Immigration Reform

When ICE is at the Door
The Real News speaks to Central American immigrants in Maryland and Georgia about the most recent wave of deportations and the crippling fear communities feel because of it

  January 29, 2016

Legal Challenge Led by 26 State Governors Blocks Obama Immigration Order
Salvador Sarmiento, Legislative Director of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network, says President Obama has numerous options to pursue reform and halt mass deportations beyond appealing the decision

  November 11, 2015

Silicon Valley Democrats Pursuing High-Skill Immigration Reform
Republicans along with many progressive groups oppose the reform, arguing that it's a front for keeping wages low in the Information Technology sector by bringing in cheap labor from abroad

  March 19, 2015

Immigration Activist Rasmea Odeh Sentenced to 18 Months
After she serves her sentence, she is to be deported, says Charlotte Silver

  March 13, 2015

Are Obama's Executive Orders on Immigration Too Little Too Late?
Cesar Vargas, Co-Director of the DREAM Action Coalition, says the DREAMER community is organizing to ensure the 2016 presidential hopefuls have their interests at heart.

  February 22, 2015

President Obama's Executive Order on Immigration Challenged by 26 States (1/2)
Cesar Vargas, Co-Director of the DREAM Action Coalition, says eleven Presidents including both Bushes took similar action on immigration before Obama

  February 18, 2015

Some in GOP See Economic Gain In Immigration Reforms
A growing number of Republicans in the midwest are looking to attract immigrant students and skilled workers in an effort to prop up towns that have suffered from a decline in manufacturing

  January 28, 2015

Republican Challenge on Immigration Disingenuous
If the Republicans were genuinely concerned about the impact of immigration on labor, they would push for cuts to temporary guestworker programs - but they have been staunch defenders of them, says William Spriggs, Chief Economist to the AFL-CIO

  November 26, 2014

Workers vs. Undocumented Immigrants: The Politics of Divide & Conquer
Former labor organizer Bill Barry discusses the tenuous relationship between the working class and undocumented workers, and the forces that keep these groups at odds

  November 25, 2014

Is Obama's Immigration Action Too Little, Too Late?
DREAM Action Coalition organizer Erika Andiola describes how millions, including her mother, will be excluded from the action and says a comprehensive immigration plan deals with why undocumented immigrants come to the U.S. in the first place

  November 24, 2014

Obama Unveils Immigration Plan, But What Will It Change?
Author and former labor organizer David Bacon unpacks how temporary legal status won't get at the root of the issue of getting legal status for workers in order to fight for fair wages and better working conditions

  November 21, 2014

Putting Off Immigration Reform May Backfire on Democrats
Journalist and immigration rights activist David Bacon discusses the possible political consequences of waiting to reform immigration policy until after the mid-term elections

  September 8, 2014

New Senate Bill Fails To Address Root Causes of Central American Migration
David Bacon: Senate Democrats' $2.7 billion proposal would escalate border enforcement but ignore the trade policies that drive migrants to the United States in the first place

  July 28, 2014

Corporations Making a Killing as Billions Are Poured into Border Enforcement
Author Todd Miller discusses how defense contractors look to cash in on President Obama's expected $2 billion proposal in additional funding for border security

  July 2, 2014

Deporting Immigrant Youth Won't Solve Immigration Crisis
Silky Shah: Obama is requesting more than $2 billion to increase border enforcement but refuses to address so-called free trade agreements and the 'war on drugs' that drive migrants to the United States in the first place.

  June 30, 2014

Destroy Their Economic Livelihoods, and They Will Come
Jeff Faux: 95% of immigrant children who cross the US-Mexico border are from countries that the US has dominated or controlled during the past century

  June 17, 2014

Hunger Strikers Demand President Obama Halt His Record 2 Million Deportations
Immigration activists call on President Obama to halt deportations that separate families, while allowing corporations to profit from the criminalization and militarization of immigration policy

  April 9, 2014

Immigrant Advocates and Families Tell President Obama 'Not One More'
From the Mexico border to Washington DC, a group of families and activists fight to reunite Jaime Vasquez and Ardani Rosales with their families; these two fathers represent more than 2 million people deported over the last 5 years. The actions call on President Obama to stop deportations.

  April 7, 2014

Immigration Reform in the Shadows of Cesar Chavez's Legacy
Cesar Chavez's personal aide Marc Grossman and organizer Rosalinda Guillen examine the current situation for farmworkers and whether the Senate's immigration reform will improve their lives

  March 31, 2014

Immigration Advocates Face Serious Challenges in Passing Reform in 2014
Despite nationwide mobilization, immigrant advocates acknowledge they have failed to reform a broken immigration system

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