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    Is This the Dawn of a Renewable Energy Revolution?
    Peter Sinclair says that utilities in time will become managers rather than owners of energy, and that the emerging systems are inherently anti-monopolistic

      July 7, 14

    World's Oceans Face "Irreparable Damage"
    Rashid Sumaila: Global Ocean Commission gives world leaders a five- year window for intervention before overfishing and climate change negatively impact the world's food supply, clean air, and climate stability

      July 7, 14

    SCOTUS Ruling Limits EPA Regulatory Power
    Public Justice executive director Paul Bland and EcoWatch founder Stefanie Spear explain why SCOTUS ruling is being claimed as a victory by environmentalists and the coal industry alike

      June 25, 14

    New EPA Rules Are a Boon for Fossil Fuel Industry
    Based in West Virginia, Bob Kincaid and Cathy Kunkel explain how new proposed emissions standards do nothing to address the toxic dust, poisonous water which affect Appalachian communities

      June 16, 14

    The Truth and Consequences of Climate Change Denial
    Peter Sinclair discusses how the big tobacco lobby methods are being employed by climate change deniers and the rising sea levels caused by melting glaciers.

      June 12, 14

    Human Activity Driving Earth Towards Global Extinction Event
    Dr. Terry Root & Dr. Stuart L. Pimm discuss recent research showing human beings are responsible for high extinction rates of species across the globe, and explain how we can prevent a sixth major extinction event

      June 12, 14

    ALEC and Private Utility Companies Conspired to Freeze Renewable Energy Standards in Ohio
    Ohio State Senator Mike Foley and EcoWatch Founder Stefanie Spear say 30 states could be next

      June 1, 14

    Melting Polar Ice Caps a "Ticking Timebomb" for Earth's Climate System
    Journalist Dahr Jamail & Professor Peter Wadhams say the resulting release of methane will lead to massive climate disruption, and that we have reached a point of no return

      May 29, 14

    TRNN Debate: Is Obama Doing Enough to Fight Climate Change?
    Environmental scholar Subhankar Banerjee and Center for American Progress fellow Daniel Weiss debate the Obama administration's record on fighting climate change after government report finds climate change effects happening now

      May 20, 14

    Jill Stein: We Must Deal With The Climate Crisis Through Job Creation
    Former Green Cabinet presidential nominee Dr. Jill Stein discusses her movement's efforts to address environmental problems through a "Green New Deal" that would transition the U.S. away from a fossil-fuel and profit-driven economy

      May 7, 14

    Will SCOTUS Ruling Allowing EPA To Regulate Carbon Emissions Protect Public Health?
    Citizens Climate Lobby's Mark Reynolds says Supreme Court's decision is a victory for environmentalists, but Americans should be focused on implementing a carbon tax

      May 2, 14

    Assessing the U.S. Environmental Movement
    Jenny Marienau of and Ted Glick of the Chesapeake Climate Action Network discuss the origins of Earth Day, student divestment campaigns, Keystone XL, and the need for collective solutions

      April 23, 14

    Who Will Pay for Climate Change Disaster?
    A discussion with Patrick Bond on the lack of political will to deal with climate change and the forces mobilizing for action

      April 21, 14

    UN Report Says Climate Change Will Threaten Food Production Worldwide
    Climate change scientist Michael Mann discusses the most significant findings in the second installment of the IPCC report, and how the media amplifies minority voices who hold contrarian positions in order discredit the report's conclusions

      April 1, 14

    Oil Spill Threatens Wildlife and Local Economy
    Juan Parras: Though the clean up is progressing, it will take weeks to determine the extent of the ecological impact of the major Galveston oil spill

      March 27, 14

    NASA Climate Predictions Show Serious Threat To Humanity
    Dahr Jamail says that though some journalists avoid linking weather patterns to climate change, global warming still exists

      March 26, 14

    TRNN Debate: Is the Democrats' Talkathon on Climate Change Just Talk?
    Center for American Progress Director of Climate Strategy Daniel Weiss and IPS Fellow Daphne Wysham debate whether the Senate Democrats' all- nighter means that they are serious about tackling global warming

      March 12, 2014

    L.A. Moves Towards Ratifying Fracking Ban, But Is Federal Regulation Possible?
    Kate Sinding and Adam Scow discuss the current legal loopholes for industry that exempt fracking operations from regulation, and the issue of job creation through developing alternative energy sources

      March 5, 2014

    Hundreds of Keystone XL Protestors Arrested, Look to Influence Obama's Final Decision on Pipeline
    Hundreds of students demand President Obama reject the Keystone XL pipeline deal, but Obama has already fast tracked the southern half of the pipeline which is currently delivering Canadian tar sands to Texas refineries

      March 3, 2014

    The Embattled Climate Scientist Who Fought Back
    Michael Mann: Well funded fossil fuel industry propaganda campaign responsible for shifting public opinion against the reality of climate change

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