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Obama: Rhetoric or New Direction?

Will Obama Use International Economic Appointments to Push Stimulus?
Gerald Epstein: Obama can't use GOP Control of House as excuse for more Wall St. friendly appointments

  February 12, 2013

Brennan Hearings: Who's Overseeing Who?
Ray McGovern: Hearing exposes how little oversight the Senate Intelligence Committee exercises over the CIA

  February 8, 2013

Hagel and Fracture Lines in the GOP
Matt Welch: Libertarian Republicans like Rand Paul are closer to Hagel on foreign policy than they are to neo-cons like McCain and Graham

  January 6, 2013

Preaching to the Choir
Jeff Cohen: Illusions about Obama and the myth of the need for bipartisanship are reasons why progressives and liberals must have a vigorous debate - there really is no choir

  January 31, 2013

Lack of Criminal Prosecutions Linked to Obama and Holder's Wall St. Connections
Dimitri Lascaris: Department of Justice under George Bush secured convictions of major figures from the business community in complex financial frauds and Obama and Holder have not done so following the worst epidemic of financial fraud in the modern era

  January 30, 2013

Obama Admin. Fails to Prosecute Banking Fraud to 'Save the System'
James S. Henry commenting on PBS documentary "The Untouchables": If one of these institutions was indicted and made an example of, it would have a profound affect on the whole industry - but Obama raises money on Wall St.

  January 29, 2013

Obama: Rhetoric or New Direction?
James K. Galbraith: The positions taken in the Inaugural Address suggest a more serious approach to climate change and a defense of social programs

  January 28, 2013

The Case Against Kerry
Stephen Zunes tracks the history of John Kerry from Vietnam War critic to Iraq war hawk

  January 24, 2013

What Obama Should Do in the Next Four Years
Robert Johnson outlines what the President should do if his Inaugural Address is not just empty rhetoric

  January 23, 2013

Obama Speech Rings a Different Tone
John Nichols: The President is not a progressive, but speech promises a more reformist stand

  January 22, 2013

Three Things Obama Can Do if he is Serious About Promise to Middle Class
Bob Pollin: The President still perpetuates myth there is a fiscal crisis

  January 21, 2013

If I Were Attorney General
Michael Ratner outlines 10 things he would do if he were Attorney General in the new Obama Administration

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