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  • Palestine

    August 16, 2013:

    Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks Highlight Israel's Desperate Need for Legitimacy In Face of Growing International Criticism
    Shir Hever: Israel wants negotiations with the Palestinians to continue for the same reason it recruits students to serve as propaganda agents, it tries to restore its tainted image

      October 3, 14

    Peace Talks Resume Between Israel and the Palestinians, But Little Hope of Imminent Breakthrough
    Phyllis Bennis and Shir Hever discuss the timing of the talks, U.S and European interests in resuming them, and the imbalanced power between the negotiating sides

      October 3, 14

    Kerry Offers $4 Billion for Palestinians to Restart Peace Negotiations
    Phyllis Bennis: Kerry's offer may appeal to Palestinian elite but will not alter the basic demands of the Palestinian people

      October 3, 14

    Religious Fundamentalism Growing in Gaza
    Hamas is under extreme pressure from small Salafi extremist groups to impose Islamic and Sharia law

      October 3, 14

    Cyber War Over Facebook Page "I Acknowledge Apartheid Exists" in Israel
    Derek Hummel: Israel maintains an army of bloggers to attack online criticism

      October 3, 14

    Growing Voices Among Palestinians Calling for a Single Democratic Secular State
    With negotiations for a two state solution going nowhere, more Palestinians are calling for a single state solution

      April 17, 2013

    Palestinians Claim Israel has Repeatedly Violated Gaza Ceasefire
    Palestinians say Israel has violated Gaza Cease-fire agreement more than 50 times

      October 3, 14

    Hamas Denies Role in Attack on Egyptian Military Post
    The tension between Hamas and Egypt sharpens after Egyptian newspaper "Al-Ahram Al-Arabi" accuses three top members of Hamas of being involved in attack that killed 16 Egyptian soldiers

      October 3, 14

    Hamas Bans Gaza Hip Hop
    Gaza rappers use music to oppose Israeli occupation but Hamas sees it as an infiltration of western culture

      February 11, 2013

    Israel Uses Control of Birth Registry and ID Cards to Control Gaza Population
    Without an Israeli approved ID card, Palestinians cannot cross into Gaza which according to Human Rights Watch has separated families, caused people to lose jobs and educational opportunities, barred people from entering the Palestinian territories, and trapped others inside them.

      January 16, 2013

    Overcrowded Schools in War-Torn Besieged Gaza
    Nearly half a million children in Gaza attend dilapidated schools, adding to emotional traumas resulting from wars and siege

      January 6, 2013

    Gaza Uncut: Another Year of War and Siege
    Gaza remains under Israeli siege, making life more difficult.

      October 3, 14

    Freeing Political Prisoners a Critical Palestinian Demand
    Palestinians united around demand for freedom for thousands of political prisoners in Israeli jails as detainees adopt the Irish tactic of hunger strike

      December 30, 2012

    Why is Israel Undermining the Palestinian Authority?
    Sher Hever: After shoring up the PA, Netanyahu now trying to push back further right parties in Israeli elections

      December 24, 2012

    Gaza's Children Haunted by Nightmare of War
    UNICEF report indicates vast majority of Gaza's children are struggling to cope with war trauma and PTSD

      October 3, 14

    US Blocks UN Condemnation of Israeli Settlements
    Vijay Prashad: Most European countries including UK support statement denouncing new settlements

      December 21, 2012

    Qatari Aid Moves Hamas Away From Iran into "Moderate" Camp
    American ally Qatar brokers Palestinian leadership deal and takes Gaza under its wing

      December 13, 2012

    Journalists targeted in Israeli attack
    This report contains graphic scenes. Viewer discretion is advised.

      December 7, 2012

    The Privatization of Israeli War
    Shir Hever: The attack on Gaza was a show piece for "Iron Dome" technology which Israel wants to sell around the world

      December 5, 2012

    Rival Factions Hamas and Fatah Say They Will Unite After UN Vote
    After years of bloodshed following an election in Gaza, rivals Hamas and Fatah say they will work together following Israel's assault and UNGA vote

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