Climate Change

By Ignoring Fossil Fuel Extraction, the Paris Agreement is Doomed to Failure
In part two, environmentalist Nnimmo Bassey says a just solution to climate change requires keeping fossil fuels in the ground and reparations from wealthy nations to developing ones

  May 23, 2016

Climate Change-Fueled Droughts Pushing Africa to the Brink
Environmentalist Nnimmo Bassey says Africa remains on the front lines of climate change impacts, while wealthy nations fail to act with urgency

  May 23, 2016

Washington, D.C. Echoes a Growing Call to #KeepItInTheGround
1,300 people marched in the nation's capital this past weekend as part of a global push to divest from fossil fuels

  May 18, 2016

Will the Paris Agreement Save the Earth?
Chris Williams says that most countries have no objection to signing the agreement because the bar is set so low and there are no legal ramifications for not implementing it

  April 22, 2016

Oil Drilling Underway Inside the Yasuni National Park of Amazonian Ecuador
Antonia Juhasz says that the Ecuadorian government is planning another 300 wells inside the ITT area and are partnering with several Chinese companies to drill in the region to pay off debt to the Chinese government

  April 22, 2016

Why BP's $20 Billion Settlement is Business as Usual in the Gulf of Mexico
Antonia Juhasz analyses the lasting devastation from the spill in the Gulf and the renewed commitments to offshore drilling

  April 20, 2016

How the EPA Allowed Oil and Gas Companies to Contaminate Our Drinking Water
Steve Horn of DeSmogBlog says the EPA doesn't even know the chemicals used for fracking due to exemptions from the Clean Water Act, Safe Drinking Water Act, and Clean Air Act provided by the IOGCC

  April 15, 2016

Can GDP Growth and Carbon Emissions be Delinked?
Nate Aden of the World Resource Institute identifies 21 countries that succeeded in maintaining economic growth while also decreasing carbon emissions - can this feat be replicated elsewhere?

  April 11, 2016

Greenpeace Activist Who Confronted Clinton Speaks
Eva Resnick-Day rejects Clinton's denial of fossil fuel funding's influence on her campaign

  April 2, 2016

"We Need to Electrify As Much Transportation As We Can"
Richard Heinberg, Senior Fellow at the Post Carbon Institute, says a truly green transportation system would stop relying on cars and discusses the Tesla Model 3 as a mass-market electric vehicle

  April 1, 2016

Why Red States Aren't Denying Climate Change Anymore
Some Texas towns have aggressively pursued renewable energy but face deep opposition from Big Oil

  March 25, 2016

Hundreds Protest Obama Administration's Plans to Expand Offshore Drilling in Gulf
Climate activists say that US government and Big Oil both profit from offshore drilling lease while ordinary people pay the price

  March 24, 2016

Earth Enters New Era of Extreme Weather Caused by Global Warming
Michael Mann, author of Dire Predictions: Understanding Climate Change, discusses the report that details the link between unprecedented storms and human-caused climate change

  March 18, 2016

Reducing Carbon Emissions Won't Halt Economic Growth
PERI's Robert Pollin says that at COP21, officials missed the opportunity to promote investment in the green economy, which would reduce poverty by creating jobs

  March 18, 2016

Offshore Drilling Off the Table in the Atlantic, but What about the Gulf and the Arctic?
The Obama administration's ban on offshore drilling will aid reaching the Paris climate change targets, say environmentalist Sierra Weaver of Southern Environmental Law Center and Michael LeVine of Oceana

  March 17, 2016

Small is Beautiful: We Don't Need to Go Big To Create New Energy Sources
PERI's Robert Pollin, author of Greening the Global Economy, says community-owned renewable energy sources are the path to the future

  March 14, 2016

US-Canada Methane Reduction Agreement Encouraging, Says Greenpeace
Jessica Wilson of Greenpeace Canada's Arctic Campaign says that Arctic drilling must be off the table if US and Canada are serious about meeting climate goals

  March 14, 2016

Increasing Flooding Linked to Climate Change
Climate Central's Ben Strauss highlights his study that found that three out four coastal floods over the last decade have been caused by climate change

  March 6, 2016

Bernie Vs. Hillary: Who Will Stop the Fracking?'s Steve Horn says Hillary has received over $4.5 million in campaign funds from the fossil fuel industry and that stops her from pulling the plug on fracking

  March 10, 2016

Bill McKibben: We Don't Need A Bridge To Renewables
Seneca Lake activists and McKibben are fighting a proposed gas storage facility, which could cause irreversible damage

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