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Not Without Black Women
Women in Baltimore work to amplify their voices and call for inclusion.
DATE: 2018-03-14
Students Demand Leaders Address the Root Causes of Gun Violence
As part of #Enough, the National School Walkout, hundreds of Baltimore high school students marched to demand gun control, increased accountability for the police force, and more funding for the school system
DATE: 2018-03-14
Bills to Ban Styrofoam and Crude Oil Terminals Pass Baltimore City Council
Activists expect the mayor to support the styrofoam ban and wonder whether she will do the same for the ban on crude oil terminals
DATE: 2018-03-13
Baltimore Mayor Challenges Police Union to 'Give Respect'
In a wide ranging 'state of the city' address Mayor Catherine Pugh touted holistic approaches to violence reduction and demands the FOP allow civilian control of internal disciplinary boards
DATE: 2018-03-13
Protesters Say Corporatizing Int'l Working Women's Day is an 'Empty Gesture'
Marchers in Baltimore gathered in solidarity for wage equality, gender empowerment, and more attention to the needs of women around the world
DATE: 2018-03-11
Delegate Jill Carter Running for State Senate
In the second part of her interview with Lisa Snowden-McCray, Jill Carter says that in her run for state Senate, she doesn't expect votes based on "blind loyalty to the Democratic Party"
DATE: 2018-03-09
Former Baltimore Homicide Chief Seeks to Unseat 'Absentee' Sheriff
In his first interview since filing to run against current Sheriff John Anderson, Stanley Brandford says Anderson is missing in action from the city's crime fight and the city's less visible law enforcement agency needs to be transformed
DATE: 2018-03-09
Can Maryland Reach 100% Renewable Energy by 2035?
A new clean energy bill would give Maryland 17 years to achieve 100% renewable electricity. The goal is well within the state's reach, says Arjun Makhijani, president of the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research
DATE: 2018-03-07
Baltimore Students Take to the Streets for Gun Control
Hundreds of Baltimore school students marched on City Hall for action on gun control and to oppose the militarization of classrooms
DATE: 2018-03-06
Obama & DeVos: Education Reform Based on 'Segronomics' is Doomed to Fail
In part four, Noliwe Rooks says data reveals no educational benefit from the billions of stimulus funding poured into schools by the Obama administration and school vouchers championed by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos
DATE: 2018-03-09
The Black Disinvestment Crisis Pt 3: Gentrification without Representation
School Closings and Food Deserts in the African American community of West Dayton while tax incentives are given to build luxury housing downtown are the focus of a conversation with activists from Racial Justice NOW!
DATE: 2018-03-04
Baltimore Councilman Compares Tax Break to 'Tropical Fruit That I Can't Pronounce'
The glib remark came during a serious debate over the real cost of tax breaks to developers as the city moves forward with new incentives while state analysts warn the final price tag of these expansive private subsidies is unknown by Stephen Janis and Taya Graham
DATE: 2018-03-04
The Early History of 'Segronomics'
In part two, Noliwe Rooks says wealthy philanthropists first influenced public education for African Americans in the post-reconstruction South
DATE: 2018-03-07
Three Generations of Apartheid Schooling
In part one, author Noliwe Rooks discusses how her family's experience with apartheid and segregated schooling inspired her to write Cutting School: Privatization, Segregation, and the End of Public Education
DATE: 2018-03-06
Cutting School: Privatization, Segregation, and the End of Public Education (4/4)
In Part Four, author Noliwe Rooks and Dwight Draughon examine real solutions to educational apartheid
DATE: 2018-03-05
Cutting School: Privatization, Segregation, and the End of Public Education (3/4)
In Part Three, former Teach for America corp member Dwight Draughon says sending inexperienced college graduates to teach in high-need schools will not bring transformative change
DATE: 2018-03-05
Cutting School: Privatization, Segregation, and the End of Public Education (1/4)
In Part One, Principal Matt Hornbeck introduces author Noliwe Rooks and explains how charter schools in Maryland, unlike other states, have defied privatization
DATE: 2018-03-05
Cutting School: Privatization, Segregation, and the End of Public Education (2/4)
In Part Two, author Noliwe Rooks says the privatization movement seeks to profit from educational apartheid under the guise of education reform
DATE: 2018-03-05
The Black Disinvestment Crisis Pt 1: From Dayton, OH to Baltimore, MD
In the first of our three part series on the dismantling of West Dayton, a predominantly African-American Community, TRNN talks to Professor Lawrence Brown and activists about how the national move to gentrify cities has left existing black communities vulnerable to disinvestment by Stephen Janis and Taya Graham
DATE: 2018-03-02
Police Corruption Trial Reveals More Than 'A Few Bad Apples'
Jill Carter of Baltimore's Office of Civil Rights says she has high hopes for new Police Commissioner Darryl DeSousa, but the issues within the BPD are systemic, and fixing the corruption will require hard work and more civilian oversight
DATE: 2018-03-05
Ben Jealous Calls For Special Prosecutor For Police Corruption and Misconduct
The progressive Democratic candidate for governor makes wide-ranging calls for reform amid the corruption crisis in the Baltimore Police Department
DATE: 2018-03-01
Bans On Crude Oil Terminals And Styrofoam Advance in Baltimore
Critics of both environmental bills fear the affects on business in Baltimore, but advocates say both bills will help usher in a sustainable future for the city
DATE: 2018-02-27
Remembering Bea Gaddy, a Champion for the Homeless in Baltimore
Bea Gaddy (1933-2001) fed thousands of Baltimore's homeless and hungry
DATE: 2018-02-27
Feds Defend Drug War Despite Massive Drug-Fueled Police Corruption Scandal
In a TRNN virtual debate, Ret. Major Neill Franklin responds to Acting U.S. Attorney for Maryland Stephen M. Schenning's defense of the drug war
DATE: 2018-02-26
City Council Moves Forward With Ban on Crude Oil Facilities
The proposal would ban new crude oil terminals in Baltimore and prevent two existing terminals from expanding, which advocates say would stop the city from becoming a crude oil hub and mitigate the risk of an oil train explosion
DATE: 2018-02-23
Safe Streets in America's 'Most Dangerous City'
Baltimore is experiencing a slight dip in homicides, thanks in part to Safe Streets, a mediation-based program to end violence. But law-and-order Republicans are pushing back against community-based solutions
DATE: 2018-02-21
Improving Baltimore's Schools Will Take More Than Just Money
Baltimore's schools need to be fundamentally transformed, says Lawrence Grandpre of Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle, and meaningful change requires focusing on the needs of black parents and community members
DATE: 2018-02-21
Police Union Keeps Audit Secret Despite Allegations of Massive Overtime Fraud
City officials say they can't release a long-awaited audit of officers' overtime pay due to a lawsuit filed by the police union that is still pending in federal court
DATE: 2018-02-18
Baltimore's Metro Shutdown Underscores City's Transportation Problem (1/2)
In a high-crime city like Baltimore, transportation is often overlooked. But Councilman Ryan Dorsey says creating more equitable and accessible transit throughout Baltimore would have a huge impact on the city, particularly in neighborhoods that have been historically disenfranchised or "redlined"
DATE: 2018-02-20
Baltimore's Metro Shutdown Underscores City's Transportation Problem (2/2)
In the second part of his interview with Lisa Snowden McCray, Councilman Ryan Dorsey talks about how creating a more bike-friendly and walkable city not only improves public health but also boosts employment and small-business growth
DATE: 2018-02-22
Brother of Crooked Cop Says He Knows Who Killed Detective Suiter
As the new police commissioner names an outside investigator to look into death of Det. Sean Suiter, Det. Daniel Hersl's brother says he knows the answer
DATE: 2018-02-16
As the Opioid Crisis Deepens, Will Maryland Democrats Vote to Save Lives?
Advocates say a new bill to create safe consumption spaces for drug users would save lives and money. But in a blue state that has rejected progressive ideas in the past, will lawmakers embrace the strategy?
DATE: 2018-02-16
Trump's Budget Declares War on Forgotten America
Across the country, legislators and advocates say President Trump's budget and infrastructure plans would siphon resources and wealth off the needy to benefit the wealthy
DATE: 2018-02-14
City Council Committee Advances Styrofoam Ban, But Delays Implementation
A Baltimore City Council committee unanimously voted to advance a proposed ban on Styrofoam food containers, but drastically lengthened the timeline for implementation from 90 days to 18 months, as activists anxiously await the full council's decision
DATE: 2018-02-14
In First Black Police Chief's Appeal, Judges Weigh Prosecutorial Misconduct, Discrimination
Former Police Chief Kelvin Sewell appeals his misconduct conviction, arguing that he was prosecuted in retaliation for a discrimination complaint. Maryland Court of Special Appeals judges press a state prosecutor for answers
DATE: 2018-02-14
Two Cops Found Guilty In Massive Police Corruption Scandal
Former Baltimore Police Commander Neill Franklin says the corruption exposed by the federal Gun Trace Task Force Trial is unavoidable consequence of America's failed 'War on Drugs'
DATE: 2018-02-13
Corrupt Gun Unit Shows Why Policing Can't Be Reformed
Dr. Lawrence Brown, professor of public health at Morgan State University, says the new revelations from the Gun Trace Task Force corruption trial make it clear that we must dismantle the current law enforcement system and construct new health-driven models for keeping communities safe
DATE: 2018-02-12
Slum Clearance: Relocating Public Housing Residents Without Notice
Many residents of the Gilmor Homes housing project say they did not receive notice from Baltimore officials about the city's plan to demolish six buildings and put 40 percent of the property in private hands
DATE: 2018-02-12
Former Police Commander: Poverty, Drug War Root Cause of Police Corruption Scandal
Neill Franklin, of Law Enforcement Action Partnership, dissects the revelations of the Gun Trace Task Force Trial and what it means for the future of policing
DATE: 2018-02-08
Students Push City Council To Consider Banning Styrofoam
Pushed by student activists, Baltimore City Council President and others voice their support for banning polystyrene foam food containers in the city
DATE: 2018-02-08
The Black Disinvestment Crisis Pt 2: School Closings, Food Deserts, and Urban Blight
In the second installment in the series TRNN speaks to Racial Justice NOW an Ohio based organization that wants to stop the intentional economic dislocation of its community by Taya Graham and Stephen Janis
DATE: 2018-03-02
Baltimore Public Housing Resident Suffers Concussion from Falling Ceiling
The Real News continues to document the deteriorating conditions in subsidized housing as a woman who told her story of sex abuse continues to endure dangerous living conditions by Taya Graham and Stephen Janis
DATE: 2018-02-06
Baltimore Legislators Call for a Statewide $15 Minimum Wage
The year after Mayor Catherine Pugh vetoed a $15 minimum wage for Baltimore, she joins members of the Baltimore City Council to call on the state to pass similar legislation
DATE: 2018-02-05
Convicted Baltimore Officer Testifies That He Stole Money With Now Deceased Officer Sean Suiter
In the Gun Trace Task Force trial, convicted officer Momodu Gondu says he used to steal money with the officer who died after being shot in Harlem Park in November
DATE: 2018-02-06
Dueling Proposals to Ensure Casino Money Goes to Classrooms
The Real News examines the debate around Baltimore school funding and looks at two bills that would put casino revenue into a 'lock box' for education
DATE: 2018-02-05
Victims of Corrupt Baltimore Police Unit Tell Their Stories
As new allegations arise against the now notorious Gun Trace Task Force, Baltimore residents share tales of false arrest, robbery, and a failure to heed warnings about the unit's criminal behavior
DATE: 2018-02-04
Baltimore Youth Want More Control Over Their Education
Four members of the student-led Baltimore Algebra Project spoke to the Baltimore City School Board greater youth control of education
DATE: 2018-02-02
Witness Testifies That Police Officer Brought Him Bags of Stolen Drugs
In the Gun Trace Task Force trial, a Baltimore bail bondsman testified that in 2015, Sgt Wayne Jenkins brought him pharmaceuticals stolen from drugstores looted during the uprising
DATE: 2018-02-01
Trump's Law-and-Order Policies Gain Ground in Blue States
Even with community opposition in blue states like Maryland, racially tinged rhetoric and fear mongering are being used to roll back criminal justice reform
DATE: 2018-02-01
Afrikan Black Coalition Conference 2018 Highlights
Collective Blackness and Intersectional Action Executive Producer Eddie Conway speaks with ABC organizer Star Bacon about black student organizing in higher education
DATE: 2018-02-06
The Real Baltimore: Why is the City Evicting The Homeless Again?
In the latest episode of The Real Baltimore, homeless advocates decry the razing of a tent community near downtown Baltimore
DATE: 2018-01-31
Homeless Advocates Decry Encampment Eviction
City officials and advocates for the homeless dispute the circumstances under which a prominent homeless encampment in downtown Baltimore was cleared on Friday
DATE: 2018-01-28
Woman Breaks Down After Sharing Her Tale of Sex for Repairs in Public Housing
An ongoing Real News investigation into allegations of sexual harassment in Baltimore public housing revealed personal stories of pain and anguish for women trying to survive in a system they say ignores them
DATE: 2018-01-26
'3 1/2 Minutes, 10 Bullets': A Discussion with Ron Davis
Ron Davis, father of slain Jordan Davis, joins an audience in TRNN's studios for a post-screening discussion of '3 1/2 Minutes, 10 Bullets,' a film that examines the shooting death of his son, 17-year-old Jordan Davis, the racial prejudice that caused the tragedy, and contradictions within the American criminal justice system
DATE: 2018-01-26
Body-Cam Footage Leads to Charges of Evidence Tampering Against Cop
The footage, which shows an officer placing evidence in a vacant lot and then activating his camera to retrieve it, has embroiled the Baltimore Police Department in yet another scandal
DATE: 2018-01-24
Grassroots Pressure Stops Cuts to Baltimore Schools
Educators and advocates convinced the Baltimore school board to scale back major reforms to the funding formula that determines how much money schools receive
DATE: 2018-01-24
Trial Reveals Widespread Corruption in Baltimore Police Department
Testimony in the trial of two elite task force detectives shows an elaborate ring of robbery, drug dealing, lying, and overtime fraud
DATE: 2018-01-23
Community Members Sound Off On Troubled Baltimore School System
At a town-hall event, Baltimore City school board members respond to concerns about freezing classrooms and widespread mismanagement
DATE: 2018-01-23
Activists Push For Water Affordability In Baltimore
In a panel discussion, activists pushed back against onerous collections methods like tax sales and water shut-offs, and suggested an income-based water billing system to help pay for Baltimore's necessary infrastructure investments
DATE: 2018-01-23
Can a New Baltimore Police Commissioner Fix a Corrupt Department?
The firing of Chief Kevin Davis and the appointment of Darryl DeSousa to replace him raises questions about the ability of an agency under a federal consent decree to right itself
DATE: 2018-01-21
Women March in Defiance of Trump
In Baltimore and around the world, the second anniversary of the Women's March on Washington prompted calls for unity in resisting the policies of the Trump Administration
DATE: 2018-01-21
Baltimore Spends Billions on Corporate Subsidies but Can't Heat Its Schools
Author and political scientist Lester Spence says the discussion around Baltimore's flagging school system ignores the fundamental priorities of a city that favors corporations over its children
DATE: 2018-01-21
Rather Than Address Crime, Baltimore Officials Try to Relocate It
Baltimore officials will demolish 6 buildings and relocate more than 120 families living in Gilmor Homes, a public housing project that the mayor says is a hotbed for criminal activity. Executive Producer Eddie Conway speaks with Gilmor residents about the city's plan, which he says fails to address the root causes of the problem
DATE: 2018-01-22
Do We Need Anarchists? Lessons from the Goddess of Anarchy
Jacqueline Jones discusses her new book on Lucy Parsons, a former slave who became one of the most influential anarchists in the U.S. labor movement
DATE: 2018-01-24
Sex-For-Repairs Victim: 'I Felt Like I Had to Do This to Keep My Home'
A victim of the sex-for-repairs scandal in Baltimore's public housing comes forward to tell her story
DATE: 2018-01-16
Bail Industry Allegedly Pays Bribes to Imprison the Poor
Allegations of bribes paid by bail lobbyists to state politicians are prompting activists to demand that Maryland legislators freeze out the industry from pushing anti-reform legislation in the upcoming session
DATE: 2018-01-12
Outrage at Baltimore School Board Meeting Over Freezing Classrooms
Community members single out Governor Larry Hogan for the chronic underfunding of Baltimore City schools
DATE: 2018-01-10
Money for Police and Prisons but Not for Heat in Classrooms
Author and poet Kondwani Fidel argues Baltimore City students have been getting robbed of their education for years
DATE: 2018-01-09
Freezing Classrooms Highlight Systemic Underfunding of Baltimore Schools
Councilman and former teacher Zeke Cohen says the "inhumane conditions facing students in Baltimore Schools is a crisis of enduring injustice"
DATE: 2018-01-09
How Will the Mayor's 'Safe Art Space' Task Force Affect Baltimore's Black Artists?
Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh's task force, formed last December, hopes to revive an old Black arts and entertainment district
DATE: 2018-01-15
Baltimore's $12M Youth Fund Gives Community the Reins (2/2)
Many public officials myopically think the only way to stop crime in Baltimore is to increase arrests, but the best way to deal with crime is to invest more in the people, says Adam Jackson, co-chair of the fund's task force. "We should invest in our institutions and our ability, as black people, to change our condition"
DATE: 2018-01-09
The Real Baltimore: How Bigotry Shaped a City
On this episode of The Real Baltimore, author and journalist Antero Pietila discusses how racist policies embraced by Baltimore a century ago continue to haunt the city today
DATE: 2017-12-31
Baltimore's $12M Youth Fund Gives Community the Reins (1/2)
Adam Jackson, CEO of Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle and co-chair of the 34-person task force in charge of laying the fund's groundwork, says that letting the community decide where the money goes will ensure it gets to the right places, particularly black-led organizations in Baltimore
DATE: 2018-01-05
How Tax Breaks for Wealthy Developers Fueled an Affordable Housing Crisis in Baltimore
A rising inventory of luxury apartments points to the city's ineffectual inclusionary housing laws which advocates say can only be addressed with dedicated funding for development of projects with reasonable rents outside the Inner Harbor
DATE: 2017-12-24
The Hidden Agenda Behind Right-Wing Sinclair's School Reporting
The Real News hosts an extended discussion on Sinclair Broadcasting's "Project Baltimore," an investigative project that looks for flaws in the public school system--without addressing the root causes--and pushes for privatization
DATE: 2017-12-28
Baltimore City Council to Propose Income-Based Water Billing
A new report shows that half of Baltimore households will be unable to afford water by 2019, but new legislation could change that
DATE: 2017-12-23
Baltimore Councilman's Radical Idea: Tax Breaks for Poor Neighborhoods
A councilman and a group of activists are pushing several proposals to address Baltimore's burgeoning affordable housing crisis by targeting subsidies at neighborhoods the city has long neglected
DATE: 2017-12-22
Police Reform: How to Make 150K and Rob the People who Pay You
In another installment of TRNN's in-depth reporting on the complexity of reforming urban policing, we examine how monetizing failure creates opportunities for law enforcement to extract wealth from communities that can least afford it
DATE: 2017-12-18
Baltimore Students Offer Solutions to Stop Police Brutality
A 5th grade class in Baltimore has completed an comprehensive research project on the unconstitutional and racist tactics used by Baltimore's police department and have turned their work into solutions they hope will improve how law enforcement interacts with the community
DATE: 2017-12-17
Will Kirwan Consider Race When Recommending Fixes to Maryland Schools?
Baltimore students and advocates are pushing the Kirwan Commission to consider racial equity when recommending changes to policies and funding
DATE: 2017-12-15
Can Baby Bonds Help Close Baltimore's Wealth Gap?
Most social programs that address the poverty problem give out resources after someone has already experienced poverty, but "what we need is a structural apparatus in this society where people don't get exposed to poverty in the first place," says Dr. Sandy Darity
DATE: 2017-12-14
The Death of Detective Sean Suiter: How Deep Does the Corruption Go?
Journalists Jayne Miller and Luke Broadwater discuss the burgeoning scandal inside the Baltimore police department over the mysterious death of homicide detective Sean Suiter, who was found dead in an alley shot, with his own gun
DATE: 2017-12-11
Mystery Surrounding Detective's Death Heightens Mistrust of Police
As the BPD asks the FBI to take over Detective Sean Suiter's murder investigation, activists say Suiter's planned testimony in a major corruption case only bolsters the argument for community control of police
DATE: 2017-12-09
Baltimore Beat & TRNN: What's Next? (4/4)
Baltimore Beat editor-in-chief Lisa Snowden-McCray interviews Real News senior editor Paul Jay on what's next for The Real News in Baltimore
DATE: 2017-12-16
Baltimore Beat & TRNN: Is Having a White CEO in a Majority Black City a Problem? (3/4)
Baltimore Beat editor-in-chief Lisa Snowden-McCray interviews Real News senior editor Paul Jay on both the perception and substance of leadership in Baltimore
DATE: 2017-12-15
Baltimore Beat & TRNN: Why Baltimore? (2/4)
Baltimore Beat editor-in-chief Lisa Snowden-McCray interviews Real News senior editor Paul Jay about why The Real News chose Baltimore for its headquarters
DATE: 2017-12-14
Baltimore Beat & TRNN: Who's Your Audience? (1/4)
Baltimore Beat editor-in-chief Lisa Snowden-McCray interviews Real News senior editor Paul Jay to discuss Baltimore's new alternative paper and its relationship with The Real News Network
DATE: 2017-12-13
The Argument for Closing Low-Enrollment Schools is Wrong, Advocates Say
As Baltimore faces another round of school closings, parents and educators argue small schools are actually the best way to address entrenched poverty and other social ills
DATE: 2017-12-08
Residents Say Police Lockdown in Wake of Cop's Death is Unconstitutional
Residents of the Harlem Park neighborhood in Baltimore where Detective Sean Suiter died three weeks ago told the city's Civilian Review Board they were subjected to unconstitutional tactics by the department during an investigation that has yet to net a suspect
DATE: 2017-12-07
Indivisible: GOP Tax Plan Puts Middle Class in Crosshairs
At a diverse town hall meeting, Baltimore teachers, students and small-business owners say the Republican plan would wreak havoc on their lives and deepen inequality across the country
DATE: 2017-11-30
Cities Offer Amazon Dangerous Incentives
Amazon has received 238 bids from North American cities vying to host its new headquarters, and some are offering the company extreme incentives that undermine democracy, says economist Dean Baker
DATE: 2017-11-29
Baltimore Celebrates Local Educator Charlie Dugger
For decades, Charlie Dugger has been educating youth from an African-centered perspective and organizing cultural events such as the annual Marcus Garvey Day Parade. The community came together to honor Dugger at the Real News Network's Studio 4
DATE: 2017-11-27
Activists Rally for $12M Youth Fund for Black-Led Groups Fighting Inequity
At a time of record violence, the proposal would award millions annually to community-led organizations working to uplift Baltimore youth and address the root causes of violence
DATE: 2017-11-21
Why is Police Brutality Against Women So Often Overlooked?
Women's experiences with police violence are often absent from the discussion about police brutality. TRNN's Taya Graham and Stephen Janis discuss the issue with attendees of the National Women's Studies Association Conference in Baltimore
DATE: 2017-11-21
Target Plans Shutdown of Major Community Store
Executive Producer Eddie Conway speaks with Agzja Carey, a former employee of Target, who argues the shutdown was not due to lack of profitability.
DATE: 2017-11-16
Questioning the Narrative of Increased Youth Violence
City Councilmember Bill Henry and public defender Jenny Egan call for increased youth services, not more policing
DATE: 2017-11-13
Is Police Reform Even Possible? A TRNN Discussion
TRNN reporters Taya Graham and Stephen Janis lead a discussion on efforts to reform policing in Baltimore at Towson University, and some of the obstacles to reform they've uncovered in their reporting
DATE: 2017-11-11
Residents March Through Baltimore City Hall to Demand Affordable Housing Funds
Advocates delivered a petition to Baltimore finance officials to demand $40 million per year to fund affordable housing and fix blight, part of plan they say will restore equity to a city that has doled out big tax breaks to wealthy developers
DATE: 2017-11-09
Baltimore Activists Hold Second CeaseFire Weekend
As Baltimore passes 300 murders in 2017, CeaseFire 365 activists hold a second 72-hour killing-free weekend
DATE: 2017-11-05
Civil Rights Groups Say Black Police Chief Targeted for Filing Discrimination Complaint
In amicus court filings supporting an appeal of former Pocomoke Chief Kelvin Sewell's misconduct conviction, a variety of organizations argue he was prosecuted in retaliation for filing racial discrimination complaints against Worcester County officials.
DATE: 2017-11-03

written articles

What A Private Police Force Would Mean For Johns Hopkins University and Baltimore
Students mobilize against Baltimore institution Johns Hopkins University as it considers establishing its own private police force, with worries about corruption, racial profiling, and occupation and no input from student body or the local community
DATE: 2018-03-13
Democracy in Crisis: Pseudonymous Sex and Anonymous Experts
As Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels prepare to battle over an NDA, federal prosecutors seek anonymity for expert on "black bloc."
DATE: 2018-03-12
Bill Prohibits Baltimore From Selling Properties for Unpaid Water Bills
Advocates say that the bill, passed unanimously by the House of Delegates, will help protect elderly minorities who are most affected by tax sales
DATE: 2018-03-07
In a Blow to Transparency, Maryland Courts Remove Police Officer Info From Database
The Maryland Judiciary removed all information about police officers from its searchable database as the new Baltimore Police commissioner pledges transparency in the wake of a vast corruption scandal, causing outrage among attorneys, journalists, and advocates for transparency
DATE: 2018-03-02
'We Need An Entirely New Envisioning Of Policing'
Ryan Dorsey, the only member of Baltimore's City Council to vote against 30-year veteran of department as new commissioner amid corruption scandal says "Enough is Enough"
DATE: 2018-02-27
State's Attorney's Office fires prosecutor amid Gun Trace Task Force controversy, lawyers call shenanigans
Lawyers for Anna Mantagena claim she was wrongfully terminated in a political ploy, promise to produce documents
DATE: 2018-02-21
Were Baltimore's Corrupt Cops High When They Made Attempted Murder Arrest?
A court hearing mentions allegations that members of the Gun Trace Task Force were using drugs when they responded to a call, in a case where they will be forced to testify for defense
DATE: 2018-02-20
Mother of Woman Shot by Baltimore County Police Speaks Out
Korryn Gaines' mother Rhanda Dormeus discusses her daughter's death, her grandson's trauma, and police force
DATE: 2018-02-19
Catharsis and Corruption in Wake of Dirty Cop Conviction
Baltimore's Gun Trace Task Force trial ends with closure for victims and calls to ferret out further corruption at the top of police department
DATE: 2018-02-14
Democracy in Crisis: The FBI and Dirty Cops
The Memo hysteria and a Baltimore corruption trial highlight the state of law enforcement in 2018
DATE: 2018-02-13
Guilty Verdict in Gun Trace Task Force Corruption Trial
Gun Trace Task Force members Daniel Hersl and Marcus Taylor have been found guilty on a number of charges tied to racketeering, conspiracy, and fraud
DATE: 2018-02-12
Pugh Blames Press for Baltimore's 'Perception Problem'
At an event at the Parkway Theater, Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh defended her administration and attacked the media
DATE: 2018-02-09
Jury Deliberates in the Gun Trace Task Force Trial
Closing arguments in the case are a battle of PowerPoints and rhetoric. Meanwhile, the new Baltimore Police Commissioner struggles to get ahead of a massive scandal
DATE: 2018-02-09
Deputy Commissioner Named in Corruption Case in 2009 Killing, Resigns
Former Detective Momodu Gondo testified that colleague Jemell Rayam "murdered" a man in 2009 and Deputy Commissioner Dean Palmere helped coach cover-up
DATE: 2018-02-06
Lawyers Claim State's Attorney's Office "Encouraged" Gun Trace Task Force Crimes
Flanked by victims of "police gang," Ivan Bates and other defense attorneys slam Marilyn Mosby's office in his bid for top prosecutor post
DATE: 2018-02-02
Police Task Force Victim: 'Everybody's Life Is Destroyed'
The Gun Trace Task Force trial reveals lives ruined, money stolen, and emotional wreckage
DATE: 2018-02-01
Gun Trace Task Force Trial In Baltimore Highlights Structural Inequality
The details emerging from the ongoing corruption trial highlight the inequality inherent in policing a segregated city
DATE: 2018-01-31
Harm Reduction: Checking Street Drugs for Fentanyl
Using invasive drug testing technology to check street drugs for fentanyl could save lives, but will the city support it?
DATE: 2018-01-29
"Both Cops And Robbers At The Same Time"
Testimony in the racketeering trial of two police officers reveals unprecedented corruption
DATE: 2018-01-24
Mayor Announces New Baltimore City Community Grants Program
Catherine Pugh teams up with Weinberg Foundation to give small grants to community organizations.
DATE: 2018-01-19
Baltimore Mayor Fires Police Commissioner Kevin Davis
Mayor Catherine Pugh announced that Davis had been replaced Friday morning, following months of scandal and speculation
DATE: 2018-01-19
Freddie Gray Protesters Take Police Officers to Court
Officers involved in the suit are associated with the corruption probe of the Gun Trace Task Force, which has been charged with planting evidence and stealing from suspects; one officer faces criminal trial next week
DATE: 2018-01-17
The Fight for a $15 Minimum Wage in Maryland Returns, With Force
When more than 200 people showed up in Annapolis on MLK Day to voice their support for raising Maryland's minimum wage, the fire marshal had to shut the event down an hour early because authorities weren't prepared for such a high turnout
DATE: 2018-01-16
Baltimore City Schools Lack Adequate Heat for Students
"Right now I am sitting in the library with my friend and we're bundled up in coats because the heat is not working," a student wrote Wednesday.
DATE: 2018-01-03
Juvenile Arrest Numbers Indicate Return to Zero Tolerance
Report shows dramatic spike in arrests for 'nuisance' crimes
DATE: 2018-01-02
Grave Concerns: Will Detective Suiter's Death Bring Commissioner Davis Down?
Baltimore's Police Department faces a crisis in the wake of the murder of one detective, the indictment of eight other officers, and the lockdown of a community
DATE: 2017-12-11
Man Shot by Baltimore Police in 2015 Granted New Trial
Judge grants new trial to Keith Davis Jr. who was charged and convicted of murder after being shot by police
DATE: 2017-12-04
Commissioner Asks Feds to Take Over Investigation into Death of Detective Following New Charges Against Baltimore Cops Baltimore Cops
Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis seeks to hand over the investigation into the death of Det. Sean Suiter to the FBI
DATE: 2017-12-01
Man Convicted of Murder After Being Shot by Baltimore Police Demands New Trial
Keith Davis Jr. always claimed police planted the gun on him; new evidence and affidavits call key state's witness into question
DATE: 2017-12-01
Indictment Links Drugs Planted by Dirty Cop to Slain Baltimore Detective
New federal charges say a Gun Trace Task Force sergeant planted drugs on a suspect for Detective Sean Suiter to discover
DATE: 2017-11-30
Police Rising
Detective Dawnyell Taylor and the missing center of HBO's "Baltimore RIsing"
DATE: 2017-11-30
Public Demands Consent Decree Monitoring Team Get Out of the Seats and Into the Streets
Citizens express frustration at the first public meeting of the team set up to oversee the agreement between the Department of Justice and the Baltimore Police Department
DATE: 2017-11-30
Detective Murdered Day Before he was to Testify Against Dirty Cops
Police Commissioner says that as of now the department has no evidence that the murder of Detective Sean Suiter was motivated by his impending testimony
DATE: 2017-11-23
Controversial Cop on Trial Board Calls Process Further Into Question
The presence of Capt. Charles Thompson on the disciplinary board of Brian Rice, the highest-ranking officer charged in the Freddie Gray case, raises red flags
DATE: 2017-11-15
Spreading The Word
Mothers Of Murdered Sons And Daughters offers space to deal with grief
DATE: 2017-11-15
Housing Activists Argue for New Community Land Trust Plan
As Baltimore's TIF debt mounts, activists seek $20 million for affordable housing
DATE: 2017-11-14
Van Driver Previously Charged with Freddie Gray's Murder Faces Disciplinary Trial
Caesar Goodson is the first of the officers charged in Freddie Gray's death to face a police disciplinary trial
New Details Emerge About Gun Trace Task Force Crimes
In drug-case testimony, indicted officers offer details of corruption
DATE: 2017-10-26
Men and Families Center Fights Shutdown
Members of the community center speak out against a decision to close it due to fire code violations
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