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Uprising in Egypt

Egyptian Army Chiefs Make Statement
ITN News: Egyptian state TV broadcasts a statement from The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces

  February 11, 2011

Egypt Army Supports Mubarak's Stance
CCTV News: Egypt's powerful army said on Friday it would lift emergency law, promised a free presidential election

  February 24, 2018

Interview: Egypt's Foreign Minister
Channel 4: Egypt's Foreign Minister says there is no possibility of Mubarak standing down before elections in September 2011

  February 8, 2011

Cairo Intifada
A report on the non-violent movements for Mubarak's ouster

  February 3, 2011

Egypt: Battle For Tahrir Square
TheDailyNewsEgypt: Anti and pro-Mubarak protesters square off in Tahrir Square Wednesday to see who would control the heart of Cairo

  February 4, 2011

Mubarak supporters clash with protesters in Cairo
Guardian: Violence flares between supporters of Hosni Mubarak and anti-government protesters

  February 3, 2011

"Egypt's Tiananmen Square"
Khaled Fahmy: Protesters call for massive demonstration on Friday as they resist attacks by thugs

  February 2, 2011

We Have Nothing to Negotiate
The Real News speaks to Egyptians in Cairo's Tahrir Square

  February 2, 2011

Chaos Erupts in Cairo
Al Jazeera: Thousands of supporters and opponents of President Hosni Mubarak battled in Cairo's main square, raining stones, bottles and firebombs on each other

  February 2, 2011

Army: Will Not Use Force Against The Egyptian People
Israel Calls to Defend Mubarak as Critical Moment in Uprising Nears

  February 1, 2011

Will El Baradei Lead a Revolution?
Ezzeldin: El Baradei can be the man of the moment, the leader of a revolution, or a fence sitter

  January 31, 2011

Egyptian and Tunisian People vs US Dominance
Phyllis Bennis: US supported states and regional domination shaken by people's uprisings

  January 29, 2011

Roots of the Egyptian Revolutionary Moment
Ezzeldin: Egyptian uprising is the product of years of workers' strikes and student protests - now inspired by the Tunisian people

  January 29, 2011

President Obama on The Situation in Egypt
The President speaks out on the protests in Egypt, urging the Egyptian government to show restraint and address the legitimate grievances of the Egyptian people

  January 29, 2011

The Egyptian Army And The Uprising
Mohammed Ezzeldin: The Egyptian people trust the army over the police, but Mubarak is still commander-in-chief

  January 29, 2011

Egyptian Uprising And The Middle East
Amjad Atallah: Egyptian people shaking the foundations of US policy in the Middle East

  January 28, 2011

Egypt Gripped by Violent Protests
Chaos as Egyptian police fire teargas to control demonstrators in mass protests in Cairo and Suez following Friday prayers

  January 28, 2011

Police Use Force to Quell Uprising
Egyptian police escalates the use of force against largely peaceful demonstrations

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