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The best of Egypt Independent coverage of recent events in Egypt

Marchers Arrive in Tahrir to Protest Morsy's Constitutional Declaration
Egypt Independent: Tens of thousands of marchers flocked to Tahrir from several neighborhoods around Cairo on Tuesday to voice their rejection of President Mohamed Morsy's constitutional declaration and to call for the dissolution of the Constituent Assembly

  December 9, 2012

Morsy Supporters March on Presidential Palace
Egypt Independent: Scores of supporters of President Mohamed Morsy marched on the presidential palace in Heliopolis on Wednesday, 5 December to support the president’s recent decisions

  December 9, 2012

Morsy Orders Military to Maintain Security Until Referendum Complete
Egypt Independent: In the law, the president granted military officers all arrest powers assigned to the police

  December 9, 2012

Tahrir Protesters Say Morsy Turning Into a Dictator
Egypt Independent: Protesters who staged a sit-in at Tahrir Square after a protest on Friday, 23 November say President Mohamed Morsy's constitutional declaration will establish a dictatorship

  December 9, 2012

Protesters Throng Cairo University in Support of Morsy's Constitutional Declaration
Egypt Independent: Hundreds of protesters marched from Amr Ibn al-Aas Mosque to Cairo University Saturday, joining other protesters demonstrating in support of President Mohamed Morsy's constitutional declaration.

  December 9, 2012

Dream TV Owner Blames Government for Channels’ Closure
Egypt Independent: Ahmed Bahgat, owner of Dream TV, organized a press conference on Saturday,17 November to highlight the legal status of the channel after Nilesat cut the channels’ satellite feed.

  December 9, 2012

Doctors Form Human Chain to Highlight Workplace Problems
Egypt Independent: Hundreds of doctors, joined by members of the Popular Current as well as members of other political groups and medical organizations, formed a human chain along Qasr al-Aini Street Thursday to protest working conditions for doctors and employees in the medical field.

  December 9, 2012

Political Figures Demand Balanced Constituent Assembly
Egypt Independent: Participants in a 4 November press conference criticize the Constituent Assembly's performance and call for reform of the constitution-writing body. Al-Masry Al-Youm organized the conference titled "A constitution for all Egyptians."

  December 9, 2012

Cotton Factory Workers Protest for Pay
Egypt Independent: Dozens of workers at the Minya branch of the Nile Ginning Company staged a sit-in in front of the Cabinet on 9 October to call for the payment of their overdue salaries.

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