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  • Yousef Alhelou Reporting From Gaza

    December 3, 2013:

    Closure of Lone Power Plant Cripples Already Besieged Gaza Strip
    Al-Helou: The international community has failed the nearly 2 million residents of the Gaza as Israel and Egypt tighten the siege

      October 3, 14

    Hamas Concerned Over Losing Grip On Gaza
    Hamas carries out military parades in response to external and internal threats

      October 3, 14

    Restrictions at sea deprive Gaza fishermen of fishing freely
    Already facing Israeli naval blockade, Gaza fisherman now under attack from Egyptian forces

      October 3, 14

    Egypt's Military Regime Shuts Gaza's Main Border Crossing
    Egypt's coup regime limits access to the Rafah border crossing, stranding thousands of patients, students and business people

      October 3, 14

    Gazans Say No To Foreign Intervention in Syria
    Palestinians are united in opposing any foreign-led intervention in Syria, including a possible US actions

      October 3, 14

    Palestinian Critics Say "Peace Talks" Only Benefit The Israeli Occupation
    Critics say a weak Palestinian leadership is continuing a two decade old so-called "Peace Process" that harms their national interests

      October 3, 14

    Unrest In Egypt Squeezes Gaza
    Turmoil and unrest in Egypt harming Gazans who are relient on the Rafah crossing as the lone way to circumvent Israeli blockade

      October 3, 14

    Gazans Use Social Media to Break Media Silence
    Palestinian citizen journalists use social media to tell harsh realities of life under Israeli military occupation

      October 3, 14

    Palestinians in Gaza react to Morsi's ouster, closure of Rafah crossing
    The Egyptian army's decision to close the Rafah crossing, Gaza's only terminal to the outside world, and the demolishing of the underground tunnels along the border added more hardships and suffering to Gazans

      October 3, 14

    Palestinians Mark 65th Anniversary of Nakba (Catastrophe of 1948)
    On Nakba day, Palestinians commemorate the annual anniversary by holding rallies asserting their right of return. 65 years have passed since historic Palestine was occupied in 1948

      October 3, 14

    Skateboarding: Gaza's newly established leisure sport
    Gaza's young population in isolated Gaza connect with other young people worldwide through sport, this time through "skateboarding" but border restrictions and measures imposed by the local authorities in Gaza is a challenge

      October 3, 14

    The prolonged Israeli naval blockade has destroyed Gaza's fishing industry and marine sports
    The number of Gaza fishermen has dropped from about 10,000 in the year 2000 to about 3500 today due to Israeli imposed restrictions on fishing limit

      March 22, 2013

    Hamas Offers Amnesty to Palestinian Collaborators Spying for Israel
    Hamas tries to end collaboration with what it says is due process, but some NGO's say accused rights are violated in Hamas prisons

      March 11, 2013

    Disabled in Gaza
    Disabled people in Gaza fight for their rights, proving they are producers not consumers amid ignorance from the local authorities

      October 3, 14

    Aid Dependency, Unemployment Remain High in Gaza But Some Get Rich
    For the majority of Gazans, life is unbearable under the Israeli blockade. But there's an emerging wealthy class, a group of new millionaires benefiting from the tunnel smuggling business between the Gaza-Egypt border.

      October 3, 14

    Gaza's People Blame Poverty on Israeli Blockade and Hamas Leadership
    For Gazans life remains unbearable, Amnesty International estimates that 70 percent of families live on less than one dollar per person per day

      October 3, 14

    Gaza to be Unlivable by 2020 – UN Report
    Gaza may not be ‘‘a livable place’’ by 2020 unless intensive efforts are made to improve infrastructure and services in fields like energy, health, water, and sanitation, a United Nations report concluded this week

      August 30, 2012

    Humanitarian Crisis Continues in Gaza
    Dr. Mads Gilbert: The siege of Gaza continues to make life unbearable

      April 29, 2012

    Why Gaza's Healthcare Fails Thousands of Injured
    Thousands are forced to seek emergency care in Egypt and Israel after Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip as healthcare system in crisis.

      April 22, 2012

    One Dies, Dozens Injured in Palestinian Day of Protest
    "Land Day" demonstrations saw tens of thousands in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, the occupied West Bank and Gaza

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