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The Laura Flanders Show

Laura Flanders: Workers, Wildcats & New Models for Labor Organizing
Laura talks to SEIU International President, Mary Kay Henry (of Service Employees) and labor journalist Sarah Jaffe about worker wins, challenges, and some new models for organizing. Then, a conversation with Palak Shah and Michelle Miller on a new online platform

  April 23, 2018

Laura Flanders Show: After Hurricane Maria
The conversation in other media seems to be shifting to the social crises that are emerging -- but for many basic supplies, services and medical care are still nowhere in sight

  April 16, 2018

Laura Flanders Show: Star Power for People Power
2018 brought us #TimesUp, but the history of collaboration between grassroots activists and Hollywood celebrities was already very long. Laura talks to Eve Ensler, who will be returning to Broadway with a new play about why our bodies must be connected to our politics. Then, an interview with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, of the hit show 'Grace and Frankie,' alongside Saru Jarayaman, president of Restaurant Opportunities Center United

  January 22, 2018

Laura Flanders Show: Seeking Reason During Chaos
Distinguished professor David Harvey joins talks about the spirals of capitalism and his new book Marx, Capital, and the Madness of Economic Reason. Then we meet with filmmaker Pau Faus who captured in his film Ada for Mayor the unlikely, successful, campaign of Barcelona's Ada Colau, from activism to governance

  December 31, 2017

The Laura Flanders Show: Immigrants Dream of Sanctuary
Can sanctuary exist in a state that still insists on broken windows policing? This week on the Laura Flanders Show, Ravi Ragbir and Sara Gozalo of The New Sanctuary Coalition of New York City describe pushing back state pressure and creating real sanctuary, communally, through partnering not policing

  December 28, 2017

Ireland's New Rising: An Exclusive Report from The Laura Flanders Show
The question of Irish sovereignty still looms large. In this special report, Laura Flanders returns to Ireland, 30 years after first reporting on the so-called "Troubles".

  April 21, 2017

The Laura Flanders Show: Cheat, Lie, and Steal
Laura speaks with Michael Hudson about the manipulation of economic terminology and how this process serves economic elites. Countering the narrative that privatization is better, Hudson asks: "Better for whom?"

  April 2, 2017

The Laura Flanders Show: The Day After the Election
Although many affected by this election will be embittered and jaded by the "nightmarish" election season, Laura Flanders speaks to activists ranging from many backgrounds, communities, and ages who are calling to mobilize against empire, capitalism, racism, and oppression #AfterTheElection

  November 9, 2016

The Laura Flanders Show: Don't Feed the Racist Patriarchy!
Laura Flanders speaks to the lesbian couple who started the organic food startup Hip Chick Farms in rural CA, and the founder of an award-winning vineyard cooperative in inner-city Cleveland that employs local residents, formerly incarcerated workers, and youth as part of its project to invigorate the local community

  November 7, 2016

The Laura Flanders Show: People Power & U.S. Elections with Ralph Nader
Laura Flanders interviews former presidential candidate Ralph Nader to discuss what really constitutes "people power" when it comes to the 2016 election

  October 29, 2016

The Laura Flanders Show: Fiscal Feminism
Laura Flanders interviews economist and professor Pavlina R. Tcherneva, who says economic growth and employment begins with targeting women and racial minorities as the benefactors of policy

  October 11, 2016

The Laura Flanders Show: African American Cooperatives & Civil Rights
This week, Laura Flanders interviews Jessica Gordon Nembhard on the role that economic cooperation played in the civil rights movement

  September 2, 2016

The Laura Flanders Show: Free the Land: Shirley Sherrod and Black Land Struggles in the South
This interview with celebrated civil rights leader Shirley Sherrod brings together the many dialogues around a 'sharing economy' and race, including the problematic nature of land ownership in the US and building a cooperative South

  August 22, 2016

The Laura Flanders Show: Fighting Islamophobia & Education Apartheid
Laura Flanders speaks to immigrant labor organizer Fahd Ahmed and human rights attorney Lamis Deek about anti-Arab racism, and also to Chicago teachers organizing against 'education Apartheid' and the School to Prison Pipeline.

  July 25, 2016

The Laura Flanders Show: Amy Goodman and Ovarian Psycos
This week Laura Flanders speaks to Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman, and The Ovarian Psycos Bicycle Brigade - a feminist bicycle crew based in East Los Angeles

  July 15, 2016

The Laura Flanders Show: Mining and Resistance In Dinetah
In a special report, Navajo youth and elders explain their battles against state-led forced displacement, and the mining industry's exploitation of both labor and environmental resources

  July 11, 2016

The Laura Flanders Show: What's Wrong With England?
Laura Flanders talks to Paul Mason about the alternatives to capitalism in the UK, followed by Patrick Cockburn on ISIS

  July 8, 2016

The Laura Flanders Show: Beyond Bernie: Socialism and the Struggle Against Capitalism
Socialist Seattle Councilwoman Kshama Sawant argues that the Democratic Party's anti-Trump strategy, with Hillary at the helm, is critically flawed in the long run

  June 27, 2016

Ireland's New Rising: An Exclusive Report from The Laura Flanders Show
One century after the Ireland's 1916 Easter Rising, an armed rebellion against British imperial rule, Laura Flanders reports on another rising underway against partition, austerity, and poverty

  June 9, 2016

Rising Up Against Empire: Jeremy Scahill and the Easter Uprising
Investigative journalist and author of Blackwater, Dirty Wars, and The Assassination Complex Jeremy Scahill talks about the secrets he's learned about our government's assassination programs, and domestic militarization; Laura visits Ireland for the centenary of the Easter Rising, an Irish armed rebellion against the British Empire, and then provides her commentary on the undeserved power of hedge fund managers

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