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    July 25, 2014:

    Detroit Water Shutoffs on Pause, but Is It Enough?
    Detroit Activist Abayomi Azikiwe discusses how the growing push for privatization has enriched Wall Street and left ordinary people behind, as more protests are scheduled to be underway

      July 25, 2014

    Obamacare Subsides on the Line
    CEPR's Dean Baker and Media Matters' Jeremy Holden discuss two federal courts decisions which could disqualify lower and middle income earners for subsidies and the forces working to dismantle Obamacare

      July 25, 2014

    Dodd-Frank Still Not Fully Implemented Four Years Later
    Gerald Epstein says that a fully-implemented Dodd-Frank Act does not require a breaking up of the big banks, which is needed to prevent another financial crisis

      July 22, 14

    BRICS: Progressive Rhetoric, Neoliberal Practice
    Patrick Bond: All the governments behind the New Development Bank practice intense neoliberalism

      July 21, 14

    Is the New BRICS Bank a Challenge to US Global Financial Power?
    Michael Hudson and Leo Panitch discuss and debate the significance of the new international development bank created by Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa

      July 22, 14

    Imagining Economic Policy Focused on Women
    Robert Johnson says that policy focused on addressing inequality and the well-being of women would provide direct benefits to the economy

      July 16, 14

    Who Is the Unsung Hero of the $7 Billion Citigroup Settlement?
    Bill Black says that a just settlement would include criminal prosecution of senior Citigroup officials who led the fraud and covered it up

      July 15, 2014

    NYC Allocates $1.2 Million to Sponsor Worker Cooperatives
    TRNN discusses with Project Equity co-founder Hilary Abell and organizer Kali Akuno about whether worker cooperatives are the answer to getting New Yorkers out of poverty

      July 14, 2014

    Why Did Economy Shrink So Dramatically During the First Quarter of 2014?
    Robert Pollin: Five years after the Great Recession, austerity as the dominant policy agenda is keeping the recovery weak

      June 27, 14

    Saving American Cities
    Robert Pollin: If the Fed was serious about strengthening the basic economy, it would bail out American cities

      June 26, 14

    Is the U.S. Headed toward Another Recession? - TRNN Webathon Panel
    Economists Dean Baker from CEPR and Robert Pollin from PERI say that the U.S. economy remains weak 5 years after the recession despite recent job growth, due to low wages and weakened unions

      June 5, 14

    Piketty: The Market and Private Property Should Be The Slaves of Democracy
    TRNN Producer Lynn Fries hosts an extended interview with Thomas Piketty about his widely acclaimed Capital in the 21st Century

      May 15, 14

    Why Democrats Are Paying Attention to Piketty's Book on Inequality
    Thomas Ferguson: The increasing popularity of French economist Thomas Piketty's book points to how Democrats hope to make inequality a political issue in November elections

      May 19, 14

    CBO Report Confirms U.S. Deficit Back to Normal Level
    Robert Pollin: Deficit hawks were wrong about America's normal level, Congress should pass a financial transaction tax and not more cuts to social spending

      April 23, 14

    Raising Big Banks' Leverage Ratio Good, But Not Nearly Enough
    Forcing big banks to increase capital on hand will make another taxpayer bailout less likely, but it's still business as usual for Wall Street

      April 14, 14

    Yellen Talks the Talk But Will She Walk the Walk?
    Robert Pollin: Janet Yellen distinguished herself in her first speech but it remains to be seen if she will change the policies of the Federal Reserve

      April 6, 14

    Too-Big-To-Fail Advantage Remains Intact For Big Banks
    PERI Economist Gerald Epstein says U.S. banks won't be able to endure another shock to the global economy, and expect to be bailed out when the next crisis hits

      March 30, 14

    Congressional Progressive Caucus Budget Strikes Back Against Austerity
    Robert Pollin: The Congressional Progressive Caucus's budget would increase spending on education, healthcare and the green economy while rolling back cuts against social services

      March 19, 2014

    Obama's Budget Cuts Millions From Financial Regulatory Agency
    Jerry Epstein: President Obama's budget would slash the Commodity Futures Trade Commission budget to about $200 million, which will make regulating the $400 trillion derivatives market even more challenging

      March 7, 2014

    Deficit Is Falling Because Of Government Austerity, Not Economic Recovery
    Economist Stephanie Kelton says there is no long-term debt or deficit problem in the United States

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