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Does Floating Hagel Balloon Show Obama's Posture Towards Iran?

Hagel Nomination Defies Neo-Cons and AIPAC; Brennon at CIA will Expand Drone Assassinations
Ray McGovern: Hagel may help restrain forces that want war against Iran; Brennan will help Obama more directly control CIA

  January 9, 2013

Does Floating Hagel Balloon Show Obama's Posture Towards Iran?
Phyllis Bennis: Hagel has been a "realist" towards Iran which infuriates Neo-cons and AIPAC, but will Obama fight for him?

  December 30, 2012

UN Palestine Vote Gives PA Access to International Criminal Court
Phyllis Bennis: In a vote of 138 to 9, UN General Assembly votes to give Palestine status of a non-member state

  November 30, 2012

US Money and Policy Makes Israeli Attack on Gaza Possible
Phylis Bennis: President Obama's unconditional support for Israeli campaign emboldens PM Netanyahu

  November 21, 2012

The Roots of Israeli Attack on Gaza
Phyllis Bennis: The current conflict did not begin with rockets fired at Israel

  November 18, 2012

Should Progressives Vote for Obama?
Phyllis Bennis: Both parties represent big capital and corporations, but Romney will be even more aggressive against working people

  October 24, 2012

Obama Meets Netanyahu
Phyllis Bennis: Obama distances US from Netanyahu's rhetoric and prepares for 2012 elections

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