Euro-Crisis Used to Destroy Social Contract

Euro-Crisis Used to Destroy Social Contract

What are the German Bankers Thinking?
Michael Ash: German bankers can be ruthless bill collectors, wild speculators, social planners and austerity hawks but they seem to ignore the damage they are doing to Europe

  January 18, 2013

Crisis in the Eurozone: Spanish Bailout to Seek 70 Billion Euros for Banks
The leaders of the European Union have ordered the Spanish government to accept up to 100 billion Euros in loans to bail out its tail-spinning financial sector, but will this so-called "credit extension" really help pull the economy out of recession and curb soaring unemployment?

  June 15, 2012

Euro-Crisis Used to Destroy Social Contract
Rob Johnson: European adjustments are not the product of a mistake, but a design to break down some of the leftover architecture of the Cold War, which might be called the insurance premium that was paid against conversion to communism.

  June 12, 2012

What I'd Ask JPMorgan's Jamie Dimon
Robert Johnson: We are unlikely to hear tough questions from Senate Banking Committee as JP Morgan is their biggest campaign contributor

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