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The Real Baltimore

Trial Reveals Widespread Corruption in Baltimore Police Department
Testimony in the trial of two elite task force detectives shows an elaborate ring of robbery, drug dealing, lying, and overtime fraud

  January 23, 2018

Activists Push For Water Affordability In Baltimore
In a panel discussion, activists pushed back against onerous collections methods like tax sales and water shut-offs, and suggested an income-based water billing system to help pay for Baltimore's necessary infrastructure investments

  January 23, 2018

Rather Than Address Crime, Baltimore Officials Try to Relocate It
Baltimore officials will demolish 6 buildings and relocate more than 120 families living in Gilmor Homes, a public housing project that the mayor says is a hotbed for criminal activity. Executive Producer Eddie Conway speaks with Gilmor residents about the city's plan, which he says fails to address the root causes of the problem

  January 22, 2018

Baltimore Spends Billions on Corporate Subsidies but Can't Heat Its Schools
Author and political scientist Lester Spence says the discussion around Baltimore's flagging school system ignores the fundamental priorities of a city that favors corporations over its children

  January 21, 2018

Women March in Defiance of Trump
In Baltimore and around the world, the second anniversary of the Women's March on Washington prompted calls for unity in resisting the policies of the Trump Administration

  January 21, 2018

Can a New Baltimore Police Commissioner Fix a Corrupt Department?
The firing of Chief Kevin Davis and the appointment of Darryl DeSousa to replace him raises questions about the ability of an agency under a federal consent decree to right itself

  January 21, 2018

Sex-For-Repairs Victim: 'I Felt Like I Had to Do This to Keep My Home'
A victim of the sex-for-repairs scandal in Baltimore's public housing comes forward to tell her story

  January 16, 2018

How Will the Mayor's 'Safe Art Space' Task Force Affect Baltimore's Black Artists?
Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh's task force, formed last December, hopes to revive an old Black arts and entertainment district

  January 15, 2018

Bail Industry Allegedly Pays Bribes to Imprison the Poor
Allegations of bribes paid by bail lobbyists to state politicians are prompting activists to demand that Maryland legislators freeze out the industry from pushing anti-reform legislation in the upcoming session

  January 12, 2018

Outrage at Baltimore School Board Meeting Over Freezing Classrooms
Community members single out Governor Larry Hogan for the chronic underfunding of Baltimore City schools

  January 10, 2018

Money for Police and Prisons but Not for Heat in Classrooms
Author and poet Kondwani Fidel argues Baltimore City students have been getting robbed of their education for years

  January 9, 2018

Baltimore's $12M Youth Fund Gives Community the Reins (2/2)
Many public officials myopically think the only way to stop crime in Baltimore is to increase arrests, but the best way to deal with crime is to invest more in the people, says Adam Jackson, co-chair of the fund's task force. "We should invest in our institutions and our ability, as black people, to change our condition"

  January 9, 2018

Freezing Classrooms Highlight Systemic Underfunding of Baltimore Schools
Councilman and former teacher Zeke Cohen says the "inhumane conditions facing students in Baltimore Schools is a crisis of enduring injustice"

  January 9, 2018

Baltimore's $12M Youth Fund Gives Community the Reins (1/2)
Adam Jackson, CEO of Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle and co-chair of the 34-person task force in charge of laying the fund's groundwork, says that letting the community decide where the money goes will ensure it gets to the right places, particularly black-led organizations in Baltimore

  January 5, 2018

The Real Baltimore: How Bigotry Shaped a City
On this episode of The Real Baltimore, author and journalist Antero Pietila discusses how racist policies embraced by Baltimore a century ago continue to haunt the city today

  December 31, 2017

How Tax Breaks for Wealthy Developers Fueled an Affordable Housing Crisis in Baltimore
A rising inventory of luxury apartments points to the city's ineffectual inclusionary housing laws which advocates say can only be addressed with dedicated funding for development of projects with reasonable rents outside the Inner Harbor

  December 24, 2017

Baltimore City Council to Propose Income-Based Water Billing
A new report shows that half of Baltimore households will be unable to afford water by 2019, but new legislation could change that

  December 23, 2017

Baltimore Councilman's Radical Idea: Tax Breaks for Poor Neighborhoods
A councilman and a group of activists are pushing several proposals to address Baltimore's burgeoning affordable housing crisis by targeting subsidies at neighborhoods the city has long neglected

  December 22, 2017

Police Reform: How to Make 150K and Rob the People who Pay You
In another installment of TRNN's in-depth reporting on the complexity of reforming urban policing, we examine how monetizing failure creates opportunities for law enforcement to extract wealth from communities that can least afford it

  December 18, 2017

Baltimore Students Offer Solutions to Stop Police Brutality
A 5th grade class in Baltimore has completed an comprehensive research project on the unconstitutional and racist tactics used by Baltimore's police department and have turned their work into solutions they hope will improve how law enforcement interacts with the community

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