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Hydraulic Fracking

Denton Gears Up For Bigger Fight Over Fracking
After last month's decision to repeal Denton's ban on fracking, activists are looking to build a coalition of cities across the state of Texas before taking a second swing at HB 40, the bill that disempowers municipal governments in favor of oil and gas industries.

  July 12, 2015

TRNN Interviews Texas Family Awarded $3 Million in America's First Fracking Trial
Plaintiff Lisa Parr describes how her family suffered mentally and physically after her home became surrounded with fracking wells

  April 25, 2014

L.A. Moves Towards Ratifying Fracking Ban, But Is Federal Regulation Possible?
Kate Sinding and Adam Scow discuss the current legal loopholes for industry that exempt fracking operations from regulation, and the issue of job creation through developing alternative energy sources

  March 5, 2014

Seismologist: Fracking Injection Wells Linked to Earthquakes
Dr. Elizabeth Cochran discusses research showing that injection wells from fracking and gas and oil production is likely causing an uptick in U.S. earthquakes

  January 19, 2018

Coal Industry's Loss is Fracking Industry's Gain
New EPA rules for power plants limiting carbon do nothing to limit other greenhouse gase emissions

  January 13, 2014

Canada's Lubicon Lake Nation Continue Anti-fracking Campaign, Appeal Court Injunction
Members of Lubicon Lake Nation fight pro-fracking injunction granted in favor of Penn West Petroleum

  January 6, 2014

Three Colorado Cities Pass Anti-Fracking Measures
Free Frack Colorado coordinator discusses the electionís impact on the fracking industry and communities.

  November 6, 2013

Study Reveals Dangerous Levels of Radioactivity Near Fracking Waste Sites
Greg Palast: Signs of radioactivity should be no surprise since Halliburton spent $25 Million to be excluded from Clean Water Act regulating fracking

  October 8, 2013

Texas Towns Frack Their Way To Drought Conditions
Antonia Juhasz: Fate of Texas is a reminder of the dangers of hydro-fracking techniques now embraced by President Obama

  August 14, 2013

Fracking Plans Spark Protest In South Africa
A lift on shale gas exploration moratorium has angered environmentalists

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