill Stein discusses her movement's efforts to address environmental problems through a "Green New Deal" that would transition the U.S. away from a fossil-fuel and profit-driven economy

      January 19, 15

    Nuclear Winter - Alan Robock on Reality Asserts Itself (4/5)
    Mr. Robock says a full-scale nuclear war between the United States and Russia would produce so much smoke that temperatures would get below freezing even in the summertime, crops would die and there would be no food for the entire planet.

      October 3, 14

    Answering Counter Climate Claims - Alan Robock on Reality Asserts Itself (3/5)
    Mr. Robock takes on many of the arguments against the thesis that CO2 produced by industrial society is the main contributor to global warming

      October 3, 14

    Koch Brothers Are The Largest Foreign Lease Holder of Canadian Oil Sands
    Funding think tanks, the Kochs are poised to influence debate on oil policy and shift the social fabric of Canada.

      October 3, 14

    Will SCOTUS Ruling Allowing EPA To Regulate Carbon Emissions Protect Public Health?
    Citizens Climate Lobby's Mark Reynolds says Supreme Court's decision is a victory for environmentalists, but Americans should be focused on implementing a carbon tax

      October 3, 14

    No CO2 Eureka Moment, Just Years of Statistical Analysis -- Alan Robock on Reality Asserts Itself (2/5)
    On Reality Asserts Itself, Mr. Robock says his initial work led him to investigate the role of volcanoes in global warming, but years of reports convinced him that CO2 is the most likely cause

      October 3, 14

    Global Warming Theory Based on Evidence, Not Belief - Alan Robock on Reality Asserts Itself (1/5)
    On Reality Asserts Itself, Mr. Robock tells Paul Jay he's a skeptic who tries to be critical and then makes conclusions based on the evidence

      October 3, 14

    TRNN Debate: Can Fracking Help The U.S. Move Away From Fossil Fuel Consumption?
    Editor Joe Romm and Professor Ken Carlson discuss whether fracking can be a clean and safe source of energy and if it can help transition the country towards renewable energy resources

      October 3, 14

    Assessing the U.S. Environmental Movement
    Jenny Marienau of and Ted Glick of the Chesapeake Climate Action Network discuss the origins of Earth Day, student divestment campaigns, Keystone XL, and the need for collective solutions

      October 3, 14

    Who Will Pay for Climate Change Disaster?
    A discussion with Patrick Bond on the lack of political will to deal with climate change and the forces mobilizing for action

      October 3, 14

    Exclusive Investigation Uncovers How BP Uses Bribes To Do Business
    Four years after 200-million gallon BP oil spill, TRNN speaks with investigative journalist Greg Palast about BP's collusion with government officials to dodge safety regulations

      October 3, 14

    One Percent of Environmentalists Killings Lead to Convictions
    Global Witness report co-author Oliver Courtney discusses the alarming number of murders in South America and how governments and corporations work in unison to subvert indigenous rights

      October 3, 14

    IPCC Report Flawed By Narrow Focus on Carbon Emissions
    Subhankar Banerjee and Joshua Howe say that the IPCC's report on mitigation does not address the issue of climate change in a broader political context, and relies mainly on technological solutions

      October 3, 14

    Demystifying the Role of Mitigation in the Most Recent IPCC Report
    Anthony Patt and Shreekant Gupta, authors of the IPCC's third working group report, say that the report should not be seen as endorsing carbon capture and storage or geo-engineering as the sole or most effective solutions, and that the summary report failed to bring attention to largest per capita emitters of carbon dioxide like the US

      October 3, 14

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