The Real Baltimore

The Real Baltimore

Policing on Trial as Freddie Gray Case Set to Begin
Critics say cases against six cops can't remedy decades of aggressive tactics and flawed policy

  November 25, 2015

MD Among Lowest Number of Hate Crimes in the Nation
Latest FBI report shows state relatively hate crime free, but some question stats

  November 22, 2015

Towson President Agrees to Students' Demands After Eight-Hour Occupation
Administration says diversity will be addressed but concerns remain over hostility and racial equity on campus

  November 20, 2015

"They Think They've Won"
TRNN Executive Producer Eddie Conway speaks with Earl Richardson, Former President of Morgan State University and Kenneth Morgan, Assistant Professor at Coppin State University about the ongoing struggle to achieve equity for HBCUs.

  November 20, 2015

Cancer-Causing Processed Meats Largely Affect Low Income Neighborhoods
According to a recent WHO study, processed meats cause cancer - but in many Baltimore neighborhoods, that's the only food that's available.

  November 20, 2015

NAACP Plans March in Pocomoke
State and Worcester county branches aim for show of strength as city continues to fire black police officers

  November 16, 2015

ACLU Releases Mobile Justice App
Representatives from ACLU of MD present Mobile Justice App in partnership with Coppin State University and community leaders.

  November 15, 2015

ACLU: Baltimore Body Cam Regs Another Setback for Police Accountability
Former investigator also says decision to allow officers to review body camera footage before giving statements could hinder internal probes

  November 11, 2015

Baltimore Workers Rally For Higher Wages During Nat'l Day of Action
Over 100 gathered at the Amazon warehouse in Baltimore as 500 actions to raise wages were held across the country; New York state and Pittsburgh agreed to a $15 minimum wage for their employees.

  November 11, 2015

An Insider's Look at Baltimore's Dysfunctional Housing Authority
In part two, fired veteran public housing worker Lucky Crosby discusses how the lack of accountability has fueled neglect and deplorable conditions in Baltimore's public housing

  November 10, 2015

Whistleblower Recounts Retaliation in Sex-for-Repair Scheme
Maintenance worker Lucky Crosby goes into details about how the Baltimore Housing Authority handled the Sex-for Repair Scheme and why he believes he was fired for speaking out

  November 9, 2015

Losing Shelter from the Storm
Residents from the Youth Empowered Society and staff from the Weinberg Housing and Resource Center describe the conditions and challenges for sheltering Baltimore's homeless population.

  November 12, 2015

Coat Giveaway In Housing Project Where Freddie Gray Was Killed
7 Year Old Zachariah Barber talks to Gilmor Homes residents about pre-Halloween festivities.

  November 1, 2015

City Clears Art From Confederate Monument
Officials use police to remove sculpture intended to bring context to symbol of city's racist past

  October 31, 2015

Baltimore Still Debating What to Do With Confederate Statues
Testimony before commission recounts how monuments coincided with city's efforts to segregate

  October 30, 2015

Board Rules Pocomoke City Council Violated Open Meetings Act
Town in turmoil also has first homicide since 2010 when the fired black police chief took over

  November 1, 2015

Prosecutors Drop All Charges for City Hall Protesters
Activists involved in Baltimore #CityHallShutdown say this is a victory for the right to dissent

  October 29, 2015

Baltimore Rallies in Solidarity with Palestine
TRNN talks to Baltimore-Palestine Solidarity about why they are protesting Senator Ben Cardin's office and their response to the latest round of violence in Israel and Palestine

  October 23, 2015

Better Bus System Proposed for Baltimore as Mayor Snubs Governor
Hogan pledges faster more efficient service for residents while mayor stays away

  October 23, 2015

New Allegations of Sex for Repair Scheme at Gilmor Homes
More women come forward as pressure intensifies on Baltimore's housing commissioner to resign

  October 21, 2015

Housing Commissioner Touts Privatization as Residents Remain Without Water for Five Days
TRNN's Eddie Conway follows up with city officials and residents concerning the lack of water and unsanitary conditions at the Baltimore city housing complex

  October 20, 2015

Activists Return to City Hall to Defend the Right to Protest
As protesters disrupt Police Commissioner Kevin Davis's confirmation hearing, City Bloc organizer and high school student Makayla Gilliam-Price says the right to protest must be defended

  October 19, 2015

Lack of Water, Unsanitary Conditions Prompt Seniors to Protest at City Housing Project
Residents of Lakeview Towers tell TRNN's Eddie Conway the city has been negligent in maintaining aging complex

  October 18, 2015

Breaking: Baltimore Jury Acquits Another Freddie Gray Protester
The Real News speaks to #FreddieGray protester Larry Lomax and attorney Natalie Finegar shortly after he's found not guilty of disorderly conduct

  October 16, 2015

They're Free: Baltimore Youth Released after Occupying City Hall
After their release, TRNN speaks with youth leaders Tre Murphy and Makayla Gilliam-Price about their ongoing demands for justice and accountability from the Baltimore Police Department and City of Baltimore

  October 15, 2015

Shutdown: Baltimore Youth Take Over City Hall
The Real News spent Wednesday night in its entirety with young black activists who occupied City Hall in protest of Kevin Davis' bid to become the new police commissioner in Baltimore

  October 15, 2015

Protesters Arrested Inside Baltimore City Hall as Frustration Over Policing Mounts
Civil disobedience part of growing movement demanding community input on law enforcement policies

  October 15, 2015

Judge Rules Two Officers' Statements Admissible in Freddie Gray Case
Conflicting statements from officers William Porter and Alicia White could provide key evidence during trial

  October 14, 2015

Protester Acquitted for Role In Freddie Gray Uprising
Lawyer says Baltimore jury affirmed first amendment rights with swift verdict

  October 14, 2015

With Homicides at Record Pace, City Plans Three Day Trial for Freddie Gray Protester
Hours of video evidence and multiple witnesses planned in prosecution of man who faces misdemeanor charges for joining in Freddie Gray uprising

  October 7, 2015

Baltimore Police Commissioner Stunned by Poverty in Baltimore
Another violent weekend with 9-year-old girl shot prompts debate over root cause of mayhem

  October 5, 2015

Is There a Path Forward for Baltimore After Freddie Gray?
Scholars and activists debate the future of a city still dominated by aggressive policing strategies and tax breaks for downtown developers

  October 3, 2015

First Defendent in Freddie Gray Trial May Prove Key in Prosecution's Case
TRNN gets reactions to the judge's decision to postpone the trials for the six officers charged with killing Freddie Gray. A technical issue in an earlier version of this video has been fixed

  September 29, 2015

Sex for Repairs Scheme Alleged in Gilmor Homes
Federal lawsuit alleges residents of city housing project where Freddie Gray grew-up were asked to have sex in exchange for maintenance work

  September 29, 2015

Prosecutors Drop False Imprisonment Charges Against Baltimore Pastor
ACLU says remaining charges of inciting a riot are overreaching and could discourage civil disobedience

  September 25, 2015

What the Firing of Pocomoke's First Black Police Chief Says About Race in the US
TRNN's Taya Graham and Stephen Janis say city officials' reactions to the black community's calls for accountability reveal the depth of racial divisions in this small eastern shore town.

  September 23, 2015

Pocomoke City Officials Get Testy as Black Residents Demand Accountability
Firing of first black police chief continues to divide community even as new top cop says he won't live in the city

  September 17, 2015

Baltimore's Race for Mayor Feeling Impact of Freddie Gray Uprising
After Rawlings-Blake exit, motivated voters could influence the city's political landscape

  September 16, 2015

Music for Revolution
Firebrand Records' Son of Nun and Ryan Harvey discuss the new label's Baltimore roots and say they aim to take revolutionary music to the mainstream

  September 15, 2015

Whistleblower: Modern Policing Rooted in Racist Policies
TRNN brings you the second part of our interview with former Baltimore Police Sergeant Michael Wood

  September 13, 2015

Could the Mayor's Decision Not to Run End Era of Big Tax Breaks and Aggressive Policing in Baltimore?
Candidate for mayor Carl Stokes tells TRNN's Stephen Janis that the campaign focus may shift as past policies come under fire

  September 11, 2015

Freddie Gray Trial Casts Shadow Over Baltimore Mayor's Resignation
TRNN's Stephen Janis discusses how the killing of Freddie Gray continues to have consequences at city hall

  September 11, 2015

Judge: Trials for Officers Charged With Killing Freddie Gray to Stay in Baltimore
On Thursday morning judge Barry Williams rejected the defense's argument, that the six officers charged in the killing of Freddie Gray could not get fair and impartial trials in Baltimore.

  September 10, 2015

City Unanimously Approves $6.4 Million Settlement for Gray Family
The Board of Estimates approved a $6.4 million dollar settlement for the family of Freddie Gray, whose death in police custody sparked riots, mass protests and calls for change

  September 9, 2015

Baltimore: A Moment to a Movement
The media called it a riot, but on the streets of Baltimore they call it an uprising.

  September 6, 2015

Separate Trials in Freddie Gray Case Could Pave Way for Outsiders in Baltimore Mayoral Race
Activists and residents say protracted legal proceedings could heighten city's anti-incumbent mood

  September 6, 2015

After Hearing, Protests Against Police Killings Continue
Activist Tawanda Jones and TRNN's Eddie Conway say protests will continue until police are held accountable and economic inequality is addressed.

  September 2, 2015

Lawyers of Six Officers in Gray Case: Move Trial Out of Baltimore, And Away From Its Politics
On Wednesday, defense lawyers representing the six officers charged with the death of Freddie Gray argued that the trial had to be as far removed from the city and sentiment of Baltimore as possible.

  September 2, 2015

TRNN Livestream Outside Freddie Gray Pre-trial Hearing
The Real News speaks to protesters, legislators, and activists about the latest developments in the pre-trial hearings for the six officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray

  September 2, 2015

Former Police Officer: The War on Drugs Needs to End
TRNN's Jaisal Noor speaks to LEAP Executive Director Neill Franklin

  September 2, 2015

How Will the Freddie Gray Hearings Affect the Trial?
TRNN's Taya Graham speaks to journalist Stephen Janis

  September 2, 2015

Activist: Justice Impossible Without Accountability
TRNN's Taya Graham speaks to Tawanda Jones, the sister of Tyrone West, who died in police custody

  September 2, 2015

Why is There Systemic Police Abuse in Baltimore? (2/2)
TRNN's Taya Graham speaks to Paul Jay about the connection between poverty and policing

  September 2, 2015

What Role Will State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby's Play?
TRNN's Jared Ball interviews Urban Research Institute Director Ray Winbush

  September 2, 2015

Why is There Systemic Police Abuse in Baltimore? (1/2)
TRNN's Taya Graham speaks to Paul Jay about the connection between poverty and policing

  September 2, 2015

Rose Got Handcuffs Instead of Medical Help, Says Protester
TRNN's Jaisal Noor interviews an eyewitness to Kwame Rose's arrest

  September 2, 2015

Former Political Prisoner: We Need a Fair Trial
TRNN's Taya Graham speaks to TRNN Producer Eddie Conway

  September 2, 2015

Officers Should Be Tried in Baltimore, Says MD Delegate
TRNN's Taya Graham speaks to Maryland State Delegate Jill Carter

  September 2, 2015

Why is There Systemic Police Abuse in Baltimore? (1/2)
TRNN's Taya Graham speaks to Paul Jay talks about the connection between poverty and policing

  September 2, 2015

Activist Kwame Rose Arrested Outside Freddie Gray Pre-Trial Hearings
Kwame Rose and Morgan State professor Lawrence Brown spoke to the Real News before Rose's arrest about why people are protesting outside the courthouse

  September 2, 2015

Former Cop Says Freddie Gray Slowdown Didn't Prompt Crime Spike
Ex-Baltimore Officer Michael Wood, who came to fame for tweeting about corruption inside the agency, says there is no evidence showing aggressive policing reduces crime. Note: The video version of this interview incorrectly identifies Michael Wood as Michael Woods.

  September 1, 2015

DC Mayor's New Plan to Stem City Violence: More Policing
Glen Ford of discusses the plan of DC's Mayor Bowser to address increased levels of city homicides

  September 1, 2015

Pre-trial Hearings for Freddie Gray Case Start Wednesday
Top civil rights attorney Dwight A. Pettit says he has turned over records from past wrongful death suits involving police to the Justice Department's civil rights division

  August 30, 2015

What Has Changed Since Freddie Gray's Killing?
TRNN visits Penn & North, a short distance from where Freddie Gray lived and died and this is what we witnessed

  August 28, 2015

Bullock Trial Begins Friday
18-year-old Allen Bullock broke a police car window during the Baltimore uprisings. Having turned himself in, he faces life in prison and a bail that is higher than those set for the six police officers charged in the killing of Freddie Gray

  August 27, 2015

ACLU: Illegal Pocomoke Meeting Should Void Chief's Firing
After a Real News investigation found the Pocomoke City council met in secret to fire the town's first black police chief, the ACLU has filed a complaint with the Maryland Attorney General's office

  August 21, 2015

Baltimore's Mass Transit Suffers as Leaders Bicker
A contentious meeting between city leaders and governor's staff reveal lack of vision for Baltimore's problem plagued mass transit

  August 13, 2015

Cherry Hill: The "Model Negro Village" (1/2)
Dr. Ray Winbush, director of the Institute for Urban Research at Morgan State University talks about their recently published report on the history, current state and proposed future of this legendary Baltimore community

  August 13, 2015

A Year of Uprisings, Then Murders?
Officials say homicides across the country are up because of guns, drugs and gangs, but the Real News spoke to people in Baltimore who say that the causes for violence run much deeper

  August 10, 2015

Passions Erupt as Officials Stonewall on Black Chief's Firing
A Pocomoke city council meeting turns tumultuous as residents demand answers about the firing of the city's first black police

  August 6, 2015

Youth Activists Consider the Role of Voting in Freedom Struggles
Student activist Makayla Gilliam-Price, Dayvon Love, Director of Public Policy for the Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle, and community activist DeJuan Patterson discuss 50 years of voting rights

  August 6, 2015

Governor Hogan Orders Closing of Notorious Baltimore Detention Center
Power Inside's Jacqueline Robarge says Gov. Larry Hogan's move to close the Baltimore Detention Center raises questions of what happens to the prisoners who will be moved, and as well questions about the women's jail open

  July 31, 2015

Confusion, Leadership Vacuum Fueled Freddie Gray Unrest
Investigative journalists Luke Broadwater and Jayne Miller say documents reveal conflict among city officials in the aftermath of the killing of Freddie Gray

  July 31, 2015

Justice Department Details Investigation of Black Police Chief's Firing as Community Calls for Mayor's Resignation
Probe will include election irregularities and possible misuse of federal grants by Pocomoke city officials

  July 24, 2015

Council Seeks to Change Park Named After Confederate General
Residents, council say mayor needs to move faster to take down symbols of the confederacy in a majority black city

  July 21, 2015

Black Police Chief Makes Community Policing Work...Then Gets Fired
Despite record low crime, Lawyers for Kelvin Sewell says top cop was fired for refusing to terminate officers who filed discrimination complaints against Pocomoke City.

  July 18, 2015

School That Served Low-Income Residents of Baltimore Sees Its Final Graduation
TRNN Executive Producer Eddie Conway reports on the closing of Sojourner-Douglass College amid allegations of financial mismanagement

  July 15, 2015

Freddie Gray's Community Restores Its Basketball Courts
Eddie Conway talks to Baltimore residents in Gilmor Homes about their collective efforts to restore a neglected part of their community.

  July 14, 2015

Why Was Baltimore's Police Chief Fired?
Paul Jay asks veteran cops Neill Franklin and Kenneth Butler if Batts was thrown under the bus to appease the police union

  July 13, 2015

Baltimore Police Chief Allowed Looting to Discredit Protestors, Says Union
Veteran police officers Kenneth Butler and Neill Franklin discuss a report issued by the Fraternal Order of Police that accuses recently fired Chief Batts of ordering police to stand down during looting so protestors would be blamed as the aggressors

  July 10, 2015

Comrade on Culture, Community and Creativity
Baltimore rapper Comrade talks to The Real Music about growing up in Baltimore, being a community activist, and how hip-hop culture influences young people.

  July 9, 2015

Baltimore Police Commissioner Fired Amid Surge in Violence, Mistrust
Mayor calls Anthony Batts a distraction from crime fighting efforts

  July 9, 2015

Eddie Conway Talks Activism and Shares His Life Story With Seniors
The Real News Executive Producer Eddie Conway talks to senior citizens about his book and how Baltimore city has changed since the time of the '68 riots.

  July 5, 2015

A Baltimore Community is Better at Stopping Murder than Police
Despite desperate conditions, Cherry Hill teamed up with Safe Streets to stop murders for over 400 days

  July 3, 2015

Baltimore Residents Hold Lock-in Opposing School Closing
TRNN's Megan Sherman and Anton Woronczuk speak to West Baltimore community members and activists fighting to keep Langston Hughes Elementary School in Park Heights from closing

  June 16, 2015

Will Anyone Challenge the Mayor?
TRNN's analysis of Baltimore's critical upcoming election

  June 16, 2015

The Global African: The Great Migration & An Update on Baltimore
TeleSUR's The Global African looks at similarities between the Great Migration and immigration today & also gives an update on the situation in Baltimore.

  June 15, 2015

Revolution in Rhyme: Comrade Speaks
Baltimore rapper Comrade joined the iMiXWHATiLiKE crew for this discussion of his politics, influences and work in collaboration with No Hooks for the Hip-Hop Chronicles (WEAA 88.9 FM / Baltimore)

  June 14, 2015

New Commander of District Where Freddie Gray Died Has Different Take on Policing
Says arrests are not always the best solution and that police and community have to find common ground

  June 12, 2015

Baltimore Residents Say Root Causes of Violence Ignored
The Real News Correspondents Taya Graham and Megan Sherman ask the community about the recent spike in the city's homicide rate

  June 11, 2015

Baltimore Uprising a Transformative Moment For City Youth
A panel from our live Baltimore Uprising coverage featuring a discussion of some of the powerful moments during the protests by Paulo Gregory Harris, Don Rojas, and Sabah Nazer

  June 10, 2015

As News Trucks Leave, the Music Stays
A month after the Baltimore uprisings over the death of Freddie Gray while in police custody, the political hip hop duo Rebel Diaz gave a free concert in the Gilmor Homes

  June 9, 2015

Advocates Warn of Political Consequences if Police Accountability Fails
Broad coalition says lack of action by new MD workgroup will be felt at the polls

  June 9, 2015

Baltimore Students Now Eat for Free
Starting this week all Baltimore City public school students will get free meals, but the school officials and advocates agree the meals need to continue to improve in quality and nutrition

  June 5, 2015

Baltimore City Council: Need For Cash Fueled Faulty Speed Camera System
Investigation ignores accuracy concerns, call for fewer cameras.

  June 2, 2015

From Ferguson to Baltimore and Beyond - The Left Forum
TRNN's Paul Jay moderates a panel in New York on critical issues facing the movement reignited by resistance against police violence. With Alicia Garza, Glen Ford, Kshama Sawant, Makayla Gilliam-Price, and Thenjiwe McHarris.

  June 1, 2015

#BlackLivesMatters Protestors Oppose O'Malley's Presidential Bid
TRNN's Jaisal Noor covers former Baltimore mayor and Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley's presidential announcement and talks to protestors about why they oppose his candidacy

  May 30, 2015

Town Hall at Freddie Gray's Gilmor Homes: What's Happening to Our Children?
A Gilmor Homes resident questions why the city government isn't doing more for the city's youth that are most in need

  May 28, 2015

Town Hall at Freddie Gray's Gilmor Homes: "We've Got to Help Ourselves"
A Gilmor Homes resident believes the answer to ending systemic degradation in their neighborhood lies within the community.

  May 28, 2015

Town Hall at Freddie Gray's Gilmor Homes
TRNN producer Eddie Conway hosts a town hall in the Sandtown-Winchester neighborhood of Baltimore in the aftermath of Freddie Gray's death.

  May 28, 2015

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