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February 18, 2016:

Wife of Ex-CIA Agent to Obama: 'Pardon My Husband'
Holly Sterling, the wife of imprisoned CIA whistleblower, presented a petition at the National Press Club Wednesday morning that asks President Obama to pardon her husband

  February 18, 2016

FBI Spied on School of Americas Watch
SOA National Organizer Hendrick Voss says this is another instance of abuse of anti-terrorism legislation by the FBI

  November 13, 2015

'Ed Snowden of Banking' Refuses to Appear in Swiss Trial
After Herve Falciani leaked more than 100,000 HSBC account records of tax evaders to government tax agencies, the Swiss government has been on a witch hunt says economist James Henry

  November 1, 2015

EU Passes Resolution to Protect Edward Snowden from Prosecution
Marcy Wheeler of says European governments still have to adopt and implement the resolution that whistleblower Edward Snowden is calling a "game changer"

  October 30, 2015

CIA Whistleblower's Wife Asks Obama for Husband's Pardon
CIA whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling's wife, Holly Sterling, breaks her silence and says her husband was wrongly convicted under the Espionage Act after going through government channels to blow the whistle

  October 16, 2015

An NSA Whistleblower's Guide to Encryption
Thomas Drake, a former senior executive at the NSA turned whistleblower, sat down with the Real News to talk about the USA Freedom Act as ersatz reform and how the public can take matters into their own hands by encrypting their phones and computers.

  July 6, 2015

NSA Whistleblower: No Real NSA Reforms Being Considered by Senate
Kirk Wiebe says the Senate is not challenging the authority that allows bulk collection of phone records

  May 21, 2015

NSA Metadata Collection Reined in by the House
Former NSA Senior Intelligence Analyst, J. Kirk Wiebe says the original USA Freedom Act after the Snowden disclosures was much better than what is being considered today.

  May 14, 2015

Possible CIA Crime Revealed in Sterling Trial
David Swanson says CIA inadvertently revealed a dark side of its operations in Iran and Iraq in the Sterling trial.

  May 13, 2015

CIA Whistleblower Gets 42 Months In Prison For Talking to Press
Investigative reporter Marcy Wheeler says former CIA officer Jeffrey Sterling's sentence highlights the double standard of punishment for whistleblowers and Obama insiders like former CIA Director David Petraeus.

  May 11, 2015

Court Finds NSA Spying Illegal's Marcy Wheeler discusses a US court of appeals court ruling that paves the way for challenging bulk metadata collection

  May 7, 2015

CIA Whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling Convicted of Espionage
Investigative journalist Marcy Wheeler says Sterling faces decades in prison for leaking details of a botched CIA operation against Iran's nuclear program

  January 27, 2015

CIA Whistleblower Faces Decades in Prison for Exposing Botched CIA Plan
Norman Solomon, co-founder of, says Jeffrey Sterling and other whistleblowers have leaked classified information against the interests of the ruling elite, but in the interest of democracy

  January 7, 2015

Obama Admin Still Seeking Testimony From Journalist James Risen
Despite earlier reports, New York Times Journalist is still facing a subpoena in the trial of former CIA officer Jeffrey Sterling

  December 17, 2014

Freedom of the Press in Jeopardy as Obama Goes After Times Reporter Risen
Advocates urge the Obama administration to stop its efforts to compel the New York Times' James Risen to reveal a confidential source in his 2006 book

  August 15, 2014

James Risen and Phil Donahue on Obama's War on Press Freedoms
Award winning journalists James Risen and Phil Donahue discuss the importance of grassroots movements in preserving the basic tenants of democracy at a time of unprecedented attacks on whistle-blowers and journalists.

  August 15, 2014

Investigation Proves NSA Spies on Americans beyond Metadata Collection
Former NSA whistleblowers J. Kirk Wiebe and Bill Binney discuss how 90 percent of data intercepted by NSA originates from non-targets

  July 10, 2014

New Whistleblower Organization Launched on Anniversary of Snowden Revelations
Former whistleblowers Radack, Wiebe, Coleman-Adebayo and Ellsberg speak out at the launch of, a US-based independent media organization that encourages whistleblowers to expose government and corporate malfeasance

  June 5, 2014

NBC's Snowden Interview Overlooks Pre-9/11 Data Collection by the NSA
NSA whistleblower Kirk Wiebe says that the interview was a missed opportunity to remind Americans that the spy agency had information about the 9/11 terrorist attacks before they occurred

  May 29, 2014

"Off With His Head": Court Upholds Obama's Power to Kill
Michael Ratner: There have been no criminal prosecutions for illegal actions committed by the U.S. in the name of national security since 9/11

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