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Does a Higher Minimum Wage Reduce Jobs?

As Walmart Workers Strike In 15 Cities, Will Raising Min. Wage Hurt Employers?
Jeannette Wicks-Lim: Santa Fe Raised their minimum wage 65% and employers didn't cut jobs.

  September 5, 2013

TRNN REPLAY: Australia Has $16 Minimum Wage and is the Only Rich Country to Dodge the Global Recession
Australia has twice the minimum wage as the US and Big Macs cost roughly the same

  August 9, 2013

Will a Higher Minimum Wage Cost Jobs?
Bob Pollin on the theory that a higher minimum wage will reduce jobs available to young people entering the work force and won't reduce poverty

  February 19, 2013

Living Wage Debate in NY
Jeannette Wicks-Lim: Research shows that living wage legislation will not significantly reduce the number of jobs

  June 18, 2011

Do Undocumented Workers Take Jobs and Lower Wages?
Dube: Increasing evidence that legalizing undocumented workers has a positive effect on the economy

  October 13, 2010

Does a Higher Minimum Wage Reduce Jobs?
Dube: New study shows higher minimum wage has little effect on jobs and helps raise other wages

  October 7, 2010

Doug Henwood: Austerity in the face of weakness Pt.3

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