Erdogan Poised to Consolidate Authoritarian Regime in Upcoming Referendum
Over the past year and a half, we've seen the emergence of an increasingly totalitarian regime centered around one individual who aims to radically shape and transform Turkish society, says Baris Karaagac

  January 31, 2017

Turkey Leads in Jailing Journalists in 2016
Countries are using their own national security laws against journalists who are critical of authorities, says Elana Beiser

  December 14, 2016

Turkey Drifting Away From the European Union
Violence will escalate now that Turkey has left no peaceful space for the Kurdish movement, says Baris Karaagac

  November 6, 2016

Turkey Abandons the European Integration Project in Favor of Extreme Power Consolidation
Turkish media, Kurds and Kurdish supporters, and Gulanists, anyone who gets in the way of this consolidation of power will endure severe state repression says Baris Karaagac

  November 3, 2016

Turkey's Incursion into Syria Will Escalate Conflict with the Kurds
ISIS is likely to retaliate with terrorist attacks in Turkey, says Trent University professor Baris Karaagac

  August 24, 2016

Turkey to EU: Forget Refugee Deal If No Visa-Free Travel
Baris Karaagac explains why it's unlikely that Turkey will discard its 60-year-old alliance with the United States in favor of closer ties with Russia

  August 17, 2016

How Erdogan Destabilized Turkey
Vijay Prashad explains how the Turkish pivot towards Russia is propelled by the failure of relationship building with Europe and the war with Syria

  July 29, 2016

Turkey's Night of Long Knives
Scholar Vijay Prashad discusses whether Turkey's failed coup was a false flag operation, a badly botched but real attempt providing Erdogan an opportunity to purge the Turkish state of its secular components - TRNN and Newsclick Joint Production

  July 25, 2016

Erdogan Moves to Consolidate Power After Failed Military Coup
Baris Karaagac and Ariel Salzmann discuss the July 15th coup attempt and say the Turkish president will use the crisis to eliminate all dissent from the judiciary and the military

  July 19, 2016

Erdogan and Turkey in the Terror Net
Vijay Prashad explains how will the recent ISIS terror attack at the Ataturk international airport might affect Turkey's relations in the region, and also discusses Turkey's ambiguous position regarding Russia and the insurgency in Syria - Newsclick and TRNN Joint Production

  June 12, 2016

Turkey's Regional Ambitions Fuel Attacks Within its Own Borders
Baris Karaagac says the Turkish state must give up its aggressive, Neo-Ottomanist foreign policy if it wants to contain terrorist attacks

  June 30, 2016

How Erdogan Consolidates Power in Turkey by Eliminating the Kurds
Baris Karaagac explains the history of the Turkish state's repression of the leftist and Kurdish movements

  June 17, 2016

Erdogan Targeting the 59 Pro-Kurdish HDP Parliamentarians with 445 Police Investigations
Baris Karaagac says Erdogan is continuing to consolidate power by appointing his friend and current Transportation Minister as Prime Minister

  May 23, 2016

Turkey's Intensifying Conflict with Kurds
Prof. Fuat Keyman analyzes the history and background of the recently intensifying conflict between the government of Prime Minister Erdogan and Turkey's Kurds.

  March 22, 2016

Repression in Turkey: Why International Solidarity with the Kurds Is Crucial (2/2)
Political expert Bilhan Tuncel describes the conditions of Turkish Kurdistan under President Erdogan, and calls for international solidarity with the Kurds - E&B News with Kevin Boylan

  March 21, 2016

Turkey's Intentions Behind the Downing of a Russian Jet
Trent University's Baris Karaagac explains why Turkey would risk a close business relationship with Russia and assist Islamic extremists in Syria

  November 25, 2015

AKP Wins Majority in Turkey, but Not Enough Seats To Secure Constitutional Changes
Baris Karaagac of Trent University says the push for constitutional changes in Parliament was a critical issue in this election for Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who was hoping to institute a Presidential system

  November 1, 2015

Turkish Elections: Will Erdogan Garner a Majority This Time?
Scholar and activist Sardar Saadi says the likely outcomes on Sunday include more seats for the AKP and greater momentum behind the pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party

  October 30, 2015

Did Turkish Security Forces Know About Deadly Ankara Attack? (1/2)
Baris Karaagac says Turkey created an environment that has facilitated such acts by ISIS or other terrorist groups within Turkey during the last few years

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