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Debunking the Myth of American Exceptionalism, with David Swanson
Anti-war writer and activist David Swanson discusses his new book Curing Exceptionalism, and picks apart the chauvinistic idea that the United States of America is the greatest country on the planet.

  April 19, 2018

Fighting the Oligarchy Inside the Democratic Party
Paul Jay hosts a panel of activists organizing to challenge corporate Democrats in primaries leading up to the 2018 elections; with Justice Democrats' Alexandra Rojas, Moumita Ahmed of Millennials for Revolution and Eugene Puryear of Stop Police Terror Project-DC

  April 19, 2018

Senior Bernie Advisor says 'Bullshit' to Cuomo Campaign Claim It's 'Lockstep' with Sanders
Our election panel, hosted by Paul Jay, responds to NY Daily News report that Bernie Sanders was not endorsing progressive challenger Cynthia Nixon in her run to unseat Gov. Cuomo of New York; with Justice Democrats' Alexandra Rojas, Moumita Ahmed of Millennials for Revolution and Eugene Puryear of Stop Police Terror Project-DC

  April 17, 2018

Starbucks and the Criminalization of Blackness
"Criminalization of blackness" is at the root of the arrest, where Blacks who do things that whites do all the time is considered a reason for arrest, explains Eugene Puryear of the D.C. Movement for Black Lives

  April 16, 2018

To Secure Democratic Vote Pompeo Masks Regime Change Agenda
Despite soft approach at Senate confirmation hearing for Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo has shown little interest in diplomacy on issue after issue. We speak to Medea Benjamin of Code Pink and Phyllis Bennis of the Institute for Policy Studies

  April 15, 2018

Trump Pardons Libby, Sending Message to Mueller's Targets
Marcy Wheeler says Trump is dangling the Scooter Libby Pardon before those caught up in the web that Robert Mueller is investigating

  April 13, 2018

Zuckerberg Hearing: An Opening for Regulating Social Media?
The two day congressional hearing with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg opens a door to regulating social media privacy, which is especially needed given that Facebook and similar media companies are virtual monopolies in their fields, says Justin Anderson

  April 13, 2018

What is Pompeo's Agenda as Secretary of State? Ask the Highest Bidder
Senate confirmation hearings are underway for CIA Director Mike Pompeo. The fact that Pompeo--an opportunistic climate-denier with ties to the GMO lobby, fossil fuel industry, and the billionaire Koch brothers--is poised to become the U.S.'s top diplomat is "very scary," says Wenonah Hauter of Food and Water Watch

  April 12, 2018

Trump's Border Policies are 'Gutting' the Right to Asylum in the US
President Trump's decision to send National Guard troops to the US-Mexico border and his treatment of immigrants as criminals serves to dismantle the right of refugees to seek asylum in the U.S., says Marselha Goncalves Margerin of Amnesty International

  April 11, 2018

Real Media: Facebook - What Next?
Days before the Cambridge Analytica story broke, Professor Beverley Skeggs gave a presentation to the UK Ministry of Justice on the incontestable evidence she gathered when 'tracking the trackers,' but she was not believed. Real Media spoke with Skeggs after the fallout about how to deal with Facebook and how technology is affecting inequality.

  April 12, 2018

Chelsea Manning On Nazis, the Surveillance State, and Running For Senate
The whistleblower and transgender activist Chelsea Manning discusses Senator Ben Cardin, fighting Nazis without resorting to police, and making mistakes like going to an alt-right party

  April 5, 2018

Sinclair's Synchronized Fake News Broadcast Goes Viral
The broadcasting giant's efforts to coordinate the messages coming from local stations has landed it in the national spotlight, but Sinclair's efforts to affect local education policy in Baltimore may be more nefarious and ultimately more dangerous to democracy

  April 3, 2018

US Blocks UN Investigation into Israeli Military Killings in Gaza (pt. 1/2)
Reacting to Trump administration blocking of a UN investigation into Israeli military's killings of Palestinians, Col. Larry Wilkerson says the United States is "in the back pocket of Israel like we have never been associated with any other country in the world."

  April 2, 2018

Public Citizen: Trump Violating His Own Executive Order on Ethics
Public Citizen, a consumer rights advocacy group, has filed 30 ethics complaints for violations of Trump's executive order, identifying at least 36 former lobbyists who are now working in Trump's administration on issues for which they have recently lobbied. That number is just the tip of the iceberg, says Craig Holman, PC's government affairs lobbyist

  April 1, 2018

Trade War Greatly Exaggerated
America's trading partners, including Europe and China, will likely wait for Trump to move on to his next distraction--which could be a real war, not a trade war, says CEPR co-director Mark Weisbrot

  March 31, 2018

The Census: Hidden Agenda Behind Trump's Citizenship Question
The Trump administration wants to include a citizenship status question on the census form, which would allow officials to create a list of supposedly alien voters that they would challenge in the 2020 election--a deadly serious misuse of databases, says investigative journalist Greg Palast

  March 29, 2018

Bolton Acted Against US Interests to Push Israel's Agenda in Lebanon
When Israel invaded Lebanon in 2006, then-Ambassador John Bolton worked to prevent a ceasefire, acting as "an asset for Israel against the interests of his own secretary of state, his own State Department, his own superiors, and his own president," says Phyllis Bennis of the Institute for Policy Studies

  March 30, 2018

NBA Players and Family Demand Justice
As Stephon Clark is laid to rest, his family and advocates are demanding prosecutors charge the police officers who fatally shot the unarmed 22-year-old father of two

  March 29, 2018

Cambridge Analytica Is Not Alone: i360 and Data Trust Disastrous for Democracy
Cambridge Analytica, owned by Robert Mercer, is in the news, but other companies -- like the Koch Brothers' i360 and Karl Rove's Data Trust -- are far more dangerous, says investigative reporter Greg Palast

  March 29, 2018

Hampton University Students Take to the Streets Over Campus Conditions
Students are protesting a number of issues, including the mishandling of sexual assault complaints, housing problems and safety concerns. We speak to's Jarrett Carter, Sr.

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