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18 Million U.S. Citizens Exposed to Lead-Contaminated Water Systems
Trump's cuts to the EPA will make it nearly impossible for the agency to track down violations of lead standards and enforce public health protections, says Erik D. Olson of the Natural Resources Defense Council

  March 24, 2017

Why Further Revelations on Trump's Russian Connections Might Fail to Bring Him Down
Investigative journalist James Henry argues that the revelations on Manafort and further inquiry into Trump's ties to oligarchs are unlikely to produce a 'silver bullet' against the administration - and says there's no substitute for grassroots organizing in preparation for the 2018 elections

  March 23, 2017

Should Sanders Continue the Fight Outside the Democratic Party?
Draft Bernie founder Nick Brana discusses the relation of the Sanders movement to the Green Party and says the only way to inspire a similar kind of movement is by going outside of the Democratic Party

  March 23, 2017

Trump's Budget Targets Climate Change Spending Across All Federal Agencies
Cuts to block community grants that fund programs like Meals on Wheels are simply cruel because they don't amount to any real savings for the government, says PERI's Robert Pollin

  March 22, 2017

Democrats Fail to Dig into Trump's Shady Financial Ties During Hearing
Economist James Henry says the overlooked story is the longstanding role of Russian flight capital and organized crime ties in funding Trump's ventures

  March 21, 2017

Trump Adds Another Goldman Sachs Alum to His Administration
James Donovan's area of expertise, like most Goldman Sachs folks, is not economics or finance, but law - because that's how Goldman Sachs makes its money: by evading, controlling and writing the laws

  March 20, 2017

Will Trump's Plan to Roll Back Fuel Economy Regulations Help American Autoworkers?
Retired General Motors employee Frank Hammer and Sierra Club's Andrew Linhardt say that high efficiency standards lead to job creation while stabilizing greenhouse gas emissions from cars that contribute to climate change

  March 18, 2017

Trump's Budget Shreds the Social Safety Net
President Donald Trump's 2018 budget so far reflects Steve Bannon's agenda to 'deconstruct the administrative state'

  March 17, 2017

Trump's 2005 Tax Forms: 'Like Going to Dinner And Being Served Pictures of Food'
Economists James Henry and Bill Black hypothesize that there are fraudulent and criminal activities lurking within Trump's unreleased Tax forms

  March 16, 2017

Did Russian Oligarch Rybolovlev Bailout Trump in 2008?
Trump's connections should be less understood as a conspiracy and more representative of a potential willness to turn a blind eye to organized crime, says economist James Henry

  March 16, 2017

Judge Blocks Muslim Ban 2.0
The ruling is a major setback for the Islamophobic agenda of President Donald Trump, says Center for Constitutional Rights fellow Noor Zafar

  March 15, 2017

Attorney Fired By Trump Set Dangerous Precedent for Wall Street Prosecutions
Former financial regulator Bill Black says Preet Bharara was the most aggressive federal prosecutor, but was still easy on the elite Wall Street bankers - yet we shouldn't expect Trump to nominate a replacement who's less than ethically challenged

  March 15, 2017

Russian, U.S. Geopolitical Interests in Growing Tension with Netanyahu's Political Self-Interest
Russia and the United States are in a strong position to protect their respective geopolitical interests in spite of Netanyahu's attempts at political self-preservation, says TRNN's Shir Hever

  March 14, 2017

Bush's Legacy: ISIS, A Million Dead in Iraq
Scholar Vijay Prashad notes that as former president George W. Bush goes on a book tour to rehabilitate himself, we should remember that his administration spawned the architecture for the War on Terror

  March 13, 2017

Trump and The War Within the American Oligarchy
TRNN senior editor Paul Jay discusses how the Real News covers the Trump administration as well as the struggle between those who want to 'reign in the excesses of capitalism' and those who want to destroy the 'administrative state'

  March 13, 2017

Harriet Tubman Museum Offers Hope in the Age of Trump
Attendees at grand opening say celebrating her life is an important symbolic step for a country embroiled in racial strife - By Taya Graham and Stephen Janis

  March 13, 2017

Adversarial Relationship With Russia Result of Decades of US Provocation
Col. Lawrence Wilkerson tells Paul Jay that from the expansion of NATO to the Western-led plundering of the former USSR, the US has given Russia enough reason to feel threatened

  March 12, 2017

Campaign Calls on Bernie Sanders to Lead a New Party
Nick Brana, former Sanders staffer, says it's time to give up expecting progressive change from the Democratic Party and that Sanders should lead his base in creating a new party

  March 10, 2017

Trump Supporters Call For Imprisoning Liberals at Phoenix Rally
In this shocking video, Dan Cohen documents the toxic atmosphere of Trump's political allies and most fervent supporters.

  March 9, 2017

From Strikes to Symbolic Acts, 'A Day Without a Woman' Embraces Broad Front of Resistance
International Women's Day builds upon the Women's March on Washington with more leadership from women of color and deeper politicization among its participants, says journalist Margaret Prescod

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