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democracy in crisis


Democracy in Crisis: Coincidence and Quantum Politics in the Age of Trump
What 'War and Peace,' umbrellas and anti-fascists tell us about the way we understand the world
DATE: 2017-10-11

Judge Reconsiders Gag Order in J20 Case
First amendment issues at stake in a hearing to reassess a protective order that prohibits defendants arrested during Inauguration protests to share discovery evidence
DATE: 2017-10-11 | LENGTH: 06:57

Democracy in Crisis: Where the hell is Kekistan?
How have Pepe-posting meme warriors responded to real violence of alt-right?
DATE: 2017-09-25

Democracy in Crisis: "They Work for Me,"
U.S. Park Police Officer says of Militia Member at Far Right Rally
DATE: 2017-09-19

Democracy in Crisis: American Carnival: Costume and Class in Trump's America
The political heat of 2017 has finally boiled all the political chants down to their essence: 'Fuck that shit!'
DATE: 2017-09-17

Democracy in Crisis: From Arpaio to Putin, Politics as Crime in the Age of Trump

DATE: 2017-09-06

Democracy in Crisis: D.C. courts protect government data while ruling against protection for private citizens
In two recent rulings, District of Columbia courts sent confusing signals about individual privacy in a world of mass surveillance and digital information.
DATE: 2017-08-28

City of Charlottesville Sues Paramilitary Groups
The City of Charlottesville file suit against alt-right groups to keep them from returning to town while Unite the Right rally organizer Jason Kessler indicted for perjury
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