Conflict In Mali

Conflict In Mali

Mali and the Africa Land Grab
Sasha Ross: France wants to secure North Mali's rice fields as a food supply for Libya; part of land grabs taking place all over Africa

  February 25, 2013

French Intervention in Mali Violates UN Resolution; Root of Crisis Marginalization of the North
Emira Woods: The French have violated the UN resolution as they defend their resource interests; Africans want a comprehensive aid and political package for Northern Mali

  January 17, 2013

UN Approves Intervention in Mali
Nii Akuetteh: France, US, and African Union push resolution for an African led military force to take northern Mali back from militant Islamic forces

  December 23, 2012

AFRICOM and the Conflict in Mali
Nii Akuetteh: Why did US trained officers organize the coup in Mali?

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