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    The Real News in the Middle East

    July 23, 2014:

    TRNN Gaza Reporter's Family Killed in Israeli Assault
    Middle East correspondent Yousef Al-Helou shares his story of how his home was targeted by an Israeli airstrike

      July 23, 2014

    Is Israeli Public Opinion Turning after 700 Palestinian Deaths?
    Israel-based TRNN correspondent Lia Tarachansky reports on the mood in Israel in the wake of a rising Palestinian death toll

      July 23, 2014

    Israeli Human Rights Spokesperson: Attacks on Civilians Unjustifiable
    B'Tselem spokesperson Sarit Michaeli says although Hamas has violated international law by firing on Israeli civilians, this does not give Israel license to kill Gazan civilians

      July 23, 14

    "We Are Going through Hell" - Report from Gaza
    On the 14th day of Operation Protective Edge, Gazan blogger Nalan al- Sarraj and TRNN Correspondent Yousef al-Helou discuss how Palestinians are responding to the massacre in Shujaiyeh, as well as the widespread support for the resistance against the siege

      July 22, 14

    Occupation of Palestinian Territories Likely to Intensify in Coming Months
    Jeff Halper says that the Israeli public does not generally put the cycles of violence with Gaza and the West Bank in the context of decades-long military occupation, and that this leads to support for further domination of the Palestinians

      July 17, 14

    Report from Israel's Border with Gaza
    As Israel mobilizes tanks and reservists to Gaza's border and bombardments intensify, The Real News' Israel/Palestine correspondent reports from the border

      July 14, 2014

    Israeli Press Continues to Coordinate with Military
    TRNN Middle East correspondents Yousef al-Helou and Lia Tarachansky discuss the ongoing Israeli military operation against Gaza, now dubbed "Operation Protective Edge"

      July 9, 2014

    Army Violently Stops African Refugees Trying to Leave Israel
    Sudanese and Eritrean refugees in Israel's so-called "open prison" go on hunger strike after failed attempt to leave for Egypt

      July 7, 14

    Reporting from Besieged Shuafat Refugee Camp
    Following kidnapping and killing of 16-year-old Mohammed Abu Khdeir from Shuafat refugee camp, vigilante and army violence against Palestinians on the rise

      July 5, 2014

    In Wake of Murders, Israel Considers More Settlements and Strikes on Gaza
    Electronic Intifada founder Ali Abunimah and TRNN's Lia Tarachansky describe Israeli media coverage and the political rhetoric surrounding the Palestinian teen's murder

      July 3, 14

    Is Israel Preparing New Military Offensive against Gaza?
    TRNN Middle East correspondent Yousef al-Helou says that Israel is punishing Gaza despite no evidence that shows Hamas was responsible for the deaths of the Israeli teenagers

      July 2, 14

    Israeli Government and Press Knew Teenagers Were Dead for Weeks
    TRNN Middle East Correspondent Lia Tarachansky says Palestinian anger towards the Palestinian Authority has reached unprecedented levels, and that the Israeli government is now trying to instigate a third intifada in order to legitimize military actions in the West Bank and Gaza

      July 1, 14

    America's Pro-Israel Special Middle East Envoy Resigns
    Phyllis Bennis: Closely linked with the pro-Israel lobby AIPAC, Martin Indyk was a key figure in the so-called peace process

      July 1, 14

    Palestinians Open Fire on PA for Collaborating with Israel
    Early on Tuesday morning militants from the Jenin Refugee Camp opened fire on Palestinian Authority jeeps after PA openly collaborated with Israeli army.

      June 25, 14

    Ethnocracy: Who Owns the Land of Israel?
    In the second part of the Ethnocracy series, The Real News looks at who owns the land of the state of Israel and how it came to be so.

      July 1, 14

    Israel Using Teenager Kidnapping to Cripple Hamas
    Following apparent kidnapping of three settler Yeshiva students on Thursday, Israeli forces bombed Gaza and clamped down on the West Bank, arresting dozens of Hamas members

      June 19, 14

    Israeli Violent Perpetrators - Not Just a Few "Bad Apples"
    The Real News Israel/Palestine correspondent Lia Tarachansky and political analyst Shir Hever discuss recent violent incidents by soldiers and settlers

      June 11, 14

    Made in Israel: Exporting Occupation Technology
    The Real News visits one of Israel's arms expos and talks to the attorney who exposed the names of the country's weapons exporters

      June 5, 14

    Netanyahu's "Jewish State" Law Stirs Debate in Israel
    Israeli academic Oren Yiftachel talks about ethnocracy, a term he coined that describes the sort of regime Israel practices

      May 27, 14

    Israeli Activist Accuses Interior Minister of Int'l Law Violations
    Israeli activist Tamar Aviyah who volunteers with African refugees accuses Interior Minister Gideon Sa'ar at his home over violations of international refugee law

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