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Occupied Palestine

Celebrations in Gaza After UN Vote
Raw footage of people in streets of Gaza following UN vote recognizing Palestine as a non-member state

  December 2, 2012

Israeli Peace Activists Support Palestinian Families Obstructed from Harvesting Olives in Jayyous
Many Palestinian farmers are prevented of harvesting their olives, due to constraints arising from the need to obtain permits

  November 18, 2012

Opposing Operation "Pillar of Defense"
Israeli Social TV: A demonstration has taken place in front of minister of defense -Ehud Barak's house, in Wednesday, November 14th, protesting the killing of Hamas military chief - Ahmed Jabari, and the opening of Operation "Pillar of Defense"

  November 16, 2012

Israeli Activists Support Palestinian Olive Growers
Israeli Social TV

  November 14, 2012

Olive Harvest in Occupied Palestine
Israeli Social TV: The beginning of the rainy season is the beginning of the olive harvest season. Palestinian farmers often encounter difficulties in the form of maltreatment by settlers, or army decrees changing from day to day. In order to help the farmers to finish the harvest before the olives rot on the trees, a coalition of organizations is joining the farmers, and harvest with them. Here is a short reminder of last years harvest.

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