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Economics, the Environment and Our Common Wealth

Report: Environmental Inequality Disproportionality Affects Black and Latino Communities
UMass-Amherst Researcher Klara Zwickl discusses measuring environmental inequality through industrial air pollution in the U.S. and recommends solutions to bridge economic disparities

  March 19, 2015

Energy Superpower Ambitions of US and Canada
Carol Linnitt of DeSmog Canada and Steve Horn of DeSmogBlog discusses oil spills, pipelines and train bombs associated with transporting oil between Canada and the Untied States

  March 4, 2015

Environmental Action at Toronto Stock Exchange
As part of fossil fuel Global Divestment Day, activists demanded institutions to stop investing in dirty Tar Sands oil

  February 15, 2015

50 Arrested in Protests Against Federal Agency "Rubber Stamping" Fracking
As a part of a week of actions, protestors push for a ban on fracking projects approved by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission after four fracking ban ballots pass nationwide

  November 6, 2014

Port Authur Texas Residents Sues EPA for Neglect
Regulations and technology that prevent toxins in the air are long overdue says Hilton Kelley of Community In-power and Development Association

  October 24, 2014

Better Oversight and Less Drilling Needed to Protect the Gulf
Gulf Restoration Network's Steve Murchie says communities see the recent ruling against BP as a victory, but significant change will require more than fining corporations involved in the Deepwater Horizon spill

  September 5, 2014

Domestic Coal Consumption Down But Exports Still Rising
Greenpeace's Joe Smyth and journalist Steve Horn discuss whether EPA's plan to cut 30 percent of emissions by 2030 will have a significant impact on climate change when coal is being shipped overseas

  August 4, 2014

One Year after Historic Oil Train Disaster, Risks Abound
Journalist Steve Horn and Greenpeace Canada's Keith Stewart discuss how the transportation of crude oil via rail has only increased despite alarming safety concerns and environmental risks

  July 14, 2014

TRNN Debate: Can Fracking Help The U.S. Move Away From Fossil Fuel Consumption?
Editor Joe Romm and Professor Ken Carlson discuss whether fracking can be a clean and safe source of energy and if it can help transition the country towards renewable energy resources

  April 28, 2014

Cowboys and Indians Join Forces in DC to Stop Keystone XL Pipeline
A photo slider by Jenna Pope

  April 27, 2014

University Sit-In Targets World's Largest Private Coal Company
Student organizer Caroline Burney and journalist Jeff Biggers join us discuss the more than week long sit-in against Washington University's ties with Peabody Energy, the largest private coal mining company in the world

  April 16, 2014

IPCC Report Flawed By Narrow Focus on Carbon Emissions
Subhankar Banerjee and Joshua Howe say that the IPCC's report on mitigation does not address the issue of climate change in a broader political context, and relies mainly on technological solutions

  April 14, 2014

Demystifying the Role of Mitigation in the Most Recent IPCC Report
Anthony Patt and Shreekant Gupta, authors of the IPCC's third working group report, say that the report should not be seen as endorsing carbon capture and storage or geo-engineering as the sole or most effective solutions, and that the summary report failed to bring attention to largest per capita emitters of carbon dioxide like the US

  April 11, 2014

Residents Still Not Drinking Tap Water Two Months After West Virginia Spill (1/2)
TRNN's Shaghayegh Tajvidi travels to Charleston to investigate the impacts of the massive West Virginia chemical spill

  March 20, 2014

BP Gets Green Light to Drill in Gulf, But Has Safety Improved?
Journalist Cherri Foytlin discusses how Gulf residents are still experiencing health problems and a depletion of wildlife due to the aftermath of the BP oil spill

  March 20, 2014

Environmentalists' Valentine Day Wish: Stop Selling Bee-Harming Plants
Dennis vanEngelsdorp: While an outright ban on insecticide use would be shortsighted and harmful to agricultural production, home gardeners should not use insecticides, fungicides and pesticides - the ideal of a perfectly green mowed lawn is contributing to a decline in the bee population

  February 14, 2014

Regulatory Agencies Close Ties To Industry Lead to Failure of Accountability for NC Coal Ash Leak
Pete Harrison: NC regulatory agencies are too closely connected to Duke Energy, the U.S. America's largest electric company responsible for third largest coal ash spill in U.S. history

  February 10, 2014

Approval of Keystone XL Would Be A Disastrous Move
Jeffrey Sachs: The State Department's Environmental Impact Statement for the Keystone XL pipeline brings humanity one stop closer to climate disaster

  February 3, 2014

More Oil Spills From Railroad Accidents in 2013 Than Past 40 Years Combined
Scott Smith: With an aging infrastructure and a dramatic increase in transport volume, oil spills will become more common

  January 27, 2014

Previously Unreported Second Chemical Spilled into West Virginia River
Russell Mokhiber: Privately-owned water company failed to conduct proper water tests in Elk River, leading to sickness among WV Residents

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