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Michigan Anti-Union Law Drafted by ALEC

Google Moves Right By Funding ALEC & Heritage Action
Google's progressive image is being questioned after it contributed funds to conservative groups like ALEC and Heritage Action

  December 4, 2013

Protesters Condemn ALEC's Push to Privatize Public Education
Demonstrators Crash ALEC convention in Chicago, a city impacted by the privatization of public schools

  August 8, 2013

ALEC Charged with Tax Fraud For Secretive Financed Junkets for Legislators
Lisa Graves: ALEC is running a secretive, multi-million dollar slush fund for state lawmakers, looking to influence legislation on 'right-to-work', 'stand your ground' laws, and voter ID laws

  August 6, 2013

ALEC Turns 40, But Who's Behind It?
Brendan Fisher: After forty years, corporate-funded ALEC remains an organization filled with secrecy

  August 5, 2013

Michigan Anti-Union Law Drafted by ALEC
Mary Bottari: At the last minute, Michigan governor uses right-wing group's draft of legislation that gives workers the "right" to work without collective bargaining

  December 14, 2012

Manufacturing Corporate Friendly State Legislation
Steve Horn: ALEC is only one of several right wing organizations that write model big business friendly laws for state legislatures across the country

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