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  • TRNN on 9/11

    The Neocons and 9/11
    Robert Parry: The emerging history of 9/11 reveals that President George W. Bush’s failure to protect the nation resulted from neocon insistence that Iraq was the real threat, not al-Qaeda. The political relevance today is that the neocons want back into power under a Mitt Romney presidency

      September 21, 12

    Intelligence on Bin Laden, 9/11 Targets Withheld From Congress' Probe
    Jeffrey Kaye: Senior military commanders prior to 9/11 blocked intelligence that located Bin Laden and predicted WTC and Pentagon were likely targets

      September 8, 2011

    9/11 not an "Intelligence Failure"
    Ray McGovern and Jason Leopold: The intelligence agencies had the information, the question is why didn't they use it

      September 11, 2011

    Suppressing Investigation About the role of Saudi Arabia in 9/11
    Saudi link to 9/11 hijackers found in Sarasota but not revealed by FBI

      September 12, 2011

    Bush Ordered Investigation to Suppress Saudi 9/11 Connection
    Summers and Swan Pt.2: Sen. Bob Graham wanted to publish results of Saudi investigation, Bush ordered it redacted

      September 13, 2011

    Post 9/11 Wars and Violations of Civil Liberties Continue
    Michael Ratner: Obama administration has reversed very little of Bush policy

      September 14, 2011

    Pre-9/11 FBI Headquarters had Information to Support Warrant for Moussaoui
    Philip Shenon: Investigation shows FBI Headquarters had linked Moussaoui to al-Qaeda but didn't share info that would have allowed computer search

      September 11, 12

    9/11 and the War in Iraq
    Lawrence Wilkerson Pt.6: Colin Powell's job was to "clean the crap" off the oval office carpets; intelligence was being fixed around the policy of going to war

      August 6, 11

    Cheney, 9/11 and The New American Century
    Lawrence Wilkerson Pt.5: Cheney and his team saw 9/11 as an opportunity to advance their real agenda

      September 11, 12

    9/11 and Who Rules Saudi Arabia
    Madawi Al-Rasheed: The Saudi dictatorship was the incubator of al-Qaeda

      June 4, 2011

    Bush Admin Didn't Pursue Bin Laden Post 9/11
    Gareth Porter: Bush admin "had no plan by design" to kill or capture bin Laden

      May 6, 2011

    9/11 and Continuity of Government
    9/11 questions remain unanswered Pt.2 Peter Dale Scott

      September 11, 2010

    9/11 Questions Remain Unanswered
    Peter Dale Scott: "I do know for a certainty that there has been a cover-up of 9/11"

      September 3, 2010

    9/11 Redux Pt.1
    Former FBI agent Coleen Rowley discusses still unanswered questions about the lead up to 9/11

      October 23, 2009

    9/11 Redux Pt.2
    Former FBI agent Coleen Rowley discusses still unanswered questions about the lead up to 9/11

      October 24, 2009

    9/11 Redux Pt.3
    Former FBI agent Coleen Rowley discusses still unanswered questions about the lead up to 9/11

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