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Is the Conflict Within Ecuador's Center-Left a Turn to the Right?
In a crushing blow to former president Rafael Correa, his hand-picked successor Lenin Moreno overwhelmingly won a referendum that reverses some Correa's policies and bars him from running again. Is this a left-right conflict or something else?

  February 5, 2018

Ecuador's Vice-President Sentenced to Six Years Prison for Corruption
Ecuador's Vice-President Jorge Glas has been sentenced to six years prison for taking $13 million in bribes from the construction company Odebrecht. However, the case is being complicated by a split within the ruling party and between President Moreno and ex-President Correa

  December 15, 2017

Ecuador: President Moreno In Battle with Former President Correa
Ecuador's former president Rafael Correa is accusing recently elected president Lenin Moreno of moving the country to the right, using corruption accusations against Vice-President and Correa friend Jorge Glas as cover. TRNN's Greg Wilpert reports

  August 16, 2017

Ecuadorians say Lenin Moreno's Victory is a Win for Poor and Working People
In an exclusive report, TRNN correspondent Kimberley Brown speaks to voters who gave Lenin Moreno a narrow victory over right wing candidate Guillermo Lasso

  April 3, 2017

Ecuador's Presidential Election is the "Stalingrad" of Latin America's Left
The outcome of the presidential election in Ecuador will determine the future of Latin America's left, argues political science Prof. Atilio Boron

  February 19, 2017

Will Correa's Party Survive Ecuador's General Elections?
President Rafael Correa has not built a movement in Ecuador capable of mobilizing in support of his chosen successor and current vice president Lenin Moreno, says TRNN correspondent Greg Wilpert

  February 7, 2017

Local Communities vs Economic Development in Ecuador
In San Jose de Intag, indigenous communities face an ill-matched battle to defend their environment against mega mining projects

  December 11, 2013

Ecuadorian Tribesmen Killed in Army Raid
In Ecuador, social and political conflict continues, amid a governmental and private push to exploit mining resources, despite resistance from indigenous movements.

  November 10, 2013

Ecuador's President Attacks US Over Press Freedom Critique
Critics say Correa is creating a pro-government media system; Correa says there is a fundamental contradiction with corporate for-profit media involved in distributing public information

  May 21, 2013

Correa wins re-election and says banks and mass media don't rule anymore
President Rafael Correa re-elected with 61% of the vote, he faces 4 critical years for Ecuador

  February 18, 2013

Ecuador Chooses Stimulus over Austerity
Bill Black: As Ecuador votes for new president, the stimulus policies of current president Correa have kept Ecuador out of recession

  February 14, 2013

Ecuador vs The Bankers
President Correa passes legislation that raises taxes on financial sector to finance a "Human Development Bond"

  January 7, 2013

The Ecuadorian Mining Dilemma
Ecuador needs revenues from mining in Amazon, but it will destroy nature and many indigenous people's way of life

  November 26, 2012

Roots of Correa's Ecuador
A big grassroots movement shaped this South American Republic's new policies

  July 20, 2012

True Cost of Chevron in Ecuador
Robinson Yumbo, President of the National Indigenous Federation of the Cofan People on the multi-billion dollar woes of Chevron in Ecuador

  July 6, 2012

Will Ecuador Give Assange Asylum?
Ray McGovern: Washington Post threatens Ecuador if Wikileaks founder given asylum

  June 22, 2012

"True Cost of Chevron" Protest at Shareholders Meeting
Antonia Juhasz: Chevron CEO fails to disclose significance of massive lawsuits in Brazil, Nigeria and Ecuador to shareholders

  July 3, 2012

Is Ecuador's Economic Policy a Non Neo-Liberal Alternative?
Rebecca Ray: Ecuador's economy continues to grow in spite of recession as they pursue policies that target poverty alleviation

  June 7, 2012

Ecuador Creating Alternative to Neo-Liberal Model
Jayati Ghosh: Ecuador raising taxes on wealthy, higher royalties on oil companies and making large social investments

  February 2, 2012

World's Largest Environmental Lawsuit in Ecuador
30,000 natives fight for compensation against Texaco (now Chevron), accused of 3 decades of toxic dumping in Amazon

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