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South Africa: Criminality and Deep Rot in the ANC Will Continue Under New President Ramaphosa (2/2)
When Cyril Ramaphosa talk about corruption he is duplicitous, since he was a part of the ANC leadership for decades, aiding and abetting in the very criminality, he now pledges to eradicate, says Vishwas Satgar. Watch part 1

  February 18, 2018

Zuma's Catastrophic Presidency Ends in Forced Resignation (1/2)
South African President Jacob Zuma resigned under intense pressure from his political party, the ANC, which ordered him to step down or face a no-confidence vote. Zuma has had a disastrous effect on South Africa's nascent democracy, but a surging countermovement gives reason for hope, says Vishwas Satgar of Wits University. Watch part 2

  February 14, 2018

Corporate Looting: Sub-Saharan Africa Loses $100B A Year
A recently released World Bank report shows that the wealth of sub-Saharan Africa has been steadily declining over the past several decades, as transnational corporations extract mineral wealth without adequately compensating the region, says economist Patrick Bond

  February 12, 2018

Cape Town Water Wars: A Literal Shitstorm
In Cape Town, one of the most unequal cities in the world, poor people are taking the buckets they use for chemical toilets and turning them into weapons, as the water shortage intensifies class conflicts

  January 18, 2018

Conflict in the Dem. Rep. of Congo Leads to World's Worst Refugee Crisis
A flare-up of conflicts between Congolese, Ugandan, and irregular forces in the Democratic Republic of Congo has caused one of the world's worst refugee crises and also contributed to the killing of at least 14 UN peacekeepers in the Congo in early December

  December 29, 2017

Will New ANC President Ramaphosa Bring Real Change to South Africa?
Cyril Ramaphosa, who was recently elected to head South Africa's ANC, is closely associated with major economic interests in South Africa, and therefore unlikely to bring about real change, says author and scholar Patrick Bond

  December 24, 2017

Can This Generation End World Hunger?
Famine has historically claimed more lives than war, but author and scholar Alex de Waal says the size and frequency of famines has been decreasing in recent years, and that overcoming world hunger may be within our reach

  December 25, 2017

Marikana Massacre Hangs Over South Africa's New Extremely Rich ANC Leader
After a tight race that exposed stark divisions within the party, the African National Congress elected Cyril Ramaphosa, an anti-apartheid crusader, business tycoon, and key suspect in the 2012 Marikana Massacre is positioned to be the country's next president. But will he root out corruption, or is he part of the problem?

  December 19, 2017

Should NATO Answer for Libya's Slave Trade?
CNN has revealed that African migrants are being sold at slave auctions in Libya for as little as $400. As the UN weighs sanctions, professor and author Horace Campbell says the NATO powers who tore Libya apart should own up to their responsibility

  November 29, 2017

CNN Crusades Against Slave Trade in Libya, but Knew About It for Years
U.S. corporate media "does not report on the slaughter and the persecution of people by these U.S.-backed governments until most of them are dead," says Black Agenda Report's Glen Ford

  November 29, 2017

Mugabe, China and the US - What is Next for Zimbabwe?
Paul Jay talks with Larry Wilkerson, part 6

  November 26, 2017

Mugabe's Resignation May Present New Opportunities for Zimbabwe
The military coup in Zimbabwe and a leadership crisis within the ruling party has created an opportunity for a "national transitional authority," which may be the best option for long-oppressed Zimbabweans, says Horace Campbell of the University of Ghana

  November 18, 2017

The Abolition Movement to End Slavery in Mauritania
Slavery in Mauritania was abolished 4 times but still continues

  November 10, 2017

US Military Breeds Violence in Africa
After the killings of U.S. soldiers in Niger and a potential U.S. link to the Mogadishu attack, author Bill Fletcher says that an increased American military role in Africa threatens even more violence

  October 24, 2017

Real Media: Women's Narratives - The Real Cost of Selling Weapons
Two women from conflict zones in Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe explain the costs of war and the arms trade for their homelands, and in particular the impact on women

  September 18, 2017

Rwanda's Paul Kagame Tightens Hold on Power
Western backers are looking the other way as Rwandan President Paul Kagame grows increasingly authoritarian, says Claude Gatebuke of the African Great Lakes Action Network

  September 9, 2017

Did Monsanto Write Seed Policy in Malawi?
Tim Wise from the Small Planet Institute explains how a new seed policy in the southern African country of Malawi threatens farmers' rights to save, exchange, and sell their seeds, and how a former Monsanto official turned out to be one of the policy's co-authors

  September 1, 2017

Nearly 8 Million Face Starvation in Congo as Kabila Clings to Power
Maurice Carney says Congo's crisis can be traced to its mineral wealth, long exploited by the west, and the country's elites who refuse to let go of their power

  August 18, 2017

Five Killed in Kenya as Opposition Leader Claims Election Fraud
While Kenya largely remains calm, sporadic violence has broken out as the country awaits official election results

  August 10, 2017

Will The Catastrophic Drought In Kenya Affect Its Presidential Election?
Odenda Lumbumba of Kenya Land Alliance says that Kenya's drought is not just the result of climate change - it's also the result of failed public policy

  August 7, 2017

The 41-Year Anniversary of the Soweto Uprising
June 16 marked the anniversary of the Soweto Uprising, in which hundreds of students were killed and which represented the beginning of South Africa's anti-apartheid movement, eventually leading to its downfall

  June 19, 2017

70 Million Africans In Danger of Famine
We tend to believe that famine is primarily the result of natural disaster, but the African countries affected by famine are all ones that have all been severely affected by political instability and war

  May 3, 2017

Inequality Study in Countries of the World Fails to Show Its Continuing Rise
The Guardian newspaper's Global Inequality Project gives us a snapshot of current inequality, but fails to show how inequality is growing with the intensification of capitalism says Prof. Leo Panitch

  May 1, 2017

South African Demonstrators Demand Zuma's Resignation
ANC's leadership called into question as Zuma's corruption ridden Presidency is headed to an end, who will lead the country next, ponders Trevor Ngwane of the Johannesburg United Front and Professor Patrick Bond

  April 13, 2017

Can Somalia's New President Help Rebuild the Country?
Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed faces many challenges posed by war lords, the war on terror, and U.S. intervention, says professor Abdi Samatar

  February 16, 2017

How 'Misinvoicing' Masks Foreign Resource Exploitation in Africa
Leonce Ndikumana of the Political Economy Research Institute explains why as much as 67% of exports in some countries are simply not registered in trade data

  January 10, 2017

What's Wrong with the Current Aid Model for Africa (2/2)
PERI's Leonce Ndikumana responds to Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph Stigltiz who argues unfair trade deals cost developing countries more than the West gives in aid

  January 3, 2017

20 Killed In Protests Demanding Congo President Step Down and Respect Term Limits
Friends of the Congo's Maurice Carney says the US shares responsibility for Congo's latest crisis because it backed corrupt Congo leaders when it served their interests.

  December 20, 2016

What's Wrong with the Current Aid Model for Africa(1/2)
PERI's Leonce Ndikumana discusses his recent report that finds what drives Western donors isn't always what's best for recipient countries

  January 2, 2017

Canadian Youth Struggle to be Heard at COP22
At COP22, representatives of Canada's Youth Delegation demand that Justin Trudeau honor his commitment to be the "Minister of Youth."

  November 18, 2016

As National Governments Procrastinate on Climate Action, Sub-National Governments Fill the Void
At COP22, the Environment Minister of the Australian Capital Territory describes his state's ambitious climate action plan.

  November 17, 2016

Fossil Fuel Subsidies: The Elephant that Refuses to Leave the Room at COP22
Speaking from Morocco, Adam Scott of Oil Change International discusses the ongoing failure of governments around the world to eliminate fossil fuel subsidies

  November 17, 2016

TRNN at COP22: Donald Trump's Climate Change Denialism Is About to Collide With Geopolitical Reality
Environmental lawyer Clare Lakewood discusses the legal and political obstacles to Donald Trump's abandonment of U.S. commitments under the Paris climate accord.

  November 15, 2016

TRNN at COP22: After Donald Trump, Will the 'COP of Action' Become Just Another COP of Inaction?
Hoda Baraka of discusses the implications of Donald Trump's victory for the first climate conference after the Paris Accord.

  November 15, 2016

Are the CIA and Western Intelligence Services Covering Up Algerian Sponsorship of Islamist Jihadists? (2/2)
Dr. Nafeez Ahmed of Insurge Intelligence continues his discussion with Sharmini Peries about the role of the Algerian Intelligence Agencies in running al-Qaeda camps in Northern Africa with the knowledge of the CIA

  November 6, 2016

''State of Capture'' Another Incriminating Corruption Report Against President Zuma of South Africa
'State of Capture' and 783 other corruption related charges against Zuma, Democratic Alliance and Economic Freedom Fighters could take power out of the hands of the ANC in the 2019 elections, says political economist Patrick Bond

  November 4, 2016

Opposition Calls for a General Strike As Congolese President Wins Election Delay
The usually bustling streets of the Democratic Republic of Congo's capital were mostly empty on Wednesday as the opposition has called for a general strike after the president was awarded a two-year election delay

  October 18, 2016

Conference Livestream: 20th Anniversary of the Invasion of Congo-Zaire
Friends of the Congo, the African Great Lakes Action Network, and other members of the African Great Lakes Coalition are hosting an all-day forum to commemorate the victims of the conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), the deadliest since World War II

  October 15, 2016

In South Africa, Students Protesting For Free Universities Met With Police Violence
The demands of students for free public education is a call for the ANC government to return to its aspirations of uplifting the Black working class and the poor

  October 5, 2016

Yale to Face Protests for Whitewashing Paul Kagame's Human Rights Record
Journalist and Yale alum Anjan Sundaram says Yale is ignoring the Rawandan president's atrocious record in both Rwanda and Congo

  September 19, 2016

Aerial Bombardment in Libya Unlikely to Have Defeated ISIS
Vijay Prashad: It's more likely that ISIS fighters have fled the city of Sirte

  August 14, 2016

Party of Nelson Mandela Suffers Defeat in South African Local Elections
Political economist Patrick Bond says the outcomes in the cities Johannesburg and Cape Town reflect that a great many of the urban and middle class blacks have turned away from the traditional party of Liberation.

  August 7, 2016

Frozen Sovereign Funds Behind the Libyan 'Invitation' to Bomb Sirte
Vijay Prashad said the Libyan Government of National Accord has been under pressure to invite the US bombing campaign because western governments won't grant access to $67 billion in sovereign funds until the Islamic State is defeated

  August 4, 2016

Is Foreign Direct Investment Driving Capital Flight from Africa?
Leonce Ndikumana says African countries need to adopt development strategies that encourage domestic investment

  June 23, 2016

Eritrea in US Crosshairs
Black Agenda Report's Glen Ford says the US is trying to use Ethiopia and the International Criminal Court to do to Eritrea what it did to Libya

  June 15, 2016

Climate Change-Fueled Droughts Pushing Africa to the Brink
Environmentalist Nnimmo Bassey says Africa remains on the front lines of climate change impacts, while wealthy nations fail to act with urgency

  May 23, 2016

Democratic Republic of Congo Government Fails to Investigate Targeted Killings
DR Congo president Joseph Kabila may remain in power past his constitutionally mandated two-term limit if the December election is delayed, say Jason Stearns of the Congo Research Group and Kambale Musavuli of Friends of the Congo

  April 20, 2016

South Africa's President Dodges Impeachment Despite Court Ruling
The focus on President Jacob Zuma's personal corruption is obscuring his embrace of austerity policies that are harming everyday people in South Africa, says Patrick Bond, Director of the Centre for Civil Society

  April 6, 2016

With Rape Conviction of Former Congo Leader, Attention Must Turn to Western Atrocities
Landmark ruling by International Criminal Court is only the first step towards achieving justice, says Congolese human rights activist Kambale Musavuli

  March 24, 2016

Ethiopia's Near Total Crop Failure Blamed on Global Warming, Disinvestment
African countries are facing an unprecedented drought due to climate change and inadequate investment in technology, says UN's Dr. Shukri Ahmed

  March 24, 2016

U.N. Report Finds Women and Children Targeted by Government Forces in South Sudan
Mel Duncan of Nonviolent Peace Force says gender-based violence and rape is used as a direct weapon against women by both government and paramilitary forces

  March 13, 2016

US Bombs ISIS in Libya, Allies Support ISIS in Libya
Pan-African News Wire Editor Abayomi Azikiwe says the U.S. is acting like the chief policeman of the region after it participated in the destruction of the Libyan state in 2011

  February 24, 2016

"Rigged" Elections In Uganda?
We were joined by Reverend Dr. Kapya Kaoma who is the senior researcher at Political Research Associates, and the author of American Culture Warriors in Africa: A guide to the exporters of homophobia and sexism.

  February 18, 2016

Youth Activist Kidnapped by Congo's Secret Police
Friends of the Congo's Kambale Musavuli discusses how the United States has supported Congo's President Joseph Kabila despite human rights abuses

  December 31, 2015

Why Are Parts of Nigeria's Ruling Elite Supporting Boko Haram?
United Action for Democracy's Baba Aye explains how Boko Haram rose with the support of Nigeria's ruling elite and how there is now evidence pointing to their influence in the Nigerian Army and political establishment

  December 31, 2015

The African Origins of Christmas
Historian, author, and educator Anthony Browder summarizes the African origins of Christmas

  December 24, 2015

Is the African Union a Western Front for Civil War in Burundi?
Executive editor and founder of Black Agenda Report discusses the latest in the apparent civil war in Burundi describing much of the problem as originating in Western/outside influences.

  January 1, 2016

Rwanda's Kagame Eligible for Third Term Despite Civil Society Crackdowns
Rwanda genocide survivor Claude Gatebuke says the U.S., which spends $200 million a year on the Rwandan government, is starting to see president Paul Kagame more as a liability than an asset

  December 21, 2015

What's Fueling Boko Haram Attacks in Nigeria?
Baba Aye of Nigeria's United Action for Democracy argues that the West's obsession with military solutions will ensure the dominance of groups like ISIS

  November 22, 2015

What's Fueling Boko Haram Attacks in Nigeria?
Baba Aye of Nigeria's United Action for Democracy argues that the West's obsession with military solutions will ensure the dominance of groups like ISIS

  November 22, 2015

South African Students Demand Free University Education While Building a Broad Front (2/2)
Vishwas Satgar of The University of the Witwatersrand, says peaceful and disciplined student protests over several weeks have brought about a concession from the ANC on tuition fees, yet the demands for labor rights on campus remain unmet

  November 4, 2015

South African Students Demand Free University Education While Building a Broad Front (1/2)
Vishwas Satgar of The University of the Witwatersrand says peaceful and deciplined student protests over several weeks have brought about a concession from the ANC on tuition fees, yet the demands for labor rights on campus remain unmet

  November 3, 2015

African Leaders at the UN Speak for Imperialism, Not Our Continent, Says Activist
Analysts and activists Ajamu Baraka and Andile Mngxitama discuss subversion of African attempts for liberation at the United Nations

  September 29, 2015

Majd Kayyal & The Trial of Hissene Habre
This week on teleSUR's The Global African, we talk to Palestinian activist Majd Kayyal about the importance of forging solidarity with the African American struggle and we also look at the trial of former Chadian dictator Hissene Habre.

  September 27, 2015

Did the UN Meet Its 2015 Water & Sanitation Goals for Sub-Saharan Africa?
UMass-Amherst PERI's Leonce Ndikumana says resource-rich economies like Nigeria need to reform tax codes to make real impacts on poverty

  October 12, 2015

Presidential Guard Behind the Coup in Burkina Faso
The coup is about the new election rules that exclude former members of the Compaore government from standing for the election next month

  September 18, 2015

The Global African - Labor Day and Canada's Relationship with Africa
Host Bill Fletcher looks at the state of the worker today and the overlooked relationship between Canada and Africa. Watch more on teleSUR

  September 7, 2015

Obama's Africa Trip & Legacy of Colonialism in Puerto Rico
Telesur's The Global African looks at President Obama's recent trip to Africa and the debt crisis in Puerto Rico

  August 16, 2015

The Struggle for Justice Inside South Africa
Telesur's The Global African looks at the split inside the South African Labor Movement

  August 8, 2015

What Obama Didn't Say in His African Union Address
American policies have left the masses of Africa behind and propped up strongmen, says Executive Director of Friends of the Congo Maurice Carney

  July 30, 2015

The Global African: Cook Up & Peace in Mali
Telesur's The Global African talks to Baltimore's D. Watkins about his path from drug dealer to acclaimed writer, and then examines a recent peace deal signed in Mali.

  July 27, 2015

5 Things You Can't Do In Angola
Regional Advocacy Director for Southern Africa Litigation Centre (SALC) Muluka Miti-Drummond discusses the state of state repression in Angola.

  July 23, 2015

The Confluence of African Politics: Brazil, Cuba and the U.S.
Author and scholar Dr. Ollie Johnson discusses his recent work on Africans in Brazil and Malcolm X's Relationship to the Cuban Revolution

  July 17, 2015

The Birth of Patrice Lumumba and the Assassination of a Free Africa
Congolese human rights advocate and Student Coordinator and National Spokesperson for the Friends of the Congo Kambale Musavuli talks about the 90th birthday of slain revolutionary Patrice Lumumba and the continuing negative impact of that assassination on all of Africa

  July 2, 2015

The Big Lie Behind the Eritrean Exodus Across the Mediterranean
Glen Ford, executive editor of Black Agenda Report, says there are various nationalities among the boatloads of migrants crossing the Mediterranean claiming to be Eritrians

  June 10, 2015

The 10 Million Dollar FIFA Scandal in South Africa
Centre for Civil Society's Patrick Bond says revelations of corruption for 2010 World Cup host South Africa are emblematic of much deeper and troubling political problems

  June 5, 2015

The Global African: The State of Black Workers & Violence in Burundi
TeleSUR's The Global African explores the state of black workers in the U.S. & the turmoil in Burundi

  May 24, 2015

Post Conflict Fragile States, Will They Overcome?
Leonce Ndikumana, director of the African Policy Program at the Political Economy Research Institute, says aid and timing coupled with a national economic development strategy by sector is required for success

  May 22, 2015

EU Plans to Destroy Migrant Boats Leaving Libya
Vijay Prashad, Professor of International Studies at Trinity College, says Europe is shifting from humanitarian assistance to a military blockade.

  May 19, 2015

The Global African: Land Grabs in Ethiopia & The Legacy of Belgian Colonization
TeleSUR's The Global African looks at land theft in Ethiopia & the connection between Belgian colonization and HIV in the Congo.

  May 17, 2015

20% of Africans Live in Post-Conflict Fragile States
Leonce Ndikumana, director of the African Policy Program at the Political Economy Research Institute, says poverty, inequality, weak institutions, and low development in general undermine efforts to accelerate economic development.

  May 18, 2015

The Wailing of Western Sahara
Michael Ratner, who returned from a refugee camp and a film festival in Western Sahara, explains the struggle for life, liberty and self-determination by the Saharawi people.

  May 10, 2015

Ethiopia Accuses Eritrea of Backing al-Shabaab
Glen Ford of Black Agenda Report says the allegation that Eritrea has funded or armed al-Shabaab is ridiculous; the Eritrean government is probably the most scrupulously secular state on the continent

  April 14, 2015

Nigerians Deliver a Peaceful Electoral Victory to Buhari
Idayat Hassan, Director of the Center for Democracy and Development says Buhari's peaceful victory is being celebrated by Nigerians

  April 5, 2015

Nigerians Head to the Polls Amid Rising Tensions
With several court challenges in the works, the elections are highly contested and posses a threat to the PDP rule, says Associate Professor Zachariah Mampilly of Vassar College

  March 27, 2015

Congolese Youth Fight Against President's Attempt to Extend Term Limits
With more than 40 dead after protests against Congolese President Joseph Kabila's attempt to stay in power, Friends of the Congo representatives and a Congolese youth organizer discuss what's at stake for the country's citizens

  March 16, 2015

Making Sense of Boko Haram Attacks on Nigerian Civilians (2/2)
The Nigerian government's requests for assistance in fighting Boko Haram is ignored by the international community, says Nii Akuetteh

  January 13, 2015

Making Sense of Boko Haram Attacks on Nigerian Civilians (1/2)
Nii Akuetteh, analyst of African and international affairs, says it is difficult to decipher what Boko Haram is expecting to achieve by mass killing of civilians

  January 13, 2015

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Calls for "Decisive Action" Against the Rwandan Rebels
Kambale Musavuli, spokesperson for the Friends of the Congo, says US pressure is behind the call for action by Ban Ki-moon, and that there are political options for dealing with the FDLR

  January 8, 2015

Part 3: From South Africa to the United States: The Continuity of Black Consciousness Movements
Legendary emcee and producer Shaheen Ariefdien and Dr. Rico Chapman continue to discuss the histories, similarities and mutual impact of the Black Consciousness Movement in South Africa and the Black Power Movement here in the United States with iMixWhatILike host, Dr. Jared Ball

  January 11, 2015

Scale and Consequences of Capital Flight from Africa
Leonce Ndikumana, Director of the African Development Policy Program at the Political Economy Research Institute, discusses the problems and the solutions to capital flight from Africa

  January 8, 2015

iMixWhatILike | From South Africa to the United States: The Continuity of Black Consciousness Movements (Part 1)
Jared Ball hosts legendary emcee and producer Shaheen Ariedien and Dr. Rico Chapman discuss the histories, similarities and mutual impact of the Black Consciousness Movement in South Africa and the Black Power Movement here in the United States.

  December 19, 2014

Is This What Voluntary Corporate Social Responsibility Looks Like?
Dimitri Lascaris on the case against Nevsun Resources, a Canadian mining company whose appalling labour record in Eritrea was brought to court by a consortium of Canadian Law firms

  December 2, 2014

Who is Behind the Ousting of President Compaore in Burkina Faso?
Burkinabe people have a history of revolutions - once the social and political engine started, it could not be stopped, says Dr. Gnaka Lagoke and Paul Sankara, brother of revolutionary Thomas Sankara

  November 14, 2014

The Neoliberal Outbreak of Ebola
Evolutionary biologist Robert Wallace says the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa is better explained by Western-driven policy than indigenous cultural practices

  October 31, 2014

Ebola: A Disease of Extraordinary Poverty (2/2)
Enormous public health crisis in poorest countries due to increasing social inequality, says Allyson Pollock, professor of public health research and policy at Queen Mary University of London

  October 31, 2014

Ebola: A Disease of Extraordinary Poverty (1/2)
Public health expert Allyson Pollock explains how poverty, sanitation and infrastructure contribute to Ebola's death toll in West Africa

  October 27, 2014

IMF & World Bank Policies Responsible For Weakening Health Systems in West Africa
After emerging from colonialism, many nations in the African continent were forced to accept economic arrangements that allowed multinational corporations to overwhelmingly benefit from the wealth and resources of the region, says policy analyst and activist Nii Akuetteh

  October 20, 2014

Ebola - Myths and Reality
Dr Lawrence Brown explains the roots of conspiracy theories that are fueling distrust of medical professionals in the current Ebola outbreak

  October 14, 2014

What's Behind the Ebola Crises and are U.S. Americans at Risk?
In an interview with Telesur's The Global African, Johns Hopkins Infectious Disease Program co-director Taha E. Taha discusses the roots of the Ebola crisis and what can be done about it. Courtesy of Telesur

  October 3, 2014

The History of Medical Exploitation in Africa - Harriet Washington on the Ebola Outbreak (2/2)
Medical ethicist Harriet Washington says that the media-driven narrative of African fear ignores the untrustworthiness of the health care system

  August 9, 2014

Three Union Leaders Shot Dead in South Africa
The young NUMSA shop stewards were targeted by "reactionary forces" after a 4 week strike, says the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU)

  August 8, 2014

The Politics of the Ebola Serum - Harriet Washington on the Ebola Outbreak (1/2)
Medical ethicist Harriet Washington explains why most pharmaceuticals companies decline to produce drugs for the developing world yet use it for clinical testing

  August 6, 2014

Nigerians Must Defend Themselves, Oppose the State of Emergency and US Intervention (3/3)
Baba Aye: Workers and youth should defend their communities against Boko Haram but should also oppose the government's state of emergency which is used to bolster the rule of a corrupt elite

  July 27, 2014

Big Oil and the Nigerian Frankenstein (2/3)
Baba Aye: Western oil companies have been getting away with murder, backing a self-serving local elite that enriches itself, creating the conditions for the rise of Boko Haram

  July 21, 2014

Is the New BRICS Bank a Challenge to US Global Financial Power?
Michael Hudson and Leo Panitch discuss and debate the significance of the new international development bank created by Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa

  July 17, 2014

Nigeria: Boko Haram Born of Poverty and Elite Politics (1/3)
Baba Aye: Boko Haram is a product of desperate poverty in the North East of Nigeria and a reflection of elite politics played with the mask of ethnicity

  July 16, 2014

220,000 Metal Workers on Strike in South Africa
Patrick Bond: Workers are demanding higher wages and an end to neoliberal ANC policies

  July 7, 2014

New Challenges Ahead for South African Labor after Platinum Miners End Five Month Long Strike
Patrick Bond: South African platinum workers will see a pay increase by 2017, but opponents are now attempting to limit their ability to to strike again

  June 24, 2014

U.S. Renews Aid to Sisi-led Egypt Despite Ongoing Political Repression
Sherief Gaber says the U.S. has renewed support for the Sisi-headed government in Egypt in spite of its unprecedented crackdown on press and human rights

  June 24, 2014

Congolese President Pushing Constitutional Changes To Allow For Third Term
Maurice Carney gives an update on these efforts by Joseph Kabila, and explains who stands to gain from a third term under the current president

  June 11, 2014

U.S. Policy In Africa Is About Advancing Its Own Strategic Interests - TRNN Webathon Panel
Glen Ford and Kambale Musavuli discuss the history of U.S. involvement in Congo and it ongoing imperialist policy throughout Africa

  June 3, 2014

How Kidnapped Nigerian Schoolgirls Became Propaganda for Imperial Policy
Glen Ford: Western intervention aims to make region malleable to neoliberal economic policies and further militarize the continent

  May 19, 2014

Boko Haram Kidnappings An Excuse For The U.S. To Further Entrench Itself In Africa
Institute for Policy Studies Fellow Ajamu Baraka explains how the 2011 NATO intervention into Libya empowered Boko Haram, and discusses the real motives behind U.S. engagement in Nigeria

  May 15, 2014

Despite Growing Discontent, ANC Victorious in South African Elections
Patrick Bond: A serious challenge to South Africa's ANC still several years away

  May 8, 2014

The Roots of Nigeria's Chaos
Nnimmo Bassey: Years of Western-backed military dictatorship and unfettered plunder by oil companies have created enormous disparity in wealth and a corrupt political elite - a breeding ground for extremism

  May 6, 2014

South African Platinum Miner's Struggle Challenges ANC Leadership
Patrick Bond: 2012 Marikana massacre and the militancy of the miners is changing the face of South African politics

  April 20, 2014

Rwanda 20 Years Later: Genocide, Western Plunder of Congo, and President Kagame
Twenty years after the Rwandan genocide, survivor & activist Claude Gatebuke and filmmaker Andre Vltchek discuss what was really behind America's decision not to intervene, and its ongoing support for Rwandan President Paul Kagame

  April 8, 2014

ICC Convicts Congo Warlord, What Are the Right Steps For Peace?
Leonce Ndikumana: The peace process in the Great Lakes region of Africa must be driven by Africans with the international community playing a supporting role

  March 17, 2014

U.S. Christian Right Behind Anti-Gay Law Passed in Uganda
Rev. Kapya Kaoma: New Ugandan law that makes homosexual acts punishable by life imprisonment was modeled after the talking points of right- wing U.S. evangelicals

  February 25, 2014

Did the ANC Make a Faustian Bargain? - Danny Schechter on Reality Asserts Itself (3/3)
Mr. Schechter analyzes the difficult circumstances that led Mandela to make major compromises in their program after taking power in South Africa

  February 13, 2014

Mandela and Neoliberal Economics in South Africa - Danny Schechter (2/3)
Mr. Schechter tells Paul Jay that under tremendous external pressure, the ANC gave up its plans to nationalize the mining sector

  February 12, 2014

Activism In My DNA - Danny Schechter on Reality Asserts Itself (1/3)
In this RAI he tells Paul Jay about the fight against apartheid and meeting and chronicling Mandela in South Africa.

  February 11, 2014

80,000 South African Platinum Miners Strike For A Living Wage
Patrick Bond: Mine workers strike and moving away from the African National Conference could signal a reconfiguration of the left in South Africa

  January 29, 2014

The Legacy of Colonialism in Central African Republic
Emira Woods: Not much has changed since the country became independent from France in 1960, as resources remain under the control of external actors, particularly multinational mining corporations (2/2)

  January 27, 2014

Why the EU Sent Troops to Central African Republic
Emira Woods: CAR's post-colonial history is riddled with French business interest collaborating with corrupt despots

  January 27, 2014

Extreme Inequality Drags South Africa's Economic Growth
Leonce Ndikumana: 47 percent of South Africans live in poor conditions, inevitably leading to a drag on growth in the economy

  January 27, 2014

Is Stability Possible in the Congo in 2014?
Maurice Carney: Major strides for peace in the Congo have emerged and will continue if the United States pressures neighboring countries like Uganda and Rwanda from intentionally destabilizing the central African country

  December 18, 2013

Schechter: Mandela and the ANC Brought Real Political Changes to Post- Apartheid South Africa
Author and filmmaker Danny Schechter says although the ANC's political choices included compromises with neoliberalism, it should not be used to discount Mandela's achievements

  December 16, 2013

Will Foreign Troops Help Quell Violence in the Central African Republic?
France sends 1,000 troops into the Central African Republic as violence continues to escalate

  December 1, 2013

The Defeat of the Rwandan-backed M23 Rebels is a First Step To Peace in the DRC
Maurice Carney: Activists and independent media played a key role in pushing the US to demand Rwanda stop supporting the M23 rebels

  November 5, 2013

Nigeria Overtakes South Africa as Continent's Largest Economy
Leonce Ndikumana: Nigeria revises economic data and will displace S.A. as Africa's largest economy.

  November 4, 2013

Another Problem from Hell? Adelson and Wiesel laud Rwanda's Kagame
Billionaire right-wing donor Sheldon Adelson and Elie Wiesel celebrate Rwandan strongman at TV rabbi's genocide panel

  October 7, 2013

Deadly Mall Attack Linked to Kenya's Role in US-led Global War on Terror
Kenya's Deadly Westgate Mall Attack In Context

  September 24, 2013

Donors Attribute Africa's Economic Growth to Aid, But Numbers Tell Different Story
Leonce Ndikumana: While increased aid to Africa is only a small fraction of resources, donors attempt to take credit for Africa's economic euphoria

  August 19, 2013

South Africa's Largest Union on the Verge of Major Split
Patrick Bond: South Africa trade unions become magnets for capital as an ideological confict masked as a sex scandal threatens to fracture union behind the one-year-old massacre

  August 18, 2013

The Rise of Chinese Influence in Africa
Leonce Ndikumana: China invests in building Africa's infrastructure, but fails to employ local labor

  August 5, 2013

Mandela Embodied the Victories and Failures of the South African Liberation Struggle
Glen Ford: Were the compromises made to avoid bloodshed responsible for the poverty and suffering that continues today?

  June 27, 2013

Obama and the Militarisation of Africa
Emira Woods PT2: Under the "war on terror" framework, the US and AFRICOM are beefing up pro-US militaries across Africa

  June 25, 2013

Mandela Led Fight Against Apartheid, But Not Against Extreme Inequality
Patrick Bond: Mandela deserves great credit for ending racial apartheid in South Africa, but his legacy includes the continuation of mass poverty

  December 5, 2013

Heads of UN and World Bank Visit Congo - Fail to Hold Rwanda and Uganda Accountable
World Bank head Jim Yong Kim and UN Sec. Gen. Ban Ki-moon visit Congo on May 25th, supporting a framework for peace agreement that was engineered by Uganda and Rwanda, Western allies that are accused of backing rebel armies committing war crimes in Congo

  May 20, 2013

UN Sanctioned Congo "Intervention Brigades" Complement US Africa Strategy
Maurice Carney: 3,000 member force intervention will further militarize Congo; US has power to sanction rebel-backers Rwanda and Uganda, but will not because they are allies in American AFRICOM strategy

  April 24, 2013

Du Bois, Garvey and Pan Africanism
On the 145th anniversary of W.E.B. Du Bois's birth, Anthony Monteiro discusses the opposing views on Pan Africanism of Du Bois and Marcus Garvey

  February 22, 2013

Du Bois and the Soviet Union
On the 145th anniversary of the birth of W.E.B. Du Bois, Anthony Monteiro looks at Du Bois's relationship with the CPUSA and the Soviet Union

  February 23, 2013

South African Platinum Miner's Struggle Creates Political Rupture
Vishwas Satgar: New miners union growing as workers split with ANC supported union; increasing consciousness amongst workers that the issue now is class

  February 26, 2013

Mali and the Africa Land Grab
Sasha Ross: France wants to secure North Mali's rice fields as a food supply for Libya; part of land grabs taking place all over Africa

  February 25, 2013

South Africa and the Resource Curse
Patrick Bond: Mining interests are a powerful force shaping African politics

  February 14, 2013

US Protects Rwandan and Ugandan Interference in Congo
Maurice Carney: US policy is seeking "stability" by militarizing Africa

  January 31, 2013

French Intervention in Mali Violates UN Resolution; Root of Crisis Marginalization of the North
Emira Woods: The French have violated the UN resolution as they defend their resource interests; Africans want a comprehensive aid and political package for Northern Mali

  January 17, 2013

Platinum Miners and Class Struggle in South Africa
Patrick Bond: Platinum miners strike inspires workers across South Africa; Billionaire mine owner becomes deputy head of ANC

  January 10, 2013

UN Approves Intervention in Mali
Nii Akuetteh: France, US, and African Union push resolution for an African led military force to take northern Mali back from militant Islamic forces

  December 23, 2012

Is Susan Rice "Bad for Congo"
Kambale Musavuli: Susan Rice's record on Africa suggests as Secretary of State, she would side with dictators and US allies Rwanda and Uganda against the people of Congo

  December 7, 2012

With US Blessing, Rwanda Backs M23 Rebels in Congo
Kambale Musavuli: Obama ignores legislation he sponsored in US Senate calling for sanctions against countries interfering in the Congo

  November 29, 2012

Africa Lost 1.6 Trillion in Capital Flight and Odious Debt Over Forty Years
Léonce Ndikumana: $619 billion of embezzled capital flight from North Africa with connivance of big banks according to new research

  November 25, 2012

Fracking Plans Spark Protest In South Africa
A lift on shale gas exploration moratorium has angered environmentalists

  October 14, 2012

South African Platinum Miners Win Pay Raise
Vishwas Satgar: After bloody struggle, breakthrough on wages is an inspiring message to all South African miners and a challenge to ANC and official miners union

  September 24, 2012

South African Miners Strike a Challenge to ANC
Vishwas Satgar: Government forced to drop murder charges against miners

  September 16, 2012

Mass Murder of Miners and Neo-Liberalism in South Africa
Vishwas Satgar Pt2: The murder of striking miners reveals that the deep apartheid pattern of the labor market, particularly in the mining industry, has not changed

  September 2, 2012

Striking South African Miners Charged with Murder After Police Kill 34
Major challenge to ANC government after reports that many miners were shot in the back, and now murder charges against other miners, no police charged

  August 31, 2012

Tunisia to Reject Odious Debt
Leonce Ndikumana: Tunisia to audit foreign debt and reject loans embezzled by former dictator

  August 24, 2012

Africa and the War Against Offshore Finance
Léonce Ndikumana: To reduce poverty, Africa needs to demand financial transparency as big banks collude with local corruption

  July 26, 2012

True Cost of Chevron in Angola
Sizaltina Cutaia, Program Manager at Open Society Institute in Angola on the impact of Chevron

  July 5, 2012

US Covers Up Rwanda Supported Mutiny in Congo
Maurice Carney: American ally Rwanda supports rebel troops in Congo

  June 27, 2012

AFRICOM Expands Mission In Africa
Maurice Carney: A U.S.-based unit has been selected as the Army’s first “regionally aligned” brigade, and by next year its soldiers could begin conducting operations in Africa.

  May 22, 2012

AFRICOM and the Conflict in Mali
Nii Akuetteh: Why did US trained officers organize the coup in Mali?

  May 3, 2012

Sudan's Bashir Threatens War Against South Sudan
Nii Akuetteh: US wants to use South to gain strategic advantage but China may be the peace broker

  April 24, 2012

US Supports Election Fraud in Congo
Kambale Musavuli: US recognizes regime that serves mining and oil companies

  March 13, 2012

Kony 2012 Hides US Support for Repressive Ugandan Regime
Kambale Musavuli: Uganda responsible for atrocities in Congo, focus on Kony cover for US militarization and support for dictators

  March 13, 2012

The US, Mining and Dictators in the Congo
Kambale Musavuli Pt3: People should demand a fundamental change in US policy towards the Congo

  November 8, 2011

Congo: Chaos By Design
Pt2. Obama makes no significant change in U.S. foreign policy towards Congo

  December 5, 2011

Moroccans Call for the Ouster of King Mohammed VI
Firoze Manji: African countries "untouched" by Arab Spring emerge after 30 years of declining income and privatization policies

  October 31, 2011

US Sends Troops to Uganda - Is it About the Oil?
Firoze Manji: US sends 100 troops to support Uganda's fight against LRA

  October 27, 2011

The Legal Basis to Reject Odious Debt
Léonce Ndikumana and James K. Boyce: International law supports Africa rejecting debts that did not benefit the people

  October 26, 2011

The Human Cost of Africa's Odious Debt
Léonce Ndikumana and James K. Boyce: The cost of servicing external odious debt leads to tragic underspending on health care and education

  October 24, 2011

Should Africa Repay its 'Odious' Debts?
Boyce and Ndikumana, authors of 'Africa's Odious Debts', argue that under international law, debts incurred by dictators should not be enforceable

  October 24, 2011

UN Declares Famine in Southern Somalia
FSRN: Drought and ongoing conflict have left half of the Somali population in need of urgent assistance

  July 22, 2011

UN Commander: 'The War In Ivory Coast Is Over'
Channel 4: Laurent Gbagbo appears to be close to surrender and seeking UN protection

  April 6, 2011

Ivory Coast: Gbagbo defiant as Ouattara prepares 'final offensive'
France24: Internationally recognised Ivory Coast president's army is preparing to launch its 'final offensive'

  April 4, 2011

Uprisings in Africa
TRNN Replay - Firoze Manji: Democratic uprisings brutally suppressed in many African countries

  March 30, 2011

Libyan Women March in Support of Rebellion
Women march in Benghazi, Libya on International Women's Day

  March 10, 2011

Libya oil tanks seen as 'time bomb'
Al Jazeera: The oil producing town of Ras Lanuf has seen some of the worst fighting in the last few hours.

  March 9, 2011

Jordan Protesters Hold Strong
Al Jazeera: Protesters are demanding political reforms, a constitutional monarchy, and a review of King Abdullah's future role in the country

  March 5, 2011

TRNN EXCLUSIVE: Liberated Libya Rejects US Intervention
On the streets of liberated Benghazi people say no to McCain, Lieberman and any US intervention

  March 1, 2011

Riot Police Clashes With Protesters in Cairo
Protests have erupted in cities across Egypt following Friday midday prayers, with angry demonstrators demanding an end to Hosni Mubarak's 30-year presidency --Tens of thousands of protesters have taken to the streets across the country

  January 28, 2011

Map: Cairo's 'day of wrath'
Violent protests have spread across the Egyptian capital, Cairo, and other Egyptian cities as tens of thousands of demonstrators intensified their campaign to oust President Hosni Mubarak.

  January 28, 2011

Tunisian Police Join Protesters
Al Jazeera: Protesters have now been joined by a small number of police - it would be a turning point if this now spreads to wider sections of the force

  January 22, 2011

Tunisian Prime Minister Announces New Government
Channel 4: Protesters demand the complete removal of the ruling party

  January 18, 2011

WikiLeaks reveals how Shell infiltrated Nigeria
Al Jazeera: The petrol giant Shell has thoroughly infiltrated the Nigerian government, newly leaked WikiLeaks documents show.

  December 13, 2010

Cotton Trade Injustice
Channel 4: Fairtrade Foundation report says 19bn of handouts from the EU and US to American and European cotton farmers is locking west African farmers into poverty

  November 20, 2010

Blood Diamond Industry Still Grips Africa
Channel 4: Secret filming by Unreported World shows the "blood diamond" industry

  October 30, 2010

Al Jazeera: A major drought in Russia means Egyptians face the risk of missing their daily bread

  August 12, 2010

The Dinokeng scenarios: 35 South Africans with different perspectives debate the shape of their future

  August 4, 2010

The Dinokeng scenarios: 35 South Africans with different perspectives debate the shape of their future

  August 4, 2010

The Dinokeng scenarios: 35 South Africans with different perspectives debate the shape of their future

  August 4, 2010

The Dinokeng scenarios: 35 South Africans with different perspectives debate the shape of their future

  August 4, 2010

The Dinokeng scenarios: 35 South Africans with different perspectives debate the shape of their future

  August 3, 2010

Racial tensions flare in South Africa
AlJazeera: Murder trial in South Africa heightens racial tensions

  April 15, 2010

Somali pirates tell their side
Shashank Bengali talks about his interviews with Somali pirates

  March 13, 2010

Bush and Africa's baby boom
Bengali: Bush birth control policies helped fuel Africa's population increase

  March 16, 2010

Al-Qaeda branch in 'Sahara Emirate'
An offshoot of al-Qaeda has emerged in the deserts of North Africa, claiming 'Sahara Emirate

  January 7, 2010

Voices of developing world urge action
CCTV: Many African leaders stressing that the voice the of the majority needs to be heard.

  December 18, 2009

Africom or Africon? Pt 4
Bush pushed military operation that resulted in 1/2 million displaced civilians. Is Obama any different?

  October 1, 2009

Africom or Africon? Pt 3
Winning the hearts and minds while exploiting resources and killing democracy

  September 29, 2009

Untold suffering of Kenya's children
Jonathan Rugman reports on the child sex trade in Kenya

  September 26, 2009

Africom or Africon? Pt 2
Dick Cheney, Big Oil and the Constituents of War

  September 28, 2009

Africom or Africon? Pt 1
A reorganization of the U.S. command structure and another military imposition

  September 27, 2009

South Africans protest for higher wages
Protests and strikes have broken out in recent weeks across South Africa

  July 30, 2009

Did Shell collaborate in Nigerian executions?
14 years after protesters including Ken Saro-Wiwa were executed, Shell settles for 15M

  June 10, 2009

Niger villages say No to female genital mutilation
Ten villages in western Niger have decided to end the practice of female genital mutilation

  April 16, 2009

Wealth and politics in Congo
Wayne Madsen: Will Obama change Congo policy or will it be business as usual? Pt. 3/3

  December 19, 2008

The horror of the Rwandan genocide
Guardian: Remembering the 1994 Rwandan genocide and the international community's ineffectual response

  December 19, 2008

The destabilization of Congo
Wayne Madsen: Ethnic divisions are being stoked by client states of the US who arm both sides

  December 18, 2008

Congolese people band together in crisis
Guardian: Families in the eastern part of DR Congo are taking in displaced strangers

  December 13, 2008

Zimbabweans protest for political settlement
Guardian: Hundreds protest in Harare to push for a political settlement and a new constitution

  December 6, 2008

Survivors of Congo militias speak out
Guardian: Leah Chishugi travels into the heart of eastern Congo to record the testimony of women

  December 10, 2008

Water supplies run short in Zimbabwe
Guardian: A chemical shortage limits running water in Harare, which is facing a cholera outbreak

  December 14, 2008

Appeal court to rule on Zuma in 2009
South African judge to hand down final decision on previous corruption charges on Jan 12, 2009

  November 30, 2008

Crisis in Congo
Shashank Bengali: This conflict could destabilize the whole region Pt.2/2

  November 19, 2008

Crisis in Congo
Shashank Bengali: The threat of violence is ever-present in Congo Pt.1 of 2

  November 18, 2008

Zimbabwe faces political turmoil
Adam Habib: Aggressive foreign engagement is needed to force a breakthrough that is more legitimate

  November 16, 2008

Splinter faction challenges ANC
Adam Habib: The split will create a dynamic of political accountability within the system

  November 13, 2008

Cholera outbreaks in DRC refugee camps
Guardian's Africa correspondent, Chris McGreal, talks about the state of refugee camps in Kibati, DRC

  November 13, 2008

Miriam Makeba dies aged 76
The South African singer and anti-apartheid campaigner dies in Italy after performing at a concert

  November 11, 2008

Guardian: Miliband on sending troops to Congo
'No one has ruled out a military role': David Miliband on sending troops to Congo

  November 10, 2008

Polls open for disputed election in Zimbabwe
NPR's Ofeibia Quist-Arcton reports from South Africa about today's election, termed a "sham"

  June 28, 2008

Mugabe under pressure
Adam Habib: Mugabe may respond if threatened with expulsion by African elites from regional bodies

  June 26, 2008

Xenophobic violence erupts in South Africa
Foreigners seen as competing for scarce resources

  May 21, 2008

Mbeki loses credibility over Mugabe
Adam Habib: By appeasing Zimbabwe's ruling party President Thabo Mbeki has undermined his credibility

  May 2, 2008

Mugabe lashes out at "puppets" of Britain
Adam Habib: Zimbabwe's president manipulating anti-colonial sentiment to stay in power

  April 19, 2008

Racist video sparks fury
Airing of racist video in South Africa causes widespread outrage and protests

  March 2, 2008

Kenyan elite battles for power
Binyavanga Wainaina: A feudal ruling elite is the heart of the problem, Kenya needs a new constitution

  January 23, 2008

Kenyan conflict continues
Opposition remains defiant in its stalemate with the government

  January 19, 2008

Kenyan election spirals into violence
Kenya's prosperous economy belies underlying economic structural inequalities

  January 7, 2008

ANC elects new leader
Adam Habib: ANC members reject elites

  December 24, 2007

ANC elects new leader
Adam Habib: ANC members reject elites

  December 24, 2007

Green famine in Ethiopia
Guardian: The rains have come, the land is lush but Ethiopians still go hungry

  August 17, 2008

Obama, the US and 5 Million Deaths in The Congo
Kambale Musavuli Pt1: Congo is essential to the American military and aerospace industry

  December 2, 2011

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