Latin America

Latin America

Cash-Strapped Puerto Rico at Hedge Funds' Mercy (2/2)
TRNN's Jessica Desvarieux explores how investment funds OppenheimerFunds and Franklin Advisers are pressuring Puerto Rico to pay in full, while Congress won't grant the island nation authority to file for bankruptcy. But is this a ploy to further privatize Puerto Rico?

  July 24, 2015

Estamos de Vuelta! The Cuban Embassy Reopens
Lawrence Wilkerson, retired army colonel and former chief of staff for Colin Powell, discusses what he sees as positives and potential negatives in the new Cuban/North American relations

  July 21, 2015

The Confluence of African Politics: Brazil, Cuba and the U.S.
Author and scholar Dr. Ollie Johnson discusses his recent work on Africans in Brazil and Malcolm X's Relationship to the Cuban Revolution

  July 17, 2015

How Tax Dodging Put Puerto Rico on the Road to Debt (1/2)
TRNN's Jessica Desvarieux reports on how Puerto Rico's tax policy exempts billions of big pharmaceutical companies' profits, leaving at least $15 billion out of the revenue stream while the country wallows in debt.

  July 14, 2015

Puerto Rico's Debt Is Not Financial, It's Colonial: The Political Imprisonment of Oscar Lopez Rivera
Vicente "Panama" Alba joined us from Puerto Rico to discuss the political imprisonment and repression of Puerto Rican Nationalists

  July 3, 2015

Puerto Rico on the Brink of Financial Collapse
Economist James Henry breakdowns the hedge funds, bond holders, and wealthy individuals who have benefited from Puerto Rico's triple tax exempt status

  July 2, 2015

Resistencia: Trailer
Feature documentary from former Real News journalist, Jesse Freeston, on the plantation occupation movement that rose up in response to the 2009 coup d'etat in Honduras.

  June 28, 2015

The Global African: Extreme Xenophobia in the Dominican Republic
The Global African takes a look at the prejudice currently in the Dominican Republic, the history of segregation in public spaces, and a special comment on the Charleston shooting.

  June 27, 2015

How Big Business Fuels Haitian-Dominican Tensions
With hundreds of descendants of Haitian migrants facing deportation, Haitian Lawyer Network's President Ezili Danto explains how Haitian and Dominican oligarchs exploit Haitian laborers and fuel xenophobia

  June 18, 2015

UN Peacekeepers in Haiti Force Girls to Trade Sex for Food, Medicine
IJDH executive director Brian Concannon and Code Blue co-founder Paula Donovan discuss the lack of accountability within the UN and the reforms needed for victims seeking justice

  June 11, 2015

GAO Report Finds USAID's Haiti Projects "Unsustainable"
CUNY Assoc. Prof. Francois Pierre-Louis and CEPR researcher Jake Johnston explain key findings in a report and the American development agency's creation of a shadow government in Haiti

  June 8, 2015

Cubans Press for Embargo to be Lifted
Glen Ford: The Cuban economy can no longer survive without opening to U.S. markets, but Cubans are struggling to find policies that balance socialist ideals with capitalism.

  May 17, 2015

Brazil Analysis: Upper Middle Class Demonstrations Against President Dilma Rousseff (2/2)
Professor Alfredo Saad-Filho of SOAS, University of London says at the heart of the problem is corruption that has plagued the country for over 500 years. The financing of elections is another major issue.

  April 27, 2015

Brazil Analysis: Upper Middle Class Demonstrations Against President Dilma Rousseff (1/2)
Prof. Alfredo Saad-Filho of SOAS, University of London says that the demonstrators along with several right wing parties are demanding the return of their privileges

  April 26, 2015

Eduardo Galeano Ruptured the Veins of Imperialism in Latin America
Mark Fried, Galeano's long-time collaborator and translator, gives us an inside look at the poet and his verse

  April 19, 2015

Lessons from the Summit of the Americas
Mark Weisbrot, co-founder of CEPR, says the U.S. will realize that it won't be able to normalize relations with Cuba without first normalizing relations with the rest of the hemisphere

  April 14, 2015

The Global African: The Summit of the Americas & Reparations Conference
In this episode of teleSUR's The Global African, host Bill Fletcher examines the upcoming Summit of The Americas, recent Nigerian elections, and a conference on reparations.

  April 10, 2015

Summit of the Americas: U.S. Agenda is to Push TPP to Split Latin American Integration
Miguel Tinker Salas say the new U.S. agenda is an old one, a free trade agreement; this time it's the Trans-Pacific Partnership, many call NAFTA on steroids

  April 10, 2015

Summit of the Americas: U.S. Hopes to Regain Control of the Political Process
Alex Main says the U.S. prefers a capitalist democracy to dictatorships, as long as it can control the outcome of elections

  April 9, 2015

U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Criticizes Solidarity of Latin American Countries for Venezuela
Miguel Tinker-Salas says the U.S. plan to destabilize and isolate Venezuela has backfired as most Latin American states resent the interference and threats against Venezuela

  April 9, 2015

The Summit of the Americas in the Context of US Imperialism
Scholar and activist Gerald Horne traces modern-day US foreign policy in Latin America to its colonial roots

  April 10, 2015

Summit of the Americas: All Eyes on Cuba
Glen Ford, executive editor of Black Agenda Report talks about the implications of having Cuba at the table and the growing calls to lift sanctions on Venezuela

  April 10, 2015

Senate Tackles Root Causes of Central American Migration, But Ignores Trade Deals
The Senate Homeland Security Committee said that crime is driving the recent uptick in immigration to the U.S., while ignoring the effects sweeping trade deals like NAFTA and CAFTA

  April 2, 2015

What Happened to Haiti's Plan to 'Build Back Better'?
Economist James Henry discusses how the Clintons and the international community backed the development of luxury hotels and textile factories in Haiti's capital while paying minimal attention to structural issues like rule of law and tax reform

  March 23, 2015

Chile's Growing Corruption Scandal Underscores Need for Whistleblower Protections
Former financial regulator Bill Black reports on a corruption scandal embroiling Chile's conservative party and business executives

  March 16, 2015

U.S. Sanctions Against Venezuela Denounced by Latin American Leaders
Miguel Tinker-Salas says U.S. attempts to destabilize Maduro's government will backfire

  March 11, 2015

Who's Behind the Restoration of US-Cuba Relations?
A Cuban-US caravan of academics, social movements and trade organizations were at the centre of negotiations leading to the restoration of diplomatic relations between the two countries, says Larry Wilkerson

  March 11, 2015

Venezuelan Gov. Releases Audio of Coup Plotters
On Thursday, Venezuela officials released recordings of what it said was proof that opposition figures and some military officers were plotting to overthrow the government - Analysis with Miguel Tinker Salas and Paul Jay

  February 27, 2015

Bill O'Reilly May Have Covered-Up a Massacre
Greg Grandin, columnist for The Nation, reports that Bill O'Reilly may have deliberately ignored the 1982 massacre of hundreds in El Mozote, El Salvador while reporting as a foreign correspondent for CBS Nightly News

  February 25, 2015

Opposition Leaders Issued a Statement to Signal the Launch of the Foiled Coup
Lucas Koerner, journalist in Caracas for discusses what he knows thus far about the foiled coup in Venezuela

  February 17, 2015

Haiti 5 Years After Devastating Earthquake
TRNN's Jessica Desvarieux reviews Haiti's most significant moments in 2014 and looks at how the country is recovering from the 2010 earthquake

  January 12, 2015

USAID Will Continue Its 'Democracy' Program in Cuba
The US won't be required to halt its 'Democracy' Program' in Cuba, says Sujatha Fernandes, Professor of Sociology at Queens College, while the release of the Cuban Five remains testimony to the great endurance of the Cuban people says James Early of the Smithsonian Institute

  December 30, 2014

Cuba has Never Been Culturally Isolated, Just Shielded From the US
The rich cultural life of Cuba thriving and democracy will not be exported to Cuba from the US, it is already working in the form of participatory democracy, says James Early of the Smithsonian Institute and Sujatha Fernandes, Professor of Sociology at Queens College and the Graduate Center at CUNY.

  December 29, 2014

Diplomatic Relations with Cuba and Sanctions for Venezuela
Last week's much-hailed normalization of relations with Cuba was followed by sanctions against Venezuela the very next day, says Alex Main of the Center for Economic and Policy Research

  December 23, 2014

Diplomatic Relations with Cuba and Sanctions for Venezuela
The much-hailed normalization of relations with Cuba was followed by sanctions against Venezuela the very next day, says Alex Main of the Center for Economic Policy Research

  December 19, 2014

The US and Cuba Restore Diplomatic Relations With A Spy Swap
The US has finally admitted defeat in its policies of trying to isolate and overthrow the government of Cuba says, Reese Erlich a freelance journalist and author

  December 19, 14

The Three Remaining 'Cuban 5' Go Home
In a historic move bypassing congress, President Obama restores diplomatic relations with Cuba, and in a simultaneous telecast President Raul Castro hails the decision but reminds us that the blockade is still in place, says Michael Ratner of the Center for Constitutional Rights

  December 19, 14

Will South America Bring Life to the Bank of the South?
The countries of South America need their alternative to the World Bank to step forward; if not, they will be back in crisis, explains historian and sovereign debt expert Eric Toussaint

  December 19, 14

A Second Mexican Revolution in the Works (2/2)
Climate of impunity persists in Mexico and only 6.8 % of the 33 million crimes committed in 2013 were ever investigated says John M. Ackerman, Professor at the National Autonomous University of Mexico

  December 15, 2014

A Second Mexican Revolution in the Works
The case of the 43 missing students has sparked a second revolution in Mexico as the discontent over current socio-economic conditions grows, says John M. Ackerman, Professor at the National Autonomous University of Mexico

  December 15, 14

Who Is in Charge of Development: The Elite or the Majorities? (2/2)
The conclusion of a conversation with UN economist Richard Kozul-Wright on the far-reaching impact of a lecture given by Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa on the politics of development

  December 9, 14

Tens of Thousands March to End Impunity for the Mexican Narco-State
Prof. John Ackerman argues that outrage over the 43 recently disappeared college students has the potential to unite social forces to challenge the US-backed Mexican narco-state

  November 12, 14

After Re-election, Rousseff Faces A Conservative Congress in Brazil
Michael Fox of teleSUR says Dilma's campaign was won by building on Lula's legacy of social inclusion and supporting political reform

  October 28, 14

Ecuador to Adopt Digital Currency
Economist Bill Black says Ecuador's plan is supposed to provide bank services to rural communities through mobile phones

  October 3, 14

Xavante's Song
Hiparidi Top'Tiro Xavante says indigenous peoples of the Amazon are uniting to defend their way of life and protect the biodiversity of the "lungs of the world"

  October 3, 14

Protecting the Amazon Includes Defending Indigenous Rights
Hiparidi Top'Tiro Xavante says indigenous peoples of the Amazon are uniting to defend their way of life and protect the biodiversity of the "lungs of the world"

  October 3, 14

Argentina Sues U.S. in World Court to Stop Vulture Fund Billionaire
Greg Palast: President Obama has failed to exercise his authority to stop a New York judge from ordering Argentina to pay

  August 8, 2014

The Forces behind Argentina's Default
James Henry explains why Argentina has a U.S. court deciding its financial fate and how this profits vulture capitalists like Paul Singer

  October 3, 14

Dave Zirin: Abolish FIFA
Sports journalist Dave Zirin says bribery and corruption are endemic to FIFA, and discusses what could take its place in the world of soccer

  June 17, 2014

U.S. Supreme Court Preserves Power of Finance Over Argentina
Bill Black reports on the significance of the refusal of the U.S. Supreme Court to hear cases involving Argentinian debt obligations to international creditors

  October 3, 14

Child Detainees Victims of US Immigration Policy Based On Mass Incarceration & Detention
As the harsh conditions faced by children in overcrowded immigration detention centers dominate headlines, The Real News looks at the policy that created these conditions

  October 3, 14

Protesters Clash with Police in Brazil - Dave Zirin on World Cup 2014 (1/2)
Dave Zirin, author of "Dancing with The Devil", on why Brazilian protesters are fighting against the sport they love

  October 3, 14

Brazilian Military Deployed, Civil Unrest Intensifies Two Days Before World Cup
The Brazilian government deploys more than 200,000 troops after workers across sectors continue to strike. Amnesty International warns the Brazilian government's response to protests and strikes could lead to indiscriminate violence.

  October 3, 14

Brazilian Workers Strike and Protest Runup to World Cup
Throughout the month of May, Brazilian workers have been staging strikes throughout the country, causing major disruptions daily. In Salvador, a recent public transportation strike brought the city to a grinding halt for two days. On the eve of the World Cup, public outrage towards the government for its mismanaging public funds for the games is intensifying

  June 3, 2014

Corpos enchem o necroterio durante a greve da Policia Militar
Corpos enchem o necroterio durante a greve da Policia Militar

  October 3, 14

TRNN Original Report: Brazilian Police on Strike Abandon Salvador Streets As the City's Death Toll Rises
More than 150 people have been killed throughout Brazil's northeast state Bahia, after police go on strike demanding higher pay - a move that's viewed as quite political ahead of elections

  April 25, 2014

The Modern History of Venezuela and Popular Democracy - Edgardo Lander on RAI (9/9)
On Reality Asserts Itself, Mr. Lander assesses Chavez's attempt to establish a participatory democracy that changed the structure of power and decision making

  October 3, 14

The Modern History of Venezuela, The Protests and Democracy - Edgardo Lander on RAI (8/9)
On Reality Asserts Itself, Mr. Lander says while there are problems with the democratic process in Venezuela, the current protests are anti-democratic attempts to bring down an elected government

  October 3, 14

The Modern History of Venezuela, Why Still So Much Crime? - Edgardo Lander on Reality Asserts Itself (7/9)
On Reality Asserts Itself, Mr. Lander analyzes why the Chavez and Maduro governments have so far been unable to reduce the high rates of murder and violent crime

  October 3, 14

The Modern History of Venezuela and the Need for a Post-Oil Economy - Edgardo Lander on RAI (6/9)
On Reality Asserts Itself, Mr. Lander says to strengthen democracy, develop food sovereignty and help save the planet, Venezuela must develop a plan to transition away from an extractive economy

  October 3, 14

The Modern History of Venezuela: The Bolivarian Revolution - Edgardo Lander on Reality Asserts Itself (5/9)
Mr. Lander discusses the achievements and failures of the revolution led by President Hugo Chavez

  April 16, 2014

One Percent of Environmentalists Killings Lead to Convictions
Global Witness report co-author Oliver Courtney discusses the alarming number of murders in South America and how governments and corporations work in unison to subvert indigenous rights

  October 3, 14

The Modern History of Venezuela from 1973 to the Caracazo Massacre - Edgardo Lander on Reality Asserts Itself (3/9)
Mr. Lander traces the history of Venezuela from the rise of neo-liberal capitalism to the suppression and slaughter of protesters against it

  April 15, 2014

The Modern History of Venezuela from 1908 to 1973 - Edgardo Lander on Reality Asserts Itself (2/9)
Mr. Lander traces the history of Venezuela from dictatorship to attempts at democratic governments and back

  April 14, 2014

The Beginning of the Chavez Era - Edgardo Lander on Reality Asserts Itself (4/9)
Mr. Lander, with host Paul Jay, traces the events that set the stage for the Bolivarian Revolution and the Chavez era of Venezuela

  October 3, 14

From Exile to Radicalization in Venezuela - Edgardo Lander on Reality Asserts Itself (1/9)
Mr. Lander tells Paul Jay that in '98, when he saw the whole of the establishment getting together to defeat Chavez, he voted for him even though he had a lot of reasons not to like him

  October 3, 14

Will Venezuela's New Floating Exchange Rate Curb Inflation?
Mark Weisbrot: New exchange rate is intended to safeguard the importation of essential and primary goods

  October 3, 14

How the Ecuadorian Economy Grew in a Global Recession
Economist Bill Black discusses how the investment in education, healthcare, and infrastructure fueled Ecuador's economic "miracle"

  October 3, 14

TRNN Debate: What's Driving Inflation in Venezuela? (2/2)
Greg Wilpert and John Weeks continue their discussion on the causes and possible solutions to the high inflation in Venezuela

  October 3, 14

Puerto Rican Independence Movement and Cuba Further Radicalized Me - Michael Ratner on RAI (5/7)
Mr. Ratner tells Paul Jay that in the 70's, the thrust for a more radical movement in New York was led by the fight for Puerto Rican independence

  March 11, 2014

TRNN Debate: What's Driving Inflation in Venezuela? (1/2)
Greg Wilpert and John Weeks discuss the causes and possible solutions to the high inflation in Venezuela

  March 14, 2014

Venezuela One Year After Chavez's Passing
Latin American studies professor Miguel Tinker Salas and journalist Ewan Robertson discuss the presidency of Hugo Chavez

  March 5, 2014

Venezuela Anti-Government Protests Lack Support from the Barrios
Lisa Sullivan & Ryan Mallett-Outtrim report from Venezuela that the country's anti government protests are continuing with no end in sight but continue to lack appeal in low income neighborhoods

  March 4, 2014

Venezuela Opposition Boycotts Maduro-Backed Peace Conference As Unrest Continues
Alexander Main & Miguel Tinker Salas argue that Venezuela opposition protests do not include broad segments of the population and are aimed at destabilizing the elected government of Nicholas Maduro

  February 27, 2014

Why is Inflation So High in Venezuela?
Gregory Wilpert (2/2): Attempting to build socialism surrounded by a global capitalist economy and being reliant on oil revenues, Venezuela is struggling to find a solution to capital flight and exchange rate problems

  October 3, 14

Venezuela Protests Reveal Rivalry in Opposition Leadership
Gregory Wilpert (1/2): High inflation and shortages trigger a protest movement that splits opposition camp

  October 3, 14

Venezuelan Opposition Divided On Question of Regime Change
Steve Ellner: As both sides continue to mobilize supporters, class divisions within Caracas will limit the opposition's ability to oust the Maduro regime

  October 3, 14

'Tres Amigos' Mexico Summit Advancing Neoliberal Reforms
John Ackerman and Jeff Faux discuss how the meeting between the heads of Canada, Mexico and the United States will advance policies that increase inequality and fuel drug-related violence in Mexico

  October 3, 14

US Backing the Destabilization of Venezuela
Keane Bhatt: Elite forces in Venezuela and the US are determined to undermine the accomplishments of the Bolivarian revolution

  October 3, 14

Will Mexico's Successful Anti-Cartel Militias' Seek Systemic Change?
Mexico's anti-drug cartel and corruption vigilante groups are growing in power and influence, but whose interests do they serve?

  October 3, 14

Mexico's Vigilante Groups Are a Force to Reckon with for Drug Cartels and Army
The Mexican Federal Government negotiated a deal with the "Autodefensas", or community militias, as they fight to loosen the drug cartel's monopoly on power and violence in the Mexican state of Michoacan

  August 3, 2015

2013: A Deadly Year For Journalists
Four Al-Jazeera journalists remain imprisoned in Egypt, whose US-backed regime is among the most repressive countries suppressing the free press

  October 3, 14

20 Years on, Mexico is NAFTA's Biggest Lie
Tim Wise: The numbers expose the official distortions around NAFTA's failed promises

  October 3, 14

Zapatista's Warning Over NAFTA Rings True 2 Decades Later
Zapatistas correctly predicted that neoliberal economic policies like NAFTA would exacerbate poverty and undermine democracy

  October 3, 14

CIA Aiding Colombian Government in Assassinations of FARC Leadership
The Washington Post exposes how the CIA and NSA have transferred advanced tracking technology to the Colombian government to help eliminate FARC leadership, despite human right violations against its civilian population

  December 24, 2013

Uruguay Becomes First Country To Fully Legalize Marijuana
The small Latin American country of Uruguay has become the only country that allows growing and selling marijuana

  October 3, 14

Local Communities vs Economic Development in Ecuador
In San Jose de Intag, indigenous communities face an ill-matched battle to defend their environment against mega mining projects

  October 3, 14

Honduran Elections: Another Chapter of the Coup
In the absence of a trustworthy process, those who took power by force in 2009 will stay in power

  October 3, 14

Thousands in Honduras Decry "Fraudulent" Election and Call for Recount
Activists and some election observers in Honduras vow to call for free and fair recount in election they say as rigged in favor of the ruling conservative party

  October 3, 14

Alleged Voting Irregularities Mar Honduran Elections
Left leaning opposition Libre Party decries electoral fraud, refuses to recognize official results indicating win for ruling right wing National Party

  October 3, 14

Honduran Presidential Election In Limbo
Honduran presidential candidate and wife of ousted-leftist president Xiomara Castro cries fraud in election, as nations seen as US proxies congratulate ruling party candidate.

  October 3, 14

Venezuela Tightens State Control Over Its Economy
Gregory Wilpert: Venezuela Strengthens State Control Over Economy in Effort to Combat Inflation

  October 3, 14

Political Repression Intensifies Ahead of Honduran Presidential Election
Jesse Freeston: Violence and political repression by western-backed Honduran military raises questions if Sunday's presidential election will be open and fair

  October 3, 14

Nicaraguan President Ortega's Power Grab
James Henry: Daniel Ortega accumulating power, giving tax breaks to the rich instead of addressing inequality

  October 3, 14

Ecuadorian Tribesmen Killed in Army Raid
In Ecuador, social and political conflict continues, amid a governmental and private push to exploit mining resources, despite resistance from indigenous movements.

  October 3, 14

Colombian Farmers and Union Activists Under Attack
Social justice activists face grave risks in Colombia, considered to have one of the worst human rights record in the Western Hemisphere

  October 3, 14

Colombian Peace Talks Advance, Both Sides Optimistic
Gregory Wilpert: As Colombia marks one-year anniversary of peace negotiations, both the FARC and government officials work to end decades-long conflict

  October 3, 14

New GMO Crops Temporarily Blocked in Mexico
Timothy Wise: Anti-GMO activists in Mexico score a major, if tentative, victory.

  October 3, 14

Colombian Villagers Blockade State Drilling Project
Citing environmental concerns, central Colombian villages use months of direct action to delay planned state oil project.

  October 3, 14

First-Ever Case of Canadian Mining Company Going To Trial In Canada For Alleged Abuses Abroad
The trial of HudBay Minerals marks a first-time legal precedent of a Canadian company being held to account in Canadian courts for alleged shootings and gang rapes in Guatemala

  October 3, 14

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