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The Porter Report

Iran and P5+1 Unlikely to Reach Nuclear Deal by July 20
Gareth Porter: U.S. remains unwilling to compromise with Iran on the number of centrifuges

  July 11, 2014

US and Iran Send Positive Signals - Saudis and Israelis Not Pleased
Gareth Porter: Very contentious issues remain in Iran nuclear negotiations

  February 28, 2014

US and Iran Send Positive Signals - Saudis and Israelis Not Pleased
Gareth Porter: Very contentious issues remain in Iran nuclear negotiations

  February 28, 2014

Gates Memoir Omits Key Facts on Obama's Afghan War Strategy
Gareth Porter: Gates account conceals the dishonest tactics employed to get Obama's agreement to the Afghan War escalation

  January 14, 2014

Porter: Mainstream Media Fails To Get Facts Straight on Iran's Nuclear Fatwa
Investigative journalist Gareth Porter highlights the Washington Post fact checker's error about Iran's nuclear fatwa

  December 17, 2013

CIA's Wash Post Leaks Aimed At Silencing Drone Critics
Gareth Porter: CIA leaks to the Washington Post alleging Pakistani support for drone strikes a ploy to prop up increasingly unpopular program

  October 28, 2013

The Petraeus Myth
Gareth Porter: America needed a war hero but his "achievements" riddled by half-truths and pure propaganda

  December 11, 2012

Did IAEA Fudge the Numbers?
Gareth Porter: Recent IAEA alarmist report on Iran misstates enrichment numbers, putting Iran program closer to Israeli "red line"

  November 26, 2012

Hamas Has Been Willing to Negotiate a Peace Deal Based on '67 borders
Gareth Porter: Hamas proposed talks several times that were rejected by Israel

  November 20, 2012

Divisions Over Iran Strike in Israeli Leadership Revealed
Gareth Porter: Top military and intelligence officials in 2010 told Netanyahu they could not launch a strike against Iran

  November 13, 2012

Will the US Negotiate State to State with Iran?
Gareth Porter: The US has rebuffed several attempts by Iran to negotiate a resolution to the standoff, Obama appears committed to harsh sanctions

  November 12, 2012

US War Against IED's in Afghanistan a Strategic Failure
Garth Porter: US has been unable to limit the high casualties suffered as a result of a key Taliban strategy

  September 27, 2012

Both Candidates Misleading on Iran and Afghanistan
Gareth Porter: Obama and Romney debate a false narrative about US foreign policy

  October 28, 2012

US and Israel Recognize Iran Not Near a Bomb
In spite evidence Iran directing much of its supply of 20% enriched uranium for scientific purposes, “killer” sanctions continue

  October 12, 2012

Little Debate About Afghan War in Election Campaign
Gareth Porter: Afghan war a failure, yet there is little debate about why and what to do next

  September 27, 2012

Porter Report - After Dempsey Warning, Israel May Curb War Threat
Gareth Porter: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs told reporters in Britain that an Israeli strike would be ineffective and then said, “I don’t want to be complicit if they [the Israelis] choose to do it.”

  September 7, 2012

Porter Report - Israel, the Bulgaria Bombings and Iran
Gareth Porter: Netanyahu accuses Iran, and Iran accuses Israel, of being behind terrorist attack

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