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    Has Palestinian Maneuvering Revived Peace Talks?
    Lia Tarachansky and Shir Hever interview journalist Daoud Kuttab on how Mahmoud Abbas' maneuvering may have led to talks extending

      April 13, 14

    The Multiple Kingdoms of Saudi Arabia (5/5)
    Madawi Al-Rasheed: Powerful princes control various sections of the state and armed forces and often have their own contradictory agendas

      April 8, 14

    Do the Afghan Presidential Elections Signify Progress?
    Nobel Peace Prize nominee Kathy Kelly and IPS Fellow Phyllis Bennis discuss Afghanistan's presidential election in light of corporations profiting from war and unrepresented groups remaining on the margins

      April 8, 14

    Why do the Saudis Want the US to Attack Iran? (4/5)
    Madawi Al-Rasheed: Saudi Arabia has the ultimate objective of becoming the arbiter of all regional politics

      April 7, 14

    Will Extremist Lieberman Become Israel's Next Prime Minister?
    Israel/Palestine correspondent Lia Tarachansky and political economist Shir Hever discuss the rise and strategy change of Israeli Foreign Minister Avidgor Lieberman

      April 7, 14

    Saudi Arabia and the al-Qaeda Monster (3/5)
    Madawi Al-Rasheed: Saudi Arabia helped create a network of terrorism to achieve political aims, and while it does come back to bite them at times, they promote a similar ideology and continue to these alliances

      April 3, 14

    What are the Saudis Afraid Of? - Madawi Al-Rasheed (2/5)
    Ms. Madawi Al-Rasheed: Saudi society appears to be controlled, but beneath the surface, there is widespread discontent

      April 2, 14

    Boycott of Israel Moving to Next Level?
    Shir Hever: BDS movement including large scale divestment by big corporations and approaching the level of government sanctions

      April 2, 14

    Hypocrisy Dressed Up as "Realism" Justifies American Alliance with Saudi Dictatorship
    Madawi al-Rasheed: US wants to contain and manipulate Arab uprisings while the Saudis want to crush them

      April 1, 14

    Obama and the Saudi Agenda
    Toby Jones says the Saudis see the Arab awakening as an existential threat while the US sees it as something to be manipulated

      March 29, 14

    The Iraq War's Real Legacy
    Though President Obama attempts to justify Iraq's invasion, Iraqi civilians and Iraq war veterans share their stories on the lasting environmental, social, and health effects of the U.S. occupation still being felt today

      March 28, 14

    Due Process 'Impossible' In Harsh Death Sentencing Of Over 500 Muslim Brotherhood Members
    Journalist Mohamed Elmeshad says that hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood members were sentenced to death for a single death while many police officers still remain on trial for over a thousand killed during the Egyptian Revolution

      March 25, 14

    Netanyahu Attacks Boycott As Campaign Enters New Phase
    Warschawski: Benjamin Netanyahu's gov't attacks on Boycott Israel campaign help strengthen it as it grows from activists to big business.

      March 23, 14

    Libya's Descent Into Turmoil Three Years After NATO Intervention
    Vijay Prashad: Libyan politics characterized by instability and the lack of commitment to bolster civil society and protect minority rights

      March 20, 2014

    Libya Three Years Later - Chaos and Partition
    Patrick Cockburn: As the central state unravels, all the external powers that drove regime change look for ways to take advantage

      March 19, 2014

    Israel "Making Lives Miserable" for Africans, Hoping They 'Self-Deport' (2/2)
    David Sheen: Israel is utterly failing its duty to protect the human rights of African asylum seekers

      March 20, 2014

    Israel "Making Lives Miserable" for Africans, Hoping They 'Self-Deport' (1/2)
    David Sheen: Israel is driving African asylum seekers out of the country in record numbers

      March 19, 2014

    Why Was Gaddafi Overthrown?
    Horace Campbell: Gaddafi wanted to strengthen Pan-Africanism and had enough resources to challenge US hegemony in the region

      March 19, 2014

    How Fallujah Became the Iraqi Government's New Battleground
    Journalist Dahr Jamail discusses how the Iraqi city of Fallujah went from welcoming American intervention to fighting the U.S.-backed Iraqi government

      March 24, 14

    In Historic Protest Israel's Orthodox Break with Settler Right
    Following the passing of a law proposal that will extend forced conscription to Jewish orthodox, half a million ascend on Jerusalem

      March 10, 2014

    From a Zionist Youth to Outspoken Critic of a Jewish State - Michael Ratner on RAI (2/7)
    On Reality Asserts Itself, Mr. Ratner tells Paul Jay of his journey - from seeing Israel as an extension of his Jewish identity to realizing Israel was a settler, colonial state

      March 4, 2014

    Where are the Palestinian Journalists in Israeli Media?
    While Palestinian citizens make up 20% of Israel's population they are only covered 2% on prime time news. Part of the reason why lies in who reports the news.

      March 2, 2014

    TRNN Debate: Is Humanitarian Intervention in Syria Justified?
    David Swanson and Danny Postel debate whether the dire humanitarian situation in Syria justifies limited military intervention

      March 6, 2014

    Israeli Gov't Forms Strategy to Fight Boycott
    Israeli government allocates millions to launch a campaign of PR and intelligence-gathering on those supporting boycott

      February 19, 14

    Karzai Justified In Refusal of Bilateral Security Agreement
    Larry Wilkerson: Afghan President Hamid Karzai is justified in his refusal to accept the terms of the bilateral security agreement, which would keep ten bases under US control and grant troops immunity

      February 18, 14

    US and Iran Send Positive Signals - Saudis and Israelis Not Pleased
    Gareth Porter: Very contentious issues remain in Iran nuclear negotiations

      February 28, 2014

    Saudi Arabia and Iran Share A Common Goal in Syria (2/3)
    Hamid Dabashi: All foreign nations involved in Syria are attempting to quell the revolutionary uprisings for economic and strategic interests, but the Syrian people will ultimately decide their own future

      February 14, 2014

    Saudi Arabia and Israel Linked in Opposition to Democratic Revolutions Throughout the Middle East (3/3)
    Hamid Dabashi: The Iranian nuclear program is a distraction from the larger issues which face P5+1 nations and Iran, as well as the anti-democratic interests of Saudi Arabia and Israel in the region

      April 8, 14

    Correcting the Mainstream Distortion of Iran's 1979 Revolution
    On the 35th anniversary of the 1979 Iranian revolution, Scholar Hamid Dabashi explains why even though a diverse set of forces overthrew the brutal, CIA-backed Shah of Iran, in the end theocracy dominated, leaving Iran in the hands of plutocrats.

      April 8, 14

    Kerry, Quartet $4B Plan Will Fail Palestinians, Economists Warn
    The multi-billion dollar economic plan Kerry delegated The Quartet to develop for Palestinians will further entrench poverty, warns economist Alaa Tartir

      February 8, 14

    Further Militarization of the Syrian Conflict Will Worsen the Refugee Crisis
    Omar Dahi: Syria's refugee crisis can only be solved through a political solution that allows international relief to cross its borders

      February 9, 14

    Egyptians Might Turn Against The Resurgent Security State If Economic Problems Are Not Addressed
    Sharif Abdel Kouddous: U.S. strategic interests in Egypt have more to do with security of the Gulf than democracy, human rights, or rule of law

      February 5, 2014

    Independent Journalism Now Considered 'Terrorism' in Egypt
    Sharif Abdel Kouddous on the Egyptian Military Regime's Growing 'War On Journalists'

      February 4, 14

    Geneva 2 May Lead to Federalism in Syria
    Omar Dahi: Despite John Kerry's public statements, the U.S. is succeeding in its objectives in Syria, with the weakening of the Assad regime

      February 7, 14

    In Syria Both Sides Fear Annihilation If They Lay Down Arms
    Omar Dahi: While a recent Qatari report counts 11,000 tortured and executed by the Syrian government, causalities of pro-regime fighters also number in the tens of thousands

      January 24, 2014

    Visiting Israel's "Open Prisons" for African Refugees
    Following a spike in imprisonment of African refugees in Israel, refugees & supporters protest desert prison complex

      January 22, 14

    Will Geneva II Talks Keep Assad in Power in Order to Fight Al-Qaeda?
    Dahi: Although John Kerry says Bashar al-Assad must step down, most Syrians think Geneva II will be about creating a front to fight Al-Qaeda, extremist groups, and that the U.S.-Russian agreement had basically accepted that the regime would stay.

      January 23, 2014

    In the Home of the Richest Man in Palestine
    The Real News' Lia Tarachansky and journalist Max Blumenthal meet Munib al Masri, the richest man in Palestine

      January 19, 14

    Are the Saudi's Fueling a Sunni-Shia War? - Toby Jones on Reality Asserts Itself (2/2)
    Toby Jones, a Prof. at Rutgers University specializing in Middle East history, tells Paul Jay the Saudis are committed to victory in their rivalry with Iran and use money and sectarian ideology to achieve their geo-political interests

      January 15, 2014

    Al Qaeda and the Saudi Agenda - Toby Jones on Reality Asserts Itself (1/2)
    Toby Jones tells Paul Jay that the Saudis use of terrorism is driven by a fear of democracy and a desire to be the regional and oil hegemon

      January 15, 2014

    Egyptians Approve Pro-Army Constitution
    Mohamed Elmeshad: The adoption of a new Egyptian Constitution by a wide margin signals the public's willingness to return to military rule under General Sisi

      January 17, 14

    Gates Memoir Omits Key Facts on Obama's Afghan War Strategy
    Gareth Porter: Gates account conceals the dishonest tactics employed to get Obama's agreement to the Afghan War escalation

      January 19, 14

    AIPAC Still Trying to Torpedo Iran Nuke Deal
    As preliminary Iran Nuke deal is finalized and set to go into effect next Monday, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee(AIPAC) is pushing for Congress to pass new sanctions against Iran which would violate and likely nullify the historic agreement

      January 14, 14

    Israel's Bedouin Face Displacement Despite Apparent Gov't Concessions
    While seemingly abandoning plan to forcefully urbanize Bedouin of Negev Desert, Israeli gov't continues to push forward the multi-billion dollar Prawer plan

      January 13, 2014

    Hever: Sharon Symbolized the Darkest Aspects of Israeli Society and Zionism - Pt. 2
    Ariel Sharon came to power as a cunning politician, running as a 'security' candidate during the second intifada, and forming the Kadima party to appear 'centrist' when compared to Likud

      January 12, 14

    Sectarian War Arises in Iraq as Violence Kills 250+ in a Single Week
    Raed Jarrar: Growing violence in Iraq is the result of the US-backed central government cracking down on grassroots Sunni protestors in Ramadi

      January 9, 14

    Why Eritrean Asylum Seekers Come to Israel
    Siom Domoz is an asylum seeker from Eritrea and one of the central figures in this week's historic refugee freedom movement in Israel

      January 7, 14

    African Refugees in Israel On Historic Strike
    Tens of thousands of asylum seekers launched a three-day strike, demos outside embassies, and the largest refugee protest in the country's history

      January 7, 14

    Sharon's Legacy Includes Massacres of Palestinians and Lebanese - Pt. 1
    Former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon dies at 85

      January 12, 14

    Fighting Escalates In Iraq As Civilians Suffer From Worst Violence Since 2008
    Prashad: Maliki government allies with Sunni groups to battle against Syria- bound militants from Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS)

      January 5, 14

    Spate of Deadly Car Bombings Rock Lebanon
    Vijay Prashad: Tensions high in Lebanon as a series of lethal car bombings rock Beirut

      January 6, 14

    2013: A Deadly Year For Journalists
    Four Al-Jazeera journalists remain imprisoned in Egypt, whose US-backed regime is among the most repressive countries suppressing the free press

      January 14, 14

    Taksim Square Protesters Charged With Terrorism, Attempting Coup
    Hundreds were indicted in Turkey for participating in the mass movement that started with Gezi Park and evolved into anti-Erdogan protests last summer

      December 27, 2013

    Unprecedented Refugee March Sweeps Tel Aviv
    Thousands took to the streets after a week of hundreds of arrests of asylum seekers who marched from Israel's new open-air prison

      December 23, 2013

    Porter: Mainstream Media Fails To Get Facts Straight on Iran's Nuclear Fatwa
    Investigative journalist Gareth Porter highlights the Washington Post fact checker's error about Iran's nuclear fatwa

      December 20, 13

    Al Qaeda, Saudi Arabia and the Collapsing Free Syrian Army
    Omar Dahi tells Paul Jay that there is widespread belief among many Syrians that Geneva II is going to be a way to preserve the Syrian state and create a front for fighting al-Qaeda

      January 13, 14

    Self-Censorship Biggest Failure of Israeli Media
    Israel ranks 112 of 179 countries on Reporters Without Borders' list because of official censors but Israeli journalists say self-censorship main reason

      December 13, 13

    Michel Warschawski on Israel's Non-Existent Left
    "Just before colonial wars come to an end, their most barbaric extremes are exposed, from US in Viet Nam, France in Algeria, to Israel in Palestine

      December 12, 13

    Syria's Six Wars and Humanitarian Catastrophe - Phyllis Bennis on Reality Asserts Itself (3/4)
    On RAI with Paul Jay, Phyllis Bennis examines the coming Geneva conference on Syria and the unwillingness of the West to deal with the humanitarian crisis

      December 12, 13

    Fmr. Israeli Intel. Chief Says Palestinian-Israeli Conflict Greater Risk than Nuclear Iran - Phyllis Bennis on Reality Asserts Itself (2/4)
    On Reality Asserts Itself with Paul Jay, Phyllis Bennis examines the Israeli debate about Iran and Palestine, and the complex changes taking place in Middle East politics

      December 11, 2013

    Canada Stands Firm Against Iran Nuke Deal, Cozies Up to Israel & Saudi Arabia
    Canada defies international consensus on Iran as PM Harper seeks to increase weapons sales to Saudi Arabia

      December 5, 13

    JNF Honors Canadian PM Amidst Protests Against Bedouin Expulsion
    The Jewish National Fund has a long history of displacing Palestinians and Bedouins in Israel and erasing the remains of their destroyed villages.

      December 3, 13

    Thousands Protest Forced Urbanization of Israel's Bedouin
    Demonstrations in Israel/Palestine and around the world protest The Prawer-Begin Plan aimed at annexing Bedouin lands for Jewish newcomers in Israel's Negev Desert

      December 2, 13

    Why Would Saudi Arabia Support the 9/11 Conspirators, Why Would the US Gov. Cover it Up? - Sen. Graham on Reality Asserts Itself pt3
    On RAI with Paul Jay, Senator Bob Graham says the Saudis had a high certainty that the US government would not reveal their role and would take out its vengeance on some place else

      December 2, 13

    Investigating the Saudi Government's 9/11 Connection and the Path to Disilliusionment - Sen. Graham on Reality Asserts Itself pt 1
    On RAI with Paul Jay, Senator Bob Graham explains why he persists in making the case that facts directly connect the Saudi government with 9/11 conspirators

      December 2, 13

    Obama Rebukes Israeli-Saudi Attack on Iran Nuclear Deal
    Robert Parry: Obama's historic move to sign a nuclear deal with Iran sends a stern message to the new Saudi-Israeli alliance, which sought to thwart the deal and maneuver the U.S. into another military confrontation

      November 26, 13

    Closure of Lone Power Plant Cripples Already Besieged Gaza Strip
    Al-Helou: The international community has failed the nearly 2 million residents of the Gaza as Israel and Egypt tighten the siege

      December 3, 13

    Israelis and Palestinians Turn to One-State Solution
    As chief Palestinian negotiators quit the latest round of bilateral negotiations, but many on the ground say the two-state solution is long dead.

      November 24, 13

    France Asks Palestinians to Give Up Right of Return
    Shir Hever: French President Hollande suggests Palestinians give up right of return in exchange for Israel ceasing new settlement construction.

      November 21, 13

    All Eyes on France In Next Round of Iran Nuclear Talks
    Vijay Prashad: International pressure should continue to mount on France after they thwarted efforts to reach consensus in the last meeting.

      November 20, 13

    Military Victory in Syria Looks "Impossible"
    Syrian President Assad makes gains in Southern Syria, but radical Islamists and Kurds hold on to North as humanitarian crisis continues.

      November 22, 13

    Why Did France Thwart The Iran nuclear deal?
    Robert Parry: France was pursuing its own economic, regional interests in thwarting the nuke deal with Iran.

      November 15, 13

    Israel's Struggle From "The Projects"
    In Jerusalem With the Black Panthers' Reuven Abergil

      November 25, 13

    Trita Parsi: Hawkish Groups Mobilize to Sink Iran Nuclear Deal
    Obama admin attempting to mobilize anti-war forces to support its attempts to reach a deal with Iran, the same forces that blocked its push for war with Syria

      November 14, 13

    Is Iran Being Transparent About Its Nuclear Program?
    Robert Kelley: Iran could be more transparent but it has already been quite upfront. IAEA should be more transparent about the sources of its information especially when they present it as fact.

      November 12, 13

    IAEA & Iran Enter New Inspections Deal, But What Does the IAEA Already Know?
    Former IAEA inspector Robert Kelley examines what the IAEA already knows about Iran's nuclear program and debunks myths and misconceptions.

      November 12, 13

    Israel Proposes Illegal Separation Wall as the Border of Future Palestinian State
    Shir Hever: Israel's proposal to annex more than 10% of the West Bank illustrates its rejection of International Law

      November 7, 13

    Racism, Occupier and the Occupied - Max Blumenthal on Reality Asserts Itself pt5
    In the final episode of this Reality Asserts Itself with Paul Jay, Max Blumenthal responds to critics who say he has not dealt with the effect of terrorist attacks and anti-Jewish propaganda in the Arab world in strengthening racist and apartheid opinion in Israel

      November 18, 13

    Architect of Apartheid in Israel: "If we don't kill, we will cease to exist" - Max Blumenthal on Reality Asserts Itself pt4
    In this episode of Reality Asserts Itself with Paul Jay, Max Blumenthal looks at Arnon Sofer, one of Israel's most important strategic thinkers, who developed plans to defend Jewish demographics

      November 18, 13

    Netanyahu's Greater Israel Based on Expulsion and Annexation - Max Blumenthal on Reality Asserts Itself pt3
    In this episode of Reality Asserts Itself with Paul Jay, Max Blumenthal, author of Goliath - Life and Loathing in Greater Israel, looks at PM Netanyahu's strategy of ethnic cleansing and negotiations without end

      November 18, 13

    Ethnic Cleansing and the Israeli "Center " - Max Blumenthal on Reality Asserts Itself pt2
    In this episode of Reality Asserts Itself with Paul Jay, Max Blumenthal author of Goliath - Life and Loathing in Greater Israel, looks at Tzipi Livni who's support for expelling Israeli Palestinians even surprised Condoleezza Rice

      November 18, 13

    Goliath, Life and Loathing in Greater Israel - Max Blumenthal on Reality Asserts Itself pt1
    On Reality Asserts Itself with Paul Jay, author Max Blumenthal discusses his new book and traces the rise of Avigdor Lieberman and current policies of ethnic cleansing in Israel

      October 27, 2013

    Al-Qaeda's Influence Grows Stronger in Syria
    Vijay Prashad: It is no longer the Free Syrian Army but the radical Islamic State of Iraq and al-Shams that is a serious threat to the Assad government

      November 1, 13

    Ratner: US Drone Strikes Are War Crimes, Despite Human Groups Reluctancy to Blast Obama
    Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch label drone strikes as indiscriminate but don't go as far as to label them as war crimes

      October 25, 13

    Israel's New Racism: The Persecution of African Migrants in the Holy Land
    About 60,000 African migrants have arrived in Israel since 2006, fleeing unrest in their home countries. But upon arrival in the ostensibly democratic country, the migrants have faced intense persecution and have been branded as "infiltrators" by right-wing politicians and activists.

      October 21, 13

    Mission Accomplished? Iraq Violence Climbs to Highest Level in Years
    A close look at who's behind the increase in sectarian violence in Iraq

      October 21, 13

    Why does Iran's Supreme Leader Trust Iranian Pres. Rouhani? Pt.2
    Gareth Porter: Rouhani earned the trust of Supreme Leader Khomeni by working along side him on a daily basis

      October 12, 13

    US Cuts to Egyptian Military Won't Weaken Coup Regime
    Mohamed Elmeshad: Dozens killed in clashes across Egypt over the past week, highlighting the violent nature of the country's US-backed coup regime

      October 10, 13

    Iranian President Rouhani's Record Should Calm Skeptics, As Britain Moves to Re-Open Embassy Pt.1
    Gareth Porter: Rouhani has demonstrated that he is willing to thaw relations with the West and his past nuclear energy policies support his ambitions

      October 12, 13

    Hamas Concerned Over Losing Grip On Gaza
    Hamas carries out military parades in response to external and internal threats

      September 29, 13

    Revealed: Qatar's World Cup 'slaves'
    The Guardian: Abuse and exploitation of migrant workers preparing emirate for 2022

      September 29, 13

    Restrictions at sea deprive Gaza fishermen of fishing freely
    Already facing Israeli naval blockade, Gaza fisherman now under attack from Egyptian forces

      September 26, 13

    Egyptian Military Rejects Billions from Qatar, Accepts Billions from Saudi Arabia Pt.2
    The Egyptian military has cracked down on the Muslim Brotherhood and their Gulf ally, Qatar, now revealing their clear partnership with Saudi Arabia

      September 25, 13

    The Survival of the Palestinian People is Itself a Form of Resistance - Rania Masri on Reality Asserts Itself pt3
    In this last segment of Reality Asserts Itself with Rania Masri, Paul Jay asks why she considers Israel the "enemy" state; the one state solution; and the possibility of a new political leadership amongst the Palestinians

      November 18, 13

    Are Thawed Relations with Iran Obama's Saving Grace?
    After failing to garner support on a military strike on Syria, President Obama hinted at reconciliation with Iran at the UN General Assembly

      September 25, 13

    Opposing Intervention in Syria Without Apologizing for a Dictatorship - Rania Masri on Reality Asserts Itself pt2
    In part two of Reality Asserts Itself, Paul Jay and Rania Masri discuss the charge that opposing foreign intervention is support for Assad; the idea that Assad is "anti-imperialist"; and the role of violence in fighting dictatorship

      November 18, 13

    Military Sells Muslim Brotherhood as Terrorist Organization to Public Pt.1
    After Egyptian court bans Muslim Brotherhood and freezes their assets, Egyptian military successfully changes the narrative to paint the Brotherhood as terrorists

      September 25, 13

    Pt. 2 US & Iran Move Closer to Negotiations But Neo-Con Objectives Attempt to Pull Them Apart
    Larry Wilkerson: Senators Graham and McCain represent a strong opposition backed by Israeli lobby looking to knock down Iran as a regional power

      September 20, 13

    Pt. 1 US & Iran Move Closer to Negotiations But Neo-Con Objectives Attempt to Pull Them Apart
    Larry Wilkerson: Senators Graham and McCain represent a strong opposition backed by Israeli lobby looking to knock down Iran as a regional power

      September 20, 13

    Pt 2. Israel's Ambassador Admits Toppling Assad a Longtime Goal
    Robert Parry: Israeli Ambassador's omission points to Israel backing Syrian jihadist, making Saudi Arabia and Israel strange bedfellows in the Syrian conflict

      September 20, 13

    Pt 1. Israel's Ambassador Admits Toppling Assad a Longtime Goal
    Robert Parry: Israeli Ambassador's omission points to Israel backing Syrian jihadist, making Saudi Arabia and Israel strange bedfellows in the Syrian conflict

      October 6, 13

    Egypt's Military Regime Shuts Gaza's Main Border Crossing
    Egypt's coup regime limits access to the Rafah border crossing, stranding thousands of patients, students and business people

      September 20, 13

    Massive Disparity Between Military and Humanitarian Aid to Syria
    Rania Khalek: External players in Syria spend much more fueling conflict then aiding refugees

      September 26, 13

    US Strike on Syria Staved Off
    Vijay Prashad: China and Russia will be very cautious and will not permit a Chapter VII resolution - a military attack on Syria

      September 18, 13

    UN Syria Report Confirms Chemical Weapons Used, Culprit Still Not Known
    Rania Masri: Both sides of the conflict are capable of such a war crime, but UN report does not settle who is responsible; bigger question is whether UN can achieve a ceasefire and a negotiated end to war

      September 17, 13

    Gazans Say No To Foreign Intervention in Syria
    Palestinians are united in opposing any foreign-led intervention in Syria, including a possible US actions

      September 17, 13

    Exclusive: Interview with Congressman Grayson on Syria
    Rep. Alan Grayson talks to TRNN about how evidence against Assad is not certain and how American exceptionalism needs to be redefined

      September 12, 13

    Chemical Weapons Deal Only A Hiccup For Saudi Goals In Syria
    Toby Jones: Saudi Arabia is interested in ousting Assad but not a popular government taking his place

      September 12, 13

    What's Putin's Interest In Syria?
    Aleksandr Buzgalin: Putin's aims in Syria through a domestic lens

      September 13, 2013

    PT 2: Chris Hedges and Rania Masri On What the Future May Hold For Syria
    Part two of writer Chris Hedges and scholar Rania Masri response to President Obama's Syria address

      September 12, 13

    Rania Masri and Chris Hedges On Obama's Syria Address
    Pt 1: Scholar Rania Masri and writer Chris Hedges respond to President Obama's Major Syria Address

      September 11, 13

    12 Years Post 9/11, Islamophobia Still Runs High
    Deepa Kumar: Political elite have built Islamaphobia in US foreign policy to justify imperialistic ambitions

      September 12, 13

    White House Culled Points in Released Intelligence Report on Syria
    Garteh Porter pt 2: Questions are raised as to whether the White House omitted information in its intelligence report to support President Obama's agenda to strike Syria

      September 11, 13

    Obama's Syria Strike Driven By Oil Interests, Not Concern Over Gas Attacks
    Nafeez Ahmed: US and its regional partners have long term interest in region's oil and are using gas attacks as pretext for military action

      September 10, 13

    Some in US Intel. Community Reject Obama Admin Case for Syria Attack
    Pt 1: Gareth Porter: US Intelligence on Syria "cherry-picked" by proponents of proposed strike

      September 10, 13

    The Countries Pulling the Strings in the Syrian Civil War
    After a recent visit to Syria, Patrick Cockburn discusses the involvement of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey the US and Russia in the Syrian civil war

      September 9, 13

    Bolivians Protest US Attack On Syria
    Regional bloc UNASUR opposes possible U.S. military strike Strike On Syria

      September 9, 13

    Congress Debates Obama Syria Attack
    Politicians and activists argue the legality and aims of Obama's Syria plan

      September 6, 13

    US Lacks Justification for Strike on Syria
    Michael Ratner: Obama admin's case for attacking Syria deeply flawed

      September 8, 13

    US Attack On Syria Violates International Law
    Michael Ratner: Without UN approval US attack on Syria violates international law

      September 6, 13

    Understanding the Players in Syria
    After a recent visit to Syria, Patrick Cockburn describes the pluralistic, militant groups that make up the "failed opposition" in Syria and provides the brutal truth about the history of Syrian President Assad

      September 9, 13

    Syria Crisis Serves Fear-Mongering Inside Israel
    Shir Hever: The Israeli military industrial complex rakes profits from preparations for a confrontation with Syria, while social problems and the occupation remain unaddressed

      September 4, 13

    Victory Out of Reach for US in Syria
    Patrick Cockburn: US strike against Syria will further entangle America, as each military action will make it more difficult to retreat

      September 4, 13

    Chris Hedges on Obama Decision to Attack Syria and "Give Congress a Voice"
    Chris Hedges and Paul Jay discuss President Obama's statement that he has decided to attack Syria and seek authorization from Congress . . . Even though he says he doesn't need it

      September 4, 13

    Any Attack on Syria Would Be Illegal, Increase Sectarianism in Middle East
    Vijay Prashad: Possible missile strike against Syria has been a part of the West's game plan since 1979 to weaken Iran for its independent path, but US military intervention will increase sectarianism in the region and disrupt fragile peace in Lebanon

      August 31, 13

    Fool Me Twice, Shame on US
    Michael Ratner: Obama administration asserting the use chemical weapons by Assad feels like deja vu of the lead-up to the Iraq War

      August 31, 13

    The Most Sought After Chess Piece
    Larry Wilkerson: With Saudi Arabia heavily funding the opposition and Iran backing Assad, the Syrian civil war has spiraled into a global struggle for power with the potential for greater catastrophe

      August 31, 13

    US Prepares For Syria Intervention Without UN Approval
    Civilians will be the biggest loser in possible US strike on Syria

      August 29, 13

    Bennis: There is No Military Solution to Syria
    Phyllis Bennis: US policy should emphasize direct diplomacy to negotiate a ceasefire with all sides including Syrian President Bashar Assad, but direct military intervention will lead to more bloodshed and Obama fighting on the side of an Al-Qaeda affiliated organization

      August 28, 13

    The Fog of the Syrian Civil War
    The use of chemical weapons by Assad is still in question, and instead of focusing on military intervention, the US should be supporting a negotiated peace between both sides

      August 27, 13

    Egyptian Police are Filling Cairo Morgues with Protesters (WARNING: Graphic Photos)
    Photo essay by Tim Eastman. Egypt's experiment in democracy ends in a massacre

      August 22, 13

    Pressure Mounts for US to Cut Aid to Egyptian Military
    Robert Naiman: Legally the Obama administration is obligated to cut aid to Egypt after the military coup, and the longer the US waits to take a stand the less influence it yields to stop the Egyptian security forces brutal repression

      August 21, 13

    Mubarak Eyes Release As Egyptian Military Continues To Kill Protestors
    Little has changed since 2011 revolution as police and military continue to massacre nonviolent opposition

      August 21, 13

    Why are Egyptian Liberals Celebrating a Massacre? - Max Blumenthal on Reality Asserts Itself pt1
    Pt 1 of 4. In a new episode of Reality Asserts Itself, Paul Jay and Max Blumenthal discuss how the Egyptian military has manipulated the revolution and the Muslim Brotherhood to reestablish a dictatorship by the generals

      November 18, 13

    Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks Highlight Israel's Desperate Need for Legitimacy In Face of Growing International Criticism
    Shir Hever: Israel wants negotiations with the Palestinians to continue for the same reason it recruits students to serve as propaganda agents, it tries to restore its tainted image

      August 17, 13

    Egyptian Military Engineers Anti-Muslim Brotherhood Media Campaign, Sways Public Favor to Intervene in Sit-ins
    Lina Attalah: Egyptian Ministry of Interior uses light presence of firearms to justify aggressive military action that killed more than 500 peaceful sit-ins, as Saudi and Qatari power dynamics play out behind the scenes

      August 17, 13

    Egyptian Military Creating Conditions for Dictatorship
    Brutal slaughter of MB designed to create a violent response and justify military rule

      August 17, 13

    US & UK Pull Out Yemen Embassy Staff After Series of Drone Strikes
    Robert Naiman: US is on a policy collision course in Yemen as it publicly supports democracy but covertly administers drone strikes

      August 7, 13

    Peace Talks Resume Between Israel and the Palestinians, But Little Hope of Imminent Breakthrough
    Phyllis Bennis and Shir Hever discuss the timing of the talks, U.S and European interests in resuming them, and the imbalanced power between the negotiating sides

      August 1, 13

    Gazans Use Social Media to Break Media Silence
    Palestinian citizen journalists use social media to tell harsh realities of life under Israeli military occupation

      July 31, 13

    Key Rebel Stronghold of Homs Falls to The Syrian Military
    Omar Dahi: Syrian humanitarian crisis escalates as US military mulls intervention

      July 31, 13

    More than 70 Morsi Supporters Killed As Military Clampdown Tightens
    Military carries out second major massacre of Muslim Brotherhood supporters as fears increase of escalating violence and a return of widespread political repression

      July 30, 13

    Israel is an Example of an Economy Hijacked by Military-security Interests
    Although the U.S has the world's largest military industrial complex, Israel has the largest ratio of its economy dedicated to the military and security industry

      July 28, 13

    Turkish Police Interrupt Protesters' Wedding with Chemicals and Plastic Bullets
    Despite ongoing police violence, protesters gather in public for music festivals, weddings, and to memorialize fallen friends.

      July 24, 13

    Israel and the Palestinian Government Agree to Return to Negotiations
    A unique combination of pressures pushed the two leaderships to agree to a resumption of negotiations, but the prospects of the talks remains grim

      July 23, 13

    EU 'Hypocritical' in Declaring Hezbollah a Terrorist Organization
    Shir Hever: Europe Union declares Hezbollah a terrorist organization but does not give similar designation to Israel

      July 23, 13

    Israeli parliament approved the deportation of 40,000 Bedouin from their land
    In order to Judify the Naqab, the south of Israel, Israel initiates a unilateral plan to confiscate Bedouin land. Most of the Israeli public remains indifferent

      July 21, 13

    Semantics of Coup Splits Egyptians & World Leaders
    Turkish PM Erdogan refuses meeting with Egypt VP ElBaradei, as liberal opposition remains silent over undemocratic practices of military rule

      July 20, 13

    Up to 70,000 Bedouins Could Be Impacted or Displaced by Israel
    Moe Diab: Israeli Prawer Plan violates of human rights law and Israeli law

      July 25, 13

    Violent clashes rage in Cairo as Brotherhood demands Morsi's reinstatement
    Pro-Morsi demonstrators claim that the Egyptian army is targeting them during night prayers amid violent clashes and street shutdowns in the Egyptian capital.

      July 17, 13

    'Earthquake' for Israel: EU To Halt Support For Illegal Settlements
    Shir Hever: European Union announces restrictions for funding Israeli colonies; Israeli government in panic because every aspect of Israel's economy and society could be affected by the EU decision

      July 17, 13

    Palestinians in Gaza react to Morsi's ouster, closure of Rafah crossing
    The Egyptian army's decision to close the Rafah crossing, Gaza's only terminal to the outside world, and the demolishing of the underground tunnels along the border added more hardships and suffering to Gazans

      July 15, 13

    Egyptian Military Moves Against Al Jazeera as Journalists Resign Alleging Qatari Influence
    Pro and Anti-Morsi Leadership Accuse Each Other of Alliance with US

      July 12, 13

    UK Document Reveals Unexpected Customers for Israeli Arms
    Israeli Ministry of Defense denies selling weapons to the rival of India, one of Israel's biggest customer for weapons. UK also concerned that Israel buys its weapons for internal repression

      July 12, 13

    New Egypt PM & Army Set To Keep Egypt on Neo-Liberal Track
    Zeinab Abul Magd: With an Egyptian military that has strong ties to foreign investors and a newly appointed liberal economist PM, Egypt can expect more of the same Mubarak-era economics

      July 15, 13

    On Shifting Ground: Tensions High As Egypt Names New PM
    TRNN Cairo correspondent Jihan Hafiz describes tense mood in Egypt after massacre, excessive force by military leaves many in denial of army's past human rights record

      July 10, 13

    Over 50 Killed in Egypt As Country Braces for More Violence
    Mohamed Elmeshad: More than 50 Members of the Muslim Brotherhood Killed in Attacks, Many Believe Egyptian Army Responsible

      July 11, 13

    Refugees from Syria in Gaza Divided Over Assad
    Palestinian refugees who fled the Syrian civil war are split - Some support Assad, the others support the opposition

      July 8, 13

    Violent Clashes Shake Post-Morsi Egypt
    Mohamed Elmeshad: Beyond the violence, army and some business elite play interlocked role in bloody clashes

      July 8, 13

    Egyptian Army Ousts Pres. Morsi From Power In Face Of Popular Protests
    Gilbert Achcar Pt.2: Egyptians continue to face long road ahead to more democratic institutions, just economic policies and freedom from US influence over the armed forces

      July 5, 13

    Egyptian Army Ousts Pres. Morsi From Power In Face Of Popular Protests
    Gilbert Achcar Pt.1: Morsi removed by military coup but Egyptians should not expect improvements in socioeconomic conditions

      July 4, 13

    US & Qatar Play Hidden, Key Role in Possible Morsi Coup
    Mohamed Elmeshad: US & Qatar strongly backed Morsi, but with growing protests future of Morsi's presidency looks dim

      July 3, 13

    Egyptian Pres. Morsi Strikes Down Army's Ultimatum While Deadline Quickly Approaches
    Journalists Rania Al Malky & Mohamed Elmeshad discuss the potential for a coup and whether new elections would delay democracy and usher military rule

      July 3, 13

    Egyptian Army Threatens Coup Against President Morsi
    As millions take to the street across Egypt calling for President's ouster, the Army threatens to take action if Morsi fails to reach agreement with protestors in 48 hours

      July 2, 13

    Massive Protests Across Egypt Demand President Morsi's Resignation
    Lina Attalah: Millions expected to protest across Egypt demanding new elections as pro-Morsi forces stage counter demonstrations - fear that army may intervene and re-establish direct control

      June 30, 13

    Violent eviction of Gezi Park gives rise to "standing protesters"
    Night of "shocking violence" in Turkey's major cities results in wave of silent demonstrations

      June 20, 13

    Sectarianism: A Tool of Counterrevolution in Syria
    Pt 2. Political solution Necessary To End Cycle of Violence in Syria

      June 20, 13

    US Claims of Chemical Weapons Use By Syria A Pretext for Arming Rebels
    Pt 1. Omar Dahi: Despite escalating humanitarian catastrophe, G8 summit failed to advance diplomatic settlement

      June 20, 13

    Iran's New President a Regime Insider - Wide Mandate for More Civil Liberties
    Hamid Dabashi: President-elect Hassan Rohani will not change Iran's Neo-liberal capitalism but may be inspired by popular support for more political rights and nuclear transparency

      June 18, 13

    High Turnout, Rise of Centrist Candidates Mark Iran Pres. Election
    Farideh Farhi: Despite voter anger in 2009, Iranians took to the polls in high numbers and strongly supported moderate candidates in initial results

      June 17, 13

    Six Candidates Square Off For Iranian Presidential Elections
    Arang Keshavarzian: Opposition candidates, media and bloggers restricted by Iranian government during presidential election

      June 14, 13

    PM Erdogan orders end to protests in "24 hours"
    Protesters are met with new wave of police brutality, as thousands of lawyers join demonstrations

      June 13, 13

    US Arming Syrian Rebels Likely to Inflame Already Bloody Conflict
    Phyllis Bennis: Military resolution impossible in Syria, Americans should demand a negotiated settlement

      June 14, 13

    Turkish Police Raid Gezi Park, Fail to Evict Protesters
    Police storm Taksim Square early Tuesday morning, removing barricades and protest banners, but fail to evict protesters.

      June 12, 13

    US Iran Policy Can't Abide an Independent Middle East State
    Hillary Mann-Leverett and Flynt Leverett: American policy based on hegemony in the Middle East - a major regional player not within the US system of supported states is a target

      June 17, 13

    Did McCain Go to Syria to Sabotage US Russia Negotiations?
    Phyllis Bennis: McCain's trip to Syria, his calls for US air strikes and arming rebels with heavy weapons, seems designed to counter Obama plan to negotiate with Russia

      May 29, 13

    Corruption in Palestinian Government is Connected to Occupation
    Aman: the main reason for malpractices in the Palestinian government is the Israeli occupation, but reforms should be pursued nevertheless, as public demand for transparency and fair government is strong

      May 28, 13

    Ecuador's President Attacks US Over Press Freedom Critique
    Critics say Correa is creating a pro-government media system; Correa says there is a fundamental contradiction with corporate for-profit media involved in distributing public information

      May 21, 13

    Palestinians Mark 65th Anniversary of Nakba (Catastrophe of 1948)
    On Nakba day, Palestinians commemorate the annual anniversary by holding rallies asserting their right of return. 65 years have passed since historic Palestine was occupied in 1948

      May 16, 13

    Revolutionary Culture in Cairo
    Creative and cultural resistance has played a major role in Egypt's ongoing Revolution

      May 15, 13

    Hawking and the Growing Israel Boycott Movement
    BDS activists in Gaza (Boycott, Divestment and Sanction) consider renowned physicist Stephen Hawking's decision to cancel his participation in an upcoming conference in Israel as part of an academic boycott "a huge victory for the BDS movement"

      May 13, 13

    Hawking's Boycott and Israeli Propaganda Tactics
    Mike Cushman: Stephen Hawking's decision to boycott the Israeli Presidential Conference is of great significance in exposing Israel's apartheid regime

      May 12, 13

    Arab League's Peace Initiative Puts Israel in an Embarrassing Position
    Qatari prime minister accepts Kerry's request to sweeten the offer to Israel. Israeli prime minister Netanyahu urgently sends delegates to prevent the U.S from endorsing the initiative

      May 10, 2013

    Obama Under Pressure to Seek Regime Change in Syria and Iran
    Larry Wilkerson: Obama policy to fuel civil war but avoid military intervention in Syria; Neo-cons pushing for direct intervention as lead up to Iran

      May 8, 13

    Israel's Syria Strategy to Weaken Hezbollah and Profit from Chaos
    Shir Hever: Israel can take advantage of weakened Syrian state to attack arms shipments headed to Lebanon; long grinding civil war in Syria said to be in Israel's interests

      May 7, 13

    Religious Fundamentalism Growing in Gaza
    Hamas is under extreme pressure from small Salafi extremist groups to impose Islamic and Sharia law

      May 6, 13

    US Syria Policy Promotes Endless Civil War
    Omar Dahi: Daniel Pipes, neo-con and ultra Zionist, spells out US policy towards Syria - let both sides destroy each other

      May 3, 13

    Obama "Red Line" on Syria Avoids Dealing with Massive Humanitarian Crisis
    Rana Khoury: All the outside intervention is ruining the country; a political solution and humanitarian assistance is the only way to stop the killing

      April 26, 13

    No Substantial Iran Negotiations Possible Without Offer of a Suspension of Sanctions
    Lawrence Wilkerson: If the US is serious about negotiating with Iran it must offer a suspension of sanctions and a permanent end to sanctions once safeguards are in place - Iran has to come forward and tell the IAEA everything about the past and present of their nuclear program

      June 17, 13

    Exclusive from Bahrain: Interview with Human Rights Activist on Repression Against Formula One Race Protest
    Sam Husseini interviews Said Yousif al-Muhafda, who was jailed for his twitter activism, about arrests, mass teargassing and use of shotguns to suppress peaceful protest

      April 23, 13

    Most of Latin America Recognizes Maduro as President; Opposition Charges Fraud Demands Recount
    Opposition member of National Electoral Council says vote results correct; Opposition waiting for ruling on recount

      April 19, 13

    Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas accepts the resignation of Prime Minister Salam Fayyad
    Fayyad represented pro-western interests in Palestine, and his policies came into increasing tension with those of President Abbas

      April 17, 2013

    Growing Voices Among Palestinians Calling for a Single Democratic Secular State
    With negotiations for a two state solution going nowhere, more Palestinians are calling for a single state solution

      April 17, 2013

    Separate Bus Lines for Palestinians and for Colonists in the West Bank
    During the global protests known as "Israel Apartheid Week," the Israeli government launched a segregated bus service, forcing Palestinians in the West Bank to travel only on buses designated to them

      April 23, 13

    Israeli Authorities Reveal Distribution of West Bank Land
    State lands in the occupied West Bank were declared by Israel for the use of the local population, but were used mainly for the colonization of the West Bank

      April 26, 13

    The Message of MLK, Bradley Manning and the Collateral Murder Video
    Michael Ratner: Anniversary of King's "Beyond Vietnam Speech" and release of Wikileaks "Collateral Murder" video

      April 10, 13

    Israel's New Generation of Racists
    Incidents of discrimination have doubled each year since 2008 and increasingly perpetrated by youth

      April 10, 13

    Obama Makes Nice Speeches but One Sided Support for Israel Continues
    Phyllis Bennis: President Obama recognizes injustice and need for two states but does nothing to pressure Netanyahu to make concessions to Palestinians

      April 10, 13

    Netanyahu Apologizes as Isolated Israel Needs Turkey Deal
    Col. Lawrence Wilkerson: Israel needed Obama to broker Turkey deal as Netanyahu's policies and unstable region put Israel in a precarious position

      April 10, 13

    Israel Conceded to Palestinian Prisoner's Hunger Strike
    Ayman Sharawneh, who is 53, was released to the Gaza Strip under the condition he will not return to his West Bank home for ten years

      April 10, 13

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