Spies, Lies and Whistle Blowers

Spies, Lies and Whistle Blowers

Spies and the Media
Annie Machon: Intelligence agencies infiltrate and actively work to influence mainstream media

  January 28, 2013

Spies, Lies and Whistle Blowers
PT2 Annie Machon (MI5 whistle blower): The culture of MI5 and MI6 is even worse since 9/11

  November 1, 2012

From MI6 Al Qaeda Plot to Kill Gaddafi to Spying on Domestic Dissent: An MI5 Whistle Blower's Story
Annie Machon: British intelligence agencies considered themselves above the law

  October 31, 2012

Law Enforcement Officials Call for an End to “The War On Drugs”
Jim Gierach a former Assistant State’s Attorney of Cook County, Illinois and Richard Van Wickler superintendent for the Cheshire County, New Hampshire Department of Corrections call for the legalization of drugs

  October 25, 2012

If the "War On Drugs" has Failed, is Legalization the Answer?
Leigh Maddox and Peter Christ (members of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition): The "War on Drugs" helped create a situation where from gangs, to police to lawyers to jails, there are massive amounts of money to be made in this never-ending "war"

  October 19, 2012

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