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India's Far-Right PM Modi 'Not Welcome' in London
While India's Hindu-nationalist Prime Minister Narendra Modi travels to Britain to sign a free trade deal, activist Amrit Wilson says the BJP government is stoking communal and sexual violence against women, Muslims, and Dalits

  April 22, 2018

Korean Peninsula in Historic Peace Talks - Thanks to Activists, Not Trump
South and North Korea are considering a peace treaty after six decades of war. Simone Chun says this is the result of years of grassroots organizing and protests

  April 20, 2018

Philippines' Drug War Kills Poor Addicts, Not Rich Dealers
Most of the thousands killed in Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's violent war on drugs have been poor addicts. Ex-lawmaker Walden Bello discusses how the middle class is the social base for far-right movements

  April 18, 2018

Should China Maintain its Non-interference Policy toward Africa?
One of the key characteristics of China's foreign policy is mutual respect and non-interference towards Africa's internal affairs, but should China step in to resolve conflict where human rights violations occur?

  March 13, 2018

BJP's Electoral Success in Northeast India a Blow to the Left
The ruling party of India, the BJP, strengthened its position in the country's northeast after winning elections in three states, with the victory in Tripura ending 25 years of Communist rule. Journalist Sangeeta Barooah Pisharoty discusses the BJP's victory and the region's political shift

  March 11, 2018

Why the Panic over Korea Peace Talks? (2/2)
As President Trump and Kim Jong-Un agree to historic talks, centrist voices are expressing alarm based on a self-serving and false reading of history, says Timothy Shorrock

  March 10, 2018

A New Chapter in China-Africa Relations
The political and economic relationship between China and Africa, which has steadily intensified since the '90s, is very different than the relationships African countries have had with other capitalist powers. China's own colonial past is a big factor, says Dr. Zhiqun Zhu of Bucknell University

  March 8, 2018

How Did Communist China Become a Capitalist Superpower?
In his new book, "Competing Economic Paradigms in China," Steve Cohn examines how China's economic policy went from Maoist to "iron rice bowl" to neoliberal

  March 2, 2018

Philippine War on Drugs a Cover for President Duterte's Fascism?
President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines is waging an all-out war on drugs and drug addicts, with as many as 12,000 killed since it started in mid 2016. With backing from the Trump administration, Duterte is also using this war to crack down on leftist rebels and other critics

  February 19, 2018

Korean Olympic Unity Gives US War Plans a 'Bloody Nose'
North and South Korea will march together at the upcoming Winter Olympics, raising hopes of de-escalation. This, amid talk of a new U.S. strategy dubbed "Bloody Nose" and a U.S.-led summit promoting other aggressive steps. Christine Ahn, who organized a counter-summit of women peace activists, explains

  January 20, 2018

North and South Korea Talk, but Is Trump in the Way?
Following more belligerence from President Trump's Twitter account, North and South Korea have announced their first direct talks in years. It's a big step towards rapprochement, says journalist Tim Shorrock, but the U.S. could be a major obstacle

  January 5, 2018

Myanmar's Policy Towards Rohingya Minority Being Called 'Apartheid'
Amnesty International released a report in which it calls Myanmar's treatment of the Rohingya minority 'apartheid' because they are being targeted as an ethnic group. Tun Khin of the Burmese Rohingya Organisation UK and Shir Hever of TRNN discuss what this means

  November 26, 2017

Xi Jinping: China's 'Chairman of Everything'
China's President Xi Jinping has been incorporated into the communist party's constitution, during the 19th party congress. This puts him at a far higher level than China's previous two leaders, on a par with Mao and Deng Xiaoping, explains Prof. Jeff Wasserstrom of UC Irvine

  November 1, 2017

Cables Show US Complicity in Indonesia Genocide
Newly published cables detail the critical U.S. role in the Indonesian military's genocidal campaign against communists and dissidents in 1965. We speak to scholar Brad Simpson, who oversaw the documents' publication for the National Security Archive

  October 23, 2017

Many Parties Complicit in Rohingya Ethnic Cleansing
The persecution of Rohingya Muslims goes beyond religious intolerance, says Dr. Elizabeth Hurd, professor of politics at Northwestern University

  October 17, 2017

Real Media: Women's Narratives - The Real Cost of Selling Weapons
Two women from conflict zones in Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe explain the costs of war and the arms trade for their homelands, and in particular the impact on women

  September 18, 2017

Burma's Rohingya Muslims Face Worst Crisis Yet
After decades of persecution, a Burmese military campaign has forced more than 150,000 Rohingya Muslims to flee deadly attacks

  September 8, 2017

Former Nuclear Inspector: Calling North Korea Nuclear-Capable is a 'Gross Exaggeration'
Robert Kelley, former IAEA director of nuclear inspections, says we still lack evidence needed to determine whether North Korea detonated a hydrogen bomb

  September 5, 2017

Unmasking the Horror of Duterte
Executive Producer Eddie Conway speaks with Nerissa Balce, professor of Asian and Asian American Studies at SUNY Stonybrook in Long Island, examining the extra-judicial killings in the Philippines under President Rodrigo Duterte

  September 5, 2017

North Korea Fires Missile Over Japan: What Happens Next?
The U.N. Security Council will likely try to pass another round of sanctions, but sanctions have done nothing to stop North Korea from advancing its nuclear missile program, and will probably exacerbate an already volatile situation, says Christine Ahn of Women Cross DMZ

  August 29, 2017

What South Koreans Can Teach US About Resisting Trump
As thousands of South Koreans protest the U.S. THAAD missile system in their country, journalist Tim Shorrock says the grassroots movement that drove out a corrupt president in 2016 offers lessons to Americans resisting Donald Trump

  August 19, 2017

The History of Guam
Guam is a virtual US colony, whose residents have been denied the rights afforded to other Americans, says professor David Vine

  August 11, 2017

Has Trump Threatened Nuclear War on North Korea?
As President Trump threatens North Korea "with the fire and the fury like the world has never seen," the need for diplomacy is as urgent as ever, says veteran journalist Tim Shorrock

  August 8, 2017

Wilkerson: Trump is Clueless on North Korea
As the US pushes through new sanctions on North Korea, direct negotiations are the only way to defuse the nuclear standoff, says Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson

  August 8, 2017

South Korea Voters Oust Conservatives, Usher in Dialogue with North
Author and journalist Suki Kim says South Korea's election of Moon Jae-in, ending a decade of conservative government, is a rejection of neoliberal policies at home and of U.S.-fueled tensions with the North.

  May 10, 2017

Wilkerson: U.S. Incoherence, THAAD Missile System Disrupt the Korean Peninsula
Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell, says the Trump administration's mixed messages on North Korea and the new THAAD missile system are sowing confusion in the Korean Peninsula ahead of a crucial South Korean vote

  May 2, 2017

BJP Wins India's Largest State in Elections, Further Consolidating Modi's Power
NewsClick founder Prabir Purkayastha says the secular and social inclusion agendas have lost to the pro-business, anti-Muslim agenda of Narendra Modi - and no oppositional force looks ready to challenge the BJP in the 2019 elections

  March 17, 2017

Has the Conservative Party in South Korea Lost Its 10-Year Grip on Power?
Asia Institute director Emanuel Pastreich says geopolitical uncertainties between the U.S., China, and North Korea could lead to great political and economic instability in the region

  March 16, 2017

Protest Against Mass Rapes in Korea During WW2 Prompts Recall of Japanese Envoy
The Japanese government has refused to accept the responsibility of being a former colonizer, says Aisa Kiyosue

  January 16, 2017

Economy Shrinks Under Modi-fied India
Raja M. Nah discusses how demonetisation has adversely impacted manufacturing and agricultural growth in India, and how cash stringency will compel firms to reduce labour cost and thus reduce income of the working class

  December 28, 2016

Are the Wheels about to Fall off of India's Economy?
Shankar Raghuraman of The Times of India says demonetisation has proved to be a farce. - TRNN/Newsclick Joint Production

  December 27, 2016

Defense Deal: India Caught in US Strategic Grip
Public policy analyst D. Raghunandan discusses India's new status of Major Defense Partner of the United States. - Newsclick/TRNN Joint Production

  December 19, 2016

What Does Paris Climate Agreement Ratification Mean for India?
The draft of the Paris climate change agreement ignores many submissions by developing countries, breaches India's non-negotiable red lines, and is inimical to the country's interests, says D. Raghunandan of the Delhi Science Forum

  October 11, 2016

Balochistan: India Opening the Pandora's Box
Baloch nationalism and international economic interests in the region have the potential to disturb India's relations with Iran and Pakistan, says former Naval Lt. Commander Atul Bhardwaj - TRNN/Newsclick Joint Production

  September 28, 2016

Robert Scheer: US Pledge of $90 Million to Laos for Cluster Munitions Legacy is 'Chump Change'
If the word 'terrorism' has any meaning, it applies to the US bombings in Laos and Vietnam, says the Truthdig editor-in-chief

  September 8, 2016

Chinese Foreign Minister's Visit Brings No Reset of India-China Relations
Former naval Lt. Commander Atul Bhardwaj says the visit primarily dealt with the arrangements for President Xi Jingping's visit to the BRICS summit being held in Goa in October 2016.

  August 29, 2016

On Fourth Visit to the US as Prime Minister, Modi Seeks Boost in Defense Ties
Discussing India Prime Minister Modi's visit, Former Naval Commander Atul Bhardwaj argues India is being drawn into a strategic cooperation with the US that is focused on containing China. The cooperation will require India to acquire large quantities of US arms

  June 6, 2016

China Considers Putting Nukes Under Military Control
Colonel Larry Wilkerson explains the significance of China considering placing nuclear arsenal on high alert

  February 17, 2016

Chinese Debt Bubble About to Burst
Economist James Henry and Ho-fung Hung say China's debt-to-GDP ratio above 240% is an indicator that there is a major disconnect between the market and the real economy

  January 11, 2016

Trade Union General Strike Across India
A. K. Padmanabhan, President of the Centre of Indian Trade Unions, discusses the demands of the workers' struggle and the history of the trade union movement in India since 1991

  September 2, 2015

India's Economy Can Grow Without Increasing Carbon Emissions
Shouvik Chakraborty discusses how India can maintain healthy economic growth while reducing unemployment more jobs, improving public health, and lowering CO2 emissions

  August 31, 2015

ISIS Attacks Kurds in Turkey...With Tacit AKP Approval?
Scholar and activist Sardar Saadi discusses the political context of the recent ISIS attacks in Turkey.

  July 23, 2015

North Korea's "Hate America Month"?
Activist and author Brian Becker discusses the most recent naval incident between North and South Korea and gives much needed political and historical context to ongoing media coverage of that region

  July 2, 2015

Why Are Indians Eating Less If Incomes are Growing?
UMass' Deepankar Basu says families in India are paying more out of pocket for services that used to be state sponsored, causing them to make tough choices in their diets

  June 29, 2015

One Year of Modi's Rule in India: Systematic Attack on Constitutional Values
In an interview with Newsclick, prominent Indian social activist Harsh Mander says resistance to Prime Minster Narendra Modi's authoritarian and fundamentalist government is bound to grow

  June 17, 2015

A Year of Modi: Impoverished People, Lost Hopes
Newsclick interviewed Harsh Mander, a well-known social activist, about the first year of the Narendra Modi regime and how it has affected the working people of India

  June 3, 2015

Unresolved Economic and Geopolitical Issues in India-China Relations
Prabir Purkayastha and Seema Mustafa discuss the outcomes of recent high-profile meetings between Narendra Modi and Xi Jinping - A Collaborative Project Between The Real News and Newsclick

  June 1, 2015

India's Heat Wave Fueled by Western & Indian Energy Policies
Climate science expert D. Raghunandan and climate activist Anjali Appadurai discuss how Indian's reliance on coal, underfunded mitigation, and the West's intellectual property rights curb the development of renewable energy sources in India

  May 28, 2015

What the U.S. Should Do About North Korea's Rising Nuclear Stockpile
Larry Wilkerson discusses how Chinese nuclear experts estimate North Korea has 20 nuclear warheads and could have 20 more in 2016 yet Washington is paying little attention.

  April 28, 2015

Four Years After Fukushima Disaster, Radiation Dangers Remain Unknown
Among the many unknown factors include the effects of radiation levels on children's health, says journalist Chiho Kaneko

  March 11, 2015

Hong Kong Police Shut Down The "Umbrella Revolution" (1/2)
CY Leung expects "furious resistance" from Occupy Central as police carry out order to shutdown Admiralty Square, police tactics has become increasingly heavy- handed, says Sean Starrs, Assistant Professor of International Relations at the City University of Hong Kong.

  December 8, 2014

30 Years After Bhopal Gas Leak, U.S. Company Responsible Remains Unpunished
Professor Vijay Prashad describes the horrific circumstances in which thousands of Indians died and generations suffered health effects - and how the CEO of Union Carbide suffered no consequence

  December 1, 2014

Whose Interests Are Served by Occupy Hong Kong?
Assistant Professor Sean Kenji Starrs reports from the front lines of the uprisings

  October 13, 2014

How Socialist China Became the Workshop of the World (2/2)
Public workers demonstrate against privatization, and migrant workers fight super exploitation, but we hear very little about that in the West, says Prof. Yuezhi Zhao of Simon Fraser University

  October 13, 2014

Will Hong Kong's Umbrella Revolution Spark Uprisings in Mainland China? (1/2)
Scholar Yuezhi Zhao argues the Umbrella Revolution does not appeal to broader struggles within mainland China

  October 10, 2014

Hong Kong Protests Carefully Choreographed, Not Spontaneous
Tiananmen analogies are a barrier to understanding what's really going on in Hong Kong, says Peter Lee, journalist for Asia Times Online

  October 6, 2014

Acute Economic Inequality Underlies "Occupy Central" Protests in Hong Kong
Assistant professor Eli Friedman from Cornell University says working-class and union participation has increased in subsequent occupations

  September 30, 2014

Why the Gulf of Tonkin Matters 50 Years Later (2/2)
On the 50th anniversary of the Gulf Tonkin incident, Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg and historian Gareth Porter discuss the powers which wanted Pres. Johnson to pursue a ground operation in Vietnam

  August 1, 2014

All Parties Involved to Blame for Malaysian Aircraft Disaster in Ukraine
Larry Wilkerson: Why weren't commercial flights banned over an area where aircraft had already been shot down?

  July 18, 2014

The Fashion Victims of Cambodia
Rebecca Henschke reports on garment workers killed by riot police when striking for pay rise

  June 30, 2014

A Decisive Victory for the BJP in India
The candidate of corporate capital and the Hindu nationalist right wing movement is now poised to become Prime Minister

  May 16, 2014

Right Wing Hindu Nationalist BJP wins a historic mandate in the Indian Elections
Prashad: It was an anti-Congress wave, not a pro-Modi wave

  May 16, 2014

Activists Tell President Obama: Asia-Pacific Is Not For Sale
Protests from Kuala Lumpur to Washington, DC oppose the TPP and U.S. military aggression

  May 1, 2014

30,000 Chinese Factory Workers Strike Against Maker of Nike Sneakers
Editor Michelle Chen and instructor Xiaoming Chai discuss the workers' demands and whether the rise of strikes signals a decline of cheap labor in China

  April 24, 2014

An Asia "Pivot" Should Mean Cooperating with China to Solve the Global Environmental Crisis
Larry Wilkerson says the U.S. should push China to settle territorial disputes in international venues, and also pursue a cooperative relationship that seeks to solve global crises rather than dominate the world

  April 18, 2014

Indian Parliamentary Elections - A Primer With Vijay Prashad
Indians go to the polls discontent with the 10 year rule of Indian National Congress Party

  April 2, 2014

Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Three Years Later: Who is Responsible?
Nuclear power engineer Arnie Gunderson and journalist Chiho Kaneko discuss a lawsuit to hold General Electric and other reactor manufacturing companies responsible and the Japanese public's attitude toward nuclear energy

  March 11, 2014

Lingering Problems At Fukushima Raise Questions About Nuclear Power Safety At Home
Nuclear expert David Lochbaum and award-winning journalist Susan Stranahan discuss the weaknesses in nuclear regulation and whether the United States has the proper safeguards to protect its citizens from a similar disaster

  February 28, 2014

Why is China's Economy Slowing Down?
Minqi Li: State funded expansion of infrastructure projects is creating over capacity as wages and domestic consumer demand remains low

  April 22, 2018

Indian High Court Criminalizes Homosexuality
Legal experts say Indian top court's decision is in violation of democratic norms

  December 29, 2013

Scientists Link Spike in Thyroid Disease to Fukushima Disaster
Nuclear expert and researcher Joseph Mangano explains his research in connecting the increase of hypothyroidism in newborns on the West coast to the Fukushima nuclear disaster

  December 23, 2013

TEPCO Downplays Huge Risks Involved in Removing Fukushima Fuel Rods
Arnie Gundersen: Agencies overseeing cleanup like the IAEA are biased towards defending and promoting nuclear power

  November 24, 2013

Chinese Reforms Make Rich Even Richer
Minqi Li: Chinese Communist 'Plenum' meeting resulted in a promise for market reforms, including privatization and deregulation of public utility, energy and other state-owned companies.

  November 19, 2013

Kashmir Remains a Central Flashpoint in South Asia
Historic conflict remains a dangerous source of tension between nuclear armed neighbors India and Pakistan

  November 18, 2013

Filipino Delegate Goes on Hunger Strike, As Wealthy Nations Don't Meet Global Climate Fund Pledges
Patrick Bond: Global Climate Fund was set to provide $100 billion every year by 2020 for adaptation and mitigation efforts, but it goes grossly unfunded with nations like the Philippines feeling its consequences.

  November 12, 2013

Filipino Gov. Misused Public Funds As People Suffer from Post-Typhoon Devastation
Jose Maria Sison: Evidence shows Filpino government set up ghost non-profits that failed to service its most vulnerable citizens

  November 11, 2013

In Unprecedented Move, Spent Fuel Rods To Be Removed from Fukushima Reactors
Arjun Makhijani: Removing the spent fuel rods from the Fukushima Reactor is a dangerous but necessary move

  November 6, 2013

In Unprecedented Move, Spent Fuel Rods To Be Removed from Fukushima Reactors - Extended
Arjun Makhijani: Removing the spent fuel rods from the Fukushima Reactor is a dangerous but necessary move

  November 6, 2013

CIA's Wash Post Leaks Aimed At Silencing Drone Critics
Gareth Porter: CIA leaks to the Washington Post alleging Pakistani support for drone strikes a ploy to prop up increasingly unpopular program

  October 28, 2013

Following Nationwide Strikes, Bangladesh Garment Workers Win Minimum Wage Increase
Striking Bangladesh garment workers closed 20% of the country's garment production to achieve victory.

  October 21, 2013

Radioactive Rainwater Overwhelms Fukishima Nuclear Plant
Heavy rains have overwhelmed containment tankers at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi plant

  October 17, 2013

Philippine Activists Fightback Against Corporate and Military Forces
"It is better to die from bullets than from hunger" In the Philippines, activists put their lives on the line to fight the military and corporations

  September 15, 2013

Japan Grapples with the Rise of Hate Groups
Tensions in East Asia are putting stress on Japanese society as rightwing activists begin to target resident Koreans. This has led to some politicians calling for legislative action against "hate speech"

  September 9, 2013

Record Radiation Levels At Fukushima Nuclear Plant
Japanese government $500 million ice wall is a precarious, temporary fix, not a permanent solution to the radioactive water leaking from stricken nuclear reactors

  September 4, 2013

Will the US Military's "Asia Pivot" Escalate Human Rights Violations?
Activists hold first ever international conference opposing greater planned US military presence in Asia, say US responsible for rapes, killings and environmental destruction

  September 3, 2013

Indian Indigenous Activist and Journalist Dayamani Barla In Her Own Words
Dayamani Barla speaks to the Real News about her work, activism and her hopes for the future indigenous struggles in India

  August 12, 2013

Philippine Authorities Violently Crackdown on 'People's State of the Nation March'
Growing movement decries Philippine President's failure to address the widespread poverty, corruption and human rights abuses during his State of the Nation Address (SONA)

  July 24, 2013

"Incredible India" Home to Modern Slavery
Millions of people, including children, toil in bonded labor in India, even though the practice has been outlawed for years

  June 12, 2013

Turkish Deputy PM Apologizes as Mass Protests Continue
Baris Karaagac: Demands for worker's rights, secularism and more democracy fueling protest movement across Turkey

  June 4, 2013

240,000 Turkish Workers Join As Mass Protests Reach More Than 67 Cities
Confederation of unions, stage two day strike in solidarity with protestors, against police brutality and for a more democratic Turkey

  June 4, 2013

Japanese Movement Against TPP Growing
Critics of the Trans-Pacific Partnership say it's an attempt to impose an American system on Japan and would threaten Japanese public healthcare system

  May 7, 2013

Only 6 Percent of Child Trafficking Cases in India Result in Prosecutions
In three years a total of 452679 victims of child trafficking cases were reported but number of prosecutions was only 25006 - 6% of the cases being reported

  April 29, 2013

What Drives US North Korea Policy?
Peter Lee: The US will not accept a rapprochement with North Korea with nuclear weapons, not because they are a real threat, but it would cause South Korea and Japan to seek nuclear weapons and thus weaken American dominance in the region

  April 17, 2013

North Korea Seeks End to US Sanctions and Isolation
Eric Margolis: The nuclear weapons program is the only card North Korea has to force the US to negotiate a normalization of relations

  April 15, 2013

Japan's Labor Movement Struggles to Cope with Irregular Employment
Japanese labor unions used to be a force to be reckoned with, but declining membership, fading activism, and the rise of irregular employment have led many ordinary Japanese to forget that they even exist

  January 28, 2013

China and Japan: Commercial Allies or Strategic Rivals?
Robert Lee: China and Japan economies depend on each other but nationalist forces play on historic antagonisms

  October 16, 2012

Japan Plays Down Fukushima as Questions About Nuclear Energy Remain
Masaki Oshikawa: Experts told us that reactors in earthquake zones were safe but computer models can't reproduce reality

  March 12, 2012

Socialism vs Capitalism in China
Minqi Li: Vice President Xi is expected to become President at a time when a serious debate has emerged in the party

  February 19, 2012

What to do about Apple and Fraud Friendly Manufacturing in China?
Bill Black: We need to ban imports produced while breaking laws of China

  February 13, 2012

U.S. Afghan Strategy in Disarray
Shashank Bengali: Pakistan alliance on the rocks, Afghan economy crashing and Taliban not weakened

  December 2, 2011

Turkey's Deadly Quake Toll Set to Rise
A desperate search for survivors is continuing after a devastating earthquake in southeast Turkey

  October 24, 2011

Oil Price Hikes Trigger India Protests
Al Jazeera: But rising oil prices have sparked massive protests across India

  May 19, 2011

Pakistanis "Humiliated" by US Over Osama Bin Laden Death
Former member of Pakistan's intelligence agency says the US has been humiliating the Pakistani Government since the death of Osama bin Laden

  May 9, 2011

Japanese MP: It's Time to Tell the Truth
Kuniko Tanioko: Japan must tell world how it dealt with the nuclear runoff into the ocean

  May 7, 2011

Radiation Fears Spark Tokyo Alarm
Al Jazeera: Fears about the possible spread of radiation have caused unease in Tokyo

  March 17, 2011

Japan: Second Explosion Rocks Fukushima Nuclear Plant
Channel 4: Many are frightened - but this is not another Chernobyl, as Channel 4 Science Correspondent Tom Clarke explains

  March 15, 2011

Japan's Nuke Crisis Far From Over
Al Jazeera: The Fukushima nuclear power plant witnessed another explosion on Monday mounting fear of a major nuclear radiation

  March 14, 2011

China Calls for Peaceful Resolution
CCTV: Vice Foreign Minister Zhang Zhijun says China is deeply worried about rising tension on the Korean Peninsula.

  December 20, 2010

Chinese Currency War a Red Herring?
Epstein: The focus on China's monetary policy is a diversion from the real problems facing US economy

  October 28, 2010

Inside Story - Behind The Latest Food Crisis
Al Jazeera: Food prices soar to record levels worldwide

  October 14, 2010

Japan Released Chinese Fishing Boat Captain
Newsy: Critics deem Japan the 'Loser' after release of Chinese skipper

  September 25, 2010

REPLAY Al Jazeera About 400 million poor in India cannot afford to buy grain

  September 10, 2010

Young Ho Lee tells the story of the 77-day occupation and fight against lay-offs at Korean Auto factory

  August 7, 2010

Epic Korean Auto Workers Strike
TRNN Replay: Young Ho Lee tells the story of the 77-day occupation and fight against lay-offs at Korean Auto factory

  August 7, 2010

TRNN Replay: Young Ho Lee tells the story of the 77-day occupation and fight against lay-offs

  August 7, 2010

Inside Story - Behind the Korean crisis
Al Jazeera: Once again, tensions escalate between the Korean neighbors

  May 27, 2010

Talk of war over sinking of South Korean ship
Larry Wilkerson: The tension between two Koreas is higher now than any time since 1994

  May 26, 2010

Inside Story - The battle in Bangkok
AlJazeera: The crisis in Thailand is taking a deadly turn as 29 people have been killed in three days

  May 18, 2010

Bangkok burns as Thai protest heats up
Al Jazeera: Red shirts continue to stand their ground at their protest camp in central Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok fighting continues amid ceasefire calls
Channel 4: 29 people have now been killed during three days of fighting in the Thai capital

  May 17, 2010

Kyrgyzstan's second "tulip revolution" Pt2
Engdahl: Kyrgyzstan crisis shows American strategic weakness

  April 17, 2010

Kyrgyzstan's second "tulip revolution"
F. William Engdahl discusses situation in Kyrgyzstan

  April 16, 2010

Telangana, India: Student Suicide Protest by Fire
TRNN REPLAY Student suicide reignites historic separatists movement Telangana, India

  January 25, 2010

Afghanistan and global dominance Pt2
Engdahl: New regional cooperation that challenges US dominance is good for the world

  January 7, 2010

UK/USA made use of Uzbek torture Pt.2
Former Brit Ambassador Craig Murray says UK and USA sent prisoners to Uzbek to be tortured

  November 4, 2009

Uzbek terror and the UK/USA
Murray: CIA used Uzbek torture to create false intelligence; support for regime continues

  October 24, 2009

Is this evidence of Sri Lankan 'war crimes?'
Channel 4 News shows footage claimed to show Sri Lankan forces executing Tamils earlier this year

  August 28, 2009

China's military goes online
People's Liberation Army marks its 82nd anniversary

  August 2, 2009

Indian Navy's Nuclear Sub and China's Encirclement
TRNN REPLAY An NDTV panel in India discusses lndia's nuclear ballistic submarine INS Arihant

  July 26, 2009

Indian Navy's nuclear sub and China's encirclement
TRNN REPLAY An NDTV panel in India discusses lndia's nuclear ballistic submarine INS Arihant

  July 26, 2009

India-Bangladesh 'security' fence
India announces a new fence will seal off its border with Bangladesh, hundreds have been killed

  July 24, 2009

We're all Uighurs now. Or are we?
Pepe Escobar: Does anyone care about what happens to the Uighurs?

  July 14, 2009

Uighurs' struggle to retain cultural identity
The Chinese government has accused Uighur exiles of inciting violent protests in Urumqi

  July 7, 2009

What's the Afghan policy?
Nancy Youssef: There are no easy choices in Afghanistan for the US; nor for Afghans

  May 21, 2009

Fighting in Pakistan displaced 1.5 million
Up to 15,000 soldiers are fighting Taliban militants north of the capital Islamabad

  May 21, 2009

US policy makes things worse in Pakistan
Aijaz Ahmad: US policy will lead to thousands of new recruits for al- Qaeda

  May 12, 2009

US Pakistan policy is floundering
Aijaz Ahmad Pt.2: US must work with regional states and pull out of Afghanistan to find Pakistan solutio

  May 13, 2009

Swat valley death toll rises
Pakistan's army continues US-backed Swat valley offensive after the reported deaths of 700 militants

  May 12, 2009

Panic grips Pakistan's Buner as fighting intensifies
Al Jazeera: More than 300,000 people have fled the area as troops battle Taliban fighters

  May 8, 2009

Pakistan is boiling
Aijaz Ahmad: Pakistan is in complete chaos - Bad decisions Pt.2

  March 12, 2009

The Pakistan puzzle
The unraveling situation in Pakistan confounds US policy in Afghanistan Pt. 3

  February 23, 2009

Obama's plan and Mumbai
Sunil Ram: Obama's plan for Kashmir unlikely to succeed

  December 19, 2008

Devastating Mumbai’s defenses
Sunil Ram: The Mumbai attacks devastated India's security and emergency services Pt.2

  December 17, 2008

Orchestrating the Mumbai attacks
Sunil Ram: Mumbai attackers were well equipped, informed, and trained for at least a year

  December 17, 2008

No danger of Indo-Pak War
Siddharth Varadarajan: This crisis is full of implications for the future of Pakistan

  December 9, 2008

Pakistan under pressure
Saeed Shah investigates origin of Ajmal Amir Qasab; only gunman caught in Mumbai attacks

  December 9, 2008

Mumbai: Media speculations over Pakistan Pt.1
Tariq Amin-Khan discusses media coverage of Mumbai violence and speculations over Pakistani involvement

  December 4, 2008

Mumbai attacks fail to fuel vengeance
Siddharth Varadarajan: Indians have rejected attempts to politicize the attacks Pt.2/2

  December 3, 2008

Brazil pledges to cut Amazon destruction in half
Guardian: Brazilian President Lula da Silva announces 10 year plan to slow rainforest destruction

  December 5, 2008

India-Pakistan relations stable
Siddharth Varadarajan: India and Pakistan cooperating, Indian people restrained Pt.1/2

  December 2, 2008

Pakistan gov cannot control militants Pt.2
Tariq Khan: India is 'most attacked country in world after Iraq,' it's not all coming from Pakistan

  December 5, 2008

Mumbai overwhelmed with violence
Security forces descended on a Jewish center that was occupied by militants

  November 29, 2008

A complex terrorist situation
Guardian: An assessment of the security situation in India and the possible political fallout

  November 29, 2008

Commandos storm Mumbai hotels
Guardian: Randeep Ramesh reports on the current hostage situation in Mumbai

  November 28, 2008

It's time to deal with Taliban
Tariq Amin-Khan: Taliban is now a social-political force and must be approached as such Pt. 2/2

  November 24, 2008

Obama's vision for Pakistan
Tariq Amin-Khan: Obama's new Pakistan adviser calls for deal in Kashmir to free up Pak military

  November 12, 2008

Pakistan and Afghanistan are moving backwards
More US missile strikes kill civilians in Pakistan and Afghanistan

  November 11, 2008

Chinese factories feel the pinch
Guardian: As the economic downturn reaches China, factory workers express their anxiety

  November 2, 2008

Drugs and the Pakistani military
Sunil Ram: Pakistani military operations are determined in part by dependency on drug revenue Pt.2/3

  October 28, 2008

Pakistan in a panic
Sunil Ram: Military ruling class is dependent on international aid that is now in jeopardy

  October 27, 2008

Pakistani Lashkars join fight against Taliban
Tariq Amin-Khan : Pakistani government is playing with fire by arming more tribes with modern weapons

  October 15, 2008

Conflict in Pakistan
Beena Sarwar: Over the last few years the agenda of local militants and the Taliban have converged

  October 4, 2008

New head of ISI; Karzai calls for Taliban talks
Eric Margolis: Political stability is unattainable in Afghanistan without dialog with the Taliban

  October 1, 2008

Is Pakistan's Zardari creating new dictatorship?
Tariq Khan: Pak President Zardari is not rescinding legal framework of dictatorship. Pt2

  September 29, 2008

Global meltdown: Pakistan and the Taliban
Tariq Khan: Pakistan on the brink - the economic crisis Pt. 3

  October 1, 2008

What do the Taliban want in Pakistan?
Dr. Tariq Amin-Khan: Taliban seek to gain popular support by inciting Pakistani military Pt.4

  October 5, 2008

Pakistan's future tied to the oval office
Dr. Tariq Amin-Khan: Will Obama or McCain represent a new policy toward Pakistan?

  October 7, 2008

Pakistan on the brink
Dr.Tariq Amin-Khan talks about the consequences of increased US military activity in Pakistan

  September 25, 2008

Pakistan violence could signal civil war
Increasing offensives by the Taliban challenge the territorial integrity of the country

  September 22, 2008

US infringes Pakistani sovereignty
Unmanned drone launches missile strike in South Waziristan village

  September 19, 2008

The Gurkha veterans' last stand
The Guardian: Gurkha veterans' fight for right to settle in UK

  September 21, 2008

China and the climate change crisis
Prof. Minqi Li: Government has done little more then give lip service to environmental issues Pt8

  September 15, 2008

China, climate change and US dollars
Minqi Li: Renewable energy canceled out by growth of fossil fuels; US dollar depends on China Pt9

  September 17, 2008

China holding the (US dollar) bag
Prof. Minqi Li on what happens to China if the US goes into a deeper recession Pt10

  September 19, 2008

The Chinese Communist Party
Minqi Li: It's not about ideology, it's about the material interests of the elite Pt 7

  August 25, 2008

Chinese nationalism
Minqi Li : China's elites are primarily focused on neoliberal globalization Pt 6

  August 24, 2008

The New Left in China wants socialism
Minqi Li : Left against free-market reforms, wants social-democracy or socialism Pt5

  August 23, 2008

The New Left in China
Minqi Li : Chinese left critical of market reforms Pt4

  August 22, 2008

Musharraf resigns
Beleaguered president leaves but Pakistan's problems remain

  August 19, 2008

China's top 1% control 70% of wealth
Professor Minqi Li : Winners and losers in new China Pt 2

  August 15, 2008

Protest movement growing in China
Professor Minqi Li : Winners and losers in new China Pt 3

  August 12, 2008

Winners and losers in the new China
Prof. Minqi Li, a former political prisoner, on Confucianism, capitalism and harmony for who Pt 1

  August 14, 2008

Naomi Klein on China and the Olympics
"The security, central planning, surveillance state is an ideal cocoon for global capitalism" (1 of 4)

  August 9, 2008

China new disaster-capitalism trough
Naomi Klein: Billions of dollars spent on Olympic security, China buys tools of war on terror (2 of 4)

  August 10, 2008

China security tech supplied by US companies
Naomi Klein on China and the Olympics (3 of 4)

  August 11, 2008

China's authoritarian capitalism a global trend?
Naomi Klein on China and the Olympics (4 of 4)

  August 12, 2008

Burma: "If we had guns we would fight back"
The Guardian: From inside Burma plans for new uprising against military

  August 6, 2008

Pakistan launches offensive
Khan: If it lasts longer than a week, Pak govt's offensive risks bringing Taliban's war to the cities

  June 30, 2008

Childhood denied
Millions of children forced to work to earn meager income, or nothing at all

  June 22, 2008

Pak PM condemns US bombing
US air strike kills 11 Pakistani soldiers; war of words ensues

  June 12, 2008

Pervez Musharraf: The fall of a dictator
Pakistan's president refuses to resign, while opponents discuss impeachment

  June 10, 2008

Myanmar opens doors to foreign aid workers
Joe Belliveau of Medecins Sans Frontieres sees no signs of reconstruction

  May 27, 2008

Myanmar to grant access to all aid workers
Guardian: Junta's decision could affect flow of desperately needed aid into devastated country

  May 24, 2008

Burma cyclone aid: A desperate lottery
Guardian: Reporter finds out that in some cases so little food arrives it is divided up by lucky draw

  May 23, 2008

Over 130-thousand missing or dead in Myanmar
Progress in distributing aid is slowly being made

  May 21, 2008

Pakistan border bombed
Damadola struck by 2-drone missiles; US suspected to be behind bombing

  May 16, 2008

Myanmar's junta use food aid to maintain iron grip
Military junta, afraid of mutiny, accused of hoarding relief supplies for military personnel

  May 14, 2008

Pakistan: Sharif withdraws from coalition
Members of the Muslim League N have quit the cabinet over disagreement on reinstating judges

  May 13, 2008

Myanmar generals force vote despite cyclone crisis
Larry Jagan: Myanmar generals do not care about the Burmese people

  May 11, 2008

Myanmar junta seizes aid shipments
Military junta blocks new aid and insists on constitutional referendum despite cyclone disaster

  May 11, 2008

Myanmar death toll climbs over 70 000
Cyclone transforms rice exporting country into rice importer

  May 9, 2008

Myanmar cyclone may hurt rice exports
Rice importing countries dependent on Myanmar may be the next victims

  May 7, 2008

Election brings sweeping change to Nepal
Maoists' landslide victory means country's monarchy could soon be abolished

  April 15, 2008

Monk protest disrupts media visit
State-organized trip to Lhasa interrupted by monks who talk to media

  March 28, 2008

Seven days not in Tibet
Guardian: Chinese police blocking attempts to verify different claims made by Chinese State and Tibetans

  March 28, 2008

New Pakistan PM releases jailed judges
Gilani elected as Pakistan's PM and releases Musharraf foe and former head of Supreme Court of Pakistan

  March 25, 2008

Crisis in Tibet
Aijaz Ahmad: Dalai Lama caught between China and independence groups

  March 25, 2008

Bombs blast Lahore
Militant campaign against government escalates as parliament prepares to convene

  March 11, 2008

Will the US save Musharraf
Pakistani parliament on collision course with Musharraf presidency (2 of 2)

  March 11, 2008

Pakistan: New coalition gov. will reinstate judges
Election winners seal agreement to form coalition government and vow to reinstate supreme court judges

  March 9, 2008

Corrupt politician is US man in Pakistan
Aijaz Ahmad commentary: Sharif refuses coalition government; Zardari on his own

  February 26, 2008

Raw News: Censorship gone global
Pakistan Telecommunication Authority shuts down YouTube

  February 26, 2008

Pakistan elections: Start of democratic turmoil
Analysis by Aijaz Ahmad: Emerging political forces in Pakistan resist US pressure

  February 26, 2008

The US and Pakistan
Aijaz Ahmad: US trying to guide formation of new Pakistan government; will Musharraf stay or go?

  February 25, 2008

Lawyers demand judges be reinstated
Protesting lawyers in Karachi, Pakistan, demand that judges dismissed by Pervez Musharraf be reinstated

  February 21, 2008

New Pak govt. against extreme US military action
Aijaz Ahmad: Coalition govt. for negotiations with Islamist militants; military highly corrupt (2 of 2)

  February 21, 2008

Musharraf, army and Islamist parties big losers
Aijaz Ahmad: Rise of secular urban forces in Pakistan; US not controlling the process (1 of 2)

  February 20, 2008

Musharraf's party defeated
Beena Sarwar: Reporting from Pakistan on rout of Musharraf's party

  February 19, 2008

Pakistan election day
Beena Sarwar: Many voting irregularities as counting begins ALERT: Musharraf party headed towards defeat

  February 19, 2008

Pakistan election fraught with danger
Eric Margolis: Vote may be rigged for Musharraf as Pashtun uprising grows stronger

  February 16, 2008

Opposition promises to remove Musharraf if elected
Pakistani opposition forms coalition for elections

  February 14, 2008

al-Qaeda in Pakistan plans election chaos
Syed Saleem Shahzad: Militants in the tribal areas are obsessed with "khuruj" (revolt) in Pakistan

  February 11, 2008

al-Qaeda in Pakistan Plans Election Chaos
Syed Saleem Shahzad: Militants in the tribal areas are obsessed with "khuruj" (revolt) in Pakistan

  February 11, 2008

Taliban threaten US/NATO supply lines in Pakistan
Aijaz Ahmad: Musharraf reluctant to fight Pakistani tribes - serious crisis developing

  February 1, 2008

Pakistan army and the tribal territories
Aijaz Ahmad: Pakistan army fights Talibanization of Pakistan, but mixed agenda in tribal areas (2 of 3)

  January 30, 2008

Pakistan against US troops on its territory
Aijaz Ahmad: An isolated Musharraf opposes American troops in Pakistan (1 of 3)

  January 29, 2008

Who's in charge of Pakistan?
Munizae Jahangir: Taliban law in North West Frontier Province is replacing Pakistani law

  January 19, 2008

Bhutto's legacy and Musharraf's future
Aijaz Ahmad: Who will fill the vacuum after Bhutto's death? Will the Army turn on Musharraf?

  January 9, 2008

US troops in Pakistan?
Aijaz Ahmad: Is there a military solution in Afghanistan and Pakistan?

  January 4, 2008

Who gained from Bhutto's death?
Aijaz Ahmad: Musharraf and extremists had the most to gain from assassination

  January 3, 2008

On al-Qaeda's video "Review of Events"
Pepe Escobar on al-Zawahiri's video (2 of 2)

  December 31, 2007

Pakistan in turmoil after assassination of Bhutto
Beena Sawar: Supporters despair about fate of democratization

  December 27, 2007

Democracy movement in Pakistan not dead
Aijaz Ahmad: The democracy movement did not start with Bhutto and will not end with her death

  December 27, 2007

On al-Qaeda's video "Review of Events"
Pepe Escobar on al-Zawahiri's video (1 of 2)

  December 30, 2007

The Indo - US nuclear deal
N. Ram: Will the left alliance bring down the government of Manmohan Singh?

  December 26, 2007

Pakistan: Emergency rule now called democracy
Aijaz Ahmad: Restoration of "democracy" is an extension of emergency conditions

  December 20, 2007

Code Pink activists deported from Pakistan
Medea Benjamin talks about her arrest and deportation from Pakistan

  December 22, 2007

Pakistan: The army looks after its own
Aijaz Ahmad says the military in Pakistan is an institution that defends its own power

  December 11, 2007

Does Washington really want democracy in Pakistan?
Aijaz Ahmad: Democracy stuck in secrets and deals

  November 29, 2007

Musharraf loses uniform, stays in power
Beena Sarwar: Musharraf's actions are symbolic, it's martial law in disguise

  November 28, 2007

Disarmament wars replace Cold War
Jonathan Schell on Pakistan and the nuclear bomb (2 of 2)

  November 28, 2007

Pakistan, an example of failed US foreign policy
Jonathan Schell on Pakistan and the nuclear bomb (1 of 2)

  November 27, 2007

US will support Pakistan's dictatorship
Aijaz Ahmad: The US needs Pakistan's military and will support their rule, with or without Musharraf

  November 23, 2007

Pakistan: Setback to secular forces
Aijaz Ahmad: Pakistan after Negroponte's visit

  November 23, 2007

Musharraf under pressure as U.S. envoy flies in
Aijaz Ahmad: Musharraf has cornered himself

  November 16, 2007

Turmoil in Pakistan continues
Aijaz Ahmad: Tougher martial law may be on the way

  November 15, 2007

Police block Bhutto march
Detention, protests and violence foil Bhutto's plan for rally

  November 9, 2007

Sharif demands Bhutto abandon plans with Musharraf
Former Pakistani PM weighs in on crisis

  November 8, 2007

Pakistan, democracy and militant extremism
Aijaz Ahmad: War against Islamic extremism cannot be fought as a war for America (2 of 2)

  November 7, 2007

Global reaction to Pakistani state of emergency
Global reaction to Pakistani state of emergency

  November 6, 2007

Judicial revolt and kangaroo courts
Pakistan under martial law

  November 7, 2007

Pakistani Army cuts a deal
211 soldiers of the Pak army exchanged for release of 28 militants

  November 6, 2007

Pakistan: Democracy in crisis
Political opposition denounces emergency proclamation

  November 5, 2007

Pakistan arrests human rights leaders
Asma Jahangir, arrested under Emergency measures, interviewed in TRNN studio two weeks ago

  October 25, 2007

Bomb hits Bhutto convoy
Aijaz Ahmad: If violence continues Pakistan could face martial law

  October 19, 2007

China and the struggle in Burma-Myanmar
Pepe Escobar on China's role in Burma-Myanmar and what people outside Burma can do

  October 5, 2007

Burma in turmoil
Larry Jagan: Burma, China's inconvenient friend

  March 8, 2008

Crisis in Pakistan
Is an unpopular U.S. policy strengthening Islamist militants?(3 of 3)

Crisis in Pakistan
Musharraf’s balancing act (2 of 3)

Crisis in Pakistan
U.S. supports a dictator (1 of 3)

The Real News interviewee arrested in Pakistan
Asma Jahangir forced into house arrest under Pakistan martial law, two weeks after interview in TRNN st

  November 5, 2007

Pakistan TV airs video from inside Lal Masjid
The Musharraf government takes journalists on a tour of the devastated Red Mosque

  July 12, 2007

New political foe challenges Pakistan President
Beena Sarwar explains how Pakistan's chief justice took on President General Pervez Musharraf.

  July 27, 2007

Pakistan Supreme Court reinstates chief justice
In historic ruling, High Court declares President Musharraf's suspension of Iftikhar Chaudhry was "illegal"

  July 20, 2007

Musharraf reportedly meets Bhutto in U.A.E.
Pakistan media widely report surprise meeting between country's President and exiled former Prime Minister

Eric Margolis on Pakistan
Is Pakistan's nuclear arsenal dangerous?

CIA says Pakistan spy agency helping militants
Pakistan angrily denies a report that it helped plan bombing in Kabul

  August 4, 2008

U.S. plans to reshape Pakistan's state
Pakistan - America’s next battlefield? (2 of 2)

  October 19, 2007

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