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Daughter of The Revolution
Carmen Aguirre, the Author of, Fierce: Memoirs of a Revolutionary Daughter, recalls the CIA lead coup d'etat against President Salvador Allende on 9/11, 1973

  September 11, 2015

"Generation Without Fear" Demands Free Education in Chile
A massive student demonstration raises demand to end economic policies created under Pinochet Dictatorship

  May 1, 2013

The Legacy of Chile's Pinochet Dictatorship Lives On
State repression of social movements by militarized Carabinero police force draws international condemnation

  February 12, 2013

Indigenous Mapuche People Struggle Against the Chilean State and Private Companies
Most recent hunger strike by imprisoned activists over ‚Äúpolitically motivated prosecutions‚ÄĚ and state application of Antiterrorist Law comes to a close as conflict between Mapuche communities and the Chilean state intensifies

  January 31, 2013

The Privatization of Chile's Sea
Many small-scale fishermen say new fishing law could spell the end of their livelihood

  January 18, 2013

Student Movement Marks Radical Shift in Chilean Politics
While students have not achieved their demand for free quality public education, movement develops new strategies with an eye towards upcoming 2013 elections

  December 20, 2012

Student Movement Rocks Chile
Students campaign against privatized educational system, demand education as a right

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