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    Ecuador to Adopt Digital Currency
    Economist Bill Black says Ecuador's plan is supposed to provide bank services to rural communities through mobile phones

      October 3, 14

    Xavante's Song
    Hiparidi Top'Tiro Xavante says indigenous peoples of the Amazon are uniting to defend their way of life and protect the biodiversity of the "lungs of the world"

      October 3, 14

    Protecting the Amazon Includes Defending Indigenous Rights
    Hiparidi Top'Tiro Xavante says indigenous peoples of the Amazon are uniting to defend their way of life and protect the biodiversity of the "lungs of the world"

      October 3, 14

    Argentina Sues U.S. in World Court to Stop Vulture Fund Billionaire
    Greg Palast: President Obama has failed to exercise his authority to stop a New York judge from ordering Argentina to pay

      August 8, 2014

    The Forces behind Argentina's Default
    James Henry explains why Argentina has a U.S. court deciding its financial fate and how this profits vulture capitalists like Paul Singer

      October 3, 14

    Dave Zirin: Abolish FIFA
    Sports journalist Dave Zirin says bribery and corruption are endemic to FIFA, and discusses what could take its place in the world of soccer

      June 17, 2014

    U.S. Supreme Court Preserves Power of Finance Over Argentina
    Bill Black reports on the significance of the refusal of the U.S. Supreme Court to hear cases involving Argentinian debt obligations to international creditors

      October 3, 14

    Child Detainees Victims of US Immigration Policy Based On Mass Incarceration & Detention
    As the harsh conditions faced by children in overcrowded immigration detention centers dominate headlines, The Real News looks at the policy that created these conditions

      October 3, 14

    Protesters Clash with Police in Brazil - Dave Zirin on World Cup 2014 (1/2)
    Dave Zirin, author of "Dancing with The Devil", on why Brazilian protesters are fighting against the sport they love

      October 3, 14

    Brazilian Military Deployed, Civil Unrest Intensifies Two Days Before World Cup
    The Brazilian government deploys more than 200,000 troops after workers across sectors continue to strike. Amnesty International warns the Brazilian government's response to protests and strikes could lead to indiscriminate violence.

      October 3, 14

    Brazilian Workers Strike and Protest Runup to World Cup
    Throughout the month of May, Brazilian workers have been staging strikes throughout the country, causing major disruptions daily. In Salvador, a recent public transportation strike brought the city to a grinding halt for two days. On the eve of the World Cup, public outrage towards the government for its mismanaging public funds for the games is intensifying

      June 3, 2014

    Corpos enchem o necroterio durante a greve da Policia Militar
    Corpos enchem o necroterio durante a greve da Policia Militar

      October 3, 14

    TRNN Original Report: Brazilian Police on Strike Abandon Salvador Streets As the City's Death Toll Rises
    More than 150 people have been killed throughout Brazil's northeast state Bahia, after police go on strike demanding higher pay - a move that's viewed as quite political ahead of elections

      April 25, 2014

    The Modern History of Venezuela and Popular Democracy - Edgardo Lander on RAI (9/9)
    On Reality Asserts Itself, Mr. Lander assesses Chavez's attempt to establish a participatory democracy that changed the structure of power and decision making

      October 3, 14

    The Modern History of Venezuela, The Protests and Democracy - Edgardo Lander on RAI (8/9)
    On Reality Asserts Itself, Mr. Lander says while there are problems with the democratic process in Venezuela, the current protests are anti-democratic attempts to bring down an elected government

      October 3, 14

    The Modern History of Venezuela, Why Still So Much Crime? - Edgardo Lander on Reality Asserts Itself (7/9)
    On Reality Asserts Itself, Mr. Lander analyzes why the Chavez and Maduro governments have so far been unable to reduce the high rates of murder and violent crime

      October 3, 14

    The Modern History of Venezuela and the Need for a Post-Oil Economy - Edgardo Lander on RAI (6/9)
    On Reality Asserts Itself, Mr. Lander says to strengthen democracy, develop food sovereignty and help save the planet, Venezuela must develop a plan to transition away from an extractive economy

      October 3, 14

    The Modern History of Venezuela: The Bolivarian Revolution - Edgardo Lander on Reality Asserts Itself (5/9)
    Mr. Lander discusses the achievements and failures of the revolution led by President Hugo Chavez

      April 16, 2014

    One Percent of Environmentalists Killings Lead to Convictions
    Global Witness report co-author Oliver Courtney discusses the alarming number of murders in South America and how governments and corporations work in unison to subvert indigenous rights

      October 3, 14

    The Modern History of Venezuela from 1973 to the Caracazo Massacre - Edgardo Lander on Reality Asserts Itself (3/9)
    Mr. Lander traces the history of Venezuela from the rise of neo-liberal capitalism to the suppression and slaughter of protesters against it

      April 15, 2014

    The Modern History of Venezuela from 1908 to 1973 - Edgardo Lander on Reality Asserts Itself (2/9)
    Mr. Lander traces the history of Venezuela from dictatorship to attempts at democratic governments and back

      April 14, 2014

    The Beginning of the Chavez Era - Edgardo Lander on Reality Asserts Itself (4/9)
    Mr. Lander, with host Paul Jay, traces the events that set the stage for the Bolivarian Revolution and the Chavez era of Venezuela

      October 3, 14

    From Exile to Radicalization in Venezuela - Edgardo Lander on Reality Asserts Itself (1/9)
    Mr. Lander tells Paul Jay that in '98, when he saw the whole of the establishment getting together to defeat Chavez, he voted for him even though he had a lot of reasons not to like him

      October 3, 14

    Will Venezuela's New Floating Exchange Rate Curb Inflation?
    Mark Weisbrot: New exchange rate is intended to safeguard the importation of essential and primary goods

      October 3, 14

    How the Ecuadorian Economy Grew in a Global Recession
    Economist Bill Black discusses how the investment in education, healthcare, and infrastructure fueled Ecuador's economic "miracle"

      October 3, 14

    TRNN Debate: What's Driving Inflation in Venezuela? (2/2)
    Greg Wilpert and John Weeks continue their discussion on the causes and possible solutions to the high inflation in Venezuela

      October 3, 14

    Puerto Rican Independence Movement and Cuba Further Radicalized Me - Michael Ratner on RAI (5/7)
    Mr. Ratner tells Paul Jay that in the 70's, the thrust for a more radical movement in New York was led by the fight for Puerto Rican independence

      March 11, 2014

    TRNN Debate: What's Driving Inflation in Venezuela? (1/2)
    Greg Wilpert and John Weeks discuss the causes and possible solutions to the high inflation in Venezuela

      March 14, 2014

    Venezuela One Year After Chavez's Passing
    Latin American studies professor Miguel Tinker Salas and journalist Ewan Robertson discuss the presidency of Hugo Chavez

      March 5, 2014

    Venezuela Anti-Government Protests Lack Support from the Barrios
    Lisa Sullivan & Ryan Mallett-Outtrim report from Venezuela that the country's anti government protests are continuing with no end in sight but continue to lack appeal in low income neighborhoods

      March 4, 2014

    Venezuela Opposition Boycotts Maduro-Backed Peace Conference As Unrest Continues
    Alexander Main & Miguel Tinker Salas argue that Venezuela opposition protests do not include broad segments of the population and are aimed at destabilizing the elected government of Nicholas Maduro

      February 27, 2014

    Why is Inflation So High in Venezuela?
    Gregory Wilpert (2/2): Attempting to build socialism surrounded by a global capitalist economy and being reliant on oil revenues, Venezuela is struggling to find a solution to capital flight and exchange rate problems

      October 3, 14

    Venezuela Protests Reveal Rivalry in Opposition Leadership
    Gregory Wilpert (1/2): High inflation and shortages trigger a protest movement that splits opposition camp

      October 3, 14

    Venezuelan Opposition Divided On Question of Regime Change
    Steve Ellner: As both sides continue to mobilize supporters, class divisions within Caracas will limit the opposition's ability to oust the Maduro regime

      October 3, 14

    'Tres Amigos' Mexico Summit Advancing Neoliberal Reforms
    John Ackerman and Jeff Faux discuss how the meeting between the heads of Canada, Mexico and the United States will advance policies that increase inequality and fuel drug-related violence in Mexico

      October 3, 14

    US Backing the Destabilization of Venezuela
    Keane Bhatt: Elite forces in Venezuela and the US are determined to undermine the accomplishments of the Bolivarian revolution

      October 3, 14

    Will Mexico's Successful Anti-Cartel Militias' Seek Systemic Change?
    Mexico's anti-drug cartel and corruption vigilante groups are growing in power and influence, but whose interests do they serve?

      October 3, 14

    Mexico's Vigilante Groups Are a Force to Reckon with for Drug Cartels and Army
    The Mexican Federal Government negotiated a deal with the "Autodefensas", or community militias, as they fight to loosen the drug cartel's monopoly on power and violence in the Mexican state of Michoacan

      October 23, 2014

    2013: A Deadly Year For Journalists
    Four Al-Jazeera journalists remain imprisoned in Egypt, whose US-backed regime is among the most repressive countries suppressing the free press

      October 3, 14

    20 Years on, Mexico is NAFTA's Biggest Lie
    Tim Wise: The numbers expose the official distortions around NAFTA's failed promises

      October 3, 14

    Zapatista's Warning Over NAFTA Rings True 2 Decades Later
    Zapatistas correctly predicted that neoliberal economic policies like NAFTA would exacerbate poverty and undermine democracy

      October 3, 14

    CIA Aiding Colombian Government in Assassinations of FARC Leadership
    The Washington Post exposes how the CIA and NSA have transferred advanced tracking technology to the Colombian government to help eliminate FARC leadership, despite human right violations against its civilian population

      December 24, 2013

    Uruguay Becomes First Country To Fully Legalize Marijuana
    The small Latin American country of Uruguay has become the only country that allows growing and selling marijuana

      October 3, 14

    Local Communities vs Economic Development in Ecuador
    In San Jose de Intag, indigenous communities face an ill-matched battle to defend their environment against mega mining projects

      October 3, 14

    Honduran Elections: Another Chapter of the Coup
    In the absence of a trustworthy process, those who took power by force in 2009 will stay in power

      October 3, 14

    Thousands in Honduras Decry "Fraudulent" Election and Call for Recount
    Activists and some election observers in Honduras vow to call for free and fair recount in election they say as rigged in favor of the ruling conservative party

      October 3, 14

    Alleged Voting Irregularities Mar Honduran Elections
    Left leaning opposition Libre Party decries electoral fraud, refuses to recognize official results indicating win for ruling right wing National Party

      October 3, 14

    Honduran Presidential Election In Limbo
    Honduran presidential candidate and wife of ousted-leftist president Xiomara Castro cries fraud in election, as nations seen as US proxies congratulate ruling party candidate.

      October 3, 14

    Venezuela Tightens State Control Over Its Economy
    Gregory Wilpert: Venezuela Strengthens State Control Over Economy in Effort to Combat Inflation

      October 3, 14

    Political Repression Intensifies Ahead of Honduran Presidential Election
    Jesse Freeston: Violence and political repression by western-backed Honduran military raises questions if Sunday's presidential election will be open and fair

      October 3, 14

    Nicaraguan President Ortega's Power Grab
    James Henry: Daniel Ortega accumulating power, giving tax breaks to the rich instead of addressing inequality

      October 3, 14

    Ecuadorian Tribesmen Killed in Army Raid
    In Ecuador, social and political conflict continues, amid a governmental and private push to exploit mining resources, despite resistance from indigenous movements.

      October 3, 14

    Colombian Farmers and Union Activists Under Attack
    Social justice activists face grave risks in Colombia, considered to have one of the worst human rights record in the Western Hemisphere

      October 3, 14

    Colombian Peace Talks Advance, Both Sides Optimistic
    Gregory Wilpert: As Colombia marks one-year anniversary of peace negotiations, both the FARC and government officials work to end decades-long conflict

      October 3, 14

    New GMO Crops Temporarily Blocked in Mexico
    Timothy Wise: Anti-GMO activists in Mexico score a major, if tentative, victory.

      October 3, 14

    Colombian Villagers Blockade State Drilling Project
    Citing environmental concerns, central Colombian villages use months of direct action to delay planned state oil project.

      October 3, 14

    First-Ever Case of Canadian Mining Company Going To Trial In Canada For Alleged Abuses Abroad
    The trial of HudBay Minerals marks a first-time legal precedent of a Canadian company being held to account in Canadian courts for alleged shootings and gang rapes in Guatemala

      October 3, 14

    Brazil's Rousseff Set to Privatize Libra Oil Field
    Despite protests and previously stating her opposition, Brazil's Dilma Rousseff auctions off 60% of Brazil's largest oil field

      October 3, 14

    Honduras' Banana Coast: Ripe for Development?
    Garifuna communities and developers battle over mega-tourism projects

      October 3, 14

    Original Yasuni Proposal Would Have Made Ecuador a Pilot Project for Green Development
    The failure of this initiative points at an important issue of our times, the necessity to balance civilization's growth and the well being and preservation of our planet and its biosphere.

      October 3, 14

    Ecuador Approves Oil Drilling in Amazon Rain Forest
    On October 3rd 2013, Ecuador's National Assembly authorized the project to drill for oil in the Yasuni National forest, which is a biosphere reserve and home of endemic tribes and unique animal species.

      October 3, 14

    Brazil Agrobusiness Lobby Set to Appropriate Native Land and Timber
    Indigenous organizations protest in Brasilia, against the proposed Constitutional Reform PEC 215 to put the fate of Amazonian Forests in the hands of Congress; this motion was promoted by "Bancada Ruralista", the Agribusiness' lobby many years ago and it is being discussed now.

      October 3, 14

    US-Latin America Relations Hit New Low
    Gregory Wilpert: US foreign policy only contributes to the further deterioration of US-Venezuela relations

      October 3, 14

    Mexico's Tlatelolco Massacre 45 Year Anniversary March Met with Police Repression
    Riot Police Brutally Repress Commemorative Protest in Mexico City: Students and Allies march to honor 45th anniversary of Tlatelolco Massacre

      October 3, 14

    Brazil, Corruption and the Mass Movement
    As the Supreme Court of Brazil orders a retrial of convicted PT politicians, Joao Pedro Stedile, Leader of the Landless Rural Workers Movement, says the mass movement must become capable of setting the political agenda

      October 3, 14

    Bolivian Women's Groups Demand Decriminalization of Abortion
    Abortion remains legally restricted in almost all of Latin America, and in Bolivia clandestine abortions are the third leading cause of maternal deaths

      October 3, 14

    Latin American Leaders Denounce US Intervention at UN
    Brazil's Rousseff outraged over NSA spying revelations, Bolivia's Morales calls for Obama government to be judged in tribunal

      October 3, 14

    Mexico Police Repress Opponents of Neoliberal School Reform
    Through harassment, arbitrary detention and violence, Mexico sweeps teachers and students

      October 3, 14

    Mexico City Police Violently Crackdown on Occupying Teachers
    In Mexico City police attack peaceful teachers protesting new Mexico education bill

      October 3, 14

    National Farmers and Social Strike gets seeds control law 970 suspended
    In Colombia after 21 days of a nationwide strike by thousands of farmers, blocking more than 40 roads nationwide, protesting farmers forced the Colombian government to negotiate the rejection of a farm bill and the release of detained protesters.

      October 3, 14

    Bolivians Protest US Attack On Syria
    Regional bloc UNASUR opposes possible U.S. military strike Strike On Syria

      October 3, 14

    Tens of Thousands March Against Mexico School Privatization
    Teachers blockade downtown Mexico City to protest education reforms they say is harmful to public schools

      October 3, 14

    Brazil Police Torture and Disappear Slum Residents With Impunity
    Brazil's police have tortured and disappeared more people under democratic leadership (1985-present) then during its military dictatorship (1964 - 1985)

      October 3, 14

    Tens of Thousands of Colombian Farmers On Strike For Their Survival
    Farmers and their supporters protesting so called "Free Trade Agreements" that would likely eliminate their livelihoods

      October 3, 14

    Big Oil Gets Green Light to Explore Ecuadorian Amazon
    Patrick Bond: Ecuador President Rafael Correa is a petro-Kenysian who failed to sell Yasuni National Park in carbon markets and to international donors, and now he's turned a blind eye to what's really needed

      October 3, 14

    Pope Seduced Brazil, Echoes the Right
    Pope Francis impressed Brazilians with his modest lifestyle and sympathy for the poor, but he did not support the mass struggle for economic justice and instead echoed the right-wing focus on corruption in government

      October 3, 14

    How the Media Got Guatemala's Dos Erres Massacre Wrong
    Keane Bhatt: NPR received a Peabody award for their piece on the 1982 massacre, but they omit one important fact; the US directly sponsored the Guatemalan special forces that brutally killed thousands of civilians

      October 3, 14

    Will Brazil's PT Government Choose the Movement or the Elites?
    The PT government has tried to please the financial elites and gradually reduce poverty, but with public services in crisis, right-wing parties are attempting to use the public's discontent to their advantage

      October 3, 14

    Brazil's Major Unions Join Movement for First Time, Strike in 150 Cities
    Brazilian workers strike across the country in "Day of Social Struggle' demanding specific reforms.

      October 3, 14

    The Far Reaching Tentacles of Border Militarization
    Central American Migrants feel brunt of increasing border security in Mexico

      October 3, 14

    In Response to Protests, Brazil's Congress Votes to Invest 100% of Oil Revenue into Education and Healthcare
    President Dilma Rousseff conceded many of the demonstrators' demands, and called for a national compromise to improve public services, by investing 100% of Brazil Oil revenues in education and health care.

      October 3, 14

    Salvador Protests Attempt to Disrupt FIFA Game in Brazil
    Salvador's 'Sleeping Giant' awakens as city erupts in violence during FIFA confederation cup

      June 24, 2013

    Brazil's Nationwide Protest Movement Enters Third Week
    Waves of protests continue in Brazil as demonstrators demand government take decisive action to address their demands

      October 3, 14

    Largest demonstration in Salvador's history marred by police violence
    Clashes erupt in Brazil as military police attack protesters marching on FIFA stadium at opening confederation game in Salvador

      June 21, 2013

    A million people across Brazil say "it's not about 20 cents"
    More than a million people demonstrate in a hundred cities across Brazil, and raise new demands.

      October 3, 14

    Brazilian Authorities Rescind Bus Fare Hike Yet Massive Protests Continue
    Brazil protest that began over increasing cost of public transportation continues to draw tens of thousands to the streets

      October 3, 14

    Paraguayan Indigenous Community Reoccupies Territory After Two Decades of Forced Expulsion
    After state fails to fulfill international court order returning ancestral lands illegally usurped by German cattle rancher, community decides enough is enough

      June 23, 2013

    Hundreds of Thousands of Brazilians Protest Country's Harsh Inequities
    Protest against bus fare increase sparked nationwide protest movement demanding systemic change

      October 3, 14

    Mexican Activists Demand State Accountability For Increasing Numbers of Disappeared
    "Alive They Took Them, Alive We Want Them" Mexico rally demand calls for end to forced disappearances

      October 3, 14

    US Drug War Props Corrupt Mexican Ruling Class
    John Ackerman: Last two Mexican presidents relied on US support for legitimacy not found in polls

      October 3, 14

    Mexico's Drug War Claims 70, 000 Lives in 6 Years
    John Ackerman: Mexico's government estimates 26,000 people have gone missing since 2007 and as many as 70,000 killed in drug-related violence.

      October 3, 14

    Ecuador's President Attacks US Over Press Freedom Critique
    Critics say Correa is creating a pro-government media system; Correa says there is a fundamental contradiction with corporate for-profit media involved in distributing public information

      October 3, 14

    Activists Demand Mexican President Be Held Responsible for Deaths of Protesters
    Activists say Mexican president Pena-Nieto must be held accountable for activist's murders and torture during his governorship seven years ago

      October 3, 14

    U.S. Alone Refuses to Accept Venezuelan Election Results
    Gregory Wilpert: In spite of a new audit of election results that shows a win by Maduro that is recognized by all countries of Latin America, the US supports opposition

      October 3, 14

    Mexican Worker-Run Tire Factory a Success
    Union wins years long struggle against vulture capitalists and now helms one of Mexico's most successful tire factories

      October 3, 14

    Obama Visits Mexico - US Policy Helped Create a Land of Government Corruption and Narco Gangs
    While the media concentrates on energy, trade talks and securing the border, the real issue is Mexico's descent into a narco-state

      October 3, 14

    "Generation Without Fear" Demands Free Education in Chile
    A massive student demonstration raises demand to end economic policies created under Pinochet Dictatorship

      October 3, 14

    Mexican Journalists Threatened and Murdered Exposing Official Involvement with Narco Gangs
    A report on how courageous Mexican journalists are threatened and assassinated while reporting on relationship between senior police and political figures and transnational narco gangs

      October 3, 14

    Two Visions of Venezuela Contend in April 14th Elections
    Miguel Tinker Salas: The Presidential elections in Venezuela will decide if the socialist transformation will continue or a pro-US elite will return to power

      October 3, 14

    Crime Major Issue in Venezuelan Election
    Miguel Tinker Salas: While inequality is now lowest in Latin America, Venezuela is still a country where the poor lives along side the conspicuous consumption of the wealthy

      October 3, 14

    Venezuelan Election in Full Swing
    Venezuelan Election in Full Swing Nicolas Maduro 14 points ahead of opposition leader; accusations of US involvement.

      October 3, 14

    Venezuelan Democracy: A Tension Between Centralized Power and Local Democracy
    Manuel Larrabure: The Bolivarian Revolution succeeded in developing models of community power and reduced inequality but so far has failed to diversify the economy or extend workers democracy in the oil and mining sector

      October 3, 14

    Pope Francis accused by family and friends of tortured priests
    Jorge Mario Bergoglio known for his opposition to progressive governments and clerics, is accused of silence, cooperation with Argentinean dictatorship

      October 3, 14

    U.N. Secretary-General Leads Tributes to Hugo Chavez
    Diplomats observed a moment of silence at a U.N. General Assembly meeting before the tributes by Ban Ki-moon, General Assembly President Vuk Jeremic, representatives of regional groups, and Venezuela's foreign minister

      October 3, 14

    A New Pope and "The Most Corrupt Vatican Since the Borgias"
    Matthew Fox (former Catholic priest) discusses the Vatican's work with the CIA and it's alliance with far right political forces and Pope Francis' opposition to liberation theology in Latin America.

      March 13, 2013

    World Leaders Pay Their Final Respects at Chavez's Funeral
    Leaders from around the world gathered in Caracas for Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's funeral Friday

      October 3, 14

    The Life and Legacy of Hugo Chavez
    Greg Wilpert looks at the achievements, failures and life of the leader of Venezuela's Bolivarian Revolution

      October 3, 14

    Venezuela Announces the Death of Hugo Chavez
    Venezuela's Vice President Maduro tells the nation he is resolved to carry on the work of Chavez

      October 3, 14

    Chavez Returns Home; Venezuela's Bolivar Devalued
    Greg Wilpert: Status of Chavez's health still not known; devaluation necessary to curb inflation

      October 3, 14

    Correa wins re-election and says banks and mass media don't rule anymore
    President Rafael Correa re-elected with 61% of the vote, he faces 4 critical years for Ecuador

      October 3, 14

    Ecuador Chooses Stimulus over Austerity
    Bill Black: As Ecuador votes for new president, the stimulus policies of current president Correa have kept Ecuador out of recession

      October 3, 14

    The Legacy of Chile's Pinochet Dictatorship Lives On
    State repression of social movements by militarized Carabinero police force draws international condemnation

      February 12, 2013

    Drug War Mexico, NAFTA and Why People Leave
    Peter Watt (author of Drug War Mexico): US policy and neo-liberal "reforms" helped create conditions for the growth of drug cartels and the impoverishment of millions

      October 3, 14

    Cuba Not Isolated in Latin America
    Alex Main: Cuba becomes president of Community of Latin American and Caribbean Countries as even close American allies defy US policy of isolating Cuba

      October 3, 14

    #132 Mexican Student Movement Confronts New President
    A YouTube video sparks a mass student movement protesting against newly elected President of Mexico Enrique Pena Nieto

      October 3, 14

    Indigenous Mapuche People Struggle Against the Chilean State and Private Companies
    Most recent hunger strike by imprisoned activists over “politically motivated prosecutions” and state application of Antiterrorist Law comes to a close as conflict between Mapuche communities and the Chilean state intensifies

      October 3, 14

    GM Rejects Talks as Ex-worker Enters 71st Day Of Hunger-Strike
    Ex-workers and their supporters aim to pressure GM to negotiate with employees injured at auto plant in Colombia

      October 3, 14

    The Privatization of Chile's Sea
    Many small-scale fishermen say new fishing law could spell the end of their livelihood

      January 18, 2013

    Canada Suspends Aid to Haiti, UN, US, Canada Spend Money on "Security" as Cholera Persists
    Mark Weisbrot: Canada demands more effective Haitian government but most aid went to NGO's; failure of government a result of American and Canadian backed coup

      October 3, 14

    Chavez Misses Inauguration, Will Be Sworn in by Supreme Court if he Recovers
    Alex Main (CEPR): Venezuelan opposition hopes to take advantage of crisis but after sweeping state elections and winning decisively in the Presidential election, Chavez forces unlikely to lose power in a new election

      January 11, 2013

    Ecuador vs The Bankers
    President Correa passes legislation that raises taxes on financial sector to finance a "Human Development Bond"

      October 3, 14

    Socialists Sweep Venezuelan State Elections as Chavez Recovers in Cuba
    Greg Wilpert: It's likely Chavez will not remain in office and Maduro will head into elections

      October 3, 14

    Student Movement Marks Radical Shift in Chilean Politics
    While students have not achieved their demand for free quality public education, movement develops new strategies with an eye towards upcoming 2013 elections

      December 20, 2012

    The Ugly Canadian: Harper Policy in Latin America
    Yves Engler: Canada has been openly hostile to Venezuela and leftward swing in Latin America - except in Cuba where Canada has large commercial interests

      January 17, 2013

    The Ecuadorian Mining Dilemma
    Ecuador needs revenues from mining in Amazon, but it will destroy nature and many indigenous people's way of life

      November 26, 2012

    Venezuela's Housing Revolution
    "Great Housing Mission" seeks to address soaring housing deficit, democratize city space

      December 12, 2012

    Broken Anvil: Miskitu Communities Fight Militarization
    Communities organize amid escalating violence in Honduras

      October 30, 2012

    Broken Anvil: Human rights groups push for Washington investigation
    Annie Bird of Rights Action discusses May 11th killings

      October 30, 2012

    Elections Fair But Venezuela Lacking Independent Media
    T. M. Scruggs: Presidential election was as Jimmy Carter said "best in the world", but Venezuela needs independent investigative journalism

      October 9, 2012

    Major Challenges Face Chavez in New Term
    Gregory Wilpert: Many dissatisfied working class youth want solutions to urgent social and economic problems plaguing Venezuela

      October 9, 2012

    US Corporate Media Follows State Department Lead on Chavez
    Mark Weisbrot: Conservative and liberal corporate media call Chavez "dictator and authoritarian" in spite of multiple electoral victories

      October 9, 2012

    Chavez Wins After Massive Voter Turnout
    A Real News report from Caracas: Venezuelan opposition candidate accepts election results that hand Chavez a 10-point victory with more than 54% of the vote

      October 8, 2012

    Venezuela’s President Chavez celebrates re-election
    The founder of self styled Bolivarian socialism, addressed his supporters from the balcony of the presidential palace where he congratulated the opposition for putting up a good fight

      October 3, 14

    Chavez Celebrates Victory
    President Hugo Chavez won re-election on Sunday, defeating challenger Henrique Capriles and gaining six more years to cement his legacy and press ahead with his crusade for socialism in Venezuela.

      October 9, 2012

    Chavez Supporters Flood Venezuelan Capital as Campaign Closes
    Chavez warns of opposition plans to not recognize results of Sunday`s presidential election

      October 3, 14

    Jimmy Carter says: "Election Process in Venezuela is the Best in the World"
    Opposition agrees voting technology functions well, but criticizes use of state resources in Chavez reelection campaign

      October 3, 14

    Venezuelan Barrios Vote for Chavez and Participatory Democracy
    Are Venezuela's Communal Councils an extension of central power or an explosion of popular power?

      October 3, 14

    Chavez Leads Polls as Opposition Fractures
    October 7th election to decide future of Venezuela's 21st Century Socialism

      October 3, 14

    Colombian GM Workers Back on Hunger Strike After Negotiations Break Down
    TRNN exclusive interview with Jorge Parra, president of the Association of Injured Ex-Workers of GM Colombia. Some members have re-sewn their lips shut as they resume their hunger strike to the death.

      October 3, 14

    Obama vs Romney on Human Rights
    Michael Ratner: President Obama’s record on human rights is no better than George Bush

      October 3, 14

    Broken Anvil: Victims Fight for Justice After DEA Operation Leaves Four Dead in Honduras
    Soldiers opened fire from U.S. government helicopters, killing four people, including two pregnant women

      August 21, 2012

    Colombian GM Workers on Hunger Strike Until Death Sew Their Mouths Shut
    Thirteen auto workers in Bogotá, Colombia are completing their third week of a hunger strike they say they won’t end until General Motors agrees to negotiate with their demands. (On Thursday, August 23 the strikers announced that GM had agreed to negotiate. This story was produced in the days prior to this agreement. The full statement from the strikers is included beneath the video player.)

      August 22, 2012

    The US War on Drug Cartels in Mexico is a Deadly Failure
    Mark Karlin: Approximately 50,000 or more Mexicans have been killed since Mexican President Felipe Calderon launched a so-called war on drug cartels.

      September 15, 2012

    Media Repression in Honduras Speaks to U.S. Congress, but is anyone Listening?
    TRNN speaks with the director of Honduran Radio Progreso about the state of terror that has killed more than twenty-five journalists in Honduras over the last three years as he waits to testify before the Human Rights Commission.

      October 3, 14

    Pressure on UN to Take Responsibility for Haiti's Cholera Outbreak
    Documentary film sends strong message linking UN troops as the cause of Cholera outbreak in Haiti

      July 26, 2012

    Roots of Correa's Ecuador
    A big grassroots movement shaped this South American Republic's new policies

      July 20, 2012

    Mass Protests Against Mexican Election Results
    Student movement takes to the streets to reject what they call election fraud

      July 19, 2012

    Thousands of Mexicans Protest Alleged Elections Fraud
    James Cockcroft: Mexican Elite will not allow Andres Lopez Obrador to be President

      October 3, 14

    Is Haiti's Reconstruction Path Paved in Gold?
    Haiti's Gold Discovery Attracts Major US & Canadian Mining Companies

      July 12, 2012

    True Cost of Chevron in Ecuador
    Robinson Yumbo, President of the National Indigenous Federation of the Cofan People on the multi-billion dollar woes of Chevron in Ecuador

      July 6, 2012

    Honduran Resistance Lives On Three Years After Coup
    A video essay shot by Jihan Hafiz (music by Simon Rios)

      October 3, 14

    "True Cost of Chevron" Protest at Shareholders Meeting
    Antonia Juhasz: Chevron CEO fails to disclose significance of massive lawsuits in Brazil, Nigeria and Ecuador to shareholders

      July 3, 2012

    Is Ecuador's Economic Policy a Non Neo-Liberal Alternative?
    Rebecca Ray: Ecuador's economy continues to grow in spite of recession as they pursue policies that target poverty alleviation

      October 3, 14

    Who Wants Peace in Colombia?
    Forrest Hylton: The far right is not interested in a peace process

      October 3, 14

    Argentinian Central Bank Targets Growth, Not Lower Inflation
    John Weeks: The Central Bank of Argentina breaks ranks with neo-liberal banking policy and targets jobs over lower inflation

      October 3, 14

    Is Ecuador's Economic Policy a Non Neo-Liberal Alternative?
    Rebecca Ray: Ecuador's economy continues to grow in spite of recession as they pursue policies that target poverty alleviation

      October 3, 14

    Honduran President Lobo Given Leadership in International Relations Award at CHLI Gala
    Right wing CHLI started by same Cuban American politicians who backed the 2009 Honduran coup and subsequent fraudulent elections that brought Lobo to power

      October 3, 14

    Thousands Call for Peace in Colombia
    Thousands of victims of violence march in Bogota tell warlords they want an end to the conflict

      October 3, 14

    Did Social Over Spending Cause the Euro-Crisis?
    Carlo Panico: Most media pays no attention to scientific economic literature

      October 3, 14

    US Isolated at Summit of Americas
    Alex Main: From Cuba to the war on drugs, only Canada supports US policy

      April 17, 2012

    10 Years Since the Venezuelan Coup
    An excerpt from the film 'Inside the Revolution' that tells the story of the 2002 coup against Hugo Chavez

      April 11, 2012

    The Chávez Model and the Coming Elections
    Gregory Wilpert: Nationalizations and reforms are popular but perceptions of government mismanagement are widespread

      October 3, 14

    US Blocking Cuba Attending Summit of Americas
    Alex Main: Latin America moving away from US control with CELAC, an alternative to OAS

      March 24, 2012

    Chávez Faces Crime and Housing Shortage as Key Issues in Coming Venezuelan Elections
    Gregory Wilpert: Chávez dramatically reduced poverty and remains popular but must solve critical problems plaguing the country

      October 3, 14

    Hundreds Killed in Honduras Jail Fire Shows Post-Coup Impunity
    Guards fired at prisoners trying to escape, part of a militarization of security that does not hold police, soldiers or generals accountable for crimes and human rights violations

      February 24, 2012

    Mexicanos Piden Justicia Por Estudiantes Normalistas Asesinados
    Después del asesinato de dos estudiantes de la Escuela Normal Ayotzniapa, por la policia, durante una manifestacion el diciembre 2011 en el estado sureño de Guerrero, estudiantes Mexicanos han movilizado para pedir justicia y seguir exigiendo reformas educativas.

      October 3, 14

    Ecuador Creating Alternative to Neo-Liberal Model
    Jayati Ghosh: Ecuador raising taxes on wealthy, higher royalties on oil companies and making large social investments

      February 2, 2012

    Chile Rising
    Al Jazeera's Fault Lines follows Chile's student protest movement and examines the underlying issues driving the anger

      January 19, 2012

    Is Canada's Gold Corp. Good for Guatemala? Pt2
    Lyuba Zarsky: Environmental and health effects are a violation of human rights

      November 21, 2011

    Is Canada's Gold Corp. Good for Guatemala?
    Lyuba Zarsky: 85% of gold revenues leave the country, where majority live in poverty

      November 14, 2011

    Argentina's President Fernandez wins landslide poll
    EuroNews: Argentina's centre-left President Cristina Fernandez has scored an easy win in her bid for re-election

      October 25, 2011

    The Deadliest Place in the World for a Journalist
    Mini-documentary on the Honduran journalists that have watched 15 colleagues assassinated in 19 months under the Lobo regime, a government Barack Obama praises for its "strong commitment to democracy"

      October 3, 14

    Student Movement Rocks Chile
    Students campaign against privatized educational system, demand education as a right

      September 2, 2011

    Chilean students demand education reform
    Al Jazeera: Tens of thousands of students demonstrating in the capital against their country's education system

      August 16, 2011

    La Policia de Honduras Arasa con un Pueblo
    Reportaje desde la comunidad campesina de Rigores en el valle Aguán, dondé un desalojo por parte de las autoridades deja a más de cien familias sin hogares

      July 31, 2011

    Honduran Police Burn Community to the Ground
    Homes, churches, schools, and crops all destroyed as the post-coup government continues to side with wealthy plantation owners over the country's organized farmers

      July 31, 2011

    Battling Cancer, Chavez Returns to Venezuela
    Hugo Chavez returned to Caracas on Tuesday, July 5, 2011 from Cuba, still under treatment for cancer

      July 5, 2011

    Fault Lines - Mexico: Impunity and Profits
    Al Jazeera: The border city of Juarez has become infamous as the murder capital of the world

      June 22, 2011

    SlutWalk Lands in Tegucigalpa
    Honduran capital's "Marcha de las Putas" becomes latest site for international movement against blaming victims for sexual violence

      October 3, 14

    Massive Turnout for Zelaya Launches New Chapter of Honduran Struggle
    'Largest gathering in Honduran history' receives deposed leader's return, but where to now for Honduran resistance movement?

      October 3, 14

    Two Years After Coup, Overthrown President Returning to Honduras
    Ex-President Zelaya's return to Honduras not a return to democracy

      May 28, 2011

    Reporting Against Deadly Odds in Mexico
    Al Jazeera: Mexico no longer has a free press because of it's drug war

      May 6, 2011

    Mexican Gangs Move to Honduras
    Tim Johnson: Drug gangs muscle into new territory in Central America

      April 23, 2011

    Special Report: Honduran Teachers Get Shock Treatment
    Post-coup regime in Honduras carrying out unprecedented assault on the most organized sector of the resistance, the teachers

      October 3, 14

    Students Battle Police at Honduran University
    Students and teachers defend against police attack on resistance movement at Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Honduras

      April 1, 2011

    Brutal Repression in Honduras Targets Teachers, Popular Resistance
    Weeks of demonstrations continue against de-facto regime and its plans to privatize public education

      March 31, 2011

    Report from Land Occupations in Post-Coup Honduras
    Poor farmers are taking land from agribusiness that supported the 2009 military coup--and paying with their lives

      March 31, 2011

    Haitians Demand New Elections
    Mark Weisbrot: US pressure forcing election runoff only with candidates they favor

      February 26, 2011

    Waiting for Justice in Haiti: One Year Later Part 7
    Camille Chalmers: Exploring the nature of the crisis in Haiti and the responses it has been given by the international community to this day

      February 26, 2011

    Waiting for Justice in Haiti: One Year Later Part 6
    Josette Perard : On the ground experience helps provide recommendations to help with Haiti's recovery

      February 26, 2011

    Waiting for Justice in Haiti: One Year Later Part 5
    Alexis Erkert Depp: Lack of options and resources leaves thousands of displaced Haitian citizens living in dehumanizing conditions.

      February 26, 2011

    Waiting for Justice in Haiti: One Year Later Part 4
    Maricia Jean : Women in Haiti are subjected to violence and rape post the earthquake due to a lack of infrastructure.

      February 26, 2011

    Waiting for Justice in Haiti: One Year Later Part 3
    Manolia Charlotin: The media's portrayal of Haiti and what you can do to increase accountability. A call to ask questions.

      February 26, 2011

    Waiting for Justice in Haiti: One Year Later Part 2
    Gina Ulysse: Rushing to action is not the solution to Haiti's problems. Talking is action and Haitians need to be included in the conversation.

      February 26, 2011

    Waiting for Justice in Haiti: One Year Later Part 1
    Danny Glover: Haiti's history and Haiti's relationship to today's world

      February 26, 2011

    One Year Later, Life no Better in Haiti
    Nicole Lee: Stability of markets depends on countries like Haiti remaining poor, Europe, US' commitment is to their own subsidies only

      January 12, 2011

    Direct Action from Brazil to Wisconsin
    People in the US are looking to South America for inspiration in occupying homes and factories

      October 3, 14

    WikiLeaks on Latin America
    Jesse Freeston on The 200k Challenge Live Webcast

      December 9, 2010

    Mexican Police Stop COP16-Bound Caravan from Hosting Religious Ceremony at Chichen Itza
    Mobile Broadcast News reports from a convergence of indigenous environmental activists headed to Cancun to oppose UN climate change conference

      October 3, 14

    A Climate Journey - The Andes: Retreat of the Glaciers
    The Guardian: John Vidal takes us through the snow-capped peaks of the Andes, where the Cayambe mountain glaciers are melting

      December 1, 2010

    Mexico's Lost Generation
    Al Jazeera: In Mexico, 35, 000 children under the age of 18, are estimated to have been recruited to work for drug gangs

      November 22, 2010

    The Tyranny of Soy Agribusiness in Paraguay
    Ben Dangl: President Lugo hasn't delivered on promises to the farmers who brought him to power, while transgenic soy farms expand

      October 3, 14

    People & Power - Haiti: Seismic Election
    Al Jazeera: Later this month Haitians will go to the polls to elect a new president to deal with new challenges facing their country

      November 19, 2010

    'Dancing with Dynamite' in South America
    Ben Dangl: Many social movements now opposing the same leaders they helped bring to power

      October 3, 14

    Haiti Storm Threatens Quake Camps
    Al Jazeera: Haiti is bracing for tropical storm which threatens fragile and crowded earthquake survivors

      November 6, 2010

    All the Colonel's Men
    Who was behind Ecuador's 9/30?

      October 26, 2010

    20-Year-Old Student - Mexican Town's Police Chief
    Newsy: Marisol Valles Garcia is a 20-year-old student and mother. She is now the police chief.

      October 23, 2010

    Drug War Deaths Mount in Mexico
    Al Jazeera: Monterrey has become one of Mexico's most violent places

      October 17, 2010

    The Day the President Disappeared
    Ecuadorian filmmaker/journalist Oscar Leon presents Ecuador: Failed Coup or Institutional Crisis Pt. 2/2

      October 3, 14

    Ecuador: Failed Coup or Institutional Crisis?
    Ecuadorian filmmaker Oscar Len presents his take on country's history that led to the crisis, Pt. 1/2

      October 3, 14

    Correa Vows to Punish Rebels
    The Guardian: Ecuador attempted coup: President vows to punish rebels

      October 1, 2010

    Ecuador Troops Rescue President From Rebel Cops
    AP: Ecuadorean soldiers rescued President Rafael Correa overnight after a firefight with rebel police

      October 1, 2010

    Ecuador President Defiant After Failed Coup
    Wilpert: Right-wing forces use recession, President Correa's faltering popularity to launch failed coup

      October 1, 2010

    Turning Point for Colombian Civil War
    Forrest Hylton: Killing of guerrilla leader 'Mono Jojoy' could bring negotiated end to 45-year conflict

      October 3, 14

    Honduran Regime Targets Musicians
    Caf Guancasco, a favorite of the coup resistance movement, sees concert attacked by police and military

      October 3, 14

    Behind Mexico's Bloodshed Pt. 2
    Livesey: In Ciudad Juarez, the murder capital of Mexico, the military is picking winners amongst cartels

      October 3, 14

    Behind Mexico's Bloodshed Pt.1
    Bruce Livesey: While free trade wiped out Mexico's traditional agriculture, the drug cartels moved in

      October 3, 14

    Channel 4: 33 miners react calmly to the news that it may take until Christmas before they are rescued.

      August 27, 2010

    Greg Wilpert: Chavez remains popular but people frustrated with some around him

      September 7, 2010

    Greg Wilpert: Resuming trade critical for both countries

      August 28, 2010

    Forrest Hylton: Is Colombia's new leader stepping back from U.S. plan to isolate Chavez?

      August 14, 2010

    Al Jazeera: Four federal police commanders have been relieved of duty over allegations of corruption

      August 9, 2010

    Channel 4 gains access to US border police and travels with illegal immigrants deported "back home"

      August 7, 2010

    Al Jazeera: Leader of the country's largest rebel group strongly criticizing Juan Manuel Santos

      July 30, 2010

    Al Jazeera: Mezcal worm population is being pushed into decline, due to the drink's growing popularity.

      July 25, 2010

    Al Jazeera: Thousands of people in Peru have moved to gold mining areas in the hope of striking it rich

      July 25, 2010

    Al Jazeera: Deep wounds that fracture Haiti are re-emerging, more gaping than even before

      July 14, 2010

    Al-Jazeera coverage of the debates over how to rebuild Haiti

      July 12, 2010

    Right wins big in Colombia
    Forrest Hylton: Defense minister linked to 'False Positives' murders becomes president

      June 21, 2010

    Why does Cuba fear Miami?
    Cuba5 Pt2: City where terrorists walk free, the govt. pays journalists, and bad trials are good politics

      June 15, 2010

    Media took gov't cash during trial of 'Cuban 5'
    Ten years later, evidence that conviction of 'Cuban 5' influenced by journalists on State Dept payroll

      June 14, 2010

    Honduras journalists under attack
    AlJazeera: At least eight journalists have been murdered in Honduras in less than three months.

      May 24, 2010

    Colombia's ex-defence minister under fire
    Al Jazeera: Santos under fire for his alleged role in the illegal killings of innocent civilians by the

      May 22, 2010

    Talk to Jazeera - Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva
    Al Jazeera: Brazil's president talks about his success and his achievements as president

      May 19, 2010

    Colombian elections headed for upset?
    Hylton: Uribe's hand-picked candidate falling behind, has dark history of political repression

      May 17, 2010

    Colombian elections headed for upset? Pt.2
    Hylton: Mockus a rupture with Uribe but not a break with US; but could relax tension with Venezuela

      May 20, 2010

    Brazil moves to prevent Iran sanctions
    AlJazeera - Brazil's president, to visit Iran in a last effort to help prevent renewed UN sanctions

      May 15, 2010

    US supported economics spurred Mexican emigration
    Pt2 - Dan La Botz: A powerful movement of independent unions has emerged in Mexico

      May 2, 2010

    US military enforces attacks on Haitian unions
    Didier Dominique: US military helping to repress organizing of textile worker's unions in Haiti

      April 29, 2010

    US military enforces attacks on Haitian unions Pt2
    Didier Dominique: Deliberate US policy weakened Haitian farming to create pool of cheap textile labor

      April 30, 2010

    US military enforces attacks on Haitian unions Pt3
    Dominique: Haitian elite want to go back to cheap textile labour and destroying national food production

      May 1, 2010

    Bolivia's resource dilemma
    Government struggles with tension between extraction-based economy and global environmental leadership

      October 3, 14

    Honduran campesinos under the gun Pt.2
    Land conflict in Agun is setting precedents for conflicts to come in post-coup Honduras

      October 3, 14

    Honduran campesinos under the gun Pt1
    Government mobilizes thousands of soldiers during negotiations with peasant plantation occupation

      October 3, 14

    Mexico drug war cartels join forces
    AlJazeera: 23,000 people have died in drug-related violence in Mexico since a military crackdown started

      April 15, 2010

    U.S. covering up reality in Honduras
    State Department campaign denies the systemic repression that continues, nine months after coup

      October 3, 14

    Clinton's Latin American tour
    Mark Weisbrot: Clinton tries to repair US image while urging recognition of controversial Honduran gov't

      March 13, 2010

    Haiti: The politics of rebuilding
    Al Jazeera Fault Lines: For whom will Haiti be rebuilt?

      February 24, 2010

    Colombia's cocaine trail, Pt.2: The labs
    Matthew Bristow reports for The Guardian on the cocaine industry in Colombia

      February 19, 2010

    Colombia's cocaine trail, Pt.1: The farmers
    Matthew Bristow reports for The Guardian on the cocaine industry in Colombia

      February 18, 2010

    Thriving black markets in Haiti aid
    Al Jazeera: Aid agencies believe that 10 per cent of donations are being sold on the black markets

      February 8, 2010

    Haiti Children 'Taken From Unaffected Areas'
    As the US missionaries in Haiti are charged with kidnapping, Channel 4 News reports

      February 5, 2010

    Haitians will defend their sovereignty Pt.3
    Ronald Charles: Private armies continue to defend the interest of Haitian elite

      February 4, 2010

    Haitians will defend their sovereignty Pt.4
    Ronald Charles: Three critical things that must be done to solve the problems of Haiti's future

      February 5, 2010

    Haitians will defend their sovereignty Pt.2
    Ronald Charles: After Haitian revolution, colonial oppression turned into oppression by its ruling elite

      October 3, 14

    Haitian survivors fight for food
    Security situation deteriorates in Haiti's capital Port-au-Prince as residents fight for food.

      January 27, 2010

    Haiti and the 'Devil's Curse'
    Mainstream news attributes Haitian poverty to the supernatural, avoiding history of foreign intervention

      October 3, 14

    Goldcorp shows little respect for local population
    The mine of Canadian Goldcorp Inc. is another blow to the environment and health of local communities.

      March 14, 2010

    Goldcorp shows little respect for local population
    The mine of Canadian Goldcorp Inc. is another blow to the environment and health of local communities.

      March 14, 2010

    Haiti: Guns or food?
    Presence of US troops provides both hope of relief, and fear of continuing legacy of US domination

      October 3, 14

    Fault Lines - Rio: Olympic City - Pt. 1
    Rio de Janeiro between favelas and Olympic plans

      January 10, 2010

    Rio: Olympic City - Pt. 2
    Rio de Janeiro between favelas and Olympic plans

      January 11, 2010

    Prueba de fraude electoral en Honduras
    El Tribunal Supremo Electoral reporta cifras que van en contra de su propio conteo.

      October 3, 14

    TRNN Exclusive: Honduran elections exposed
    Honduran coup regime's claims of more than 60% participation in free and fair election revealed as fraud

      December 8, 2009

    An election validated by blood and repression
    Honduran coup government continues repressive tactics on election day (Report from San Pedro Sula)

      December 3, 2009

    Hondurans set to elect new president
    Sunday's presidential polls seek to end a five-month political stand-off following the military coup

      November 30, 2009

    Honduran Coup's economic basis
    Many say military coup was backed by the country's economic elite but hope elections improve situation

      November 30, 2009

    US to recognize Honduras poll result
    US decided to endorse election, with or without Zelaya in the next government

      November 28, 2009

    Honduras: Elections as coup laundering
    Report from Tegucigalpa: Coup regime rides police state repression into elections hoping for clean slate

      October 3, 14

    El Salvador's gold fight goes international
    After activists block their permit, Canadian company uses US trade agreement to sue Salvadoran gov't

      November 15, 2009

    El Salvador's gold fight goes international
    After activists block their permit, Canadian company uses US trade agreement to sue Salvadoran gov't

      November 15, 2009

    Nothing resolved in Honduras
    Widely-celebrated, US-brokered agreement looks to have strengthened coup instead of reversing it

      October 3, 14

    Clock ticking in Honduras
    Giordano: A month before elections, coup regime that once sought to kill time is now running out of it

      October 3, 14

    Honduras 100 Days of Resistance- Part 2
    Fault Lines' Avi Lewis reports on polarization and power in the Americas

      October 3, 14

    Honduras 100 Days of Resistance Pt1
    Fault Lines' Avi Lewis reports on polarization and power in the Americas

      October 28, 2009

    Peruvian protesters detained, allegedly tortured
    A British mining company is facing a multi-million pound claim for damages

      October 20, 2009

    "Nothing happening" in Honduras
    Military shuts down all anti-coup radio and TV, silencing all reporting on the resistance movement

      October 3, 14

    The siege of Tegucigalpa
    Repression ordered to the neighborhoods of the Honduran capital, forcing the poor to fight or starve

      October 3, 14

    Zelaya's return to Honduras met with force
    Ousted president makes surprise return to the capital, coup government responds with vicious crackdown

      October 3, 14

    Coup inciting revolution in Honduras?
    Oscar Estrada: Oligarchy's attempt to save their neo-liberal project may initiate fall of entire regime

      October 3, 14

    Mr. Zelaya goes to Washington
    Ousted Honduran president brings his story to DC, gets a deceptive response from US State Dept.

      October 3, 14

    Honduran resistance goes it alone
    60 days of anti-coup protests show persistence in civil disobedience and little faith in int'l community

      October 3, 14

    Gold, impunity, violence in El Salvador
    Assassination of anti-mining resistance leader Marcelo Rivera part of terror campaign against activists

      October 3, 14

    Gold, impunity, violence in El Salvador
    Assassination of anti-mining resistance leader Marcelo Rivera part of terror campaign against activists

      October 3, 14

    Battle for the Amazon: People vs the government
    The largest indigenous movement in decades battles to save the Amazon Basin from oil exploitation Pt 2

      August 14, 2009

    Battle for the Amazon: People vs the government
    The largest indigenous movement in decades battles to save the Amazon Basin from oil exploitation Pt 1

      August 13, 2009

    Honduras: Where does Washington stand?
    Hylton: By not taking steps prescribed by US law, US gov't supporting an increasingly repressive regime

      October 3, 14

    US military to set up in Colombia
    Hylton: Rest of South America has reason to be alarmed by future US military presence on Colombian bases

      October 3, 14

    Zelaya supporters claim second protester killed
    Supporters of Zelaya, the ousted Honduran president, say that a second demonstrator has been killed

      July 26, 2009

    Zelaya just one of millions
    Honduran coup plotters' fear isn't losing power to Zelaya or Chavez, it's losing power to Hondurans

      October 3, 14

    The Price of Gold Pt 2
    Argentinean community's environmental crusade against Canadian gold mining giant

      July 25, 2009

    The Price of Gold Pt 1
    Argentinean community's environmental crusade against Canadian gold mining giant

      July 24, 2009

    The Honduran Battle for Washington
    As talks for a peaceful resolution fail, a fierce battle is on to win over the US government

      October 3, 14

    Nicaragua: An unfinished revolution
    Many of the revolution's promises remain unfulfilled

      July 19, 2009

    US immigration crackdown tearing families apart
    In Guatemala a woman lost custody of her two children after US authorities deported her

      July 12, 2009

    Honduran clashes turn deadly
    As the Honduran military thwarted Manuel Zelaya's attempt to land, clashes turn deadly

      July 6, 2009

    Honduran coup resistance growing
    Sandra Cuffe: Military resorts to killing, numbers in streets double - even opponents of Zelaya join in

      July 6, 2009

    Honduras under siege
    Bertha Oliva: Coup leaders reviving despotism of the 80s in bid to crush participatory democracy

      October 3, 14

    Military coup in Honduras
    Tinker-Salas: World leaders unified in calls for return to power of kidnapped president

      October 3, 14

    Inside the Peruvian Amazon
    Ben Powless: President can hunt indigenous leader all he wants, the movement came from below

      June 12, 2009

    Chilean UN rep - Latin America demands equality
    H. Munoz: Latin America no longer an 'unconditional friend' of US as China and India increase presence

      June 10, 2009

    Police in Peru accused of disappearing bodies
    Dozens of people have been killed in clashes between indigenous people and police in Peru

      June 10, 2009

    60 die in Peru rainforest protest
    Clashes between police and indigenous protesters over drilling for oil and gas in rain forest

      June 9, 2009

    War on drugs and Mexico's demise
    Tinker-Salas Pt.2: US-funded militarization didn't stop Colombian drug trade and won't in Mexico either

      October 3, 14

    Free trade and Mexico's drug war
    Miguel Tinker-Salas: Collapse of traditional economy created the space for the cartels to grow

      May 3, 2009

    'If there is no water, the Chipaya have no life'
    The Guardian: Uru Chipaya tribe lifestyle in the Bolivian Andes is being threatened by global warming

      April 27, 2009

    "Avenger against oligarchy" wins in Ecuador
    Ecuador's President Rafael Correa on Sunday declared victory in the country's presidential elections

      April 27, 2009

    Past is present in Latin America Pt.2
    Latin American leaders, born out of US backed repression, demand an end to 50 year-old US-Cuba standoff

      April 24, 2009

    Past is present in Latin America
    At Summit Obama interested in looking forward, while many live the past every day - El Salvador report

      April 19, 2009

    Historic power shift in El Salvador
    Journalist leads former guerrilla army to left's first presidential victory in country's history

      March 19, 2009

    Campaign to close the School of the Americas Pt.2
    Vera Leone: They may have changed the school's name, but we are still seeing the same violent results

      March 2, 2009

    Campaign to close down School of The Americas
    Pablo Ruiz: US tax dollars are used to train Latin American soldiers how to oppress their own people

      February 26, 2009

    Bolivia and the United States Pt4
    Sinclair Thomson on the history of Bolivian-U.S. relations in the 2nd half of the 20th century.

      February 7, 2009

    Bolivia, Obama, and UNASUR Pt3
    New constitution in Bolivia and the new U.S. government

      February 7, 2009

    Bolivia's Constitution and land reform Pt2
    Thomson: The recently passed constitution in Bolivia marks significant concessions by Morales

      January 31, 2009

    Historic referendum passes in Bolivia Pt1
    Thomson: New Bolivian Constitution marks first recognition of indigenous autonomy in 500 years

      January 30, 2009

    Can Chvismo survive without Hugo?
    Polls show majority support Chvez seeking constitutional change so he can run in 2012 Pt2/2

      January 12, 2009

    Will cheap oil compromise Venezuelas revolution?
    Miguel Tinker Salas: Venezuela has been stashing away dollars in preparation for oil price fall

      January 10, 2009

    Colombia: From insults to handshakes
    At Rio Group summit an isolated Colombia backs down and apologizes for military raid into Ecuador

      October 3, 14

    The media and the Venezuelan elections
    US media covers Chavez victory and calls it a defeat

      November 28, 2008

    Colombia in economic crisis
    Forrest Hylton: Uribe is no longer able to create illusion that he is in control

      November 26, 2008

    Angry investors protest in Colombia
    Forrest Hylton: Uribe has shown himself to be incapable of resolving economic issues

      November 23, 2008

    Evo Morales in his own words
    The Bolivian President, on his first visit to Washington, talks about visible change

      November 20, 2008

    Colombia declares emergency over investments
    Government issues four emergency decrees in response to nationwide unrest

      November 19, 2008

    Guardian: Colombians riot over stolen savings
    Thousands of people protest outside of high interest loan agencies

      November 14, 2008

    Bolivia approves new draft constitution
    Forrest Hylton : The fight is not over by any means but Bolivia has entered a new phase

      October 23, 2008

    Colombia's indigenous protest against Uribe
    Thousands gather for 62-mile march to demand justice and land

      October 23, 2008

    Russia draws closer to Venezuela
    Forrest Hylton: Venezuela moves to decrease dependence on the USA, not to threaten it

      October 18, 2008

    Russia and Bolivia ink helicopter deal
    Forrest Hylton: There used to be a recognition of US spheres of influence - all that is over

      October 6, 2008

    Latin American leaders support Morales at UN
    Forrest Hylton: Latin America is leading world in multipolar forms of regional diplomacy

      September 26, 2008

    Morales strengthened by Latin American leaders
    Forrest Hylton: Morales in stronger position in fight with opposition governors

      September 20, 2008

    Bolivia's Morales faces opposition governors
    Latin American leaders support Morales as talks begin in Bolivia between Morales and opposition governors

      September 19, 2008

    New US Commander in Iraq has aggressive reputation
    General Ray Odierno takes over US occupation in Iraq as demonstrators march against Gates' visit

      September 17, 2008

    Bolivia crisis worsens as emergency summit is held
    Forrest Hylton: US is being shut out as South American regional body tries to solve crisis on its own

      September 16, 2008

    Bolivia expels US ambassador
    Forrest Hylton: It's unclear how Morales can appease the autonomists without betraying his platform

      September 13, 2008

    Morales wins referendum but opposition hits back
    Forrest Hylton: The Morales government holds back on use of force against opponents

      August 25, 2008

    Is Betancourt release the end of FARC?
    Plan Colombia weakens FARC but cocaine production up at record levels

      July 5, 2008

    Divided kingdom in Panama
    Guardian: Naso tribe in Seiyik has split over government plan to build a hydroelectric dam on their land

      June 19, 2008

    Obama and a united South America
    Does Obama understand change in South America?

      June 15, 2008

    Chavez tells FARC armed struggle is over
    Chavez asks FARC to release all hostages

      June 12, 2008

    Colombia: What did Interpol find in the laptops?
    Forrest Hylton: This is really about manufacturing threats

      May 22, 2008

    When did the US "lose" Latin America?
    Forrest Hylton: The US is promoting secessionist movements to break up countries it cannot control

      May 11, 2008

    Bolivia: What does Santa Cruz want?
    Forrest Hylton: Santa Cruz state leadership and armed street gangs are overtly racist (part two)

      May 10, 2008

    US backs eastern secession in Bolivia
    Minority landholders vote for independence

      May 9, 2008

    Autonomy vote of rich province in Bolivia illegal
    Autonomy proponents in Santa Cruz claim victory as opposition boycotts referendum

      May 6, 2008

    Volcano erupts after 9000 years
    Hundreds of residents flee volcanoes in Chile and Peru

      May 7, 2008

    Bolivia faces separatist challenge
    Autonomy referendum pits rich oligarchs in Santa Cruz against poor indigenous majority in highlands

      May 3, 2008

    Morales calls for 'reparations to the earth'
    At UN forum on indigenous issues, Bolivian president calls for global economic overhaul

      April 23, 2008

    Paraguay elects left wing former Bishop
    Former Catholic clergyman inflicts crushing victory on ruling right wing party in power since 1947

      April 21, 2008

    61 years of right-wing rule could end in Paraguay
    Party of former Catholic bishop could make Paraguay the next Latin country to vote in the left

      April 18, 2008

    Dems snooze through Latin America's wake-up call
    Pepe Escobar: Latin American leaders bypass US and find solutions to internal conflict

      March 11, 2008

    Colombia: From insults to handshakes
    At Rio Group summit an isolated Colombia backs down and apologizes for military raid into Ecuador

      March 9, 2008

    Colombian attack on FARC in Ecuador
    Pepe Escobar: Tension grows between Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador

      March 6, 2008

    Bolivia to hold referendum on new constitution
    Raw News: Report on raucous session of national assembly as referendum legislation passes

      February 29, 2008

    Free Trade unions in Cuba
    Pepe Escobar on the need for independent trade unions

      February 21, 2008

    Bolivia accepts US explanations in spy scandal
    Bolivian ministers meet US ambassador and reach agreement

      February 15, 2008

    US spy scandal in Bolivia
    US embassy official in Bolivia recalled to Washington after asking student to spy on foreign nationals

      February 12, 2008

    On the road in Bolivia
    From his recent trip, Pepe Escobar on La Paz: Showdown between Morales and the elite state governors

      February 12, 2008

    The rise of neo-fascism in Bolivia
    Pepe Escobar in Sucre: "bastion of the extreme right"

      February 7, 2008

    Report on Bolivia's revolution
    Pepe Escobar reports on his recent trip to "the most important social revolution in the world"

      February 7, 2008

    Bolivia and democracy
    Jean Paul Guevara: President Morales attempts a peaceful and democratic change (2 of 5)

      February 1, 2008

    Conflict over fundamental change in Bolivia
    Jean Paul Guevara: Bolivian indigenous people demand a transformation (1 of 5)

      January 29, 2008

    Colombian hostages released
    Colombian rebels FARC release hostages to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez

      January 11, 2008

    Chavez and the referendum
    Gregory Wilpert on the Venezuelan referendum (1 of 3)

      December 5, 2007

    Chavez and why the referendum failed
    Gregory Wilpert on the Venezuelan referendum (2 of 3)

      December 5, 2007

    How does U.S. TV cover Venezuela?
    Danny Schechter "The News Dissector": Television coverage of the Venezuelan referendum

      December 10, 2007

    Venezuela votes no
    Humberto Mrquez on why "no" won

      December 4, 2007

    Struggle over Venezuela referendum
    Mass demonstrations for and against as Venezuelans head to the polls

      November 30, 2007

    Venezuela's referendum: What's at stake?
    Mark Weisbrot: The constitutional referendum and the media's "anti-Chavez" slant

      November 30, 2007

    Bolivia's Morales reaches out to middle class
    Polls suggest Evo Morales, the Bolivian president, is likely to clinch a first-round election win

      December 6, 2009

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